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ModelMaker Tools , the publisher behind many Android apps (SimpleMind Free mind mapping ,SimpleMind mind mapping), brings SimpleMind mind mapping with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SimpleMind mind mapping apps has been update to version 1.8.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and “ Edit Text ” buttons..
  • Could support drive and have an online version..
  • Great for developing ideas and creating the foundation for future projects..
  • Also excellent dropbox support..
  • Fantastic Organizational Tool..

Overall Satisfactionc90
still the best mind mapping app i have seen /anywhere/.
SimpleMind is one of the best mind mapping programs I've ever used.
imho this is the best one available for that matter.
This app is an amazing value.
I use this app for studying a lot and find it incredibly useful.
I use it for everything from organizing meeting minutes.
Very usable and helpful for study.
Everything I need and more.
All essential features plus excellent sync.
Very useful software.
Essential to my work.
Production Valuesc76
and a user friendly interface.
The interface with dropbox is tricky to share with the desktop version.
Ease of Usec93
With Simple Mind the child nodes can bud out of anywhere.
I use it to learn new and unfamiliar technical subjects.
Easy to use and very helpful in keeping data for memory.
So simple and powerful.
is intuitive and powerful.
Very easy to get started and get brainstorming.
Zooming and editing is fast and intuitive.
Updates & Supportc88
I discovered the Android version.
Both the free version and the paid for version R gr8.
Update Makes This App EXCELLENT.

easy export options and well its all pretty simple but effective. found in 5 reviews
Great mind mapping app with intuitive and flexible interface. found in 268 reviews
With Simple Mind the child nodes can bud out of anywhere. found in 4 reviews
It is such a great way to organize ideas and to develop concepts. found in 16 reviews
Simply simplifies my life. found in 2 reviews
We all use different apps to plan our tasks or projects. found in 8 reviews
Brilliant for complex mind maps. found in 3 reviews
Best app of the year. found in 1 reviews
I have been evaluating a variety of mind mapping programs for sometime. found in 9 reviews
absolutely love its practical user friendly features. found in 17 reviews
Makes mind mappings simple and fluid. found in 2 reviews
Extremely useful - fast and intuitive enough to use for taking notes in meetings. found in 10 reviews
Finally bought it after months I'm falling in love with this APPS. found in 1 reviews
Excellent way to organize thoughts. found in 6 reviews
Clean and simple UI. found in 1 reviews
Excellent tool for planning and getting sequential ideas down. found in 3 reviews
This alone keeps is from being my main mind mapping tool. found in 266 reviews
this app really helps with capturing ideas quickly and neatly. found in 3 reviews
This is probably the best mind mapping application for android. found in 7 reviews
Short learning curve and plenty of help files. found in 4 reviews
Could you please add a feature to insert pictures. found in 2 reviews
Would love some ambitious sharing and storing features e. found in 1 reviews
Please publish it to Amazon app store. found in 1 reviews
I'm a student and i cant afford the desktop app. found in 3 reviews
Unknown error 110 at installation. found in 1 reviews
Needs better Arabic support. found in 1 reviews
But still cannot beat ThinkingSpace. found in 2 reviews
Needs free form sketch tool. found in 1 reviews
Great ap but confusing addition and use of cloud storage. found in 8 reviews
But otherwise fantastic job. found in 2 reviews
The only thing missing in my opinion is the option to draw. found in 4 reviews
however it doesn't work fully. found in 1 reviews
Wants total Dropbox access. found in 1 reviews
Very good but one thing missing. found in 1 reviews
Great but would be excellent with stylus support /s pen. found in 1 reviews
but license check a pain. found in 3 reviews
But it needs a material design update. found in 1 reviews
Needs better back button behavior. found in 1 reviews
Feature packed but interface feels clunky. found in 1 reviews
Android's best app but still lacks ONE function. found in 1 reviews
Useless with bad connection. found in 1 reviews
issue may be with play store but that doesn't help me. found in 2 reviews
Needs Internet connection. found in 2 reviews
Upgrade issue. found in 1 reviews
There is no save as or email as pdf on this app. found in 2 reviews
WORST APP ON THE PLANET. found in 1 reviews
Not able to print out Map. found in 1 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download SimpleMind mind mapping for 4,75 € from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SimpleMind mind mapping app version 1.8.1 has been updated on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring on your Android device.SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that turns your android phone or tablet into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.MORE SimpleMind:o SimpleMind desktop is ...

