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Belly , brings Belly with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Belly apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to keep up on bites and local participating businesses..

Overall Satisfactionc72
It seems more and more stores are adding belly.
Needs more stores to choose from closest one is 600 miles away.
I just wish more restaurants would use it.
Love getting free stuff for visiting my favorite businesses.
It starts up pretty fast and it's better than carrying punch cards.
The best apparently I own.
Best thing I have downloaded to my phone yet.
used and loved.
Best food app.
Fun & Engagingc75
It seems more and more stores are adding belly.
Needs more stores to choose from closest one is 600 miles away.
I just wish more restaurants would use it.
This is an awesome reward system.
Great food awesome perks with app.
Free and useful app.
Ease of Usec90
The Belly app is super easy to use and is amazingly fast.
Easy to use and very quick.
simple and convenient loyalty program.
I like the simple functionality of the app.
Easy and awesome.
Updates & Supportc59
it took so long to respond.
Great customer service.
The new version works perfectly.

Now you just need to get stores to buy into it. found in 2 reviews
Easy and convenient to use plus you get free food. found in 18 reviews
A great way to try new places of the city. found in 3 reviews
Been using it for almost a year now. found in 1 reviews
The new version works perfectly. found in 1 reviews
simple app that gives you free stuff at businesses you may already be going to. found in 1 reviews
Belly app is fun and rewarding. found in 1 reviews
simple and convenient loyalty program. found in 5 reviews
Such a fun app to find local places to check out. found in 6 reviews
Best way to save points and earn rewards. found in 7 reviews
Easy to use and ease to accumulate points. found in 3 reviews
I love getting rewards at the places I love to shop. found in 4 reviews
The lock screen widget makes visiting stores 10 times faster. found in 2 reviews
Best thing I have downloaded to my phone yet. found in 1 reviews
the lockscreen widget is only available on devices running android 4. found in 2 reviews
This is essential for small businesses. found in 1 reviews
One of the best setup rewards program I have seen. found in 13 reviews
Get rewards for shopping at places you already shop at. found in 2 reviews
Great idea just need more establishments using Belly. found in 3 reviews
I got free pizza today because of this app. found in 4 reviews
Constant force close on my Galaxy Nexus. found in 2 reviews
Lags when " Loading more locations". found in 3 reviews
app is poorly designed and has trouble finding nearby places. found in 5 reviews
Don't recognize the businesses. found in 1 reviews
n I dont even rate apps usually. found in 1 reviews
And what happened to the widget. found in 2 reviews
Needs larger network. found in 1 reviews
Great concept but force closes. found in 1 reviews
Just needs more locations in which to use it. found in 2 reviews
Galaxy s2 force close on map. found in 3 reviews
Map feature freezes all the time. found in 1 reviews
Wish there were more restaurants available. found in 7 reviews
Wish I could get rewarded for cash spent. found in 1 reviews
Nothing in my area. found in 2 reviews
Always broken on the store front. found in 1 reviews
Wish more vendors would sign on - good app to generate business. found in 3 reviews
Great idea and execution but. found in 2 reviews
Nexus s 4g issue. found in 1 reviews
Nothing within 30 miles of me. found in 2 reviews
Constant force close. found in 2 reviews
Had to eventually go on their website to sign up. found in 5 reviews
Just keeps letting me hit the sign up button with no response. found in 2 reviews
Poor service and talking to customer service does not help. found in 2 reviews

The Belly is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Belly app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 1.6 and up

