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Adobe Systems , the publisher behind many Android apps (Adobe Shadow ,Flash Player 10.3 ,Adobe® Connect™ Mobile ,Adobe ThRead ,Adobe CreatePDF ,Adobe® Ideas), brings Adobe Photoshop Express with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Adobe Photoshop Express apps has been update to version 2.0.496 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Cool effects and beautifull filters are for free..
  • Just about everything you could want from a phone's photo editing program..
  • The best photo editing software for the Android market thus far :..
  • Great for on the fly photo edits and basic photo manipulation..
  • very very effective for image editing..

Overall Satisfactionc54
The app is amazing and the best photo editing app out there.
Best photo editing tool I've ever used on my phone.
Crashes almost immediately after selecting any editing tool.
Its really an express and pleas add some more effect.
I would have given it 4 stars if more effects.
Thanks Adobe development team.
Image quality extreamly decreases.
he's helps my pictures look amazing c:.
Fun & Engagingc52
Best photo editing tool I've ever used on my phone.
Crashes almost immediately after selecting any editing tool.
And there was a little more editing options like sharpening pictures.
Needs more editing option epic fail for photoshops name.
It is awesome photo editor.
Awesome software.
Value for Moneyc26
Repeat Valuec30
Social Aspectsc69
Great for editing big size pics to share on social media.
Great appliance for social media.
There should be more settings instead of social media crap.
Production Valuesc53
Its really an express and pleas add some more effect.
I would have given it 4 stars if more effects.
Ease of Usec31
simple editing program that is easy to use.
Nice simple editing works on the intercept.
Great simple photo editor works great on motorola droid.
simple photo editing that does the job with no effort.
Don't have anything different from simple photo editor.
Works on my Galaxy Nexus running stock ROM.
Works great on GSM Galaxy Nexus and ICS.
Security & Privacyc15
Updates & Supportc46
android version.
It is a basic editor hence being the express version.
but for my phone this express version is great.

Yo yo photoshop. found in 4 reviews
Hardly does more then droid x factory installed editor. found in 2 reviews
Most positive photo edit by this softeware. found in 17 reviews
Verry nice apps. found in 6 reviews
Very nice pre photo shop processing application. found in 2 reviews
Way more functional than standard photo editor. found in 3 reviews
It is a basic editor hence being the express version. found in 6 reviews
the pro version really is the best serious app on the market. found in 8 reviews
Deals well with the limited power of a cell phone. found in 2 reviews
2 in place Photo Shop Express should evolve to the SD Card. found in 17 reviews
It is the express version which people forget. found in 2 reviews
Much easier than standard droid image editor. found in 35 reviews
Itz good to use. found in 4 reviews
I like the soft focus most. found in 12 reviews
feel like a professional photographer. found in 4 reviews
I cant select all photos on my phone there arw just a few. found in 93 reviews
W/ 2 Mb it needs to be possible to move to SD card. found in 120 reviews
needs red eye reduction and other features for camera phone editing. found in 9 reviews
What about blemish editing and red eye fix. found in 13 reviews
Can't access pics saved in SD card and text can't be added. found in 14 reviews
Would be love to see red- eye removal feature. found in 33 reviews
The only problem is you cant edit just any photo. found in 16 reviews
More edit features would be something to look forward to. found in 136 reviews
Needs more editing option epic fail for photoshops name. found in 98 reviews
Would give 5 stars if it had red eye removal. found in 130 reviews
Wont show ALL my saved and downloaded pictures from mytouchslide. found in 20 reviews
But it needs more editing options and also it doesn't seem to. found in 130 reviews
There should be an option to browse to open photos. found in 23 reviews
I would really like to see a white balance adjustment tool though. found in 29 reviews
Good app but defo need " move to sd " option. found in 120 reviews
Does not recognize photos memory card for the Motorola Photon. found in 51 reviews
cannot access photos already within phone memory card. found in 38 reviews
I expected much more from Adobe they've let themselves down. found in 87 reviews
Doesn't detect camera photos on samsung galaxy s3. found in 73 reviews
I would have given it 4 stars if more effects. found in 120 reviews
Can't open images unless they're in your camera folder. found in 64 reviews
Doesn't recognize internal memory of my Droid Incredible. found in 63 reviews
Crashes almost immediately after selecting any editing tool. found in 136 reviews
a red eye removal fix is a definite need for this app. found in 130 reviews
Crashes almost immediately on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. found in 131 reviews
Photoshop for pc = great Photoshop for android = suck. found in 84 reviews
Can't move to SD card and also doesn't load any photos. found in 123 reviews
Doesnt recognise any photos on my phone so pointless app. found in 93 reviews
However this is just very poor photo editor not adobe photoshop. found in 603 reviews
Can't select from other folders and editing options are very basic. found in 87 reviews
Terrible it barley has any editing features I'm uninstalling. found in 98 reviews
Cant edit photos bc the app cant find them. found in 117 reviews

