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Glu , the publisher behind many Android apps (COOKING DASH 2016 ,FRONTLINE COMMANDO: WW2 ,TERMINATOR GENISYS: REVOLUTION ,DEFENDERS & DRAGONS ,좀비드라이브 ,CONTRACT KILLER: SNIPER), brings COOKING DASH 2016 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. COOKING DASH 2016 apps has been update to version 1.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The COOKING DASH 2016 is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new COOKING DASH 2016 app version 1.0.6 has been updated on 2015-06-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 3.0 and up
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Flo cooks her way to TV fame as a celebrity chef in this fast-paced, new time management game COOKING DASH 2016 IT S THE MOST AMAZINGLY FUN DASH GAME EVERSharpen your skill as you ...

Do not invest money into this game if you plan on switching phone systems I originally had an IOS and moved to Android only to find it s not transferable even though my FB was connected I contacted Glu support and they do not even answer or try to help I wasted about 100 in money over this game It s a great game and I love it But I wont waste time or money starting over again     J Rivera
Right after opening game the screen goes dark for a few seconds been this way since I first uploaded I usually just let it be u0026 continue on playing when game comes back but today it went dark while I was retrieving my premium wheel prize for placing 5th on Trial of Eats This isn t 1st time I don t get my prize either I now remember WHY I uninstalled a year ago Great game but it cheats me out of what I earn u0026 lately it goes dark twice in a row         Dinora Garcia
I really love this game it s the type of game I m really interested So far it s been really fun exciting u0026 challenging but the only disadvantage tho is that I have to spend a lot of money to buy additional golds for upgrading equipments and ingredients every restaurant upgrades are too expensive free golds for watching video and accomplishing other offers to earn free gold is not enough because I had to download some games and achieve goals before I can earn it I hope they can change it                 Princess Mary Grace Antimaro
the start is great as you reach new level it s harder to beat without gold which you can watch ads but it s 1 gold block per view Also the game limits how many ads you may watch per day it was fun until I felt forced to buy items to keep playing or I would have to download other games apps to get free gold blocks or items         meah torres
It s a FUN game but it takes almost FOREVER to load But when it loads it will be stuck on a certain place and I have to wait for a long time again which eventually is a waste of time When I quit the game and reload it again it instantly goes to the game and is never needed to load but then after I click the level i m going to play it crashes Please fix it I don t know if my phone or this game has a problem         KookieSimply
Really want to give it 5 stars because it has great potential Probably gonna uninstall it soon Only way to continue playing the game is to dump A LOT OF MONEY to upgrade to next levels Long time for game to load too So many extra things in the game that I have no clue how to access         Kri Sie
Been playing for years Love the game but very often when the trial of style is running I can t play I get a message saying check your internet and try later Well there is nothing wrong with the internet I ve contacted support to no avail They say well you must have an internet issue however the videos run every other game I play runs no issues anywhere except that part of the game so it says to me that it s not my internet it the server again same problem             karen Cruz
Freezes up constantly sometimes for several hours at a time Completely crashes on the rare occasion that the game isn t frozen Conveniently crashes right as i go to take a turn so i lose my turn and VIP on a regular basis or as I m using gold i paid for to get upgrades and of course i lose the gold and don t get the upgrade If it wasn t ripping me off on a regular basis I d give a much higher score because it s a fun game when it decides to actually work correctly 1 or 2 of every 50 tries     Angel Girl
Its alright and fun but almost way too challenging The challenge isnt really the issue but why does every single upgrade cost coins and gold I have 70000 coins and no gold to upgrade anything I think it should be just coins to upgrade or make it easier to get gold You can watch videos for gold but they never load for me Its also really glitchy Ive won things in the challenges and its glitched and i lost my winnings Also the dogs and the costumes They are impossible to actually get             C Hampton
The game is so amazing that it makes you want to play more The only problem you have to pay attention to is the crashing of the app I notice that whenever I play the game with data or WiFi connection it crashes and I have to restart the app Also the speed of the app Example is when I watch and ad for free gold and sometimes it gives me the reward late or not at all or when I ought to speed up the prepping in the Kitchen That s all Thanks                 Jose Raphael Del Rosario
