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Pizza Entertainment , the publisher behind many Android apps (Omegle Plus ,Weather Clock HD Watchface ,Thermometer ,AllText HD Watchface ,Aviator HD Watchface ,3D Parallax Wallpaper Store), brings Thermometer with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Thermometer apps has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Thermometer for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Thermometer app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2015-07-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up
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Thermometer is Essential, efficient and lightweight. It`s designed and developed with performance and efficiency in mind.Thermometer also works without internet connection. (outdoor temperature will not be shown)Thermometer shows: Indoor temperature Outdoor temperatureYou`ll be able to ...

I was sitting on the porch with an elderly client and googled the temperature in our town and felt it was much higher so after installing your app I was very grateful to see the temperature and find it was a big difference                     Rita Santaiti
okay it s been a few hours at least 5 or 6 it seemed accurate at first yeah NO it s the same temperature reading and I ve gone from underwear sweating to dressed and down right cold I m pretty sure the good reviews came immediately and didn t wait     Don Cornell
great except when it s in 3digit numbers you cant see the last number                 Tammy Lewis
very accurate thermometer it is very easy to use it gives u an indoor and outdoor temperature It was very easy to change to farenheit                     Tara Cohen
Very satisfied and very accurate also have the option of indoor and outdoor temps                     Stanley Gomez
I was looking for an app that could help me take the temperature of the room in my house that seems to always stay the coldest For the outside temperature it was really close but for the inside it said it was a balmy 78 There is no way in the world that room is 78 degrees every time I go in there goosebumps stand out on my skin it s so cold     Ashleigh Renee
It is definitely the best app I have tested It does the job without ads Thanks                     Kaj Rissler
l absolutely LOVE this app lt s easy to read nicely designed colorful and extremely accurate lt s one of my favorites                     Beverly Cooper
Seems temp of phone heat frim use affects its reading             Andrea Balise
One has to know the variables of this thermometer to use it When left alone the temperature is more accurate When I hold my phone the inside temperature goes up 11 20 degrees above actual temperature Also records outside temperature 10 11 degrees below actual temperature             Anne-Marie Gaines
Indoor is great external will not work with either option             Richard Snow
Accurate reading when compared with two other thermometers                     Amy Hanson
it does what it is supposed to do I have tested it against my thermostat and it is accurate                     steven pinson
as soon as I turn it on it tells me exactly there s no waiting to find out the indoor temperature in RV                     Dori Viger
Haven t had the app for very long but it seems efficient and accurate would recommend                 Nicola Richardson
nice and great thermometer app that shows the correct weather I like it                     Hujatullah Samadi
wish it would change constantly but if you turn it off and back on it will update correctly                 Marla Brown
Good App please add a simple record changes feature                 Gary GC
I really like this except if you have been using the phone the indoor temp reading is artificially high Guess this is because of body heat Understandable but I installed for the indoor temp reading             A Google user
Seems to be pretty accurate for the ambient temperature You just need to let your phone get to the same temp as it s surroundings                     A Google user
Wheres the history Want 2C past few days by hour Does accurately provide current room temperature way more than House App                 Lisa Jansen
Too big on my Samsung Outside temperature seems ok but the indoor temperature is way off Thank you Kathi         Kathi Pelland
works just fine large typeface easy to resd                 Cindy Shaw
it is necessary to provide functions in app which shows on screen how to see indoor and outdoor temperature and there should be function to show both outdoor and indoor temp on screen at the same time thank u     A Google user
temperature changes very little seems to remain at same long timee unless im not doing right my first time         Ed Johnson
Seems to work for inside temperature Might be on the high side Will have to test it against a real thermometer             Randy Ostrem
Its not accurate with outdoor temperature or indoor temperature please resolve it                 alex martin
Great app but it can suffer incorrect readings from hand temperature That said it s pretty unavoidable                     Zac Rowe
I like this Thermometer I ve checked it with others and it passed Spot on                     Nancy
inaccurate temperature value indoors was much cooler than listed probably the battery temp         Ed Shane
temperatures run a little high three or four degrees consistently             James Pratt
So far so good NO commercials NO BS just a thermometer Thank you                 A Google user
its working great so far going to check it out a little bit more with another thermometer in a couple days                 A Google user
works very well and is consistent with outside thermometer                     Robert Kay
Doesn t use sensors just the location temperature given by differents providers     Alexandra Carpiuc
very easy quick and accurate                     Dori Copeland
It is not accurate for indoor temperature It says 80 degrees F when it is only 68 and my tablet wasn t hot         BRIAN ANTHONY
Thermometer Tools Samsung Galaxy Indoor TemperatureThermometer Tools Samsung Galaxy Indoor TemperatureThermometer Tools Samsung Galaxy Indoor TemperatureThermometer Tools Samsung Galaxy Indoor Temperature

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