The Adobe Photoshop Express is now available for for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Adobe Photoshop Express app version 2.0.496 has been updated on 2014-01-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access , view network state ,
Bottom Line: For more information about Adobe Photoshop Express check developer Adobe Systems `s website :

Edit and share photos virtually anywhere. Touch to crop, rotate, adjust color, and add artistic effects. Access all your photos and videos directly from your free account. Quickly share with family and friends. Requires ...

It s not bad but I think you should allow the text to be bent as one of your tool options and I haven t even started to see what other simple tool options could be added I used to be a big time Adobe user when I was doing graphics on the internet sites I built I don t even know if this app allows cloning or any of those simple types of functions I will be giving the App the once over tonight and tomorrow and we ll edit my review appropriately             Jeff W
Infuriatingly bad user experience Stickers can t be resized and are severely lacking in versatility compared to Aviary I don t need or want silly cartoons but rather stickers that can serve multiple purposes since we can t even use a pencil to draw a line to remove a word from say a screenshot And don t even get me started on the text option Emojies completely blocked resizing the whole photo and all text boxes instead of zooming for precision Has potential but needs more         Singstam
I really love this app With the crop option there s several different ways that you can adjust the image that is crooked or tilted it can be flattened and straight It also gives you the option to adjust the variables There is a few options missing keeping it from the PERFECT App One being Paint which is important if you want to make certain corrections The correction option they provide only clones so it takes a great deal of time and many attempts to get the desired affect sometimes not                 Dlee Me
There used to be a photoshop app back in like 2011 or around that time Man I took it for granted It had a ton of features and editing like on cs Tools brushes magnetic scissors and other stuff I had it briefly and never used it because I thought it inferior to cs I tried this out 2 years ago and then again recently This app is lacking so much of what photoshop is supposed to do It s pretty much just a filter app with a few other stock editing tools and bells and whistles Disappointing     Jose Erazo
Filters are common as in many other free apps as a matter of fact my 4k Cam app has more options to add filters cropping etc the good thing is the collection part create to work What really bothers me is the fact that they need 2 know interact on an personal account basis Wonder why that is             euri pides
This app would be awesome But it forever crashes so it sucks Do not spend any money on this Its not my phone I have a Galaxy tab A and it crashes all day long Adjusting levels removing blemishes even saving my work crashes the app And most of the time I lose my work all together and have to start my edit from the beginning Hella frustrating And customer service in Nonexistent Very disappointed in Adobe What a joke     A Google user
This is hands down the best picture editing software that exists and this little app is amazing It does so much not everything the subscription has but the freebie is a great way to get to know Adobe before buying the software if your serious about photography Been using Adobe for 15 years and I ve never had a single bad experiance                     PIRO VIRUS
It s a just wonderful wonderful app with easy editing options nice UI understandable tour of the app for the first time usage of every button and simply it s awesome But the worst part is that not having a save button to save your work It will allow you save when you press back button it pop up asking whether or not to save the work It will be easy to save it just by clicking a button             Sahithi Kodati
Very easy to use Works great and has some of the features of my regular PhotShop on my computer I spent most of my my time working in printing and grapics from the 80 s through 2012 I started out when we used large horizontal cameras film stripping and touching up images with hand tools PhotoShop does an impresive job recreating the manual corrections with digital tools I retired as a printing ink colorant chemist in 2012                     Richard Craig
I can t believe that this is the app that replaced aviary With all the money I spend on my Adobe CS subscription which means all the money going into app development implementation and support I d expect they d have a mobile design team to develop an app that wasn t pure trash And I m not even concerned with the app crashes people keep mentioning As a photographer those is not good especially when phone cameras in a pinch situation are becoming almost as good as my dslr     Heather Herrmann