if I wanted to play the new Diner Dash Adventures I would download it and play I dont really need the prompt everytime I try to sign into this game to do so I also agree with the previous ratings about the amount of time it takes to prepare a recipe and then when you have waited 2 days for one the system crashes No problems with any other games I have played so pretty sure it is not my internet or phone that is causing the problem which is what was suggested when I emailed customer care     april stanfield
It is hard to get multiple stars You expect us to pay crazy amounts to upgrade our items when we can t even at least get decent amounts of rewards after each stage As always you continue to just milk your players This could ve been a fun game to invest our time in and actually stick to but it isn t worth it Learn from SUCCESSFUL apps When will you guys ever reply to your players needs It has been such a long time and no change has been implemented and no replies     You Ugly
Downloaded yesterday Actual gameplay is fun but the rest of the game is really complicated and takes a lot of coins and gold bars to use any extra features or advance much My gold bars keep disappearing one or two at a time if I m buying things with them it s accidentally and I m unaware of what I ve bought and reward videos always say your video is loading but won t let me watch so I can t even take advantage of those boosts         Niki Long
This game is very overwhelming in that there are too many things going on From having to complete outfit sets to earning VIP tickets to having to increase your fame etc Then worrying about spinning for prizes and watching ads to earn gold bars so I can do ANYTHING I think the amount of gold required to advance in the game is out of control THIS GAME IS SO SHADY I JUST REALIZED THEY DON T LOAD ADS GIVE YOU AN ERROR FOR FREE GOLD SO THAT YOU HAVE TO BUY GOLD TO ADVANCE         Jihana Stardust
there is a glitch in the game that happens several times in a day where I ll be playing an episode and the whole screen goes black music still plays When it comes back on I am at the home screen where I can see all the restaurants again I lose my progress for that level groceries and VIPs I had prepped for in that episode please fix             Jessicca Blair
This is a very addicting game but I feel like it heavily reliant on in game gold which is hard to obtain unless you pay the coins to gold ratio for upgrades could be a bit more balanced or have options to only pay for upgrades with coins although a higher price             Patrick Grant
I have always really liked this game but lately it has been crashing a lot Usually right when you go to start a new round the app will just close so you lose your groceries Also the trial of style is horrible it has a really hard time loading going into the starting board of each round so it s extremely annoying to have to wait for it to load or exit and enter a million times before it clicks in The same happens when you try to redem your prize it just doesn t load     Kaity Marcotte
The game is addictive but can be extremely challenging at times taking away from the relaxing game play feel Graphics are great Lots of bugs at times I recently had an issue getting 162 gold that I earned but a support member named Lemon helped me get it I have finished venues so I can get to the new ones but they are still not opened and it s been months I m thinking they gave up on the game             Ann Smith
There are too many levels to hav to get 1 3 gold for completing stages task goals or 1 for watchin a ad We should be able to buy gold u0026 foodbags u0026 not feel like it was a waste after 3 plays Hard 4 me 2 spend money bcuz 2 lil bags offered 4 the Its used faster than it takes to buy it I get that it gets harder but many levels means we can play for long times u0026 its too diff to move to other stages without the gold and gifts needed to level up in every aspect more gold offers needed atleast                     Xynziah Adisiaq
I ve been playing for a long time but recently the game won t load Every time I try to open the app it states that my internet connection isn t strong enough My internet connection didn t change It s the same internet I ve always used I will NOT uninstall and reinstall because I ve done that before and lost all my progress I m too invested in this game to lose everything Other than that I very much enjoy this game and would like to continue playing                 Anne Tawney
This game has been having issues for a while but I enjoyed the game so I put up with a few quirks Currently crashing on same exact level causing me to lose progress not to mention items used to get to that point Has happened several times No customer support to speak of Before this free videos not working One will work but to get another you have to exit and restart the game Game slow to start freezes bc pop ups Annoying ad for their other game always works and stops game loading     Rosalind Griffith
Until now it was all good I ve been playing this game for years but I updated to the latest version today and my account and all my progress just disappear I hope they can do something if not I m sure I m not replaying it again all the past levels                 Carla De La Garza
tha game was the best but i need to play the same stage or level again and again to gain money and gold the gold was so hard to get eventhough there have the way to gain the gold but yet it takes time and it was not worth for me because u get a few gold but need to use much gold to upgrade hope you can reduce the cost to upgrade using gold If not i will uninstall this game lol     Syafiq Al-Rashid