App crashes every time I open it Uninstalled u0026 reinstalled multiple times Still crashes No response to trouble tickets Weeks later still no response to crash reports     John Fitzgerald
App was working great now crashes all the time tries to reinstall and still crashes please fix     Greg Malone
They haven t updated the Android version since 2016 and despite numerous attempts to find out whether they support Android have directed me to the iphone update every time They don t seem to listen or they don t care     David Arnold
It sucks 2 it hasn t worked in weeks I can t get any points at the place I go to an I sent them feedback an no help from them     R Griffin
love the points free stuff                     Nikko Kopperl
I like the app and the businesses that utilize it My only issue is the app crashes everytime I go into the belly bites                 Aaron Sturkey
It s annoying My local liquor store has the app at only one register and hates having to wait for you to open the app to scan I d rather just type my phone number into the keypad when paying I will try to remember to check in on the phone next time but its just an extra thing to do the public has already been proprogrammed to just type in a phone number That system has worked for years     Dan B
been having major issues with this app says I have no internet connection when I do and cant fetch anything Been this way for a while tried uninstalling and reinstalling still with no luck     Summer Rae Cooper
it BLOWS even after asking them to fix my email they made it worst so I cant check my points from the app cause no matter what email I use they made one and that s all i can veiw but that s not where my points are collected     David Ramey
it s a points card app pretty self explanatory not glitch so far             PinOue S
easy to use and great idea but i seldom go to the same merchant with belly up often enough to accumulate a reward                 Greg Meyer
Easy to use and great way to get free food                     Kim Kuechmann
The WearOS app doesnt seem to work Just immediately closes out upon launching WearOS v2 2 Needs the ability for stores to bulk scan as scanning each qualifying purchase one by one is cumbersome         Brendon Chu
Thank you for the friendly prompt service and your delicious menu I like the app as well all in one place                     Toni Jackson
Love this app I have used this app since it came out I have gotten a lot of free stuff because of it Just look for the sticker wherever you go                     Lisa Sturgill
nice app when visiting local restaurants which have this Got a free dessert right away and its easy to check in                 A Google user
great app that saves you money when you visit places that participate with belly app                     Anthony Screwes
crashes regularly and no fix I wouldn t recommend it     A Google user
when the key in works it does register but it doesnt always                 S Phan
very helpful love the savings                     Crystal Vizcaino
Easy to use and very usefull                 Christian Rivera
great day with sales and coupon                 Elena S
Nice way to redeem things from places you visit frequently                 brad matteson
It s a great place to go and get the best deals                     Dennis Kinker
Great Perks u0026 Great Deals                     Keven Clay
Works great no problems as of yet                     A Google user
User friendly and hella convenient                     joey silvestri
amazing offers and vape points thank you belly                     stephen hopkins
Coming to Zaro s cafe that honor s the card is great                     Peter J Hoffmann
Really good I love going to my local COFFEE shop to get points                     Goods fan
it was fun to discover I had accrued rewards                     Kate Finney
Love it easy to use                     Karen McKinney
Its awesome and easy to use                     Mary Michel
I love all the free perks I get from my local dispensary with this app                     Stephen Plante
very easy to use                     Val Winder
Pro Free stuff con another app                 A Google user
Used at my favorite places Saves me money cause I rack up the points                     A Google user
Easy to manoeuvre                     Deborah Callahan
Not sure yet                 Jackie Wilson
very easy to use                     A Google user
Love the app Get free stuff for making purchases I was going to make anyway                 Belly
Until the next to last update and lost well over half of my 2000 points        Loved it at first
I Love this app because I dont always have my purse with me I get so excited when I see the belly at retail locations 711s and coffee shops Ive already redeemed some points for free things like a banana and a hot chocolate Yes this app gets a 5 star rating from me Ten actually lol I wish more businesses would carry belly in todays economy its the little things that make us smile thats a great feeling Thanks for keeping a smile on my face belly                 One of the best rewards
It has been very confusing I have the plastic qr card and the points are not syncing with the app Even though I used the same email address       
Getting rewarded to shop at places u already go tosounds like a great ideabring on the rewards                 I think its great
Ive been using Belly for over a year and building up points but I bought a new phone and after installing Belly on my new phone and logging in I see I have lost ALL my points from every single place I have ever used Belly THAT SUCKS I want my points back        Good idea but
Easy program but benefits seem minimal After 6 visits to LA Margarita in Round Rock only gets a scoop of ice cream Still if there why not scan              Great but restaurants drop ball
Ive been enjoying the bites in my area                 Great perks