Very well designed mind map UX File management UX is a bit confusing but I did find a way to do what i wanted which was storing a mind map in a folder synchronized to all my devices with Syncthing To do this I had to add an external directory as a cloud which is very counterintuitive Then only once add I was able to edit the external folder and tell it which directory it pointed to I love that the mind map can easily be switched to a black theme and automatic layouts                     Andy Christianson
Perhaps one of the smoothest apps I have ever encountered Simple is the right name for a powerful tool that has helped me organize everything I do From outlining a book to creating lists of everything on my harddrives I even used it for setting up field trips and itineraries A few things I would like to see is if you paid for the pro version you should get a nice discount on the PC version Also I would like a feature to link to my documents and pictures This is the best mapping tool ever                     Miguel Caudra
Good stuff I find this very useful for designing or planning projects My only wish would be that I could set some branches with one layout and other branches with another                 Joseph Krejcar
a little clumsy to begin with but a very usefull tool once I became familiar with it Could be a little more intuitive as time has passed use it more and more Great way to drll into issues                 Anders Mykkeltvedt
Came across this while looking for a replacement for mindjet mind manager mobile This definitely does the job and is a much better mind mapping program than I anticipated                 Dave S
This us a great tool that allows me to organize and archive my thoughts and ideas into a useful format                     FrankandMelinda Mills
Great app Simple to use and stays close to the principles of Mindmapping                     Andrew Marlborough
Brilliant app I also use the windows version Great for preparing for presentations                     Haaruun Nuura
It s good but since I can t use it offline license check I can t use it all the times I want to         Isaac Gifford
Best mind mapping app for Mac and mobile hands down                     Travis Tanner
Very Good Area for Improvement u003d add mathematic symbols                 Ethelred Adolf Naintin
This is by far been the best way to Mind Map It is worth paying for                     ryan burchell
Very easy very useful I used more than 2 months works stable Synchronization with dropbox is stable nothing lost by this time The only 1 star is that on automatic style you cannot move topics also in case there are many entries some topics move to other side of main topic This makes me a bit difused as I remember topics by its place and color So it takes some time and extea effort to rememorize the new color and place in general great app                 Ihlas Kairgeldy
I have tried many mind mapping apps This one is less intuitive but if you are willing to put in the effort to learn it it is extremely robust in its features that allow you to fully customize mind maps to your liking Well supported and maintained This is by far the best                     Sarah N
great for visualizong ideas especially where causality is relevant with the pro you can link more than one idea as a predecessor which ia great two additional features that would be awesome is if an item is pushed out by all its predecessors instead of just one and the ability to have a successor fall outside the bubble for branch grouping it would also be helpful to be avle to add grouping fields to the overall branch progression like Age categories for Tech in the Civilization games                     Luzerspoon F
Excellent Mindmapping Tool I needed a good mindmapping tool so returned to using this after a while of not having it installed It was like meeting an old friend who s improved with age It simple intuitive and easy to use I like the newer sharing and synching options and the general improvements also that it hasn t become bloated I ve other mind map tools but after reinstalling and trying a few just in case I remembered why this one had stuck in my mind it s great to use                     Iain Dewar
I believe the best mind mapping notetaking software has already been created unfortunately it s a ppt alt on the web w a terrible mobile app Nobody has made the connection to scaling up u0026 down using essentially a mind map design on an open white board w depth except Prezi Either they have some of the finest devs or finest patent lawyers cause there are lots of apps that get close but never make that final leap Paterva does but web based SM Pro looked like it might be the one nope             J. Mac Jordan
Sir why the embedded image turn to ugly quality         hasbullah zakaria
I miss free shape branches text along them Buzan style mind maps and rotation of the inserted pictures which are not supported by SimpleMind but all the rest styles layouts multiple central topics the rectangle selection tool cloud synchronisation attachments of different types are implemented at very high level                     Alexey Tikhonov
Well SimpleMind is a new acquisition so there s a learning curve For me creating mindmaps is a great way to store process and understand information I find SimpleMind easy to get along with and I am enjoying my first fumbling exploration of its abilities                     Glenn Williams