I really enjoy this game once I a while when I just need to zone out and play something to pass the time As you progress it gets a little harder and faster each time which makes it more interesting Only thing I don t like at the moment is that it has froze on me a couple times and I had to keep losing down the game and rebooting it to get it to work Other than that I don t really have any complaints                 sarah penner
Tried again and realized why I uninstalled Takes way too long to download locations with strong internet connection And I can t continue because I don t have VIP tickets The new game is way better I just wish it had as many levels as this hack         Lindsay Marie
I ve been playing this game for a stupid amount of time and I really love it Only downside is that its hard to get a lot of gold without buying it and to upgrade each level the items costs a lot of gold They do give the option to watch an ad for gold but it ll take days to have enough to upgrade anything Have to be patient with this game can t binge play really                 Jade Dunkley
Fun game but you have to get 4 stars on all levels in steak show in order to go to the final season for that show however when I go back to make every level 4 stars the season 2 level 8 glitches and kicks me out I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it just won t let me play the level Now I cannot proceed             dsire salas
Constant technical issues and it s getting old Trial of Style is unavailable citing my internet connection but my internet has nothing to do with it I used to participate in free gold comps until that started to become a hassle with completing tasks and having to pull teeth to be compensated for what was earned I can only assume all effort is being focused on the new game and to hell with anything else Uninstalling after 4 years of continuous game play and about 100 of real money invested     Angie DeBoise
In order to progress at all you have to spend actual money for gold because there s no real opportunities to earn any The options to earn it are worthless and don t work 3 4 the time If it was only every now and again that I decided to buy something because I didn t want to wait I wouldn t mind it but you have to use gold for EVERYTHING and its A LOT This is my favorite phone game but because of this it s almost impossible to play without dropping a ridiculous amount of money             Sinister Sharpie
this game is too horrible unlike its old version too much challenges u are forced to purchase first game has so many many series especially when u come to finale series u have to return to level one again after u failed in level 2 VERY TIMED CONSUMING AND IF U PURCHASE ITS THE SAME LIKE CHEATING SO NO MORE THRILL WITH THE GAME I HATE THIS GAME SO DISAPPOINTED     Shaira De Guia
i like this games since the old version But i have an issue I alreay completed played Table all season and replay again to get 4star in order to open the Finale season but when i played Table Steak S2 Ep 8 for 2nd time and so on it automaticly close or exit me the games or apps when i reopen this games i checked my groceries has been deducted 10 please help me the only i ll give u 5star tq     Nia Nini
Spent time and real money on a gold offer status says Rewarded but I never got my gold Make a ticket all they said was they can t help me because the status says it was already rewarded They don t care about customers Never spending money on this game again     Ariel Miller
I enjoyed playing it for a while but as time passes by it s getting hard for me to progress on the next level and what the hell you re only giving 1 gold for watching an ads That s why its hard to earn gold to upgrade to another level even though you finish all the orders you can t even get a perfect score and well like the other latest cooking game of yours its a big disappointment too     Che chel
It was a fun and fast cooking game but it was challenging and when I was trying to do my daily spin it will either freeze or bump me off of the game and now whenever I want to play a level it will load the level then it will still cut me off the game and whenever I come back and try to play I ll be running out of supplies and I didn t get to use them yet for the level please try to fix this problem as much as possible             Erica Hampton
I really enjoy this game however it constantly crashes which is annoying This used to be my fav game Haven t been able to open the app for weeks Terrified to reinstall Years of work might just go down the drain         April Jackson
Entertaining and fast paced but prepping the VIP recipes takes way too long The only way to make progress is having a lot of VIPs or a lot of gold but earning these things is time consuming This makes the game frustrating and overly complicated Two days for a prep recipe is ridiculous             Hannah Valiant
The game does freeze from loading but it s not over bearing in ads and it s not to pay based The levels are easy enough but still a challenge A fun game that brings back memories                     Chiba Moon
COOKING DASH 2016 Casual Dash 2016 Cooking DashCOOKING DASH 2016 Casual Dash 2016 Cooking DashCOOKING DASH 2016 Casual Dash 2016 Cooking DashCOOKING DASH 2016 Casual Dash 2016 Cooking Dash

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