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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Android TV Remote Control ,Google News & Weather ,Photos ,AdWords ,Cardboard ,AdWords Express), brings Photos with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Photos apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Photos for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2015-05-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
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Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, searchable and organized by the people, places, and things that matter. VISUAL SEARCH: Your photos are now searchable by the people, places and ...

Pretty awesome app It s nice to have all my pics in one place without taking up all the storage on my phone Love that the assistant organizes all my pictures as they re taken too It even organizes them by the holiday or location they were taken at You can also use the app to order and print the pictures you have Which is awesome if you need to come up with a unique personal and heartfelt present Im sure there are some drawbacks to the app but currently can t recall what they were                     Lindsey Kristjanson
I love Google photos I can keep my memory down on all my devices by clearing my photos knowing they are safely backed up I ve got all my photos from the last 8 year s saved with full access from any device I ve been using this a very long time and trust it entirely I love the Google assistant that makes me collages and videos as well I absolutely would recommend it and have recommended it to all my family members who now also use Google photos Excellent app                     Charles Huffman
I recommend friends and family to this app all the time to have their photos automatically backed up especially for those that aren t tech savvy It s free and part of your Google account which many people have already I especially like the pairing with Google Lens I am constantly taking pictures of plants when I am hiking and then view them in Lens to identify what they are                     Melonie Morgan
As with everything else Google products go from good to bad or terrible A simple photos and sharing app is now driving me crazy I appreciate the free storage and the quick editing tools But storage doesn t work simple enough I transferred a shared album to my personal album And they don t show up Secondly when I select multiple pics to post to Instagram the feed option doesn t show up only direct Why Basic things Shared folders should show up as an easy list that is alphabetical     Benji Koshy
Google app is good because of the accessibilty of my photos I am never afraid of losing my memories because of how they are stored I love being sent videos and collages made by Google I didn t give it 5 stars because when I try to organize my photos by adding them to a folder the pictures still remain in a general location This makes filtering and organizing photos difficult as the number of photos increase I have to constantly recall which photos are already in folders and which are not                 Lsj Mwangi
Why did they get rid of PICASSO PHOTO EDITING Far superior to Google Photo Also when are they going to allow us to ADD Photos to People galleries Google misses a lot of photos Even easily identifiable ones which is strange when it catches a lot of very different images of the same person Koodos for that but would also like to add the missed ones     T Edmond
Have to double click zoom in on every photo for them to be shown in full quality before I do they re out of focus Need option to move file to trash from album Some files are larger than others in Day layout If I wanted them larger I d set it to Comfortable layout Have to scroll down to see your albums in the albums tab Shared People Places Things Videos Collages Animations Movies u0026 Photos on Device folders should be moved to the Assistant tab             Ariana
I ve had Google photos for years now and I ve been able to switch multiple phones without a problem I just switched to the S10e and I am having HORRIBLE playback quality I ve already messed with the settings and I ve already made sure to click on original upload size and not just high quality and I m still having a lot of issues with how my videos and pictures looks I might stop using Google photos entirely because of this     Miriam Jael Marin
I love the video edits and movie creations Sometimes I wish they came a bit sooner but nonetheless it s a good so option If you take a lot of photos and videos no that space is limited Amazon photos is unlimited storage I believe However there are no edits there done by the app Pick your own poison when choosing an app                     R. Z. Lyient
My experience has left me feeling safe countablity with Google photo app and all of Google apps has never been a question Reliability to know all my photos are tucked away until i need them No matter how many months or years go by Needless to say i come across new and fun updates filters variety with awesome cartoon character s to uplifting motivation sayings way too many options to write about in my opinion Have fun thank you Google Life made easier to text diy projects etc                     A Google user
I typically use this app to view and back up photos I prefer Snapseed for editing also a Google product Love it I wish Photos would enable me to rename files and copy or move files to SD card I also have several files with the same filename but the photos are different How is this possible                 A Google user
This was working great loved it saved all pictures but since the last updates alot has changed You edit a picture and then you lose the original Why would you keep updating and fixing something that was never broke to begin with in the first place You need to just leave things alone when there working wonderful I ve lost alot of pictures of my beautiful daughther and father that both have past away even pics of my grandbabys My question is where does the original go Can t find it anywhere                 Rita Tackett
