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Djinnworks GmbH , the publisher behind many Android apps (Stickman Downhill Monstertruck ,Stickman Tennis 2015 ,Stickman Football ,Stickman Roof Runner ,Stickman Ice Hockey), brings Stickman Football with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Stickman Football apps has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Stickman Football for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Stickman Football app version 1.0 has been updated on 2015-06-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
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American Football, designed in a way you never played it before. Be part of the action, be the Quaterback, control your player directly. Tired of just choosing moves from the playbook? Meet Stickman Football, play ...

It s a good and fun game but sometimes there are weird glitches But it s still very addictive Also for example one glitch was that a defender was right by my quarterback one bad thing is that when I tackle the other team s kicker nothing happens but when the other team tackles my kicker I always get tackled And when I lose the ball I get the ball again             Bob Bob
In the middle of the game it crashes passing controls are bad you always have to move the stick and you get sacked when you pick yards on a run it says you lost yard if you try to run up the middle you always get stuffed and if you try to run to the side the other team always out runs you if it had 0 stars I would rate it that TOO MANY ADS     Sam Bafous
When you score a TD you have to be in the middle of it like I got down right in the TD but it put me back to the one but good job I love this game but fix the bug                 Easton Mahnks
I Hate this game it is my least favorite game from freezing to instant toughness glitch it DOSEN T MAKE ANY sense     Margaret Harrelson
It s so fun and actually it s so easy I always make a touch down                 precious Alexander
Please update the controls are so bad and the other team is basically one giant troll     Sausage Biscuit
flipping love this game it s one of the best games I play almost all the time so that s why I flipping love it                     Sara Randall
Playing a long season a Green Bay player was allowed to line up for the snap right next to my quarterback for some odd reason offsides I think not when I snapped it guess what The Green Bay player intercepted the snap and a 90 yard pic 6 was the result                 Richard Postma
I like this game because we get to pass the ball two other people and break some legs and ankles and it s really fun so you should come and download it is like the best stickman game I really like it it s so cool that you could pick whatever type of move you want it has a whole bunch of moves but the 1 I like is Longshot because we get to throw the ball far and when people catch it they can make a touchdown and you get so many points you could go and get as many points it s cool super cool sick                     Damian Rodriguez
it has great hit stick moves and has great passing skills and makes interceptions look easy you could even go to the playoffs this game is great you should try it                     Antoine Youte
worst game ever seen look at the photos good right well your moving stick has to move for you to shoot the other players are faster than you if you say hike and you player is never empty there is someone always on him because it s auto bot and for your team you have to check on every player to be on their side and then when you use that especial move never works never but for the auto bot it does like it always works for the bots not us     Insanity Peeble
i believe the way the game is is amazing but the way the defensive players move gotta stop                 Tropical Chico
great game it is so good when you run down field and intercept your team most know a lot about football I give 5 stars your game is so awesome I need to play for 24 hours each day for some reason it is just such a good game cant stop talking about it                     William Harper
Very fun its gets to make you compete in a fair way                     Jay N
just love how the players in this game run n tackle                     lynza Ivery
djin works all of your game is very great greater than the other stick games hope you will add a stick man hockey games i hope you will read this             Itz me CASA
just needs color rush jerseys and its too easy even on the hardest difficulty                     Elijah Samuel
is a good game but when someone tackle you and your in the touchdown u get the touch but it does t work so pls fix that and if you catch the ball and you in tb someone tackle does t work                 3 Strands Hair
I hate it I put the timer on 4 minutes it was 15 00 also I played it before I used to get touchdowns easy now they just hard hard hard reported     Jordin Cromartie
dont pit 1 000 ad s in the game for next update and not liting the other players tasel with your player when you are going to get to player with the ball                 Blanche Mingo
I like football and stickman games now they are together I think they can do better though but it is still a good game                     Ricky Dillard
this game is so good in so addicted to it I recommend it                     XD gamer
Terrible Passing controls They need to be easier pass the ball     Benjamin Chalker
Its a giid game they just need to fix when the defense catch up too fast             RockHardKiller
It s a fun game and all but it s a little difficult Still it s a pretty good game                 Tiffany Lievens
This is fun and to easy                     Caleb Arrey
It is ok game but I hate the ads             Sandra Martin
it is trash it when I throw the ball it doesn t go that far and it keeps on freezing     king snakr
Best football app but why does it never work on my ZTE Tempo X when I have cellular data or internet And here s a tip while playing don t have any connection to internet or cellular service to play without advertisements                     Mark Sanoy
the game is very bad passing and runing are bad     Kylie Solis
Make it customizable I want to change the names of the teams Make it possible to give players names like Stickman Soccer 2018 Also can you add actual plays and penalties plus timeouts Please fix the tackling Other than that amazing game                     Charlie Erb
i love it it s good for kids to but they will get mad i hope you like it                     Maghanne Dalton
love it its super fun the only thing i ask is that please add a feature so theres a chance to fumble                     Lenz TRENDS
Very good game its very addictive I dont thing anything is wrong with this game keep up the good work this definetly deserves 5 stars                     Clarissa Lopez
Glitchy After making a big play or just moving the ball down the field the opponents makes their way up to the line to set up for another play however sometimes they set up offesides as if they re part of my team This has happened on more than one occassion and cost me a couple game wins as they sack me right away or even worse they intercept the ball when I hike it and return it for a TD Other than that the game is fun and challenging if you want it to be modify the settings             Josiah Stearns
This game was awesome The few only things I didn t like about this game is the auto switch I would be right at the pass point then it would switch me to the defensive end It was also kind of laggy at some points but that s just because my device needed an update Overall great game You could make it a little harder                     alyssa webster
I liked this game because oh how easy it was but also didnt like it for that they need to make a little more competition so if your looking for a fun game with competition this isn t the game for you and they have terrible graphics     Ayden Castro
pretty disappointed in this one only play options are run short pass and long pass no defensive plays or formation options passing is extremely difficult as the directional stick controls where the qb will pass the ball     Kurt Broughton
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