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Inteligeen , the publisher behind many Android app (RocketDial Perfume Theme ,RocketDial Brown Theme ,RocketDial Windows Phone Theme ,RocketDial InkPainting Theme ,Rocket HD Photo Picker ,RocketDial Neon Black Theme), brings RocketDial Trial (SmartDialer) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. RocketDial Trial (SmartDialer) app has been update to version 3.6.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Highly customizable and rich in features..
  • Check out the many different skins you can choose from..
  • I've tried every dialer app and this is the best easily..
  • This is the best contact manager in kitkat so far..
  • the green circle call recorder for ten bucks is the best..
Overall Satisfactionclick me80
I've tried every dialer app and this is the best easily.
A dialer app that doesnt let me sort by last name.
Better than stock dialer & go dialer needs more free themes.
just depend extra function need to pay ~.
Love the customization works great on my GN3.
Simply the best dailer out there.
Love the functionality and various settings.
Thanks to developer.
Fun & Engagingclick me91
Awesome support also.
Ease of Useclick me71
The whole design is so beautiful and easy to understand.
easy and powerful.
Really freakin sweet and easy.
Nice dialler and soo easy to use it.
and it's compact and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me68
Even reset Rock.
Updates & Supportclick me47
excellent customer support.
Batteryclick me49



If you are Android owner,you now can download RocketDial Trial (SmartDialer) for free from Google Play Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new RocketDial Trial (SmartDialer) app version 3.6.6 has been updated on 2014-01-1. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.0 and up








