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Guided Ways Technologies Ltd. , the publisher behind many Android apps (iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla ,iQuran Pro ,2Do: Todo List | Task List ,iQuran), brings iQuran Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iQuran Pro apps has been update to version 2.5.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • And colour coded Tajweed rules and different Dua's..
  • The best app for Muslims especially during the holy days..
  • this is one of the best Quran apps which is very useful for Muslims..
  • Excellent recitation and learning tool..
  • Random option..

Overall Satisfactionc91
this is one of the best Quran apps which is very useful for Muslims.
Alhamdulillah the best Qur'an app available on the market.
finally I found the best quran app for android.
please check connection" Quran for Android app is much better.
this is the 3rd request to fix this issue.
Worth every cents Thanks for developing such an excellent app.
Thank you for this wonderful application.
I love the color codes for tacvid and the unlimited notes + bookmarks.
May Allah reward you and your team for this wonderful work.
very convenient for reading quran everyday.
Its difficult to read Quran everyday.
A very useful apps for daily choir and praying.
My whole family use it almost every day and it is simply excellent.
Very useful and interactive.
Family Friendlyc77
Very very helpful May Allah bless you and your family.
may allah bless you and your family.
Social Aspectsc100
note taking and social media options.
Sharing on Social media.
Ease of Usec77
Quick and simple app that has tajweed clarification.
Jazakallah Khair for this simple app.
Very convenient to read Quran anytime anywhere possible.
Really convenient to read Quran anytime and anywhere.
Updates & Supportc66
I want the Bengali translation be included in android version.
I use the older lite version before.
Wonderful Customer Service.
Rubbish customer service.

May Allah reward the developers abundantly in sha allah. found in 47 reviews
May Allah reward you for this excellent work. found in 259 reviews
Jazak Allah khair for developing such a beautiful and useful app. found in 49 reviews
Alhamdulillah may Allah shower HIS blessings to Guided Ways team. found in 19 reviews
I prayer to Allah Subhaanu Ta'ala to accept your hard work. found in 19 reviews
May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts and grant you jannati firdaus. found in 113 reviews
This is the best Quranic app I have come across on android. found in 16 reviews
Masha Allah it's very very good need tafsir also. found in 130 reviews
This quran application is the best application for muslims. found in 60 reviews
Well designed and user friendly with great features. found in 75 reviews
Mashaallah Very good and easy to use interface. found in 19 reviews
Jazakallah khairan Mojibullah Omar Duste Al Madina Al Munawarrah. found in 117 reviews
Absolutely invaluable app for every Muslim. found in 15 reviews
Ma shaa Allah on the updates and new features. found in 50 reviews
Alhamdulillah the best Qur'an app available on the market. found in 80 reviews
Mashaa ALLAH too good Plz add more Qari voices. found in 39 reviews
Jazakallahu khairan kathira for iquran developer team. found in 56 reviews
May Allah grant u Jannah for this wonderful technology. found in 29 reviews
Only that the Android version i can't share it to facebook. found in 9 reviews
Always receive msg as Download Error - Download Failed. found in 41 reviews
Impossible to download audio for the long surah for any reciter. found in 207 reviews
Sometimes I also get " error download failed". found in 7 reviews
Moved app to sd card now the app wont download any audio. found in 24 reviews
Good app but need to fix breaks in between Surahs which is really really. found in 24 reviews
Comments "cannot connect to server. found in 11 reviews
I purchased pro version but the Audio download is too slow. found in 53 reviews
I cannot download all Surahs at once without phone disconnecting from server. found in 27 reviews
Still needs to fix the clicking noise between the ayahs. found in 24 reviews
but also the Pro mode program after perform updating. found in 2 reviews
Sometimes I also get " error download failed ". found in 24 reviews
Hope that the developer can fix this issue. found in 5 reviews
please rectify as he is my favorite reciter. found in 10 reviews
Unable to download audio for certain chapters. found in 73 reviews
Also there is download problem after the last update. found in 11 reviews
Excellent but slow downloads and also for some recitators. found in 5 reviews
and the audio can't be moved to external SD card. found in 13 reviews
Cannot get IQuran Pro : Download failed. found in 24 reviews
Nexus 7 menu key/action key missing. found in 16 reviews
After a while message displays " Download Error : Download Failed". found in 41 reviews
This is a good quran apps but I cannot download all surah. found in 27 reviews
Initially was great but now unable to download audio. found in 207 reviews
Audio download problem. found in 11 reviews
After a while message displays "Download Error: Download Failed ". found in 24 reviews
this is the 3rd request to fix this issue. found in 24 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download iQuran Pro for 6,84 € from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5.2 has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: full Internet access ,
Bottom Line: For more information about iQuran Pro check developer Guided Ways Technologies Ltd. `s website :

Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its Translation. Provides verse by verse audio playback, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, excellent navigational controls, several translations and reciters and much more. Voted the world`s most powerful Quran/Islamic ...

