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HU DONGYUE , brings Baby Tracker - Feed Log/Logger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Baby Tracker - Feed Log/Logger apps has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Baby Tracker - Feed Log/Logger for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Baby Tracker - Feed Log/Logger app version 1.0 has been updated on 2015-07-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 3.0 and up
More Info: Find more info about Baby Tracker - Feed Log/Logger in HU DONGYUE`s Official Website :

Superb app Best one we ve found And it s free Me u0026 my partner have linked our phones to make tracking feeds sleep nappy changes and pumping easier Love the chart which really helps see patterns and routines Takes some getting used to to start with could be improved with a how to guide to explain how to use                 Paul Colburn
I like that all the different input options So far I m enjoying this app Its helping me keep tracking or sleep feedings and other things such as tummy time reading anything else I want It s way better than the other app I was using because it has more options                     A Google user
This is such a perfect app to keep track of everything about your baby I like having the ability to go back and edit the information I entered when I make mistakes It did take a couple days to figure out all I can do with the app I would reccomend downloading the app before baby arrives if you can Then you can figure it out                     Gretta Deutschle
Love this app Our baby was a bit jaundiced and it was so handy to track feeds to make sure they were regular enough It also makes remembering what breast was used so easy Syncs to my husband s phone too                     Kate K
I use this app to track feedings diapers and meds I appreciate that my husband and I can both put info in from our own phones as well as the summary and review views when the dr asks how many wet or poopy diapers my baby has had I just have to pull up the app                     Hilary Trojniak
Stick with it the app is great Allows you to add and adjust entries and shows various reports as well as daily activity It also allows to view daily activity by type                     Maria Masha
Life saver in the chaos of having a newborn Record all the important info and easily share with your partner family and health care providers Graphs make it easy to work out patterns and predict your baby s needs Thank you                     Jacinta Thomson
Great app really takes the guess work out of raising my baby I can keep track of his sleep and feeding and even make sure I dont go too long between nappy changes A lifesaver when suffering from lack of sleep                     Susannah Tadman
Honestly it s a pretty rough app with lots of bugs would not recommend Was having trouble changing entries syncing and even setting up the profile was difficult         Rocky Yuan
The wife and I have been having to supplement breast feeding with formula We have been using this app on both of our phones using the sync feature to keep up with who is doing what and to make sure our little one is having the appropriate amount of dirty diapers                     Daniel Marshall
Fantastic and well designed app Worked great for us as first time parents sleep deprived parent brain is real                     David Huynh
Positive and great for multi platform experiences Samsung s7 s9 two kindle fires iPhone 9 and X all communicated with no problems                     Scott Comand
Great app Easy to use and sync among multiple devices I wish they will add Alexa option where you can ask Alexa to add entries instead of typing through the phone                 Shachar dagan
Made my breastfeeding experience so much easier Made it easy to remember when he went potty last and fed to ensure he was eating plenty Love it                     crystal Deleon
Good app I love being able to track my pumping Would love to see more customization             LaKisha Marie
Really enjoy the abilities to link an account between parents and review all input For first time parents this is a must                     Jim Weter
Best of the various baby trackers Supports twins tracking pumping easily sync works 99 of the time Features are all easy to use                     Adam Bonner
It s a really helpful app to track your babies lifestyle The sync across device is the best feature so far                     Sudan Khadgi
Cloud syncing for both parents easy to use and figure out and great record keeping                     Brett Clift
Love the cross platform connectivity Works great between my Android and my wife s iPhone                     Kyle Neff
easy to use efficient just what I need in monitoring my baby                     k france
Perfect for tracking daily events and easy to explain to Midwife the summary                     J K
Love this app great that me and my husband both can use it Only wish it had an option for bathtime                     Miranda McConoughey
Great app but why is it so hideous compared to the one for iPhone Looks so outdated                 Alicya Altamirano
I uninstalled and reinstalled it because it doesnt work on my LG K20 PLUS Still didnt work     Michael Cardillo
Very useful app for tracking feed and diaper pattern                     Chc G
Very helpful with not having any sleep                     Charla Johnson
Very good app to track your baby activity                     Lakshmanan Ganesan
I love how easy this app is to use I m using elimination communication and it s helped me identify natural timing patterns The ability to add notes to diaper changes also lets me keep track of catches and misses When I m getting discouraged I can pull up the Review view and see that I ve had more catches than misses I also really like the charts which i plan to export and email to my daycare so she can get a sense of my baby s patterns                     Diana Greene
Really helpful app have used it since day 0 and can t believe the number of features it has I have decided to create my own milestones for significant events such as meeting family and friends as you can upload a photo for each one and look back at the baby s timeline in the Chart section like a diary                     Emma Brown
Need some more improvement but great app                 Rama Krishna Reddy Katipelly
Good app although could improve with some thought I wish the graph would show feeding time in hours instead of number of feeds which doesn t give any info I would would also add a notification or similar if no dirty mixed nappies have been identified in a couple of days if the feed has decreased considerably Also it would be very useful to be able to download all the data and be able to select the time frame to show data in more detail             Usue Aliende Urrutia
Downloaded 3rd day in hospital helped us to keep our sanity during the first couple of weeks This app is exactly what we were looking for and needed to track diaper changes and feedings plus other activites and milestones The best part is both my husband and I could access and log recordings and even export print out the data daily review into a spreadsheet I now recommed this to all my friends who are expecting The free version does contain ads but just as a mild unobtrusive banner                     M k
I ve found this app really useful for tracking feeds Took a bit of working out in the first couple of days when i had a combination of nursing expressed milk and bottle donor milk but got the hang of it I m now only using it to track feeds and milk expressing not nappies or sleeps It s great the app can be shared with my husband although we ve not got round to sharing it yet still very early days                 Chiara Julia
My husband and I enjoy this app it helps us keep track of what each other does for the baby The only issue we have is that there is no way to log wasted pumped milk If some is spilled or not used in time and thrown away there s no way to track that in inventory                 Janie Mogi
Excellent app EXCEPT that Apple and Android interface isn t the same My husband uses an iPhone and I have a Samsung Galaxy 8 He seems to have more options and a nicer looking UI than I do Sleep vs Nap hours are separated Days are summarized better and show up as a scroll vs tabbed better looking graphs etc We paid for the app for each of our devices but it looks like iPhone users get a better looking app than Androids Please be consistent Ugh             Kit Yu
We love this app Main reason using it was because mom is on iPhone and I am Android and it is the only baby tracker app I checked that gives you both Works great Thank you Few minor recommendations would be to give recommended daily amounts for feeding diaper and sleeping per age I am constantly researching as new parent Also please a bit more UI polish love for Android But overall awesome Thanks again Little one is growing healthy and it is partially because of you                     Frederic Kullmann
I love this app It s so easy to use and my husband and I synced it and can track our baby s feedings and diaper changes and what not so seamlessly However I put the widget on my home screen recently and it slowed down everything about my phone I took the widget off and everything sped up So thumbs up to the app thumbs down to the widget             Heidi Garrido

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