and it's compact and easy to use. found in 1 reviews
The whole design is so beautiful and easy to understand. found in 2 reviews
Customer support is top notch and also deserves a 10 star rating. found in 1 reviews
Easy to use and looks look. found in 1 reviews
Perfect replacement for stock and TouchPal Contacts. found in 5 reviews
Very good dialer replacement for stock dialer. found in 3 reviews
I love the big display. found in 1 reviews
Rely very nice and useful features. found in 2 reviews
Fantastic App beats kitkat stock App works well nice keypad tones. found in 7 reviews
Very fast and light weight. found in 1 reviews
Tut was es soll. found in 2 reviews
Amazing functionality - User friendly - Very good look and feel. found in 11 reviews
The app free but you got to Pay for the skin. found in 9 reviews
Some problem with new version. found in 1 reviews
If available for messages it would be good enough. found in 1 reviews
It needs to be able to disable the stock screens. found in 3 reviews
Great app - NO TECH SUPPORT. found in 1 reviews
Please consider enabling for searches. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't show recent calls history list. found in 8 reviews
Fails to update recent call. found in 2 reviews
Auto opens after using. found in 4 reviews
Application is nice but very slow on loading contacts and favorite screen. found in 1 reviews
I can't set mp3 as a groupringtone it makes Force Close. found in 1 reviews
Am unable to send sms to group. found in 1 reviews
I love the full customizations rather than the boring stock interface. found in 3 reviews
It reverts back to the stock phone when calling & receiving a call. found in 10 reviews
nice but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
dial pad= force close on s2. found in 1 reviews
My call log has disappeared but the app still works beautifully. found in 32 reviews
It delete all my call history and refuse to save it. found in 14 reviews
Worst caller ID app I have ever used. found in 36 reviews
Incoming caller I'd doesn't work please improve the. found in 9 reviews
Galaxy Note 3 unable to save or edit contacts. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't clear the missed call logs and message logs. found in 32 reviews
Annoying popup to rate. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't show all photos from Facebook for my contacts. found in 2 reviews
Excellent application deserves a 10 star rating Also the very best customer support Customer support is top notch and also deserves a 10 star rating Excellent and very useful updates A must have application Worth every penny Thanks Developer                Best Application In Google Play
I really want to like this app The issues that Im having is that it wont ring through some times and it wont set itself entirely as my default caller app So when I get missed calls I cant get rid of the notification without disabling the app and reenabling it The functionality is superb aside from those issues I do feel like it may slow my phone down a bit though          
App is perfect Every little thing can be customized Amazing Works perfect at my Xperia Z2 Very fast and smooth faster than default app which is already fast                Amazing
i set out to find skins or themes for my contacts instead of downloading two separate apps for that i found rocket dialer its great thanks makers keep up the gteat work                
Ive been looking for a dialercontactsSMS replacement for what comes with the service carrier RocketDial is a very promising candidate This app has a beautiful and highly customizable user interface I love the design Just hope to see a prettiedup SMS in future versions Also I would really appreciate it if two or three instead of only one the black skins are provided for free             Perfect alternative
I must say that it work ok thuse far I trust that it will work that way all the time             Good
I cant say enough about this app I am using Nexus 6 stock Android Came from Samsung line note 3 Love the Samsung overlay in which stock Android does not have This app gave me all my features back including swipe left or right for text or call Love being able to search by groups again and all the themes are wonderful You guys rock Within 20 minutes I upgraded to pro version love it                Incredible
This is the best launcher i have ever seen very simple easy and fun loving application I rate it seven stars                Incredible
Im very excited Im so excited to finally have an app that does so much allows customizing to my favor of flavor and gives me Bragg rights to all of my ex fellow iPhone puppets since my recent switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy note 4                Im very excited
Great customized stuff easy and looks great                Love it
I love this app The whole design is so beautiful and easy to understand I love the contact design and the choices in the dial pad designs Thanks                Rocket Dial Dialer and Contacts
I was tired of anything by dev came across this little app I love it Plenty of skins and easy to use Its just as good as the pay version                Great surprise
Just downloaded this and spent time exploring all its features and settings Usually wait a while to more fully test out a product before rating it Rating it immediately because Im highly impressed with the apps great and many free customization options It looks great is fast and functions really wellmuch better than my stock dialer LG G2 Lollipop Simultaneously downloaded four other Drippler toprated dialers Uninstalled them Kept this one             Impressed
Guys it is best dialer Very convenient easy to use                Best dialer
I was in search of a dialer which can give best result I think this is the one I have not seen such a beautiful dialer before this this is marvelous Obe must have this one problem is being faced it does not add contact if can be fixed This will become the best application                Thanks
I will have to say out of some of the apps that I have downloaded from the store this is actually one of my favorite I like the way that it combines everything into one its a lot easier but I also believe that it should be all free theres really nothing major major technology weatherwise             Like
Read some of the comments so far Ive not come across these problems I did go through settings first and am wondering if others with the problems havent chosen the right settings All I can say is its an amazing app thank you                So far really excellent
Galaxy s5 many calls missing from call log But show up in stock dialer    Calls missing from call log
Works flawlessly It would be nice to be able to swap the dialer with contacts in landscape mode My phone sits on the left side of my dashboard It would be that much easier to have the dialer on the left side                Great app
INFO At a touch to all that you may need to know                I triedI used I fell in love with the information it shows
Good app with easy to use ui but as some one mentioned it takes time to dial after pressing contact Is there any settings to be changed Pl help Using this with 444 android             Nice features Easy UI
This dialer pad is really good but one thing I miss is the call switch On dual sim phones this app dials a call from default sim so if sometimes I want to call from my other sim I have to dial it through inbuilt dialer of my phone Except this issue this app is great             Good but
Read into the details of this app for two days There is some third party contact happening but it only sends out email addresses and basic phone number info The worst your friends will get is a telemarketer call or more spam in your email             So far awesome
Its OK Ugly themes a bit slow Needs modernized themes faster performance more features Sticking with exDialer          Its OK Ugly themes a bit slow
I would give 5 stars if it would be a standalone dialer and not bring me back to the stock dialer when calling             love this application
It is better than the best dialer I have ever used It is excellent in operating highly customizable Unique in style Thanks a lot to the providers But I request them to add a personal keyboard with it                Unbeatable and unavoidable
This app has surpassed my every expectation with a vast amount of accessories I love it                Archbishop Dr Kenneth D Grimble
By far one of the best appsmakes separating annoying contact duplicates easy                wow
I have lg g pro l240f Korean rom the dailer display Korean language after installing this Korean language gone                Love it
Makes u desire to text message more information MXLLBEY                A app I enjoy working with a ud83dudc8e and I have been sharing with my family ud83dudc6a
I unistal this but please tell me if this application has supported dual simcard thx       Good many features but no dual simcard is useless for me
This is my first smartphone so Im not an expert I do like the customization features in the free version The thing I like the least is that something in the program makes the actual dialing lag a lot My phone is a Kyocera Brigadier so it shouldnt be so sluggish it isnt because of other apps The default dialer works fine Ive been playing with the settings to improve dialing speed but so far no luck May rate it a 5 if I can master that glitch and a couple of other things             Still figuring it out
If there was 10 stars I would give it to this sight Works great with my HTC M8 Hope it will do the same on my future M9 But Got to say You love this app if you learn your settings Its awesome Love it                Excellent
For me this was a great dialer that I used for years I got a different smartphone and now wanted to use Rocketdial once again So I installed this app and the previously purchased pro key However Rocketdial now always brings up stock dialer and no longer acts as a standalone dialer I activated csller id for incoming and outgoing in Rocketdial along with unticking all stock dialer feature settingsstill Rocketdial reverts to stock app WHY Makes Rocketdial now pointless to use for me Galaxy s4    Reverts to stock Dialer
Cant edit or add contacts The option is in the app but it wont let me go into a contact and edit I also havent been able add contacts          Cant edit or add contacts
So far so Great Still getting the hang of all its features             Just Installed
Good app only complaint is wrong city shows up on caller ID and have not found a way to change it Would be cool if they included different ringtones I have also not been able to getcaller ID app add on to work If these bugs were fixed it would be five stars             RocketDial
How I will make this dialer as my default dialer can u help me please                Love it
1 Sent an email asking if there is a way to show the number of missed calls on the icon or notification bar Havent heard back 2 I called someone today and I didnt want to leave a voicemail I couldnt end the call I had to power off my phone to end it Thats 2 strikes for this appa week later and nothing No support Again had to restart phone to end a call Thats 3 youre out    Support
Needs better ui its a bit slow But features are good             Good dialer needs improvement


Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2.0 and up

Android App RocketDial Trial (SmartDialer) 3.6.6

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