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AVAST Software , the publisher behind many Android apps (Avast Battery Saver ,avast! Ransomware Removal ,Avast GrimeFighter), brings Avast GrimeFighter with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Avast GrimeFighter apps has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Avast GrimeFighter for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Avast GrimeFighter app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2015-02-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Avast GrimeFighter check developer AVAST Software`s website : http://www.avast.com/

Avast brings you highly effective junk cleaner app for Android. Avast GrimeFighter cleans up all disposable files, caches, and thumbnails to save storage space. It significantly extends your phone`s storage and optimizes its performance. Is ...

Good You should include the battery saver One thing that would make better sense is both the anti virus and cleaning should all be in one down load Although I like avast and its services I feel its a way to make money From a consumer point such as myself and app tester you need to combine all in one app offer a 30 day trial make sense Absoulutley does So I feel Avast is great but not the way you have to download 2 apps and not offer a 30 free trial Business wise you would do better                     chris swafford
So effective u0026 easy to use Cleans up unnecessary files u0026 improves phones performance Favorite optimization app by far                     Nealy Buddin
Well the app seemed great at first I ve been looking for an app that would boost my phone s storage for a while and that is exactly what that app did to begin with I had roughly four more GB than I did before But I realised that basically all the app did was delete my music downloads to free up space It needs to be more clearly stated what things are actually being deleted by the app when it is cleaning up your phone Sorry but I m slightly disappointed to be honest         LRakelle AK
Excellent Product Installed this on my tablet since it was a winner on my laptop Also recommended it to friends                     John Ferrario
This app is effectively useless Once you try to run a scan it tells you it s going to take not 10 minutes not an hour but 2 WHOLE DAYS AND 12 HOURS TO SCAN Why And if I d want it to complete then I d have to keep the app open for that entire duration What happens if I accidentally close the app THE ENTIRE SCAN IS RESET This cleaner app essentially has no chance of even being able to do what it claims What a waste of time go download a different cleaner app     Airick Shelton
I m an older person on a fixed income and not very tech savvy Avast Cleanup free version has simplified and taken care of issues on my very first smart phone for me Although the ads can be a bit overwhelming I m very happy that I found this app My thanks to the Avast team for making it so easy to use                     Dutch Diva
I used the previous version a while ago and it was the exact opposite of this one efficient and discreet Now it just pops ups notifications and alerts all the time just to make me open the app and see ads after ads after ads If i want to see commercials for nothing i can just turn on a tv No thanks Uninstalled     Carla T
Reducing my rating fro 5 stars to 3 Since the last update the hibernate apps function has not worked previously it worked well The other parts of the app seem to be working but when I want to hibernate apps to improve RAM the app hangs up in hibernating one of the chosen apps and then after I do a force stop for that app it returns to the working screen and then ends but 0 of 5 apps were hibernated for instance I ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times no change             A Google user
A very handy and through cleanup and maintenance application When used properly and regularly the slowdown you often get in a phone after long term use does not happen I highly recommend this app You get choices not found on many so called cleaners like the hard to find Clean Hidden Cache It works and quite well If I could rate it at 5 Plus stars I would Try it and with advertising support get all advanced features the free version gives Try it you WILL like it                     John Mood
Good app like the way it integrates with avast security Really really wish it had an exclude by folder option whitelist I ve over a 1000 files in one folder that I know for a fact will be deleted with this cleaner Please add that feature and it s 5 star I subscribe to avast security Make this a pro feature if you want and I ll subscribe to this too                 Andy Mulkeen
Mostly ineffective Keeps telling me that certain apps are using large percent of battery I check my task manager and that app and associated service has a history of 0 for past month Must be seeing a virus or adware as a legit app would be my guess I do in fact have the most nuisance adware hijacking my phone at the moment but not one app of all the best and most well known can detect nor stop it I have to keep digging through the directory tree to find the cause and kill it manually             Dan
Great app and a fantastic value The Premium service monthly fee is more than reasonable to have access to so many incredible tools and options I dislike needing to download so many separate apps One all inclusive application to access all that s available from avast at no extra cost when you opt for the premium monthly subscription I feel confident that my phone is secure u0026 its contents safe and guarded from exploitation Device runs smoother now w virtually no hiccups since began using                     Amy Wallace
OK but a bit of a pain to use On an LGQ7 w Android 8 1 0 the Accessibility setting isn t being recognized by Avast Cleanup Everytime it cleans I get a popup telling me I have turn on that setting even though it is already on I have to turn it off then immediately back on to get it to run It seems like a rather pointless exercise to me Please fix EDIT Seems a bit better but popup still happens sometimes             Michael Bailey
Love this app Provides me visibility to and control over how apps interact on my phone I predominantly use this app free version to hibernate active apps and clean junk files I use the mobile security app for more I ve used Avast products for years and am satisfied                     Karin McReynolds
I feel safer having Avast running in the background while I m using my phone or tablet I have had no lagging or system error issues which were my Mt Everest before I downloaded Avast I decided to go Pro thus far the Pro version seems to be working as well                     Gen Roze