I can store all my photos and videos on the cloud including ones that I have taken on other devices However the face recognition isn t perfect I can t manually tag people and one time the app thought all my photos were taken this year although I have photos from 2014 Great app but far from perfect                 Jervin Sevilla
I love the sync Anna backup of my photos In enjoy the confidence that my keepsakes and memories are safe I like being able to create and share albums with my Friends and Family Although I do desire better editing and creation features The collage creation for example doesn t allow for picture placement or sizing I like most of the color pop and enhancements but I would prefer to select the photos or create on my own                 Kim Tate
Love this app I love it when Google Photos would create a stylized photo short movie clips and create gif images from your album It also has a smart AI that creates a photo album for you while you travel and take photos I went on a week vacation and took photos and it organized all the photos and the locations in an album What app does that Very nice It also backs up all your photos and videos to the cloud so you can save storage on your phone without worrying about losing your memories                     Tristan Sutphin
It s okay but i feel like it backs up what it wants to back up Can it have a button to manually start backups of the select folders then also a progress bar to see if backups are completed so we can switch network off or leave WiFi spot If these were there then I d consider 4 stars The fifth star would be if they created a web interface which can display photos selected for public view             Kabo Brian Letsogo
Great app for media management and backup Recent integration with assistant helps keep clutter under control and rediscover this day features constantly delivers pleasant memories I also like that there s an option to make unlimited backups for people who can t afford buying extra storage or those who doesn t need media in the original resolution and are happy with just good enough quality                     Garry Filakhtov
I love this app It is so organized and even colllects pictures based on day and time and will put them together and make small videos even goes as far as adding music to your videos Awesome app I absolutely love it automatically backs up every snap shot so I dont have to worry about it Im covered always Thanks Google Photos Great Job                     Alexis M. Quintanilla
Does enough of what it is supposed to but continues to annoy me And I still haven t recovered all the data I lost because after being led to believe I was using one app of a suite of apps that all have the same colour scheme and backup I deleted what I thought was backed up due to the notices I received about each folder which I was making as I was reorganizing aforementioned data So no I don t enjoy using this or any other google app             Allan Locke
However once I create an album from some photos Google Photos is trying to sync them to the cloud even though Backup u0026 Sync is turned off WHY I ve tried toggling the Backup u0026 Sync bar to see if anything changes but it doesn t Has anyone found a way to turn this off I can t believe how ridiculously simple this task is and Android Google can t do it Already regretting the switch from iOS     tech freazer
It s an awesome app that lets you to organize share and store all you photos online Unlimited space on Drive is really makes me happy Also cleans you space on your phone recommending me to delete all the pictures that are online already There is one thing that needs to be fixed when it cleans all my pictures I don t have an access to them from the apps where I received them like Viber whats app etc Is there a way to fix it change the link to pics so it will be linked to this app                     Roman Ryazanov
If you re photos videos aren t backing up go to your device settings and search optimize battery and switch it off for Photos Google support won t tell you about this setting so don t bother asking They wasted hours of my time suggesting it was a defective device unrelated to android OS Also they need a better way of organizing albums that match up with your device albums         Erin Ashmore
Assistant took a few photos I took on the White Cliffs and combined them into a panorama That was pretty cool Otherwise Photos is pretty good at sharing The display is perhaps more based on aesthetics than usefulness It can be kind of difficult to navigate the main page and get where you want to be                     Nick Dye
The constant print shop advertisements are annoying as hell considering that it s a service I never wanted and will literally never use I followed the Google help page s advice to make them go away and yet now they re back with seemingly no way to remove them this time I used to love how easy and helpful the app was but after this new update I m tempted to just leave Google photos altogether     Padme Miren
I love this gallery mainly because it stores all your photos without taking up space on your phone so you don t have to worry about going through and deleting them Just enough editing and filter options Love this photo gallery I even added it to my new Samsung even though it already came with a gallery installed And the great thing is Google photos gives me the option to back up the photos and then delete them from the other gallery to save space without losing the image                     Jimmy Hayes
