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Abbott Cullen , the publisher behind many Android apps (Winter Keyboard ,Neon Magic Keyboard ,American Keyboard ,Galaxy Keyboard ,Piano Keyboard ,Teddy Bear Keyboard), brings My Photo Keyboard with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Photo Keyboard apps has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download My Photo Keyboard for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new My Photo Keyboard app version 1.0 has been updated on 2015-03-11. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about My Photo Keyboard in Abbott Cullen`s Official Website :

My Photo Keyboard is a photo of your in the keyboard apply in the phone. My Photo Keyboard apply your photo and you looks like a in a keyboard with best foreground keypad characters.My Photo ...

its slow corrects or changes words to completely different things and theres always an add at the top Not a fan     Madisson Deschepper
It was fine for the longest time but then it just got so riddled with ads it s ridiculous I mean it even got to the point where it just threw ads onto the screen whenever I unlocked my phone     DeathPoke1qa
I ve had this app for almost two years now and I loved it Ads never bothered me because they only popped up when you were actually inside the app itself But as of today you decide to stick an ad right above the keyboard while you re typing Talk about annoying lmao Thanks but no thanks I m finding a different app for my keyboard one that doesn t slap an ad in your face and takes up your screen space             Fluffy Kitty
i liked it a lot this is a good app but i want the crop to be bigger                     DrewFlames 333
I like that you can Use your own photos but the pop up is annoying and the swype feature is terrible             Emily Drake
It is a good app but it ask for to much and is really annoying and the keyboard when you try to type one this it thurns into a whole other word             Anna Brown
It has very many ads It is very annoying when you are trying to type and an add pops up and distracts you It also doesn t contain all the normal android emojis that are available with a normal keyboard         Jenn Newbrey
I have used this keyboard for over a year and loved it All of a sudden you throw adverts onto my actual keyboard and not in app That ruins the entire point of the app     Jack Beckett
I hated the experience There were too many ads and the features I prefer to see in an app like this aren t present Don t download this just don t     Shadow-Chan
The app itself is amazing and I ve used it for a long time but all of a sudden an ad started popping up above the keyboard that won t go away and it covers a good chunk of screen                 Osiria
It s nice but when I type it sometimes keeps putting the same word over and over Not very good of this app to do that             A Google user
please stop putting ads above keyboard very distracting and annoying             Fire Phoenix
have used this app for a few yrs but the latest update is annoying ads are right on top of the keyboard will uninstall and find another photo keyboard     J.Hizzle S
No reason I should be forced into allowing this app to record on my phone I would have no use for any music or voice add ons to the keyboard I d use     Casara Rosenberry
I like my keyboard but i do not like the ads Plz try and fix that                 Stephanie Teepe
i actually liked it because i could type in japanese but i tested out the keyboard AND THERE WAS A FRIGGING AD ON MY KEYBOARD this doesnt even deserve one star except for the fact that i can change the language     OkamiWaffle
Its cool it works but when you turn your phone side ways it dosent show the same picture you uploaded on the keyboard         Eric Thomas
stuff i didnt type keeps popping up i wonder why I like the picture in backdrop but that all         Kome Jones
Pretty good but the have adds right above the keyboard so every time you look at your keyboard there s an add up above it                 A Google user
well its good but if i flip it to its side it changes the background pls fix it                 Snow Star
ads showing on top of the keypad so annoying     A Google user
Filled with ads and wont keep any feautures saved beyone the image         Marie
so easy to use No hassle                     Maurice Pangilinan
Ads were added to the keyboard itself not thrilled             Nelly Wafers
I love it but why when I use it have another ad at this keyboard                     A Google user
needs permission to slot of stuff I don t feel safe with like recording audio passwords and alot more             Dom Chatwin
as soon as I downloaded it told me it would colect my personal data such as texts and passwords It should not do that     Emily Johnson
everytime I type even when I changed the settings to not autocorrect it would change what I wrote I was trying to write a word and halfway through I pressed O and it turned the O into a different word apart from the word I was trying to spell The only reason I gave it one star is because of the photo you are able to put Other wise it would get negative 50 stars BY the way it also repeats words you typed if you try to type other words it will just repeat the word from before over and over again     Aracelis Velazquez
app contains only ads and nothing else     Koundinya Gattu
I love it i just dont like the ads                     mya arredondo
The keyboard looks awesome but the keyboard itself works terribly         Lila playz
I like this app this is good app but not work without data connection and WiFi                     Zoom tv
Let me use it first then I ll comment Meanwhile this looks interesting The advert below is obstructive                     George Chanda
one of the worst keyboard apps there is Autocorrects words that have no reason to be corrected and does nothing to words that are misspelled I would not reccomend this app for any reason     A Google user
good app even when typing there an ad What a waste of mb         Loren Talamor
An absolutely amazing app that does exactly what it says it does                     Nathanial Lee
It is very useful and a fun app to have                     Roberto Hilaga
My Photo Keyboard Photography Photo Keyboard Keyboard ApplyMy Photo Keyboard Photography Photo Keyboard Keyboard ApplyMy Photo Keyboard Photography Photo Keyboard Keyboard ApplyMy Photo Keyboard Photography Photo Keyboard Keyboard Apply

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