I just installed Avast becsuse my phone started showing mote ads and I would suddenly have events in my calendar in Russian which I obviously didn t put there myself So far I m satisfied but like most of these apps only the download is free So if you want some of the particular feature you will have to pay The price is reasonable                 Blanka Gonsor
Avant Booster app is wonderful Its the best around It does weekly clearing it lets me know when my device needs cleaning and it boost my phone to get it to work faster Its worth the small price to keep my device running smoothly                     Trudy Hill
At first it was working fine and all until yesterday it just crashed without reason I been trying to open the app ever since even today but it doesn t want to open up I ve reported this several times but nothing I cant give an overall star rating of five and improvement ideas if the bug isn t fix and it s a shame because I really liked the app         Pedro Mendes
I have been using Avast for quite sometime I have the paid version I don t know why Avast uses WRONG PROMPTs to click the notifications It said Analysis Complete Tap here to see the results But then it starts analysing after I tap Also the photo anlayzer is quite inaccurate with the results Especially the bad photo identification Please clarify if you still give ads inside paid versions just to annoy people         Bunny Charles
Avast says fix this battery drainer Used 32 of your battery Whoa Not good I don t even use the ap so it gets deleted Oh sorry Forgot to say I had to plough through adverts before getting to the info and deciding what to do Next couple of days it happens another twice Adverts Adverts then it s telling me 2 aps I use regularly and have not given issue previously are causing trouble How strange Both have drained 32 of power Methinks a cunning oy to get ad views And no Shan t pay     Something Wonderful
This is one of the best cleaner and boosters It s helped me find files that I THOUGHT were deleted but weren t and so took up huge amounts of space from my device I ve freed up around 7gb from my 16gb device It s also improved my gaming performance on my device I recommend this                     Jason_ Creations
Great utility though the Annual subscription puts me off if you want to get rid of the ads and a fee other automated functions The fee though reasonable is not something I want to add to my list of already subscriptions I would be interested in a once off price or significantly lower subscription fee                 Paul T-E
An advertising nightmare they re so desperate and aggressive with the ads they re running I can t even tell where the app functions are Utter complete total rotting garbage Removed for good anything Avast is a pile of reeking excrement     G Mar
When I first saw the ads I was like nah it s stupid but I saw it again so I decided to install it and it s the best clean up app ever I understand there s other ads but that s how you guys are getting paid and I like how you can have a free version and upgrade whenever you like I recommend this app                     Brie111
It keeps bugging me to do things instead of doing them I got here looking for some permission it was asking for and never found that It should have made it easier to find I m beginning to think it s more trouble than it s worth It brought me here again still looking for that damn thing I ll keep adding bad stuff to this review until I run out of room find the switch or they get the idea         Stephen Shoemate
For a senior who is only a few years into computer learning this antivirus was easy to install and understand Thank you for taking the stress out of online activities And tidying up my device efficiency                     Denis Jones
i been using apps like this one for like 2 years and avast is the best of the best of the best of all the apps it clean my phone and remove an spyware thanks avast i will recomend the app to everybody and using only the free version im going to upgrade the adds that they have are not disrupting or showing un the middle of the screen or redirecting to another site its a real deal like i said its really simple to use and its for everybody i will wrap my car with their logo if they sponsor me                     gabino moreno
I ve used avast for a long time on computer u0026 phone Very satisfied                     Rose Phillips
Quick Clean function pauses just because screen times out Then must restart Quick Clean to get it running again Seems that the app should continue Maybe app is too dependent on showing that spinning wheel and progress indication IMHO that s LAME     David Rodarm
Dead easy to use Prompts you when it can clean in small chunks rather than wait till my tablet is jammed up which I like as it takes about 30 seconds to clear caches and the like Highly recommended                     Juli gardner
Good a lot of features premium as of most free apps Does what it is supposed to do It is entirely safe and highly recommend to anyone looking for some space on your phone My only criticism is that the ads can be annoying but besides that it is perfectly good if I could give a 4 5 I would                     WoofAnimations
So far I really like this app It cleans up my phone and keeps it fast The VPN also keeps my phone safe from cyber attacks and the incognito web surfing is also a plus                     Chris H.
Awesome app that actually does what it said cleaned up over 9gbs of data for me Has also improved it s response and start up time Who knew a device performance manager that does as advertised 10 10                     FoolProofPro
the notifications are extremely tedious as with many antivirus programs and their associated functions they like to take over the the pc notebook smartphone Considering deinstalling as the notifications are a pain I ve apparently switched them all off but they still appear             Trevor Carr
The best anti virus ever I ve been using several components of Avast on my laptop for years It takes a bit of time to go thru the settings but is a worthwhile use of time There are some things I wish I understood more but I probably need to dig a little deeper                     1860Sky Gypsy
Used to be so much quicker to clean the old data for app updates now takes over 3 minutes but at least it will run in the background Does do a good job but simpler times before             Matt Di Niro
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