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Pretty Simple , brings Criminal Case with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Criminal Case apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Criminal Case is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2015-04-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
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Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch ...

Good game and nice graphic design                 Kishor raj
I love playing this when I was still in highschool I found out that there s an app version which made me feel excited Fast forward I played the game again When I reached the third case you need to invite friends just to unlocked it and there is no other way but pay which is too much and there also too many ads I feel dissapointed about it We all know that game notification are annoying for others It will take me forever in that I enjoyed this game but I think I need to uninstall it         etterisc ocejart
I personally enjoy the game however the advertisements are really annoying I always play with my Wi Fi connection turned off unless I need to download a case However other scores do not show with Wi Fi turned off If you reduce advertisements I would be very grateful Other than that I love the game I play on Facebook and on my Android device                     Amandeep Ahuja
The beauty of this game is 1 20 110 pts for one game of 15 seconds Later wait for 220 minutes for full energy bar 2 You can play advertisements multiple time without an internet connection I think they are using future Apple technology 3 And this game may empty your pocket to purchase energy booster i e virtual Burger orange juice u0026 potato chips for real 799INR and keep you hungry I can buy same for 300INR in MacD                 Dr. Mayur Patel
This game is the best i have literaly had 1 ad all year and ive been playing this for awhile now this is the best game ever i love this you dont complete it very fast unless your on it 24 7 otherwise it takes a month and a few weeks or maybe even a year ive been playing this since it first came out and im still not done i haven t restarted or anything this game is the absoulute bomb for me i play it about 19 6 so i play it almost everyday this game is the absoulute best game for me its the bomb                     April Englert
The game is super awesome Only problem is with In App Purchases Money getting deducted from account recieving reciept from Google but still In app purchases not getting activated So my suggestion to users is better not to make In app purchases in the game Customer care is worst They dont bother to reply to mails Even after 3 days my In app purchase not restored For users pls I request you not to do any in app purchase in this game         vivek kolambkar
Way too many pop up ads when on a timed bonus I understand having the ads pays for the games and accept that but timed bonuses go by so fast and have gotten very limited that it s frustrating to lose time to ads Been been playing for about 7 or 8 years On desktop and tablet Sometimes have trouble synchronizing and have to Uninstaller and reinstall so I don t lose what I did on the other device but still love the game             lynn roddan
I like the game and have played for a few years However recently the ads have gotten out of hand I understand it s free and totally understand watching ads for a benefit like more energy more bonus spins etc but having ads popup after every 2 scene plays is ridiculous Just thought you should know why you lost a long time consistent player I will check back every few months to see if it has been changed back There are so many good options for hidden object games this one is not worth it         Leslie D
Game is great and all but i wish they had let you continue to go to other cities without changing games for new players like us because there are elite outfits which require more than 56 rings that we want to be able to get There is an unofficial way to get to the other cities without the standalone apps by using older versions but the problem is that these older versions do not contain updated audio visuals and the new avatar exclusives which i think is needed as the soundtrack gets boring             Michael Saculsan
This game has a bug that wont let you connect to fb in order to have game friends You have to log out of fb log out of game restart device log into GB then log into game to try and get into friends mode You have to do this each and everytime you go in the game Tech support does not help You are sent an auto response and told to read their game solutions That is where I learned about logging out and jumping through hoops to play this game 4 other games are great So dont waste time     Shirley
The game is engaging and well crafted but the energy just destroys everything The energy cost to investigate scenes is steep and the recharge time is long I get to play for five minutes then I have to wait to ninety minutes for the recharge The game is fun but it s set up so that you have to pay for extra energy if you want to play for any period of time Lots of pop up ads as well Too bad lots of potential     GHouse
It s fun it takes a while for energy but hours not a day or 2 like some Good story lines keeps you busy looking for clues Loving it so far and solved 1 case already Update was loving it doing great but I don t have Fakebook and it is very hard to get anywhere without it It just keeps asking over and over             Steam Queen
The synchrony ads will not let me exit out of them as the other ads do after a few seconds I have to quit the game and then restart it every time a synchrony ad comes on The ad is strong arming the game and not letting me exit out of the ad at all It needs to be fixed             Andrea Alcala Cardenas
it used to be a fun game now its too full of ads i dont mind having to watch an ad but they constantly pop up in the middle of playing a scene have emailed the developers many times and never get a response Why have an ad in the middle of a scene Do you think anyone is going to be happy with that going to stop playing if this isnt corrected     Stephanie Winters
It used to be a good game but now it s more repetitive than anything and the in game ads are becoming ridiculous it already takes 4 days to play one scene and that s if you are in the game at the very second things are done that doesn t include the time to find the items in each of the 9 places for each scene That s just the times it you have to wait before you can move on And now the ads make it even longer since they are after every other time you find the items         Tracy Anderson