The Original u0026 Still The Best SubhanAllah This app has finally got an update which improved the tiny font size to a very nice size on my Samsung S6 I love it because it has full tajweed colour coding throughout the entire mushaff Once you are set to a colour pattern it is very hard to switch mushaff I ve tried other apps which are all half baked compared to this iQuran PRO version If only the makers could put even more effort they can keep improving this app InshaAllah May Allah bless them                     Khurram Dada
doesn t save bookmarks or tags I purchased that app after I used the lite version I needed two things unlimited bookmarks and zoom in It seems that the app doesn t work properly doesn t save tags or bookmarks and the zoom in gives you the same size yhat in the lite version                 hager mekkawy
Great Application Though I have had used on windows mobile In windows there were more options flexibility in application Didn t see translation reader in it Translation reading feature should be included in it             Irfan Siddqiui
An app that has been working fine for years but the latest update has increased the font size and there is no option to set it back to the standard size Please fix         Umar Naim
Great app have preferred it over many other apps for years The last update however has a problem with playing audio in that the stop start buttons come up but no audio is played please fix this                 a n
The best app One thing that would be great to have is for the recitation to stop playing when the headphones are unplugged Many apps do this Thanks                     Keb
Needs to be updated to support Storage Access Framework API since 2013 Access needs to be explicitly granted to individual folders on external SD             Abdullah Tarawneh
We good application But it should also play the translation in urdu and other languages It only show the translation but doesn t play Please upgrade the app                     Car's Boss
Thanks for fixing the issues caused by the last uptade The app is on its way to the TOP Can you please fix a bug with the bookmarks They are not showing in the bookmark list Jazakoum Allah khayran                     Samad Samad
Zoom no longer works Text remains the same size I wished the zoom capability in the app was on par with the iPhone version And that zoom for translation text and Arabic text could be set independently of each other Edit As of new version developer responded to the comment and not only fixed the zoom feature but made it loads better with options for various Arabic text sizes Jzk                     Anas Hashmi
I m quite upset with the recent update The font size of the Arabic letters is too big Please consider a font size setting Jazakallaahu khair Tq for the font size setting I really love it Give you 5 star for this                     lhakim toyk
I need help pls Since a download 3 weeks ago there os no ayah displayed in bookmarks page I have a iQuran and hv been using it for almost 6 some yrs now This is disappointing when there is no support for this app Can someone Help pls     R S
Brilliant amazing large font just what i needed may Allah bless you guys for making such an app Learnt many surahs Is it possible to add English translation with mohsin Khan would be great                     SRi 130
Awesome I hope soon there will be a cloud sync feature that enable to sync bookmark inter device                     Habib Rahman
Great effort n im thankful for showing concern over my feedbak Now the issue is resolved with the new update                     Abdul Waaseih Sultan
Brilliant app a credit to this ummah Jazakumullahu khairan for all your hard work and continual updates fixes                     Nurjahan Begum
When ever I play a surah for some time it goes on the next one automatically even with the keep playing selected Aya only option Was never like this before the update The update is good apart from this please fix it             abdulrahmon hamzat
Since most recent update last ayat of each sura repeats itself and volume sporadically goes up and down Same thing happened last year only fix was to uninstall re install and the redownload each Sura                     Mr. A
What a beautiful app Easy urdu translation And so many great recitations                     jebran zahid
Why fix something that isn t broken Been using this app for many years on several different devices but the latest update has automatically changed the font size with no option to make it smaller         Asim Rasib
The new update kills the arabic font and the zoom in out The size of the font cannot be changed The old font was perfect         Muneer Alsaihati
Its a very useful app Recently the fonts became bigger prob of update But now the app will auto stop whenever there is a notification Can you please fix it                 Sharon T
Something has gone wrong After the most recent update When I copy a verse to send the chapter number goes haywire Please check and rectify urgently Very disappointed as before it was working perfectly     Ahmed Moosa
Every time my phone makes a notification sound it stops and I have to start it again give us the old version back or I m deleting the app     Henryyy 211
Dear Developer when I try to share any ayat from the recently updated version through Mail WhatsApp etcetra THE SURAH NUMBER APPEARS AS A 10 DIGIT NUMBER Kindly fix it ASAP                 M Muslim Usmani
Hi many thanks for the app The Arabic titles of Surah are not working for some reason after updating Please fix it                     A Google user
After update Arabic chapter title missing settings function is not properly working fonts are on large size unable to change     Syed Nouman Faheem
Still the smallest font size is too large also the scroll indicator at the right side of screen is gone                 MohammadJavad Salehi
The Surah titles has changed to English ftom Arabic and there is no option to get them back                     huma jawad
Arabic text of bookmarked tagged aya does not appear in bookmarks list comes empty                     Dr M
last update is very bad font size is big Arabic titles fonts is so big and ugly     KhaLiD Abo El MaGd
Please update Hamzatul wasl to Fat hah etc It will be easier for new learners to understand             Mat H
Very good app but since the latest update the Arabic text is too big on android                     Habz R
Thank you for making the Arabic font larger So much easier to read Alhamdulillah                     Amber Zaidi
Wish there was a way to save and export tags and bookmarks                     Farhan COBRA
Why its last version when try to share to whatsapp replaced surah but with the strange long numbers                     Agus Gunawan
excellent mashaAllah the latest update fixed bugs on my s10 and great new look                     Ashdown SaDingDing
Surah Al Kahf reminder not working     Shadab Iqbal
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