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Instagram , the publisher behind many Android apps (Instagram ,Boomerang from Instagram ,IGTV - Apps on ,Direct from Instagram ,Threads from Instagram), brings Instagram with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Instagram apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to show your photos to people you enjoy..
  • I need beautiful pictures of the lady of my dreams & life..
  • A Stellar way to share memories with family and friends..
  • It is so awesome i always make new friends on instalgram..
  • I love instagram it is brilliant so I can chat with my friends..

Overall Satisfactionc79
I LOVE instagram it's amazing download it quick.
i really love instagram BEFORE but not anymore.
hope they update for more effects like the iphones.
it says "rate limit exceeded" this app also needs more effects.
which was more filters and customization options.
Please add more filters and customization options.
This is the best social media app ever created.
This is the best photo sharing app available on the market - fast.
The general photo sharing is good but it always crashes.
overall its the best social networking app out there.
I love instagram its way better than facebook and twitter.
I love using instagram on samsung galaxy s4.
Every time i try using instagram it crashes.
Fun & Engagingc72
hope they update for more effects like the iphones.
it says "rate limit exceeded" this app also needs more effects.
which was more filters and customization options.
Please add more filters and customization options.
this instagram is awesome you better get this app so hurry up.
I am addicted to Instagram and love the recent direct message addition.
Its super fun and allow me to be creative with photos~~.
Very awesome way to share our thoughts and interacting with people either.
it's so simple and fun with great edit options.
its hella fun and interesting ~ I'm enjoying it a lot~.
Family Friendlyc95
Instagram is a fun way to connect with friends.
Great way to keep in touch with family and friends.
Good way to keep in touch with family and friends.
Social Aspectsc85
It is a great way to keep up with friends and family.
please fix I need to keep up with my business.
This is the best social media app ever created.
Easy to use and a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.
overall its the best social networking app out there.
Instagram is a fun way to connect with friends.
It's such a convenient way to stay in touch with family & friends far away.
no reason to stay.
I use Instagram all the time and meet awesome new people.
Production Valuesc74
hope they update for more effects like the iphones.
it says "rate limit exceeded" this app also needs more effects.
I hope you add more effects and frame options in the future.
I thought it will have more effect so its pretty lame.
Ease of Usec64
Simple photo sharing app which makes it fun.
Although very simple photo editing options.
Picture too small error.
Security & Privacyc31
The security code.
I deactivated my Facebook account and made an instagram account now.
Instagram consantly logs me out nd makes me change my password.
I'd like more customization for privacy settings though.
Updates & Supportc39
I'm so glad instagram came out with an android version.
but the Android version could you a major editing update.
instead of presenting us with a rehash of the apple version.

This app allows me to keep in contact with family and friends. found in 14 reviews
This is the best photo sharing app available on the market - fast. found in 261 reviews
Es ist mega es lohnt sich es zu holen. found in 15 reviews
Cool way to share pics and now videos with your friends. found in 10 reviews
Also awesome effects for your images that update frequently. found in 12 reviews
Great way to interact with friends family or your idols. found in 37 reviews
A great platform for us to share our daily pictures. found in 12 reviews
overall its the best social networking app out there. found in 211 reviews
Instagram has changed online picture sharing. found in 21 reviews
I love insta its prob the best app ever inventeddd. found in 80 reviews
I love ittt. found in 10 reviews
I love instgram your get to share your life experiences on it. found in 25 reviews
its hella fun and interesting ~ I'm enjoying it a lot~. found in 10 reviews
Good way to keep in contact with people and share moments. found in 21 reviews
This is the best social media app ever created. found in 264 reviews
make friends /followers and take ideas from other people. found in 15 reviews
love instagram love the new video add on thanks instagram mwah. found in 25 reviews
I am addicted to Instagram and love the recent direct message addition. found in 33 reviews
I can't post videos I can only watch them please fix. found in 255 reviews
HAPPY BUT NEED TO BE ABLE TO MOVE TO SD. found in 136 reviews
Frustrated that whenever I try to upload a video it crashes on me smh. found in 170 reviews
i really cant upload videos since the recent update. found in 213 reviews
It won't let me follow anyone anymore I tried everything reinstall it. found in 138 reviews
Cannot upload photos or take photos using app. found in 308 reviews
Perfect but can't upload videos on my s3 running cyanogenmod. found in 535 reviews
This apps can be better if it can move to SD card. found in 136 reviews
Can't upload pics because it says "Picture too small". found in 289 reviews
Cant post viedos and I cant watch them quick. found in 113 reviews
Crashes every time I try to upload a video not shot in program - galaxy s3. found in 229 reviews
Can't upload videos no more it just says uploading failed. found in 535 reviews
Can't reload my news feed on my samsung galaxy s2. found in 179 reviews
If you're looking for a good photo editing app try picsart. found in 444 reviews
Can't upload any photo and profile picture pls help me. found in 179 reviews
I upload pics but they come out broken. found in 289 reviews
Getting a couldn't refresh feed error more than half the time. found in 175 reviews
Cant upload photos ive taken previous to downloading. found in 308 reviews
I hate how everytime I try to upload a picture it says it's "too small". found in 371 reviews
Please support for Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos device and I'd give 5. found in 201 reviews
The app force closed then reboots my phone every time I try to upload a picture. found in 342 reviews
keeps freezing and keeps saying unable to refresh. found in 171 reviews
why instagram cant update with android users along with apple. found in 282 reviews
It keeps saying unable to refresh or something. found in 171 reviews
Crashes every time I try to take a picture and then save it. found in 457 reviews
Force close when switching to front camera now f. found in 204 reviews
cannot install in USB storage and SD card. found in 226 reviews
I can't post videos at all like Wut the bloody hell -. found in 255 reviews

The Instagram is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Instagram app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Instagram A beautiful way to share your world. It`s fast, free and fun Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Transform everyday moments ...

