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Description - , the publisher behind many Android apps (Dude Perfect 2 ,Beast Quest ,Bike Rivals ,Soccer Stars ,Jelly Mania ,Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush), brings with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. apps has been update to version 1.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new app version 1.0.4 has been updated on 2015-07-7. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
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Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them allControl your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger But watch out: players bigger than you ...

The ads can be annoying and sometimes dangerous but patience will give you a nice portable access to agar io If you like the browser game this is good to have Works better for larger devices due to the touch controls your hand ends up covering a lot of the screen if you use a small phone                 Team Aces
I find this game pretty annoying now cause it includes ads I didn t know about this as I took a break from this game but I come back to fustrating ads and one of them doesn t even work and it forces you to go out and then back into the game because you can t go back on it That s really annoying if you ve just like 10k mass or are teaming with someone who needs help but you can t get to them cause of the ad This also sends you off of your previous world and that annoys you a lot Fix pls         Toby Apedaile
it is very scratchy your cell even after the update and it takes like 2 seconds to respond and I die a lot for that and it s like almost impossible if the wait so long to get coins please make a way to get coins instead of buying and I was in the middle of a game and a middle it just crashed the app and I was huge and if you don t drive like such a good Wi Fi plan then you re doomed and forgot to mention they are real cheaters do not recommend download     Shimmy Sperber
Runs alot smoother but really with how much you die in this game don t shove ads down our throats every time seriously ads are way to relevant now then we have to pay 8 a week to remove them wth you already get paid for the ads quit being greedy it s ruining the game     Matthew Gordon
I was just trying to make it to the end but I didn t know what to do about this game but I just don t think it s going well enough but we don t have any other players whos in the game or the game is stopped by a lot of people who don t like this game i don t like this game ho now I just can t believe it all of them have been in this game for years but now it s time for our first game to get eating healthy people who have no problem getting into a lot more trouble than we do now though it s not             Aidan Alameda
I would suggest to zoom out the game a lot as to see the environment well and to know who s in the surrounding With the current view i cannot see much who is around Apart from this all good                 Barun rad
This game is fun and it s always a challenge the graphics are nice to Sometimes I play this when I m bored and it s always a good Time passing game You cannot chat with others in the game and I am happy because nobody can get bullied and stuff 5 5                     Stephanie Downey
BUGS and LAGS Game is filled with this i join a party and then when i open game after an hour i am not in that lobby and if i enter code to get in it says invalid code sometimes if i reopen game 2nd Time i am in that party but thishappen once only i created my own party and there were about 10 players in it and after some time i opened the game i am not in any party this has happend with me many times please fix this bug as it is very annoying     Aditya Sharma
Game play is sooooo fun but there is no music which is a bummer so you have to play your own in the background Also there is ALOT of hackers who make it unfair and LAG IS REAL Also no one plays the other two game modes much so you can only play classic             mermaid 28
its the best game you can find in the world it maybe very frustating at the beginning but as your lvl gets higher it gets easier but it s the best game i have ever played and it is the best game lots of other people have ever played but they could do without adding trading                     A Google user
Such a good game so addictive and fun I reccomend this game to people who are trying to find a game om android or anything But theres one problem and the game is very laggy and when I spawn I die at spawn because how big people and we need a bigger map                 Damian Ibarra
Great game but 10 99 per week for VIP To even ask that for this game completely turned me off of spending money in game I gave 2 stars because it IS a great game but price of it completely overshadowed the game         Jeremy Nigmea
This app is fine but plz let there be a new update for the people s blobs they too big wen they get to those sizes they just go afk or just keeps going with out leaving other people alone they must win the match and leave so others have a turn to grow as well                 Escuban Du Tiot
It s a very fun game it may just look like dots but it s not it s a challenging and not so challenging game that s free easy to play and very fun like I said last time just have to mention it because it is                     hey its Jessica and Jacob
Its a fun game but when I try to make a skin it does nit let me play the game and it says the skin is being prossed and i waited like 10 mins and it still didnt work                 Ezekiel Efigenio
If you are in the top 5 list then you will enjoy playing Otherwise if you are not in top 5 no enjoyment will be there There is a lots of lag in the game sometimes but in short it is good game                     Snehal Darji
