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Description - Doodle: Schedule Maker , brings Doodle: Schedule Maker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Doodle: Schedule Maker apps has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Doodle: Schedule Maker for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Doodle: Schedule Maker app version 3.0 has been updated on 2015-06-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Doodle: Schedule Maker check developer`s website :

Since 2007 Doodle has been bringing people together, faster. With over 15 million users, Doodle is the world s favorite scheduling tool. So, before you meet anyone else, meet DoodleWith the Doodle web scheduler you ...

There are some many ads on the web page where people needs to answer the survey that it becomes completely illegible Too bad because that s seem to be the only app that s was doing what I want     Jean-Baptiste Bailleux
Awesome app Makes organization way easier and is easy to use Although I have one idea I would like it if participants were able to add options to the poll themselves as an optional feature Bad suggestions could then be removed by the creator                     Tobias Niedermayr
It is OK when it works but it is impossible to get response from technical support When something is not working you are on your own even when you are premium customer     Derek Mizak
Best scheduling app for when you to wrangle many people together Should have the option in Table View to click and drag attendees to different placements on the list Would be valuable for grouping                     Lane Shumlich
Everytime im trying to sign in with my email or facebook account it says something went wrong or failed to log in Really pissed off by this Fix this or take my 1 star After fixing this i will change my review     Chowdhury Emad Uddin Dhiman
App and system great for planning meetings with large numbers of participants across different organisations Im jyst finding it difficult to use tge web version as it wants me to pay                     Alice Berry
Great service the app doesn t quite live up to the website due to the smaller form factor but still very good                 Ronan FitzGerald
Very easy to use scheduling service with lots of options                     Dan W
Easy to use and makes picking the best time for meeting up simple                     Jo Bennett
Great app Would be much easier if I could use the Day poll with times though                 Cameron Korb
Amazing app Really great for organising group dates                     Tashanna Sangster
App stops working crash Using Android 10         Advait
Very Great to get scheduling tool for business meetings                     Robin Barkins
Used the free option May need to upgrade to make more detail for poll                 Barbara Sawyer-Koch
Very good app for easy scheduling                     Stefano Pica
Very useful tool and very effective                     ahmed selem
Easy and efficient                     Stavroula-Dorothea Maraki
Simple and effective                     Martin Patz
Simply doesnt work It won t let me access the doodle from a computer I can t see participants votes and most of them can t vote anyway I used it to access an existing doodle I use for work as admin and it changed some settings without any prompts My boss wasn t too happy I will not use this again     martin bouliane
My bridge group uses Doodle to schedule our games It is easy and offers flexible options for responding such as available but not a preferred date my wording You can invite participants who aren t Doodle members And it s free Love it                     Lucy Smallsreed
It s a good tool though it was hard to figure out how to choose a final date once the votes were in Close sounded like it was just going to get rid of the poll altogether                 Jon Weir
Unable to sign in with a Google account that I created a account with on the website which means I have no access to my polls Can t even use it without an account either which is in opposition to the point that you normally don t need an account to vote     Adam -
Cannot log in with my Google account Works on the website Does not work in the app Therefore unusable as is     Yannick Hoffmann
Overall good Took me a bit to find the menu options for sharing etc just didn t seem totally intuitive at first Just keep clicking                 Kristin W
i use this app quite frequently with web users it is harder to get non web folk to use it but they re able to make it work once they ve done it once                 Howard Pearce
Have been organizing Du0026D sessions for more than 3 yeara with this app Easy to use simple smart design                     andrew stefansson
great tool for work meetings and i use it for managing tee times fir my group on weekends                     Mark Scott
Login is mandatory I will just continuing using the browser instead Great way to make an app unusable     Joao Flavio Carneiro
Absolutely love this Great for quick uncomplicated polls Per example I used this to extremely easily find a date for a Fantasy Football draft between 12 people Everyone voted on every date that could work and botta boom we were set I also used this to organize a family reunion of sorts I gave a list of potential dates as options people voted and the day with the most people available was scheduled It s easy to share polls txt email link app and more and is easy to read understand and manage Highly recommend                     Nicholas Meyer
Good tool Very lean and yet providing all the funcionalities you need                     Philippe Delley
There are too many ads while pulling out the poll on the browser very annoy to complete the poll     Sandy Chan
I use this app all the time for club business and it makes voting on things like outings and shirt designs easy I do wish there was an option for alternative voting where people can choose their 2nd favorite option 3rd favorite option etc The typical First past the post style vote works for some things but leaves a lot of people unhappy in some cases There s a great CGP Grey video about it It would be seemingly easy to impliment and I d happily go premium if it was so as I cast votes fairly often Thanks for the nifty app otherwise                 Steven Williams
a good app for gathering the most available date among people who sit geographically away on different systems                     Jai Raj
Amazing app I use it regularly to organize birthdays events with my family There are multiple shift workers in my family so this makes scheduling so simple now                     Elyse Locksley
works great to track participation for group events Easy to use by all No installation of app by participants Nice little app                 Kat1
Easy to use user can use on web without installing the app Helped me a lot in organizing activities with different groups                     Gladys Wong
Online app works great but the Android App doesn t let me log in with my Google account     Sian Goldofsky
Doodle: Schedule Maker Productivity Online SchedulingDoodle: Schedule Maker Productivity Online SchedulingDoodle: Schedule Maker Productivity Online SchedulingDoodle: Schedule Maker Productivity Online Scheduling

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