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Eryod Soft , the publisher behind many Android apps (Hearts ,Rummy - Free ,Rummy), brings Rummy - Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Rummy - Free apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Rummy - Free is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Rummy - Free app version has been updated on 2015-06-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
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Play the famous Rummy card game on your Android Smartphone or Tablet Play rummy with 2, 3, or 4 players against simulated opponents playing with high-level artificial intelligence. There are a number of rules that ...

Excellent app Few ads when you finish your game but it s the best available on the play store I had it on my iphone which allowed you to play mutliplayer Why not on the android version I don t get it and it s pretty annoying Anyway it s the best rummy app                 Guillaume Concas
Worst game I ve ever played every time when I m about to win the computer keeps getting gin before I could it s ridiculous this has to be nearly 20 games so far I ve downloaded and lost for more than 20 times really wished the computer s didn t cheat so much otherwise I was gonna give atleast 4 star ratings but this game like every other games I played cheat I wouldn t mind if I lost one or two times but to lose more than 20 times seems suspicious     Rajendra Singh
Nice graphics very customizable Only problem on expert mode the hands are manipulated Ive had computer go full rummy on 1st round before I ever even get to draw a card             Patrick O'Connor
it is very bad that the computer wins always cos it can read the card what i have it is exactly cheating just before i could finish the card the computer finishes by gin it is not one time but many time happens the same very bad     Jorlit George Jaisalmer
looks perfect especially with the customisation settings i was at last after trying a lot other apps to play the exact variation we have in my country yet i would like to know 1 if the differnt difficulty levels only change the opponents playing skills or also only mess up with how good or bad my cards get to be 2 is there a payed no ads version 3 is there an online real opponents option in the future plans                     Nikos Kovatzis
I play this game everyday I do wish there was a way to be able to pick from the discard pile for a card that is under the last discarded card                     Harley Wood
Great looking game great design and easy on the eyes would love to see a simple local multiplayer option                 Miha Umek
Nice and simple game with good graphics as an old player of real cards I d suggest this game to real card players although some rules are different and counting points is somehow like UNO but in general I like it                 Elie Hazeem
my first game on an android phone Enjoy playing I like the ability slider I started at beginners to get used to the rules and then moved up easily The graphics are clear             Nicola Elsahhar
Over all a great game the app runs good and some of the in game rules can be changed which is great there are some ads between game play but nothing extreme                     Brett Hamilton
nice easy controls uncomplicated smooth game simple easy enjoyable                 Stey Pie
In each time nice shuffling Easy to play playing with computer is fun rather than playing with friends                     sindhuja muthukumar
its a great game but the computer makes a lot of obvious mistakes when playing it I win more that way but they are little mistskes that you would think the computer would catch                 Sierra Bartley
I enjoy the game but I dislike that I can t take more multiple cards from the discard pile if I can meld the one that was discarded like 3 give or take cards back                 Kiersten Patton
The most annoying potentially brilliant rummy game Three bugs drove me to ABANDON this game permanently 1 You cannot always place a card at the beginning of a run for example to place a joker or another card in front of the card you want to place 2 You cannot replace a joker found in a set of three it will ONLY add the card to the set letting an opponent pinch the joker 3 It s extremely hard to drop a new card onto your list of cards it bounces up to the sets     Michael Barber
Very good game graphics a clear and a great way to pass a quiet hour                     Peter Grant
Best mobile ge i had ever played playing since 2017 Perfect time killer to me thanks a lot to the developers                     Mohit Thakur
it s a good game but I find it highly bulls t the level difference between intermediate and advanced It states all cards are dealt randomly and it doesn t favour anybody yet in intermediate I literally have favourable cards and 95 of the time I can go gin yet advanced 99 of the time i have multiple cards that are of the same value and suit and can hardly win a round they get their hands out pretty quickly too             A Google user
Great game a lot of customisation but would like it to tell me how the points are calculated                 modern Jesus
I play rummy irl and I am a legit semipro With that being said I find every difficulty a joke Every difficulty below expert is easy And expert is unrealistic The computer will deal you doubles in a crazy unrealistic amount There are over 50 cards in the deck first round i should not have 3 doubles in my hand and then pull doubles as well it s statistically unlikely Most games on expert you will find your opening hand with 2 to 3 doubl or half if not more of your first draws r doubles     A Google user
fun but has it s frustrations great that you can change the rules to play the game how you play it placing cards on table can be annoying at time and when the game wants you to lose if sure does make you lose 6 gins in a row after 3 turns worth a try if you like playing different Rummy games but will get bored and frustrated with it after a week or 2         Chris Mcd
Best part about this app is that you can customize the rules so that you can play different variations of rummy                     Robert WALLACE
Love this game however lately it keeps freezing up and won t let me send a report Please fix these bugs             Sharon Wolkiewicz
No ads on screen and hardly any at all                     Punky 22
The best out there with the customizable features I ve been looking for to play our country s version The only draw back is not being able to play with against friends online which is the whole point of the game Would love it if it did But thank you nonetheless for the effort                 Nouamane Samir
Overall the best rummy game I have found Obviously not the same as playing in real life but much better than all the other ones I have tried Only issue is I have a hard time putting it down once I pick it up                     Britt R
Simply addictive Love it but maybe include music                     Giselle Galea
my only complaint is that the cards are so small but small or not it s a lot of fun and helps pass the time away                     candy D
Great way to waste time and think strategy with cards I love the app                     Mason Haynes
Grat game Working perfectly A must have                     Clem pank
would have given 5 star you can t see opponents how many cards left in hand             Suresh Sivaram
as I am the Undisputed King of the double Stars I once again down an app that deserves less but I ll give it to you for the heck of it this is not rummy this only allows you to pick up your cards and play like you were playing gin rummy not 500 Rummy it does not let you pick some anywhere but the top card ever not a good games does not follow the rules am uninstalling         bald klown
I like this game but even if you win most of time will show that other side is winning Not fer Screen freezes for no reason a lots of times I hope they fix it or I will uninstall         Danka Rankovich
I love this game but dont play as much as I used too cause of the darn 30 second ads in between every other round It s frustrating at best                 Lori McLain
Had a month of great play then it started to refuse to meld anything Uninstalled I ll find another         Tammy Workman
Was a fun game except for the AI kept playing gin rummy instead of rummy 500             Stephen DuBose
works fine on stylo 2 but wont load at all on stylo 4             Shannon Coons
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