This app is great to share photos with your friends but I have feedback that should be dealt with Sometimes when you swipe on a photo the post disappears and it s a major glitch The 2nd concern I have is when I go to refresh to see my messages from friends the message doesn t appear and Instagram freezes completely Also sometimes when I add to my story it doesn t show the picture and or it s a black screen If these could be fixed and solved it would be great Thanks             Daughter Lirio
I like it But man when it comes to stories it took them a while to fix where you do not see a whole story on newer androids and i am not sure if it is fixed now Aside from that some stories posted by people i meet i can not hear the music they added in their stories as it says music from story isn t available in your region I mean honestly i see people mentioning other stuff about filters and such never cared much about it but still something new might be nice         Slobodan Ivkovic
I was relatively happy with this app until I downloaded the latest update It used to be a bit slow and glitchy but won t even open at all now Highly disappointing I reported the issue a day reply Now three days since or two ago with no the app stopped I see other users are also experiencing issues with it Visited the developer s website and saw this We don t currently have any known issues to report Obviously that is not true At least admit it and attend to it                     Om Digital JND
I hate that when you switch out of Instagram and then go back it takes you to the most recent feed automatically unless you quickly throw your thumb in there to stop it If I wanted to see what s new I would click the new feeds button but you ve interrupted my review of yesterday s feed and now I don t even want to look at the app Fix this     Sarah Myke
The reason why I put 4 stars out of five stars is if there was one thing to be added it would be adding or removing photo s or video s after you post something This way it would be easier then rather deleting the post and reposting it afterwards with the new video s or photo s I am really looking forward for this soon Please actually do it                 Penguin Maker
This app is great Just absolutely amazing The time I spend on this app is honestly getting unhealthy hahaha But the reason I gave it 4 stars is that there is a place where people that follow me can see what I like or comment when I like or comment This is really annoying Everyone gets to see my likes and comments and there is no way to hide them I and I m guessing many others would be very thankful if there was a way to hide this from my followers Thanks                 nikoo makarem
I ve been on instagram for almost 2 years now and honestly this app is great Buttttt recently whenever I try to make a poll it won t let me type the options in the poll I m not that good at explaining things but I hope that at least made a tiny bit of sense I ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that would help but it didnt Hopefully this problem gets resolved soon                     A Google user
It s a great app for the most part up until a few days ago Instagram blocked me from liking any posts and I have been sending constant reports for the past 2 days on the matter I have yet to receive a response or be able to like posts In have followed every guideline and have not broken any rules so why can t I like posts         Emily How
Everything works amazing except the new music feature It finally came in India after such a long time and i was really looking forward to it My friends all have it but the option is not there in my phone I updated the app and my phone too but it is still not coming When i tried to login from my friends phone who has the feature the option won t come on my account even though it came on hers Please fix this problem as soon as possible Its really getting on my nerves             Viraja Rane
I had wonderful memories on my account but deactivated it for a brief break from social media Now using a new phone I cannot access my account even with the correct login info because it s flagged as an unusual login attempt and will only send a verification code via email which I no longer have access to With virtually no way to contact Instagram and no alternative account retrieval methods I ve completely lost access to those precious memories Please help me     Chelsea Mattingly
The notifications should basically be completely started from scratch I ve never had a notification come on time Once I open the app I get bombarded with notifications I need to open the app to get the notifications which basically means there s no point to a notification system Please fix Pixel 2 on Android 10 This hasn t changed The Spotify optimization is still bad and we are still second class citizens I m here to ask for a way to automatically open to the camera like Snapchat             Richard Craney
Instagram is a great app dont get me wrong I have built 4 different accounts that I love so much Over the past two days though my Instagram dms have stopped working Completely crashing I cant read what people are sending me I have reported it but I m unsure if it s a bug or my phone Never happened to me before I would usually rate Instagram a 5 star but now it s just a 3 I m disappointed             Angela Oliphant
At 1st for the 1st maybe 4 months it was great but now when I message people it says sending but then 2 days later it sends P and sometimes when I try to send a voice message to ppl it says sending but then says something about it not being able to send I don t think there s anything wrong with my phone I shut it down 3 times and refreshed instagram a lot It s gotten a little better because i can send messages now but I can t send videos post GIFS or voice messages Please fix T T                 Jayla K
