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ACOIN GAMES , the publisher behind many Android apps (Tap Music 3D ,Balls VS Blocks - Bricks Breaker ,8 Ball League ,Dream Jigsaw Puzzles World 2019-free puzzles ,8 Ball Pooling - Billiards Pro ,8 Pool Club : Multiplayer Billiards Battle - Apps on), brings Balls VS Blocks - Bricks Breaker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Balls VS Blocks - Bricks Breaker apps has been update to version 2.2.11 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Balls VS Blocks - Bricks Breaker is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Balls VS Blocks - Bricks Breaker app version 2.2.11 has been updated on 2019-09-6. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up
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The reason I gave it two stars is that the game introduction videos are not the same as the actual game I downloaded the game but even the rules of physics is not like the ads Besides there are no dynamite and bombs in any part         Fikret Sadak
Few years ago I used to play a similar game for passing time I couldn t remember that name and somehow found this game This is a cheap rip off I don t recommend this Graphics are horrible It s bloated with ads Developers discovered new cheap ways to show you ads After playing for a while you get a pop up something like this you finished this level and u win a box You have to select it there is no other option Then an ad pops up     Sank d
SO many ads Half the time playing is watching ads Uninstalled after just a couple of hours Sad The game is fun but the barrage of ads wrecks it         Paul Reid
Just to let you guys know I downloaded this game after seeying s buttload of ads Descided to install it the ad Vs the actusl game have NOTING To do with eachother I do not recommend to download this game     yvo_duh
What a crappy game There are too many ads     Jack Baumgart
Too many adds Ruined experience due to ads     Razvan Hurba
pls dont install full of ads good for nothing waste of time     Prabhath Chrisbin
Dodgy phsyics unflagged ads Not worth time         Andrew Cottman
Ads are annoying too many ads     john paul solomon
Paused the game but it never worked I lost all progress     Benjamin Abwanzo
Hate the new look it now looks like a crappy first attempt at an app     The MordSith
So much ads bad when offline         Rayegegamer 156
We will need the original email with a little while and a few things                 Ittiotyoip Ittiotyoio
Way too many ads to make this game fun the same ads repeat over and over again at every break in the action More time is spent watching ads than playing the game uninstalling and not recommending to anyone unless you are into watching the same ads over and over Not cool     A Google user
Too much ads and you can t even skip these ads by turning off the internet It is too annoying that you have to turn on your internet forcefully and watch those ads to play the game Otherwise gameplay is awesome and no cmplaints about the game I ll love to rate it 5 stars if ads are removed or less frequent     himanshu sharma
The new design looks awful It sucks     Ibrahim Shamy
Just like in the ads for this game every time I try to play it someone will randomly try to bash my head with anything in the room and stops before doing so just to watch me play For your own safety don t play this game     Benjamin Cruz
I get you need ad revenue but wow it s just too many of them I m sorry but the game isn t interesting enough for a constant barrage of ads I can t even listen to my Pandora while playing because it automatically pauses my song at least twice per song sorry uninstalled         cueen mama
calm down with the ads jesus open the game and literally any time anything happens you get slammed with compulsory ads that can sometimes last about 30 seconds its ridiculous You re much better off getting any other game of the same type     Aaron Taylor
The physics of this game are off Gets really hard very quick and I feel unmotivated to even try Too many ads that last 15secs nice idea but not well executed platform         Neyko Dimov
i absolutely love this game it is fun without to many ads all i would like to know is why does the game reset every now and then i was at level 7500 and it just reset to the beginning                     nightshade
Fun game i downloaded it after i saw the ad i think its false advertising because i got a splitting headache from someone hitting me with a chair So this game does not provide protection from chairs                 Hbalu 634
this game is just a sheer copy of the game bb tan which is a 100 times better than this rather than downloading a game which is copied go and get the original one atleast have the balls to make an original game     siddhant kishanpuria
30 seconds add every chest you get around 2 3 minutes it s too much for me Uninstalled     enrico bonelli
overall the game is too hard it s nearly impossible to win rounds and it s not even fun dont waste your time it s only boring and difficult         emily
I re installed this to say that the ads were killing any bit of fun The second game isn t even the right one     Chris Carr
Obnoxious adds kindly keep control on advertisement Kids play and they fall into all such dirty things Uninstalled immediately Such games to be banned     Mehi shaikh
Uninstalling because of adds developes don t think about the user experience only conrains adds adds if you want to see adds then install this game     Nitin Nirmal
It s a relatively fun game There is tons of false advertising surrounding however             Aidan Shuman
110 Addictive Love this game sure there are ads but that s ok I like that part to build up coins and keep playing Not like other block n ball games that you have to keep starting over I play it every day good game to pass the time with                     Christina Jaceczko
Love the game but for all of those r like Too MANY ads Just turn off internet                     milutin vrhovac
This game is really fun but there are too many ads So I uninstalled this             SK Safo
Connect it to Google Play Games to save u0026 keep track of our progress                     Aashit Sable
i give 1 star because the balls that you use tu hit the scuers are 50 and the scuers are 60 and dawn everything is 60 it has to be 50 and ther pne that ses 147 that s not fere you only have 50 balss to hit the scuers wrost game ever     Natalie 25 michelle
Too many ads spoils the game Uninstalling right now not even 10 mins just pathetic     Haldane Green
I was playing I got an award for getting high on the game and there was no skip so I clicked get reward I clicked it and it gave me an add how is that a reward at least let me click skip     project animations
Its very ugly and bad game many ad shows few seconds later     Mahabur Rahman PBT
i have just uninstalled your apps because there are so many ads in your app and it s quite irritating     always pk
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