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Instagram , the publisher behind many Android apps (Bolt ,Layout from Instagram), brings Layout from Instagram with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Layout from Instagram apps has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Layout from Instagram for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Layout from Instagram app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2015-05-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Layout from Instagram check developer Instagram`s website :

Instagram`s newest app lets you create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends. Choose photos from your camera roll use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots ...

I just started using this app It is easy to learn Very small learning curve Makes placeing and moving pictures easy We like sample and easy to use app We are a Happy Camper using this app The only thing is I haven t figured out how to delete pictures or if you can You can end up with double or more of one picture if you use it again in a different layout Would like to be able to delete my extra pictures                 Jeni Bolla
Finding pictures is a nightmare Sorting is atrocious without the ability to manually sort That is if the photos you re looking for are among the select few folders they show you If not then you have to click more and navigate your entire phone s system storage for EACH INDIVIDUAL PICTURE because they won t let you select mutiple at once Secondly doesn t let you rotate photos to better fit your collage Even if you manually rotate beforehand it rotates them right back Why         Ryan Lynch
Very simplistic seemingly unnecessary app for such basic tasks adding 2 3 photos in different sizes and corners to one uploadable instagram photo I find myself continuously downloading this app only to use it once in a blue moon and i generally uninstall it right after each use I wpuld assume this should not be too difficult to incorporate what this app does into the Instagram app itself         Marky Mark
Loving the Layout fx Sometimes there s massive desire to get out some of my vague mutant visions Other Turn Ons are finger touching for other ways seeing hearing thinking and ultimately getting an opportunity to alternate my RE Experiences suggesting a furtherance of new Layouts reality                     Fats White
I like the layout haha of the app but It s very laggy and will crash when I use it to mirror I can t do actions like flip 3 times in a row or else it will freeze for a second please fix it also can you add the ability to zoom in on the picture or so before using the middle of the picture to duplicate when you don t have a picture that s square it goes to the middle and moving every individual frame is not only difficult but really tiring so add a feature to either crop or move the image             MeliBear Gaming
I used to use picsart for editing photos but then it started screwing my pictures up and made it all blurry but i used this and i prefer it over picsart i wish i used this instead because its so much more simple and easy and i used to edit pictures for like half an hour on picsart and its so fast with this                     Kelsey.M _xox
It is a great app fun to mess around with and create new images out of old It would however be a great option if you could allow the user to add or bring in multiple images from the gallery To give multiple image layouts to create a series of images             Jared Moyle
It does what it s supposed to It has a great basis for your basic collage needs for instagram however it would be great it there were more options for layout designs Currently there s only 8 layouts to choose from Many other apps offer loads more than this one             Paige Overcash
1 Gallery shows the earliest photo clicked who the hell will edit old photos make it show latest files in gallery or else we have to visit long path clicking gallery than recent 2 recent files also gone within hours plz fix it first or else woukd have given five star rating         B Kumar
Took me a while to learn how to use it but it s good The gallery selection and swap photos could do more work I d like to be able to swap photos already within the collage easily                 Clement Poh
Its perfect for making au stories for Instagram i love using this its so easy to use Just pick the photos than choose the collage you like best you can edit it a bit to fit your needs I would totally suggest this app                     Friskee Fi
I love it it help a lot and it helps me put more photos into one so I can post them on Instagram or SnapChat or Facebook or anything it s a super helpful I agree much requested you can literally do anything with it you can put any photos together like anyting                     Mattyson Dean
The app icon shows a three photo collage with one big vertical photo and two smaller photos Unfortunately the app itself can t create this type of arrangement Generally the biggest improvement to the app would be the ability to position borders freely         Pinja-Liina Jalkanen
Love this I use it all the time When I draw a portrait I do a side by side to compare my drawing to the reference and it s very helpful for that                     Michelle Tiberi
Been using this app for over a year now it does what I need with no extra junk I like making patterns using photos mirrored in fun ways My one wish is that it allowed for PNG file exports with canvas size control I m an artist and my graphic design work sometimes needs crisp clean images Other apps I ve tried crop out the edges awkwardly which ruins the tiling effect or are just advertisement stuffed messes Nothing has ever come close to working as cleanly u0026 efficiently as Layout                 Alexis B.