I ve been on Instagram for 9 years personally I love the platform more than FB Although Seeing an ad every 5 posts while swiping definitely made me loose interest in Instagram I get it it s great for business but it s to saturated as a viewer I ll give them props for removing the of likes you can see on a post that changed the vibe for sure Now people can share more creative posts without being fixated on what the followers wanna see for the Likes             Emi Johnson
Love the app great in all but my Instagram just keeps glitching Like I would try to follow this person You have to request private and I press the follow button then for a split second it reverts back to follow Like it won t even let me follow this person And I m not blocked either If I was blocked all of our messages would just disappear especially if I don t delete it And I can still go through out messages This is a really annoying glitch that needs to be fixed Please Instagram                 Adagio Dazzle
Overall it s social media so I guess But there s two bugs I don t like 1 If my phone for whatever reason is turned off and back on Instagram no longer allows me to hear any sound from any video 2 If I reply to someone through notifications I get a notification that I replied and then the app crashes             Troy Rodman
At first the changes seemed like the app was no longer going to be operational on my older phone but once reinstalled it s working like a dream I find it much more navigable Instagram is an ideal way to share photos and memories and form bonds with people who regularly return with their likes There is something here for everyone Whether browsing or participating enjoy the experience                     Jan Marsh
The sign up process within the app has a major flaw Upon completion I was taken to the login page and when I attempted access a message appeared stating account disabled for violating terms of use Idk how considering I never even began to use the service I reached out to customer support regarding the issue and after going through an extreme process to verify my identity I have had no response Disappointing to say the least and I will be deleting unless resolved asap     Joseph Poole
It s been working fine for the longest up until a week ago the app decides to shut me out and not let me log in and only appears with a white screen for a split second till it closes I have been using the browser version and it even glitches out not letting me like posts or comment I have reported these problems on multiple occasions and no response in terms of word or fixing Very disapointed         Lil Nicky
I used to love this app but it has become full of glitches for the past few weeks 1 No IG music sticker on my device and people with the same device as me Galaxy A7 2018 2 No spotify share support If i may add it was working fine just yesterday 3 DM page gets frozen n number of times if you exit one chat box 4 Super slow loading even with 4G data Other apps working fine at the time 5 The in built camera quality has downgraded from before The picture always comes out blown blur     Saachi Kaur
Hello I love this app so much I can socialize and speak with my friends and just browse and it s really great However in the latest update it just gives me a white screen and exists out of the app instantly before i even log in and I see reviews that say they are experiencing the same problem and I hope you can fix this as fast as possible I will give 5 stars when it s fixed Thank you Edit It got fixed And it runs smoothly Thank you so much                     Laura Chan
On my main account the dms wont load I get the notification but as soon as I press on it it doesnt show up and sometimes when it does work then stops working again some messages disappear All of my other accounts work and I ve used other devices uninstalled and logged out along with messaging instagram multiple times This has been going on for weeks and I wont change my rating unless it is fixed     Sophia James-Young
Its a nice app But recently without any reason for why it does it it tells me I cannot like a post follow anyone or comment on anything Its been going on for a few days and no matter how many times I press the tell us button it wont let me do anything Ive had to uninstall the app twice Will change to 5 once problem is fixed             RayaWisp
Personally I think that this app is a way to meet and make friends and based on that I think that instagram is doing great However I am always disappointed about the updates as they are always the same bug fixes ect If you were to add a new feature such as making a part were you could play games whilst you are waiting for something to load WITHOUT leaving the app I might consider rating a 5 in the future apart from that I think that Instagram is absolutely brilliant                 Charlie Gilbert
I love using this app however for the past week it hasn t been letting me view any videos on stories posts or DMs It has nothing to do with my wifi connection as anything else works just fine and despite that I ve tried all the trouble shooting methods and videos still will not play Its super frustrating as its stopping me from viewing a lot of content             Lemon Lime
When are you going to fix loading directly from dropbox on an android device Currently you have to download from dropbox to your device and then download Apple I phone users aren t experiencing this problem We can t load from a PC or an Office Laptop are you not interested on those of us with Android s or Microsoft devices using this app I m looking forward to resolution on this as I have reached out a few times on this and nothing has been done thusfar         Antonio Davis