I love the fact that i can take the card with me without having the card Ive only used this app twice so i cant say much more              So far so good
Took me a bit to get used to but I think I like the idea of rewards on a scan card then a punch card for my vape suppliesplus it offers more rewards than just free ejuice after so many bottles bought                 Belly app
The application loads fairly fast its easy to use with the iPads at many of the restaurants and its easy to set up on any device                 Simple Easy Works
I think this will be the first of recently added apps to go Its not like Im out in the boonies Im in the city but the nearest location is 23 miles away in Seattle Do I have to find them on my own I havent been in this area long so I thought this app could help me     Nearest location 23 mi away
If there is anything that this app does well is keep track of points well The map function is reliable              Does what it is meant to do track
So far its a nice app hopefully it will bring me business                 New to belly
I am so over the cardI have no room for it anywhere and half the time dont have it when I am out to eat The app definitely got me to use it more and having the search nearby I see being a decent alternative                 The Belly Card vs the app
Great way to help businesses and customers save moneyExcellent way to show repeat loyal customers how much their business means Plus saving money is always a good thing                
I go to 711 everyday and now with belly I rack up points to use                 Love love love it
Not the most useful rewardssavings app I have since not that many places have belly but it still is kinda exciting to get to scan it when a place does have it and get closer to getting an award Its hard to get awards though when the points are per business rather than cumulative over all the places you visit so its almost pointless to scan it at a place you rarely visit or dont plan to visit again              Fun App
Cant even verify my email Have to jump through hoops for first time log in Will not let me set up password Just keeps telling me to try again no matter what password I use Ive tried just random letters and numbers and it still wont take     The hell
I enjoy getting reward while I purchase in different locations Get your app today and start erring your discounts              Everyday app
I pretty much only use it at 711 to get free coffee but I can always count on it to register my scans There are other free things you can get but I havent used it for them yet                 Always works
I used this for my small business years ago and have found myself using it as a customer everywhere Shooting to name the Slurpee of the month at 711 lol                 Use it abuse it keep Austin weird
Cant redeem points Have lots of points but none of 711 employees cant seem to figure out how to redeem so I buy stuff earn points but cant use any points Other than that app is fine           Cant redeem points
Soft belly is what I listen to when Im scared and anxious I learned that from a very important woman in my life SU                 Love my Belly
I like it but until you guys can get some locations registered within my residence area it doesnt do me a lot of favors I have to go into the city to use my card right now Not great for convenience right now           Belly
I notice people complaining that there are nit many locations near them but Ive noticed that it is all over the place here in VA It all depends on where you are and they will probably expand more soon When i first stsrted it there was only one business near me that had it and they went out of business soon after and there was none but then it came in like a storm belly was everywhere                 Been using it for a few years
Wheres the QR code Why does the app lock up on the location screen Why when I kill the app and reload it and it FINALLY displays a menu link for the QR code does it lock up yet again and display a blank screen Im going back to using my Belly card Jeebus     Awful Awful Awful
I wish there more variety of storeslocations           I like it but
I working toward my free slurpee for a year at 711 It sounded silly at first but I already have 1035 points So yeah good stuff              Good
Smoothie heaven I like how close this place is to my job              TSCTropical Smoothie Cafe
Its ok I had a previous belly card and when they switched over to the app lost all the points associated with original account There should be a way to transfer The app runs fine           Its ok
Great way to check in at the 5 places I recall to check in at Havent ever used a discount though                 I rated this app because they asked me to
I like a loyalty program that is usable in multiple locations and supports local businesses Belly fulfills this properly                 Useful
Its ok Like the app Works at my local bar however I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall the app to keep my points up to date           Its ok
It would be nice if there was more businesses that offered the card in my location there are very few places that accept the card                 Shortie
My whole family uses and loves this app Its easy to use and points accumulate quickly Wish more local restaurants would get involved It does tend to promote loyal patronage I mean who doesnt like getting free things by purchasing things you already intended to buy                 LOVE this app
I love the idea of this app my only concern is how do I sync this app with my Ghostcard from 711                 Belly
My spouse use your app all the timeand i will be also in the near future                 Very great app
Use this at the gas station and car wash that I live near and am almost to a free hand wax App is easy to check in Free stuff is free stuff Ill take it Wish that more places would take note of this           Only one place near me

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