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The Challenger , the publisher behind many Android apps (Challenger Viewer Donation ,Challenger Comics Viewer), brings Challenger Comics Viewer with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Challenger Comics Viewer apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A must have for any Digital comics and the like..
  • Challenger Viewer provides an unparalleled comic reading experience..
  • Great manga reader to have around..
  • So many ways to fine-tune your reading material..
  • Tons of customization options and it is quick in performance..

Overall Satisfactionc86
First comic reader I've tried and I stuck with this one.
Best comic viewer around for CBR and CBZ files - but.
cbr reader for your comics better then this app.
filter to improve displayed image quality.
I love the scroll feature.
Better than paid apps.
Fun & Engagingc92
Thank you for making this awesome reader.
Awesome reader.
Awesome comic reader.
So much helpful thanks for it.
Production Valuesc96
User friendly interface and functionality.
User friendly interface.
Ease of Usec82
This app is simple and easy to use.
Simple and powerful.
The thumbnail driven interface makes it easy to use.
It 'freezes' when trying to load files into library.
Updates & Supportc99
I still appreciate the work here enough to buy the donation version.
I will definitely be investing in the donation version.
So good I bought the paid version.

I still appreciate the work here enough to buy the donation version. found in 3 reviews
The scrolling is a bit too sensitive. found in 2 reviews
Easily the best comic reader on the market. found in 2 reviews
Game of the year. found in 1 reviews
A must for any comic book reader on an android device. found in 25 reviews
First comic reader I've tried and I stuck with this one. found in 55 reviews
Better than paid apps. found in 1 reviews
cbr reader for your comics better then this app. found in 10 reviews
It's free also free of adds. found in 2 reviews
Best comic viewer around for CBR and CBZ files - but. found in 54 reviews
Best free comic viewer/reader I have used. found in 2 reviews
might not have a ton of bells and whistles. found in 1 reviews
So good I bought the paid version. found in 1 reviews
Load next issue @ end seems broken. found in 1 reviews
I often get a "file is corrupted" error when I try to load cbz files. found in 11 reviews
Free with no ads. found in 2 reviews
Pretty Good But Running Low On Storage. found in 1 reviews
Needs comic reset button. found in 1 reviews
open the next one or go to the main library window. found in 2 reviews
Needs a better way to skip to a certain page. found in 1 reviews
Somewhat unintuitive interface. found in 1 reviews
but the images still look horrible after setting this to max. found in 1 reviews
that even if you locked the auto rotation it still rotates. found in 2 reviews
The best Comic book reader on Android yet UI needs to be refined. found in 1 reviews
Almost perfect but it couldnt find the sd card storage. found in 1 reviews
dont cache network files. found in 1 reviews
ES File Explorer have no problem though. found in 2 reviews
Its good bt take too much time to load a mag. found in 11 reviews
No Dropbox support. found in 1 reviews
But i have just one problem with the image quality. found in 4 reviews
No auto focus. found in 1 reviews
no double tapping and other usefull gesture fo reading. found in 2 reviews
can't read SD card. found in 3 reviews
The second problem is the horrible image quality. found in 4 reviews
I tried to setup google drive access however it did nothing. found in 2 reviews
I open a CBR file. found in 3 reviews
it deleted my entire collection. found in 2 reviews
Reading in landscape mode was almost impossible. found in 2 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Challenger Comics Viewer for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-01-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Challenger Viewer is a simple comics viewer.It`s really simple to use. You just have to scroll Pages are automatically loaded and display.Supported image formats are JPG, PNG, PDF, CBZ/ZIP and CBR/RAR.Main features are : Automatic ...