If I could give it less than one star I would I ve played this game for years but it s gotten totally ridiculous Having to wait over three days to progress to the next level is just stupid Every update causes huge problems Since last update I now have to uninstall and reinstall just to play Paid 2 99 for 170 Energy Increase that was supposed to last 7 days but only lasted one This game is a TOTAL RIPOFF     Kathy Coston
I am visually impaired and this is one of the only hidden object games I could play these things are living off for me to be able to see things and if I need a hint I m not penalized for taking it but luckily I normally I don t need one there s a lot of variety of activities in the game that keeps me interested I like a challenge but not too challenging that it s not enjoyable                     Debra Tester
This game was so good but now I m at the end of world edition and i can not move on to mysteries of the past Everytime I click to go to the next city it takes me to download the separate app and I have tried to play it on mysteries of the past separate app but all my progress is lost Can you fix this I want to move to Mysteries of the Past but I want to stay on the Criminal Case app not another separate app Plz respond back Also I have already tried it on Facebook and its the same     The Achievers
I m playing this game since two years and I can assure you that it s amazing It has all what you d ask for in a game like this I wish that my character has something to say instead of Jones just asking questions and then answering them I also don t like how you have to use all that amount of energy for just one scene and I hope that they make the energy bar bigger Also the time you have to wait for an analyse is too exaggerated That s what kinda bothers me but otherwise it s so fun                 mounira agerbi
This is a cheap game that forces you to either pay or through Facebook Else wait for 2 days to play Avoid this game Absolutely avoid They earn from adverts subscription and also force you to wait I paid and yet I am installing these th 5 Solve it Quite simple     Raja Mohanty
I like it so much becoz it improves our ability to detect anything hurriedly and also we learn new words And i think it is not wastage of time like other games So u may play and enjoy this game and also learn some better from this game                     Nainsi Kumari
Pretty nice game The problem in the game is that it requires too much energy to play crime scenes and you need to play them so you could have stars and then with the stars you can play The process is too time consuming and difficult I would love it if it were just energy or stars alone to play not both its very awkward and please the play in crime scenes hardly ever fills up to get a star Please try fix that Thank you                 Abraham Ekhator
I am so frustrated from this game s revenue system This game loads too many ads after each round I tolerated it but now my new level download fails even when I have deleted previous stages and have GBs of free memory in my device Strating experience was good but it deteriorated exponentially     Ramish Masood
The game use to be without loading errors and I never had trouble with my progress being deleted For the last three weeks this game has lost my profession my stars energies I started play the new episode played and acquired 3 stars and tonight the game had to be downloaded and I ve lost my progress in this game the wheel even has been not lighting up so I can spin and I lost my progress I m back to 10 energies and I was on 40 and I m back to 1 i wish they fix this game i love to play it     lilly dorsey
if you are going to constantly interrupt the game for ads you should at least give rewards for extra play time The advertisers should also be aware that i will never install any of these programs because i am so offended by them                 Bonnie Russell
Pop up ads ruined this game I watch enough ads for the energy boosts I don t need them popping up after ever 2 investigations they are the annoying ones too that you can t back out of after 5 seconds and the ones that ask you to play had to uninstall out of frustration     Lyndsey Williams
I just love this game However the only problem is the energy get finished very quick When you at the last star of a scene I have to use the whole 110 energy just for the 1 star Im on case 54 at the moment Wish there was more levels I will give the other criminal cases a try But now with chiefs death everything changed Cant he come back alive And more level on this original game                     Amina Muhammad
This game is full of glitches it give u all urstares or money I used to play it I know fix it s a fun game a lot of ppl I no are playing like it is I was half way threw 3 yrs ago and it was doing good working right hope u fix it s not giving out bonus coins or the coins to higher ranking clothes at all hardley we can t even get a dog open up the shop so we can chang our outfits                     Diane Trammel
Its so good you can do dna on goods and can do puzzles as well as arrest the killer its the best hidden object game on facebook you can verse yor friends it can be played offline as well as when you download it on facebook it saves all your progress thats why we keep getting 5 or more criminal case series games you can feed your dogs and get stickers for your album plus you can get different avatars and can verse your friends to the top of the levels                     Allison Kerry-cooper
This game would be great and have interesting storyline But the pop up ads is very annoying I know the ads is needed But I think it s enough to show ads when like we need extra 20 live Just randomly showing ads is midly infuriating imo         Cita Pertiwi
been playing for years now but here lately anytime i have wifi or internet on while playing this game it will randomly play a video ad for a diffrent game and you get no credits or extra things on your game for watching this and also i cannot back out of it i have to end the google play store and the game and reenter the game again please fix this or i will quit playing altogether             Sara Kent
the game is really great but I just finished game 60 and it won t let me go any farther without downloading another if I download it I lose all my energy and my money and my pets and all my orange juice hamburgers and etc Love this game but want to continue not start over                 Patsy Gladish
suspenseful and addicting once you start you want to complete the case the only down fall is having to wait for results I love it when you find evidence you actually get to play to find the clues from it you are always busy in the game                     Teresa Glover
The game is good but the worst part is the ads that keep on coming and this frustrates me And the energy finishes very quickly             Neha Agarwal
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