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KVADGroup , the publisher behind many Android app (Photo Studio ,Photo Studio PRO), brings Photo Studio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Photo Studio app has been update to version 1.0.17 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's very easy to use and cool options..
  • Excellent app for photo editing used in moto g2 nice working..
  • I found lot of shades and modes to make my pics live..
  • color splash fx with filters decolor colorize or recolor your shots..
Overall Satisfaction click me 76
this is one of the best photo editing apps in the store.
Its download is very slow not a good photo edit.
This is the best photo editor app I've come across so far.
Best picture designing app I've seen or used yet.
One of the best pic editor I have ever used.
color splash fx with filters decolor colorize or recolor your shots.
I hope u can add more effect plis.
Needs more effects to edit photos.
Should allows more free features.
This app gives you a variety of amazing effects.
Fun & Engaging click me 80
It's really an awesome photo editing software.
Its download is very slow not a good photo edit.
Good and simple software to play around with photos.
It was one of the best ever app to edit our photos.
I hope u can add more effect plis.
Needs more effects to edit photos.
Should allows more free features.
It's fun to work with the pictures.
Its looks fun and I'm glad I have it.
Tons of fun.
Usefulness click me 19
Everything is locked otherwise ill give 5.
It's really helpful and easy to use.
Value for Money click me 42
without buy.
Repeat Value click me 17
Social Aspects click me 98
Production Values click me 52
Nice app bt plz unlock some more effects for free users.
Needs more effects to edit photos.
It has so many filters and amazing special effects.
Ease of Use click me 40
It's really helpful and easy to use.
Very helpful and easy to use.
Lots of simple editing options in the free version.
Good for simple editing.
I can turn a simple photo into something beautiful.
Simple photo editing tool.
Reliability click me 12
I love this app havent had any problems thus far :.
Updates & Support click me 40
So I decided to purchase the pro version.
without buy.



The Photo Studio is now available as a free download on Google Play Store for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Photo Studio app version 1.0.17 has been updated on 2014-01-10. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up