Love this app Google has it all figured out Backs up only what I want when I want it If I want no what s app pictures but all screenshots and Snapchat pictures easy Its all automated and I have unlimited free storage for videos and pictures Perfect Also it s super easy to set up this automation for your friends and family and make sure it only backs up from the apps camera they want                     Tom Woods
This app is great until when you run into an issue where you re trying to make an album in a specific order and it keeps scrambling up the pictures after you set it up perfectly I switched the setting for it to be organized custom instead of newest to oldest or something like that So it should be working just fine I should be able to place the pictures wherever I want in the album Honestly it s the most annoying thing     Josiah Fideler
For starters I absolutely love Google Photos It has become my one stop solution for managing all of my photos that I own I am a long time user of the service now However with one of the latest updates using on Pixel 3 Android 9 the Assistant now shows Order Prints as a primary function instead of Save This is an extremely tacky update that undermines the trust that I have in the service Now every time I use the Assistant tab I feel like I m being up sold to pay for their print services I see this as a big step back for the app and will definitely reduce my use of the Assistant features         Alexander King
Google Photos makes organizing photos easy The intuitive search feature is especially helpful The commonly used editing features work well but I have to use other apps for features like collages Overall the simplicity of use makes this the best photo app in my opinion My only concern is privacy While the facial recognition and tagging is convenient I find it difficult to trust that Google is protecting users personal information                 Thaxton Sellers
It doesn t have the option to create new folders so that photos from Camera can be moved to that specific folder unlike that which was available for Moto G2 Please note that Creating new album is not what I m referring to I suggest you can have the option to press and hold onto the photo and move it to a different folder location directly in the app         Ankur Jaiswal
I love all the wonderful extras that it offers without even going in and doing em myself such as little animations when you do multiple photos in a row Being a new mom I don t have the extra time to open another app and scroll through it to fine tune images and make little extra changes with my pictures It s so amazing to take a pic and then have the same app suggest and then do all the little retouches for you I absolutely love this app and use it almost everyday with my families pictures                     Mary Hernandez-Fuentes
I wasn t planning on writing this but you asked so The UI is very odd to me I feel like I have to go out of the way to access the most recent pictures I ve taken The most bothersome part is the constant and unprompted maintenance and grouping of my pics it feels obnoxiously invasive I have the Google pixel 2 xl and I regret not going for the note series cuz I could ve done without the nameless and lazy assistant photo         Just Wright
Love everything about this App I don t have to worry about my pictures if something should happen to my phone or my PC plus it s so easy to send as many pictures or videos I want to at one time within seconds Everyone in my family has this App so we share lots of pictures I recommend this App to anyone                     Mandy Reed
Great secondary storage app for any and all of your photos Personally I ve been using Google Photos as my primary gallery for over a year The automatic backups and automated collages and stylized photos typically create things I would love to hang on my wall and now you actually can have your photos printed onto a canvas Give it a try at least It s well worth your time                     Talonidir Skirata
New error just popped up on my Nokia7Plus i recorded a one and a half hour long video and every i scroll down the tool bar while watching the video freeze and i have to touch the back button on the app and watch from the beginning again I checked if there is any updating apps that might interrupt the video player but found nothing out of the ordinary nothing was uploading as well                 Nicole Fage
1 Star doesn t mean I don t absolutely love this app and it s features I just have issues when trying to play back my videos through Google Photos There s a message saying can t play video on every video I try to play This is very disturbing to me because I have many videos of memories that I can t relive Please Help     Al Seuell Jr.
Pretty good I ve had better and worse I don t like that when I text a friend a pic they have to view it through the Google album book vs seeing it in the text I just sent them Wish there was more filters and options for creativity Or that I can name my own picture folders Sometimes the pics I marked up disappear or won t show up for me to text It s like a scavenger hunt trying to find the pics I edited         J K
My main issue is that I m constantly trying to find my photos after editing them There is a feature that groups original photos with the edited ones together in one file which results in me having to scroll forever to get to the original to find the newly edited one This is such a departure from how my gallery used to be before Google Photos which I really miss         Vera Ignatov
Love Love Love this app Always a pleasure to open it up and get little surprises from the Google Photos Assistant Animations are amazing Collage and other extra options to choose from Plus you know that your photos and memories are safely stored and will always be there via your account and it s free If you cherish photos like I do then this app is highly recommended                     Summer Nicole Lyons
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