It s great However I wish that we could add white space when we try to make the images smaller instead of just not being able to zoom out of a picture in the collage                 Asmaa Mannasaheb
its ok but i feel like there are better apps out there that can do more this app can ONLY do the layouts it does not do filters or stickers or really anything on most editing apps you can do layouts and more so for me it was a waste     Sophia G
Ok cool why can t you edit the layouts I d like to have 3 separate photos vertically and for some reason that not an option You can hold down on them and replace them but you can t delete them Weird     David Coker
this is amazing application for editing and making collage photos it is not let me down since it was first created and it continues to make me happy keep up the good work guys S U A T M                     Marcus B
It is really cool But there should have been some more borders and outline then I could give 5 stars to this app                 stuti bharadi
I love that you can add as many pictures you want along with a border But I wish they had more layouts                 Alyssa Uribe
I ve been using this app for years Been through two different phones now and have had zero problems with it I have recommended this app to all my friends and I believe that s how I was introduced to it as well Great app                     manstang351
I love it It also really helps me with my edits thati make on instagram It is easy to use I also have an idea as well There can be filters Another one is there could be emojis that you can add in the picture and text To conclude this app is helpful and easy to use                     A Google user
should be part of the main Instagram app Options aren t great i reverted back to Picsart for layout options on multiply photos as it s clearer has more layout options and it s photo saving options are better         Luuta
Simple but way creative Most users have been using this for cute cut and they said it is useful I also used this But for me at first it was hard but I find out how easy was this Thanks                     Music Hero
Great easy way to show multiple photos at once Aesthetically the layout options are great and adjustable Takes the work out of having to create a concept                     Jacqui
Great app Love it for photo collage Only wish you could resize one photo without out resizing the others in same way Would be 5 stars if you could do that                 Jessica Bartram
Hard to get photos centered and few layout options but uses little storage is a pluss and has a few options             Mac 2
I am so damn happy about this app This app is perfect I can mirror and finally edit Thank you                     YiinYang
I like it but I have found a bug that NEEDS to be patched asap Whe selecting multiple photos and trying to arrange them ypu sometimes need to zoom in or out on the individual photos But I am only able to zoom in If I zoom in waaaaaay to much it won t let me zoom out again Only way to reset zoom is to discard and start over As long as I hold my fingers I can zoom in and out But as soon as I release my fingers that zoom is set to the maximum zoom out Even if I have zoomed in to 1 50th             Saga Malmberg
Easy and quick to use Great for showing different angles of my work without having to post lots of pictures                     Mandy Hammett
Its a really nice lay out it lets you use any image there really is no problem with this app ive used it for maybe a month now and everything is going smoothy                     HeyGhosts_ Itsyourboi
It s convenient for grouping photos as a collage Not much for features but simple to use                     Ilza Salas
it s a good app for mirroring my photos but the quality is horrible it s blurry and it makes my photos looks so bad please fix your quality         Athena Lopez
Super useful and easy to use Neat little extra functions too Does what it says on the tin perfectly                     Clem West
i loved the application if it s only possible to have a way to resize pictures before publishing them                 Hisham DS
I love how this program allows you to add the pictures the way you want them So when you post them on social sites people can t break up the pictures and the like one but not the other They have to like all or none                     Ms. Jones
By far the best and easiest way that I personally have experienced to create a photo collage without the cheasy or over the top graphics images only as it should be                     Austin Ray
Though there is always room to make Layout more of a reason to keep the app on our phones I had this app for some time years and would like to see something fun and new                     Sunniya LA
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