I have used mind maps for almost 35 years They make my life better This app lets me create edit utilize them without having to think much It s fluid u0026 intuitive I haven t used the hyperlink feature enough so that s my next goal Big thanks to the developers                     Mark A
SimpleMind is the single most important application I use The ease of use in creating mind maps on any device is incredible It allows me to simultaneously plan multiple complex tasks and view them all on a single page Outstanding Six stars                     Robert Snyder
This app clearly captures and implants the concept of Mind Mapping I find it easy to use and intuitive I love the fact that I can store my data on Google drive allowing me to edit the maps on any of my Android devices                     Mike Cap
Its quite userful app lets you organize ideas and concepts however I found it problematic if you want to keep track timewise After creating many maps I realised I needed to know when I created particular maps unfortunately the maps don t seem to create a date stamp when they are created Therefore you don t know when they were created unless you manually add date in the map Guess it won t be problem for most users but was for me                 MrNazar1000
Excellent UI for diagramming from mobile devices and the cross platform support is really good A nice touch work syncs over your own cloud storage e g Google Drive so your data never leaves your control                     Chris Tessmer
I love this app It was slightly complicated to learn to use but once I had it down I started using it for everything I organize writing projects life goals holidays and things to do with my emotional health journey l adore the fact that nothing is set in stone and I can rearrange or change something whenever I like                     Joilene Rasmussen
This app has changed the way I study and learn Its very dynamic and the customer service for trouble shooting is very helpful and responsive                     Lisa Hung
Finally a brainstorming app that can keep up with my ideas I ve tried many apps that have been awkward slow and in some cases just didn t work This app is fast powerful and easy to use I have it installed on my pc my tablet and my phone My mind maps are stored on my Google drive so I can edit them wherever i am I can t live without this app                     Roger Meloche
This is one of my most used Apps including social media Its one of the best tools you can have to piece convoluted school curriculum together and grasp at an elevated level                     stephen davies
Requires a bit of time to learn how to maximise the power of this app but it is well worth the effort Simple Mind has a flexible and intuitive aspect that I have not experienced with the many other systems out there                     Phillip Powell
I ve been using Simple Mind frequently for years to outline writing professional and home projects Easiest to use to mind map your ideas With some changes to the default options numbering top down style crosslink rollup completion and checkboxes it s a good basic project manager though I still haven t figured out how to do a critical path Changing the defaults can be a bit quirky since some of the menus and icons are counterintuitive                     Jay Weiser
Very useful tool to make note whenever I need Easy to use One suggestion is that if it can allow pictures to be inserted that ll be very good                     Mei Fung WONG
Love this app It s really easy to use with loads of useful features But I do use a lot of visual tools and I would like if could use the same app to draw flow diagrams the basic ones and basic pert chart Just because those tools help you organize your thoughs visually For now I have to install three different apps But this app is still awesome                     Coaching con Ro
Very functional works on any platform and will exchange files with both Outliner and Bonsai sync please Best mind mapping software so far                     Landis Arnold
I had tried many mapping solutions but to achieve good hypothesis to a refined research i am happy by using this program It just ease things to a solution level by a cloud support too                     Zubair Arshad
It s one of the best mind mapping tools out there especially on Android devices The program obviously has a lot of room for improvement especially in the file syncs in cloud storages but it is worth every penny Truly a product worth the bang for the buck                     Hong Ik Choi
Maybe it would be better when after clicking the Home button on mobile phone the menu opens which can be also called up by the hamburger menu and only by double clicking on the Home button you can exit from the application                 Denys Joy
Been using mind mapping for 40 years after learning from Tony Buzan course Very very useful tool to organize many things                 Wonderfulthanks
THE best Android mind mapping tool I have ever used                
The best mind mapping app in the store continues to get better and better                 Amazing mind mapping
Will help organize your various ideas projects etc is a creative breakthrough for multitasking as well as idea generating and brainstorming                 Outstanding app
I really like using simple mind It really is simple to use and yet powerful Because it has a free version it makes it a useful tool for the classroom The paid version adds great functionality and is well worth the cost I highly recommend this application for anyone who wants to see the connections or make connections within their thought processes                 Great mind making tool
