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Once Dating AG , brings Once - One match per day with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Once - One match per day apps has been update to version 1.07 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Once - One match per day for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.07 has been released on 2015-03-5. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Once - One match per day in Once Dating AG`s Official Website : http://getonce.com

- One match per day -The only person who can see you, is the person you`re being matched with. - Our matches are ALL Handpicked -We don`t rely exclusively on machines :) Get someone that ...

Too restrictive having profiles chosen for you also I am being matched with some inactive profiles or guys 50 miles away How can you pick profiles on get another now u0026 pick for tomorrow when you can t open them you can only see 1 pic no info Even if you pay to choose profiles you ve rated you can only see one pic no details so they end up being really far away in France And hiding chat request profiles is weird if I could see it first I may pay to chat then Not impressed with Once     Annette
I Once thought this app had potential Here is what I ve learned through the help of the CSR It depends on how often a match is contacted that derermines the qty of crowns If the match has received a chat request the cost is 1 crown they have received some but has up to 2 chat requests in pending the cost is 2 crowns to chat I find that sometimes it takes 1 2 based on app bugs As for distance Close less than 30 km Not too far between 30 100 km A bit far between 100 50             WS H
Almost useless Got match proposals 2 countries away Although there are users nearby is impossible to chat A friend and I side by side matched on purpose to try no chat or 9ther options given The app tries to lure you to give it 5 stars review in exchange for a better service so that tells something about the positive reviews here If free more is useless why go premium Lots of alternatives that without the premium feature will produce results and get you real dates         Tiago Lamas
Just joined and have seen but not met anyone yet I like the format of the app and the fact that they will send matches to you unlike the other swipe sites                     wojciech frank McGuire
This app is nothing more than an exercise in both frustration and pure greed The developers really need to rethink how to monetize this The main problem is with how chatting works and this app s in game currency crowns Would you like to start a chat with your match That ll cost you crowns Want to accept a chat invite Crowns again Theres no way to get more without spending money Do yourself a favor and just stay away EDIT Dev response is full of lies and is just copy pasta     Ian McFadden
Massive amount of Fake Pictures in rating selection which are created by the app Real profiles are nowhere close Also you get chat requestes by pretty fakes who of course never again respond after the request So the app is trying to make you spend real money for nothing stay away     Daniel Giefing
I ve used this app twice now and met no one though I ve had to shell out cash for the privilege You ll pay 4 a pop to accept a chat request from a blurred profile with no useful info you can t see the other person s height or what they ve written Then you find out immediately that they re a bad match or have a scammy looking profile Haven t yet even had a single decent conversation on this app despite paying at least 50 Complete waste of time and money     Jerin Philip
The matches are good but it should be possible to pause daily matches until you dated the current ones Then they ask you to pay to accept chat requests but you can t even see the profile of the person requesting the chat Makes no sense at all                 A Google user
This app displayed a message Rate us 5 starts for getting better matches really They give you free tokens to use to accept messages half of those messages are from hookers     Siddarth Rupani
Once the inital matching quality improvement is done and takes a lot of time is it a nice way to find dates without effort although at least the opportunity to select the location should be free as in all other apps                     Daniele Francario
Great app for dating In the last version is no more possible to check how greatly your profile is appreciated and who gave you highest scores To me is a step back that diminishes the app s value Great percentage of unactive or empty profiles                 Antonio Orifici
Pay wall prevents you using rhis app in any way shape or form unless you re looking to fork up buckets of cash stay well clear     Michael T
this is the EA of dating sites everything is behind a pay wall Edit so they email you back going hey if you pay you get what you want er no still I would recommend pof or tinder to this     shaun bradley
Really interesting app Very unique which is good and the woman are beautiful at least in my area                     ZachAttack
Awesomely easy to use and interesting concept                     Hakeef Murabi
Great concept and everything but no one ever matches Also they say they can t find bonus matches because I m too picky So I set the filters to their maximum values just to see what would happen And still no bonus matches tl dr I don t know if it works for anyone else but it doesn t work for me         Zane Huston
quote To bring better matches in the app rates us 5 stars re quote as answer Hi thanks for your feedback You must have received that message from another App as we never ask our users to rate us with 5 stars If i could have rate this app once with negative score i would have after there answer i am neither a lier nor an idiot     Nawer Plus Plus
