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Clean Master Games , the publisher behind many Android apps (Infinite Stairs ,Piano Tiles 2 (beta)), brings Piano Tiles 2 (beta) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Piano Tiles 2 (beta) apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Piano Tiles 2 (beta) is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2015-07-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Piano Tiles 2 (beta) check developer Clean Master Games`s website : http://www.ijinshan.com

Sequel to the most popular game of 2014, Piano Tiles 2 is coming We`ve worked hard to bring you the joy of playing the piano in a fast paced mobile game What`s new in Piano ...

I ve been playing this game for awhile on and off and I loved it Recently however within the past month of so there was an update causing my game to have a reset of some sort This caused me to lose the ad free status which I had already paid for The songs I bought didn t reset just the ads I emailed them a week after the incident and still have not had a response to my problem         Megan Anderson
This game used to be really fun and still is but over time it has been filling up with ads i get theres ads and all but after every song i have to wait usually 30 seconds just to play a new one We used to be able to jump song from song with no ads then ocassonally a ad every 5 or so songs But now its just an ad everytime i fail or finish a song             Jessy
This game is so fun it made my childhoodthe only bad thing is there are allot of ads and every single time when i make a mistake there is an adi get that they are earning money but its just too much ads that are mostly unskipable But in every way i would recomend you and all the people that are reading this to download it Thanks for reading                 Hamed Toromanovic
I absolutly love it There are songs like The Spectre Alone and Faded By Alan Walker that you can buy or get them by putting in the effort and earning them I love how there are no ads when ur playing offline This game is absolutly fantastic I recommended it to all my friends and all the different styles in the backround for certain songs are fantastic Another thing about this game is that there are many compititions for begginers and advanced players like myself THANKS FOR THE FUN                     Arii Ryan
well I really like this game but literally every time I click on something a fricking advertisement pops up in my face and it s crazy that you have to pay real money just for no ads like I m a kid and im on number 1 which is good on the clover thing but it literally takes forever watching an ad and tell the people who make the advertisements to stop scamming they say click to play but it just takes you to the downloading screen super annoying arghhh if you could atleaststopadsiwouldlikeit             rebekah
The concept in itself makes for a really good game but the interface is SO clustered There s WAY too much going on and it s being thrown RIGHT in my face Boost this try this unlock this all with an aesthetic that looks like something Candy Crush regurgitated It s annoying I ve tried to just play it and ignore all that but it s so severe I ve failed to get past it Totally getting rid of it Maybe one day it ll be better with a simpler UI Akant Mu taileko nzelu         Jehu Lukwesa
The best game ever turns into a useless ad app I hate this game so much now I have been playing this game since the first release and I absolutely loved it Then you get greedy of money and then the ads come in and you basically need an ad to do anything in the game What has this game become     Derick Reni
The games used to be great but now it has so many ads that it can t even handle itself After seeing 5 or 6 pop ups in a row you finally get to play the music and then the music is glitchy and full of static that you can t even hear the song But without the ads and before the gameplay started crashing it was an awesome and fun game     luna analisa
So came back after about 2 years and I am disappointed with the changes Especially the frequency of ads Before ads didn t bother us but now an ad pops up after every round play The other new systems that pop up after playing is also quite annoying I liked the game because of its simplicity back in the days but now its a bit too much different Will still play it offline turning of WiFi data because I don t want ads ruining my fun         DontJudge Me
It was great but no matter how many times I try I can t log in using facebook Also I have collected almost 50 diamonds and when I tried to purchased a song using diamonds it says no connection But whenever I connected it to the internet all the diamonds I collected disappears and even if I watch ads it won t give me diamonds             Katherine Bayani
The game used to be great a few weeks ago but now it simply stoped working Everytime that I try to touch a note it doesn t work also sometimes it happens that I touch a note but it counts as I touched the white part making me lose Can you guys fix this if possible             Davi Miguel Capelli Nobre
Used to love the app but after years I played it again Ads sucks Not just that I can t even log in to my facebook Come on fix these bugs developer We re your avid fans here and just because of these stuffs we re starting to unlike the game Still one of the best rhythm games ever                 Jang