So I really love this game but make the map bigger bc when you are normaly play with a teammate then soon out of no were 3 freaking gaint come and destroy you instantly cornered no werw to escape bc they all freaking block and escaping routes                     Frenzy Demon
Honestly game sucks was finishing a challenge and it disconnects me Lots of lag which sucks game freezes to many people in one server should only be 40 but 70 is way to much     Almighty Vapor
Wayyyy too many ads You get an ad pretty much every other game And you lose quickly in agar io     Le chicken 10der
The game is good but one problem for some reason I can not stay alive for 10 seconds it is getting annoying             Wyatt Ryon
Fix the controls and make the game where they are beginners and pro servers and stop making us buy mass boosters to be big I cant get 1st in classic but in rush I did by luck             julius sanchez
Its a fun game and I love it but as all games there are problems 1 lag The lag is because of too many people in each server and lots of people can barely move I would say no more than 35 40 people in a server 2 Potion reward glitches once i had a rare potion and I was about to open it when my connection went out I opemee the game and lost my potion This has happened with rewards too 3 game modes I think the creators should ad a game mode where you can play with bots Thank you                 Respirator Agario
This is game is fun its also simple to play you just move the joystick so you can move but sometime when i respawn i instantly died without moving that happends for sometimes i play the game but i enjoy how this created I mean this game is not laggy it lag when you have to many games or your old phone Since i started playing this game i just got shocked about how the game is not laggy My reaction when i first download this Omg Wow its not laggy Great Game Thats my happy reaction Enjoy                     Happy the Pomeranian
I have 2 complaints the first one is ads Ads basically appear after each and every single game I play The second one is teaming there are too many teamers ruining the game After I join the game the teamers basically eat me up in seconds before I even get a chance to move Please fix both of these Thanks                 samuel ryan
It is a good game but some times it can get our if hand like a lag but on the other hand it is a really good game                 Jayden Kiri
If you have a lot of points you have automatically won Its hard for the ones who just entered the game to get in the leaderboard The big guys just split themselves and kill ya They don t care if you re tiny or big they kill you They re so f ing greedy When i spawned i immediately died Again Again AGAIN I can be DJ f ing Khaled for all I care Another one Another one     Jordy Neijhorst
Tick is too low Like visibly low Better on desktop I have an s9 and on 200mbps wifi it plays like trashola     Waylork Skudz
Agar io is a fun experience for people of all ages You can play with friends family and strangers while trying to dominate the servers and there are different modes that you can play just to shake things up The only downer is that the game glitches if you dont have good wifi or if there are too many people on a server but it is still good even then                     Joseph LOcke
It sucks it used to be way better like 1000 better than it is now Creater where is your head Almost every time i load in i die by somuene     Paula Bunch
The game is fun but it would be better if it lagged less for lower end devices other than that its a great game                     Venom ntp
Totally best game ever but the ads are annoying please remove them And and also add more skins Great game                     Midnight Gaming62
There is no way to join party mode Please help It say there was a problem joining that party when i try to enter the code send by friend     ong lifong
Very addictive Once they get you hooked they soak you with long ads             bruce barnett
This game is kak Fix it the lag in the begin of the game I would rate higher if the lag was not there     Henk Booyens
This game is RIFE with teamers Every game mode is challenging for solo players especially FFA and Party No matter how big you are teamers will almost always win in the end unless you get extraordinarily lucky which is rare They completely dominate servers and new solo players have pretty much zero hope of defending themselves The anti teaming system is poor and easy to bypass If players split into 16 pieces they can consume viruses if each piece is bigger Completely unbalanced     Alex Frankel
I love Agar io The only problems I have with it are the nickname situation and potion slots Players are allowed to put any kind of nickname which is inviting to words that should N O T be used Of course its very rarely that I will see nicknames like that The thing that I dont like about the potion slots is that there are only three This makes it very unfair for when you earn a potion but you cant keep it because the slots are full                 Nya S
Why does almost every game end up telling you that this server will be closing in a few mins and it ends up crashing the game afterwards Please fix         MR. T
Making new avatars should be free Otherwise its a nice game                 Kyle Street
To many ad s try and play game and die right away Have to sit though and longer then I played for     Doom Cky
Funny but still like all games you need to plaid for win seriously why creator do that today I know they need money and I think that s the only point     A A Action Biggest Cell Play Action Biggest Cell Play Action Biggest Cell Play Action Biggest Cell Play Online

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