Everything works fine here but a redesign with Material Design would be awesome              The only working Comic reader
This is the best reader Ive used by far I own more than 4 gigs of comics and books and they look great on this reader Easy to load files adjust settings and set preferences that dont magically disappear when you reload the app Id upgrade If theres a paid version                 Keep it up the good work
All are fine though I wish there is an option to render higher quality thumbnail image Overall this is the best comic reader I have ever used                 Loved it
Its an OK app but unfortunately it doesnt list all of the books in my folder           Missing books
This is the best app for reading comics and I love it Thank you so much for the fast help Five stars for it Again thank you                 Really wonderful
No lag simple worked perfect But for the comment can you make widget that show the library Maybe 3x3 tiles for library widget thanks for the hard work D                 I love it
Perfect and smooth many options on how to read                 Amazing
Does what it says it can do well Thank you for a                 great app
Very good applove to read ecomics through this app              Excellent
Honestly didnt think that could exist Plus its amazing for cbr and epub files                 A free app with no ads
Take it back its awesome found the advanced settings lol                
I chose it because no ads and turns out to be amazing Extremely customizable interface and the options are very thoroughly explained Many thanks                 Perfect in design and philosophy
Thnx for your reply and the bitmap scale worked very happy with your app                
The library is empty nothing to select from        Empty
Good app but needs bettermore page scrolling optionsI he having to scroll bckwrds from the last page to read overagain          
But wont auto delete files that Ive removed from the device while searching through the library              Good reader
Good                 Thanks for the reply
Best comic viewer that I have found it only needs if you tweaks in the options to make it perfect for laying down and reading comics comfortably                
I tried a bunch of apps and this one is the best for reading webtoons It let you scroll up and down unlike the other one where you only have right to left or left to right option                 Great for webtoons
I tried all top 10 searches It comes at top and I can see why It is the only one that opens all things with ease and without any cost as one of the apps I tried asked for a pro version to open pdf files So 5 stars Minus one for the flat non appealing user interface and for displaying pixelated covers in library Sorry I just found out that a donation version of this cute little app too exists Made me realize the good deed the developer has done with keeping this app free Will donate soon5 stars                 Only one that worked
Best cbr reader available Pay for apps dont work this well                 Perfect
I had to say it After my debute usage of this magnificently simple app I had to say it IT IS PERFECT IT IS THE BEST YOU CAN GET TRY IT ud83dude03ud83dude03ud83dude03                 BEST COMIC READER EVER
But it can be still improved Could you add support for mobi format text reflow mode for pdf zoom inout for epub TTS support etc                 Impressive app
This is the best app for reading comics and it is my favorite I wont look anymore for other apps However will you please updateand design with a more futuristicmaterial designand with that the icon too That is literally the only feature you need to be the perfect app on the market for reading comics                 UI
Try to improve to an up to date UI futuristic icons and add a little transition effect But overall best comic reader ever Specially the comic loads fully when opened fast loading Colorized system to which one I already read and auto rotation Even when systemically its off in Android system Keep up the good work                 Really cool app
Really good and easy to use comic reader but the UI can be a little tricky at times and needs to display a little more detail eg easy way to see what file is currently open              Works well but needs better UI
Hi can u add in password lock I seen it in other viewers but I prefer to use yr app Thks           Features
The best comic viewer Ive used Some shut down without warning some dont load the pages This is simple always loading fast and comfortable for reading just how reading is supposed to beperfect for both tablet and smartphone Never dissapointed me                
In functionalty none is better than this viewer                
Its cool for intended use I dont see anything thrilling about it other than no ads ui is pretty dull but overall its ok           Its cool for intended use
Junk wont open Stuck at start page wont open comic     Junk wont open
I prefer the folder system Thankyou but once you open a folder that I have PDF comics in the covers dont show I have to click the PDF comic open it then back out for the cover to then show rating it higher when that bug is solved           Far better than any others
Can make the app icon better                
Simple and effective It is a no brainer app and allows me to read all my comics with ease Love it and always tell my friends about it                 The best there is
Really excellent app                 Super app Thanks to developers
just luv tiz app Keep it up very very easy to use thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx                 AWSOME
Great app Does the job Doesnt hang Doesnt annoypesterfrustrate Truly lets exist in whichever world the comics and you belong to                 Thanks
Zip files by 7z cant be read Please update thanks              Little problem
Good but sometimes selecting a page does not work              Good
I have tried a lot of comic apps so far this is the most efficient one with its features and accesible library and fast loading                 Amazing app

Challenger Comics Viewer Comics Comics ViewerChallenger Comics Viewer Comics Comics ViewerChallenger Comics Viewer Comics Comics ViewerChallenger Comics Viewer Comics Comics Viewer

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