Omg this is so addictive I spent all day playing this just to get to dance of the sugar plum fairy It s so much fun to play and it s a 5 game to me hands down The only thing I hate is that if I uninstall it all of my progress will be gone and I can t get it back If I can get it back somehow can someone please tell me how to do it That s on feature that I hate but the gameplay is AMAZING                     OmiRuth
Used to be a good game but nowadays it s just ad after ad and after your done playing just watch two more ads to the main menu When going to the settings just watch one more ad and do the same when coming back from the settings menu to play songs         Nudetsu
This used to be a really fun game came back to it 2 years later and there are just SO many ads finish a song Ads Claim your earnings after a finishing a song Ads Go to the main menu ADS Literally advertisements after an advertisement I actually had to sit through THREE ADS just to claim a daily reward this is insane         Glenn Hunt
It has always been one of my favorite games but recently they just spam ads and events whenever you click something Please stop Also everytime an ad shows up or when you revive with an ad the volume of the game gets permanently lowered until I restart the app I watched 3 ads for revives and I could barely hear the song with my phone at full volume         MISSIO's Grandson
this game is fun or at least it would be if it weren t for 2 problems 1 way too many ads anything you do leads to an ad 2 The game glitches a lot due to ads appearing in the middle of a game causing the game to randomly restart a lot The game didn t used to be like this but I guess the developers didn t want people actually having fun anymore they even advertise rip offs of this game     Laura Tamara Rodriguez
horrible the game is fine but it s annoying because everytime you fail something or win something it pops up in your face and it take like a year to get back to the game Plus the developers want nothing but money there are ads literally EVERYWHERE in this game and of course you have to pay to remove them and songs that you actually want to play cost MONEY this game is stupid dont install it     Translucent Chung
It is a nice app Or let me say it was Now it is pumped up with ads You can t do anything without seeing a ad And now there is glitches in the game as well I m okay with seeing a ad here and there But this game takes it a step to far And sometimes after watching a add the bloody game kicks me Ou and I have to do everything over Not cool         Psycho Gamer
The game play itself it great There are plenty of classical songs that play smoothly However there are no many NON AD RELATED pop ups in the game you almost think your phone had a virus After every single game you are harassed by the gui with four freaking windows you have to take about 5 seconds each to close Then after you close them an ad pops up Then after the next game it happens again I just want to play the game The gui is also veryconfusing and theres alot of usless things in game         Jacob Henderson
Seems to me that they put way to much though into the apperance in the game The animation sequences just throws me off I hate having to wait to go to the next song waiting for the animations to finish It is even worse with the constant ads pooping up as well Good game but it need an option for simplicity             For For
I really enjoy this game I really do I get sucked into it so easily and I like being exposed to all this classical music However there are some problems that really annoy me such as when the revive with ad button suddenly ceases to function even if your internet is working and your only option is to buy revival boxes or forfeit the round or restart the app completely Also all the songs with instruments besides piano and all the Alan Walker songs ironically lag so badly             M. Z. Buschman
1 There are so many ads one after every game 2 If u lose it takes 3 minutes just to retry because they are constantly trying to make u watch an ad to get a revive and when u say no u get more freaking ads 3 Every game that has lives in it deserves to be taken down This game has lives and u cant play if u run out of lives so this game sucks     Owen Reyes
I used to play this game all of the time but haven t played it in a few years Decided to reinstall it and it s just a mess now I can t connect it to Facebook anymore to get my progress back for some reason Other than the rediculous amount ads that pop up before after and even when just scrolling through the songs There s just so much going on that it s hard to do anything Before it was simple and clean looking but now everything you do they are trying to sell you something     Jonathan Loyear
so I just got done with round 20 or so on piano challenge Next song I did was a special difficulty where you complete 3 songs I compete the first one and instead of going to the next song it gives me the option to revive myself I hit no thinking it s just a glitch and then says I failed the song even though I had already hit the last note idk what s going on but it kind of made me mad I hadn t failed a song yet and it forces me to fail one             Jameson Dejong