I have been using this app since last year I have experienced a lot of things from this app But since last few days I have been posting some pics in which I put captions and hashtags but on posting it they are not found on the post This is happening with me from a couple of days Please do something about it or i will rate this app 0         Anshul Rajpoot
My Instagram account is not getting updated I have been waiting from last 2 weeks to get it updated But if I open my friends account on my device then it is working nice and doesn t have any difficulty And from past few days I m not even able to see activities of the people I follow for example if someone liked a post or commented on any post     A Google user
It s an ok site but finding people to follow you back is a pain unlike Facebook which has a mutual exchange when you follow someone you can t take down photos without removing the whole post and when you do post it is only 10 picture max I m sticking with the platform for now for the people who still use it Hopefully Instagram will fix these problems soon         Manny Male
My Instagram feed is not updating and is stuck at the same picture Though the stories and DM s are working just fine I have tried to use Chrome to log in but the problem persists Also I have tried reinstalling clearing cache restarting my device and all such conventional methods Please advise me how to proceed     Praveer Singh Shekhawat
I actually love this app but there are some bugs which should ne fixed as soon as soon as possible i am unable to find some of my followers and even my close friends They have just vanished from messge box and even i cant find them is tags mutual frnd list and even the search option Plzz do something to fix this bug This is ridiculous and i am abhording it alot Hope you will take it seriously coz it is I am just adddicted to this app So bugs are ultra irritating for me Thnk you             Nisha Kavlani
After 50th version update it has a big problem with Android Some people like me can t upload video with real quality My phone is S9 plus and the camera is perfect but when I take videos directly from Instagram it s awful I searched about that a lot but it hasn t any real answer Right now I ll decide to change my phone to the IOS just for this problem     Sam Gable
I m not able to add other accounts public posts to my stories The button simply doesn t appear If I switch accounts I m able to do so I have already written to the developers about it but haven t received a response And when I googled the issue it turns out a lot of users are facing the same issue but it has never been looked into and it randomly works         Mallika Rao
it keeps on saying that Instagram has stopped working and the only options are report and ok it doesn t even start working properly after that it also takes a very long time to load and am very disappointed in this app to be honest i wouldn t even give this app a one star rating i would have given this a zero and i hate the fact that accounts are easily been hacked and its suppose to be a safe environment for all the users this is a very huge disappointment to myself and others     Karissa Walters
Instagrm has been lagging lately It wont open ever since i reinstalled it It says unfortunately Instagram had stopped working I ve reported several times and have tried a lot Please fix it as soon as possible Edit please fix the problem instead of coming up with unnecessary updates Update 19 9 2019 Updated the app to the latest version and it s finally working     alishba azhar
Since the September update they ve removed the following tab from my account so I can t see what the accounts I follow have liked The only way I can see it again is by using an older version of the app and doesn t affect my alternate account How can you explore following more people if you restrict it to search or waiting for random recommendations to pop up     Matthew Rooney
I got notification for updating instagram app so I updated few days back But It s not working properly I can t open chat box until I got any messages or notifications For opening chat box I need to open notifications then I can access only Kindly check and let me know the possible trouble shooting as required I m not happy with this Regards Avi D     AVINASH DHALE
i have been scrolling through the reviews and i can see that im not the only one with the crashing problem it wont let me onto my account but i still recieve notifications please fix this problem i have uninstalled and re installed it over 10 times i have even fully wiped out my device i dont know whats causing it to not work but i hope u can fix it     cHeEsY vIbEs UwU
Instagram used to be a place to see what friends were up to The app has fallen into the habit of pushing unwanted advertisement and shopping categories into a feed which was once inspiring and allowed for the sharing of places ideas or activities If they had an option to get rid of the bull then the app would be five star no doubt     Eli Holeman
The worst chat interface ever Why can t you guys incorporate the video chat button inside the i button Your unintentional calls to people give me an anxiety attack every time the video chat screen springs up Worse still the screen goes blank as the sensor senses the proximity to body so you can t even end the call For the love of God PLEASE FIX THIS     Sanchit Bhardwaj

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