i am giving this app a good review as requested haven t actually used it yet i was offered a bribed for giving it a good review So with that in mind please consider this the most positive review you have ever read                     Trashed Panda
It s only good if you pay and there are tons of fake profiles I get at least one a week One major annoyance is that accepting chat requests means spending tokens i e money That being said I have actually managed to meet people with this app             RCF
Subscribed for a free Trial of 3 days and they immediately took my money for the whole month Wrote them to cancel my subscription and return my money they just ignored me Is 20 euros and I don t have time to run after them for so small amount but they suck Be careful of the thieves Chicks inside are also second or third category I had trouble finding a good looking one Don t install use tinder     Mark Drosos
Paywall behind paywall behind another paywall Installed the app an hour later received a request to chat discovered that I have to pay 20 euros to let someone contact me Not only the person that was interested in me payed to contact me but I also have to pay in order to be able to contact them what a joke of a business plan Devs please do yourself a favor and go back to school Edit The vip status dosnt allow you to chat with the people who contacted you so please stop spreading lies     Idris f
complete rip off u0026 money grabbing app don t bother was told this is a good app if you re looking for something serious By serious I didn t realise they clearly meant looking to spend serious money Even if you subscribe you re still locked from messaging people u0026 have to pay to send u0026 or accept requests idiotic u0026 greedy To the response Good job copy pasting from a script while not actually addressing a damn thing that was said Your VIP offers little to no actual benefits u0026 the cost of crowns are ludicrous There is a reason you only have around 8m users whereas other companies like yours have 100s of millions of users Your product idea is great but implementation u0026 charges are stupendously exaggerated u0026 inflated     Popoto Productions
paywall after paywall after paywall This app is made for one thing and one thing only Spoiler allert it s not for meeting people You ll occasionly get a chat request but be aware that those are fake and designed to make you pay up Starting a conversation will cost you Do yourself a favour and stay clear     James Paret
worst one yet your on waiting list as if it was an exclusive app ridiculously fake profiles and any tipe of contact with the other side will cost you money     maor kadosh
I had ZERO matches so far but the apps promises better matches if I rate 5 stars                     Ivan D'Ambrosio
Really absolutely the pits All the other negative reviews are right Very poorly populated filled with fake profiles bots and scammers Reported a scammer a week ago the profile is still active AVOID     Chris Darling
Easy to use with lots of profiles                 PAWEL HARASIM
the app has real potential firstly I d take away the feature to spend money to be able to chat make a premium feature like tinder Once you both match you should be able to see each other and also be able to chat immediately focus on marketing so you get more users also check for bugs because right now if you click fast on the people who rated you and click on them you can see who it is and request a chat also work on the premium feature other wise it s a great app         Karma Luis
The app runs fine No issues going through it My my problem is that the app only allows you to look at one person a day scroll through people with minimal information about them and when someone matches with you there s no way to communicate with them unless they start a conversation no one is meeting on this app rendering it useless         Xavier Shockley
impossible to accept chat request even with VIP access 20 month Need to buy other stuff min 12 this is ridiculous Don t waste your time and money with this app Only good to know how good are your photos     Alexandre Autotte
If I could rate this app lower I would If someone swipes right on you you have to pay to talk to them otherwise the match disappears in 24 hours There are additional paywalls that make the whole app impossible to use oh did I mention that upgrading to VIP is only available as a 1 3 or 6 month subscription Dont download this app and demand that the developers streamline the matching process while removing most of the paywalls Right now this app is unusable Greedy greedy devs here     Rob Greenough
This is the biggest ripoff I ve ever had to endure not only are you charged a monthly 30 00 fee but you have to pay for tokens to contact your matches in short your membership only allows you to see one profile per day and not even talk to them unhappy with my experience and the auto payment I asked for my money back and they refused Don t waste your time on this scam of an app people     Brandon Coleman
Wouldn t recommend this app unless you want to pay a lot of to chat or even view someone s profile Its 29 99 a month for VIP you still have to buy coins to create chats 2 coins per chat 5 coins is 9 99 Chat notifications only last 24 hours so if they dont respond your money was wasted Beware the 3day free trial it is free but it takes one day lead time to cancel the subscription so if you wait til the 3rd day it wont actually cancel til the 4th day charging you 29 99 automatically     Tim Harris
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