I hadn t played this game in a while I used to be obsessed I open it today to find it just overwhelmed by intrusive ads and pop up challenges Literally after 4 pop ups just switching from one tab to another gave me another 30 second ad I couldn t skip A reviewer said the ads were spaced out They are not Disappointed Definitely will be uninstalling now     Vanessa Arroyo
It used to be 5 stars but the ads aren t the problem on my device when I play it flashes black and turns all of the text in the game into rectangles and freezes what I m doing It s a great game but now it s unplayable and keeps spamming me with popups that say bad data cleared I ve had this game for 3 years and I ve gotten very far but now I can t play it anymore         William Wheeler
Honestly this game is not what it used to be There s honestly way too many pointless events That just puts more space between you and your ability to actually play the game And top it off when you get the chance to get your lucky prize you have to watch an ad When you say no you get a pop up ad anyway Kinda dumb cheif             Vehicon
This game is a joke It is outright laughable how many ads and popups constantly barrage you as you navigate through the game YOU CANT EVEN HIT SETTINGS WITHOUT SEEING 2 3 ADS FIRST Look I get it you need to make money so putting ads for non paying users is totally acceptable But when you have to spend 7 10 minutes trying to start another game because of the ads you know that s just down right greedy The game is good when you can play it but as it stands it is not usable Uninstalled     Aram Ayvazyan
this app has been very helpful since i was younger friends and I would hild competitions on who can get the most points It helps with my stress and in my opinion one of the best games I think that you should take some time to look at this game there are a variety of relaxing and upbeat songs I even learnt about different musicians and their different styles of playing there are almost endless levels and endless fun i would definitely share this app with a friend and download it myself                     Ela Devani
It used to be a great game I used to love it but I ve just been on it the app makers have made it a complete scam the writing always becomes sticks and the watch an ad to be revived free but on doesn t work and it randomly changes the song without you clicking on it Also ads are complete out of controll would not recommend this game anymore I am thoroughly disappointed in what this game has become it used to be my favourite game now it just makes me frustrated please fix it that would be great     Victoria Cooper
This game sucks Why You ask Well for starters there is absoloutely NO endless mode man Its either because I started of on Apple or its an update But no endless mode The songs are already super short and boring when you download Ugh Also second complaint adds after EVERYTHING Did you guy like lose money or something Before there was NO adds whatsoever You guys though You ve changed Third complaint On almost every device I use there is something wrong with gameplay     Elquaine Blu
Amazing quality good music little to no ads unless you want to watch them for the bonuses and just an overall good experience Only problem is that its a bit too easy don t know if its too easy for everyone or just me even the crown versions the harder versions of levels of the harder levels is too easy for me 5 5 Great game especially for a mobile game                     Vincenzio Iaquinta
A lot of other reviews make it out to seem the ads are way to excessive but imo they re fine They re spaced out and most of the are very short and OPTIONAL whereas reviews make it out to be where ads pop up constantly in the middle of songs I have experienced none of this I would definitely recommend because this game is so fun and I prefer it over the Magic Tiles games                     Ali Ramirez
Game s probably decent but i was just bombared wit ads Got an ad after the first song after the second i try to look in settings had to watch an ad first I know I should be joking Feel like it never used to be this bad Either way im not subscribing to the game to remove them Who can afford subscriptions to all their apps It s a BS model especially for a game ESPECIALLY one so small and easy to maintain     Ryan Johnstone
PLEASE Bring back the old version There are FAR TO MANY ADS Sometimes I get three in a row Don t you understand that we all want the old version back Bring it back to the time where songs like Christmas Rhapsody was released I got beyond three crowns in it If you read people s reviews you should take it into consideration that people want the old version back No tournaments no random pop up ads and I don t like the way that there are VIP songs         Ryan's piano Express
I used to love Piano Tiles 2 But it s nothing but adds and listen I understand free games NEED adds however it s now two adds right after another I enjoyed playing a game that was simply music and trying not to touch the white tiles unlocking new songs was really cool too But now it s just one thing after another you can t progress in this game until you click on this look at this bright colors lights sounds now an add like nah brah just let me play That s all I want     Cynthia Morelos
Piano Tiles 2 (beta) Arcade Piano TilesPiano Tiles 2 (beta) Arcade Piano TilesPiano Tiles 2 (beta) Arcade Piano TilesPiano Tiles 2 (beta) Arcade Piano Tiles

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