A must have photo editor for mobile. found in 3 reviews
The possibilities are endless with this app. found in 5 reviews
It was one of the best ever app to edit our photos. found in 21 reviews
Its best n better than photo funia. found in 5 reviews
glad I downloaded this one. found in 1 reviews
Awsome app for editing photos and make look cool. found in 45 reviews
Best photo maker. found in 3 reviews
the black and white with colour select is particularly cool. found in 6 reviews
One of the best pic editor I have ever used. found in 15 reviews
and I can use it to make beautiful pictures. found in 6 reviews
I also use PicsArt which sometimes has better editing options. found in 14 reviews
Simply the Best App for Pic Editing. found in 8 reviews
It is a powerful image editing tools. found in 4 reviews
This app rocks its the best photo shop ive ever seen. found in 29 reviews
its vry eazy to use this app n itz totally amazing. found in 3 reviews
Photo studio editor its an amazing app for editing pictures. found in 353 reviews
Many advanced tools for making your photos look professional. found in 4 reviews
The coolest app available for editing photos and better the PicsArt. found in 60 reviews
Good and simple software to play around with photos. found in 40 reviews
Easy to use and produce high quality photos after editing. found in 5 reviews
Not much to work with unless you purchase. found in 5 reviews
Application continues to force stop. found in 1 reviews
Would be better if there were more free options. found in 11 reviews
just wish you didn't have to buy all the cool things. found in 3 reviews
And some new effects would be nice too. found in 3 reviews
Very amazing app but sometimes it gets unfortunately stopped. found in 4 reviews
but when using color splash my picture gets messed up. found in 3 reviews
it wont run without sd card. found in 15 reviews
Almost everything is locked unless you buy the pro version. found in 33 reviews
But dont have a credit card to get all de features. found in 6 reviews
It's missing an eraser or undo button for color splash. found in 3 reviews
but the only thing is more effects are locked. found in 15 reviews
Plus cant change background. found in 1 reviews
Not the best but its needs more stuff. found in 3 reviews
I had to uninstall immediately all the "good" effects weren't free. found in 3 reviews
But most beautiful features are locked and i hv to buy. found in 24 reviews
Its good but nothing to brag abt. found in 3 reviews
Wish I could do more with it. found in 4 reviews
Excellent app but would love more free features. found in 12 reviews
this app Can't touch the Competition. found in 1 reviews
Very poor some features have to buy to unlock. found in 47 reviews
Can't do much unless you purchase add ons. found in 26 reviews
collage etc asks to upgrade to pro version. found in 14 reviews
Red eye pointless. found in 22 reviews
every times unfortunately stops and asks for purchase pro version. found in 12 reviews
Good but can't move it to sd. found in 10 reviews
If it would work I would purchase the pro version. found in 10 reviews
Remove red eyes doesn't work. found in 24 reviews
This app doesn't work on my HTC One X at all. found in 17 reviews
Looks great but wants you to buy everything. found in 21 reviews
Would be nice if you could unlock more frames. found in 39 reviews
I dont like how most of the most needed features are locked. found in 24 reviews
App sucks have to buy everything. found in 22 reviews
I have to like you ln Facebook to even save a photo seems like a petty move got picsart instead a lot better        have to buy everything
Just a few more special effects and it will be perfect              I like it
Simply The Best All you need so much more Thx guys                 Photo Studio
I love all the different ways i can make my photos beautiful or better Theres not a better app Thank you                 Great app
Love it My favorite photo editor app                 Samsung galaxy s5
Ive had this app for years and when I redownload my frames dont come back I got a frame pack a long time ago It says theyre installed but when I click to download it sends me to Google Play to pay 399           Frames
I honestly love this app it has so many cool features my only complaint is I cant get access to all of my photo albums when choosing a photo to edit but still this app is worth downloading                 Best photo app I have found
You muhfckas like us or restore fhk outta heeaahh Waiter Yer Tip    
So fun to make photos with this app I highly recommend it                 Amazing app
This app shows my work beautifu more than i think everytime Loved it                 Naturally made
All the tools are not free for use              Need all the tools
This is a great app but some more tricks will make it further better              Fantabulous
For some reason everytime I open my gallery up it will not let me edit any photos without using this app ever since I bought the pro edition The free one worked great BUT this one is so aggravating The features are good BUT everytime I open my gallery WORST OF ALL it continually tells me you must purchase pro to use that feature I already did So i have to click like I wanna purchase it AGAIN EvERY SInGLE TIME I edit and then it brings me Here So annoying Wastes too much time           Like this app pretty well BUT aggravating to start
Its ok but needs work Keeps stopping in the middle of my pictures and starting over           Its ok but needs work
Love this app have alot of effects and twiks that I enjoy             
Lets me play and fix pictures without buying anything Love it                 Lets me play and fix pictures without buying anything
Pulls right up on my phone It is quick easy and great quality As well as it has alot of options and effects                 Great simple
Very nice but there are slot of locks How much is the full version       
Worst of all apps i have downloaded till nowfor everything first we have to download that effectcollage etcwe cant use it offline    
Its very goodddd I like it so much                 Nice
Awesome features really i deleted all photo Editor But keep photo studio I never uninstall this app 10 star from my side                 Awesome
Been using this app for a while now loved it and everything i could do Then just today Id go to save an image and it will just close on me Returning me to my home screen Wtf This is the only app I know that does cloning and everything i need but now Its a pos app that is useless Again I loved this app now I dont know what Ill do to satisfy my creative outlet     Worked then stopped saving finished images
Getting better with each update Looking forward to see some more wonderful features in coming time Keep it up              Great
I wish it had instruction on how to use certain things              Pretty cool app
I Love Love this app There is soo much you can do with your pictures and they ALWAYS come out AWESOME                 Great App
I use this one a lot I do wish that more frames were made available kn the free end as some are not appealing But overall THUMBS UP Very easy to use              I enjoy this app very much
Its ok But I dont like how theres a eye that sits in the right upper top of the frames           Its ok
Its fun Its really fun how you can make your pics look wonderful and have fun at the same time                 Its fun
Good features                 Its fantastically artistic
Easy to use The pro buying keeps popping up that is irritating but otherwise its perfect             
I use it for everything I work great with me and what I do ud83dude09ud83dude03ud83dude00              It helps a lot
Too many levels are blocked though But its beautiful and I love it              Its cool
Cant even find my saved pics    
This is da best photo editing app just loved it your time and data not loss Download it              Very nice
But some filters not working                 Nice app
I am having a love hate with this app I really like the backgrounds and the pictures I have done look great The part that really makes me frustrated is I get errors on EVERYTHING I try to download I get an error Yes there are a lot of things they want you to buy but that is part of getting an editing app The free downloads keep coming up error and up send the report to try and figure out what is wrong Please fix this and tog will get 5 stars all the way           So aggravated
An awsm appwhich chage the look of our pic n make it simply awsm3                
But plz resume the moving option and the zooming option to its original position it is very difficult to move the pic while editing                 Awesome app
U guys need to unlock the rest of edits bcause people wont waste there money to buy them but its a good app tho it also needs more filters           Photo studio
Not working good for me Im trying to make my pictures cute and sexy                


KVADGroup /
Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2.2 and up

Android App Photo Studio 1.0.17

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