Very user friendly makes my life easier keep up the good work              Gr8 App
Keeps my notes in flowchart form                 Awesome
And this app makes it simple                 Love mind mapping
Bought the paid one straight away after seeing the free one Brilliant software very intuitive to use and great support for export and sharing Good customisability and very neatly presented Very happy using it all the time                 Cant find anything wrong with it
Ive been a fan of mindmapping for 30 years and I shall make sure my grandchildren learn to use this software Its so much cheaper than Mindjet mindmapping or ThinkBuzans Imindmap but it is still versatile enough to be useful                 Versatile
Helps me a lot with my studies                 Great app
Ich liebe Mind Mapping Ich kenne viele MindMap Programme dies ist nach meiner Meinung eines der Besten              Gutes Programm
Love it                
A useful tool for thinking and recording                 Amazing
Out of all of the mind map apps I like this one the most So much so I bought the windows desktop version as well                 Great mind map app
I have tried many others S simplemind is truly the best Simple powerful and addictive Keep up the good work                 Raj
I love this app for its ease of use and handy way of capturing information                
Best with its Simplicity                 Simple and excellent
Does a decent job Not as packed with features like mindjet but is more user friendly Good for beginners in mindmapping              Very good mind mapping app
Really good I paid u00a3352 to upgrade then easier to export maps to colleagues great for creative project planning would recommend                 Mind Map
Just add Google drive option                 Awesome
A genuinely useful productivity tool that combines ease of use with a lot of features and customisation options If youre not sure then try the free version first then check the help website to see all the features of the full version                 Excellent Mind Mapper
Ive tried but I cannot find a mind mapping tool as easy intuitive beautiful and fun to use as SimpleMind They keep adding amazing feature after amazing feature and their customer service is top notch Mind mapping with SimpleMind has changed my life I wouldnt know what to do without it please never stop SimpleMind Ive been using it a few years now and it never ceases to make my thinking more rich clear and profound on any topic                 I LOVE this app
So many good things ruined by seemingly awful ui decisions Adding a link is painful why the default URL and no X button to wipe it with one press or even preselected Why doesnt it remember where to save in Dropbox Why no auto save to cloud Might seem like nit picking but really mars the experience           Usability ruins otherwise great app
Helping me through my Masters program Im new to mind mapping but this program helps me to map out my assignments and main points easily It is a pleasure to use I love that the files created can live in Dropbox so theyre always backed up                 Helping me through my Masters program
Very easy to use Indispensable I bought it when I was an undergrad Now I use it for my business Love the new features                 Great
Leve e funcional Exorta para diversos formatos Design leve e atraente                 Muito bom
Easily the best mind map app for Android I have tried If your mind works well with mind maps this app is well worth a look Windows version also good but much more expensive                 Useful beautiful
Are Apple users the only ones who need the image rotate option No we android users need them too           Image Rotate
This is the best mindmapping app that Ive found Its very intuitive and easy to use                 Great Mindmap App
Author                 Writer
I love this app very easy to use lite and colorful my all devices linked to together Its worth to buy I highly recommend However if they put one more cloud Onedrive and to make new and edit through Onedrive it will be awesome Thanks                 OneDrive
Thanks for platform ubiquity Nice job More than that I keep using this year after year                 Excellent mind mapping
A rare combination of user friendliness and sophisticated capabilities Extends mind mapping beyond usual limits An elegant conception compared to many klunky application designs                 Exceptional Application
Finally a mind mapping app that I feel comfortable using Ive tried more than a few but this is the first one that allowed me to plan an essay instantly without thinking hard about the software It musts suits the way I need to think IT also so easy that my 10 year son finally plans his reports now                 Finally
Was easy to learn Has some capabilities that seem superfluous and some I have yet to take advantage of             
Very handful app to mind map your thoughts              Nice and easy
Great tool for dumping ideas                
Looked at many different mind mapping tools This one is super simple to get started with a really elegant UI But theres a lot more under the hood as you get better at it Link photos documents websites and more Desktop version allows you to sync with Dropbox All very slick                 Cool

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