I can make photo books from my phone Waahhh And it is 10 times easier and faster I just use the collage maker which has ratio selection select letter size 4 3 or 3 4 then add my images and select my border that I need for printing Save then use a jpg to PDF app which will also merge them and print from the phone Voila update collage feature broke cannot resize images import from files rather than gallery load images correctly             A Google user
The app has come a long way In its infancy dozens of other apps performed the same tasks infinitely better than Adobe s mobile selection For years I ve gone to other apps for my editing needs No longer I m not certain why the change but Adobe has put a lot of stock into not only turning things around for their mobile platform but also stepping it up a notch The desktop platforms are worth their weight in gold however the company has made a significant step forward here Must have                     Chris Godfrey
I find this app extremely handy to edit pictures on my phone However since the last couple of days I ve been unable to even open the app successfully due to an error Photoshop express keeps stopping I have no idea why that happens             Chandni Ajmera
I got this app to edit the photos I took on my phone I don t want to pay full price for Photoshop but I wanted something a little more than the built in editing system Photoshop Express has defiantly lived up to its potential there are so many different categorical edits you can make and you can really fine tune it the way you want In addition PsExpress adds some really beautiful enhancing features such as light leaks and stains                     Zane Exner
So far this app is great The only reason for taking off a star is that for the life of me I cannot figure out how to choose a custom file name during export It s rather infuriating and I ve searched every helpdesk and website to no avail I ve had to install a third party file manager on my chromebook and edit the file name after saving it This is a pain in the butt however it does work It would also be nice to edit the font for a text watermark or easily upload my own transparent logo                 Candace Ortiz
I m changing it to one star now because it s constantly freezing and the turning circle not going away When this happens which is almost always now I have to close the app and if I re open it and continue with my work it just doesn t work so I have loose all my work and restart all over     LJS ArtEscape
This app was working very well Then out of the clear blue it starts crashing I submitted multiple reports but no answer I ve uninstalled and reinstalled it three times without any luck I m using an LG V521 HARDWARE Version 1 0 android version 7 0 software version V52120n Thank you It is now August 18 2019 Still having the same issues Hoping that each and every update will fix it What is going on Changed to one star     mikeotherson
I have been using Adobe Photoshop Express for the last 5 years the wonderful thing is that besides fine tuning the image editing the image quality and managing large size pictures also works well I am very happy using this Adobe Photoshop Express App for my Hobby Photography Life ever Thanks Adobe System                     Wahab wahab
TERRIBLE it s been a few days that i ve installed this app and it hasn t even opened the actuall app yet Just every time i try to use it after all the steps that describes the app comes the login part and anything that i tap on to log in DOES NOT work i ve tried my google account my facebook and even tried to create an adobe account but it just gives errors and comes back on th home screen so dissapointed was looking forward to using this app     Rana Mahmoodi
Photoshop with Adobe is easy and fun My pictures are more clear colorful and expressive than ever Its a simple and great tool for anyone who wants there pictures to be much more appealing and engaging Adobe Photoshop is sure to give you the picturesque look that you want when you need it Try it now and you ll be cheesing when you do                     Ramon Cruz
Photoshop is so fun I feel like I can create or do anything with photos This is very easy very user friendly and very surprising with what you do with this app I would definitely recommend this app to everyone who likes to play with the pictures                     arjun arya
Generally Fantastic Love this app My only problem is when it stopped working on my tablet I don t necessarily think it was the app s fault At no rate the sheer scope of options is incredible As long as you don t get overwhelmed you can get come superb results Hotep Y all                 Lawrence Robertson
Amazing App it s very useful and has great recolor tools but it doesn t zoom in nearly close enough to be able to get tiny bits of a picture so I m forced to try and glitch it out so I can zoom in far enough to actually do anything about it taking off one star for that As for another thing if you try and use colors like Red or Black transparently it turns it to Pink or Gray over lighter colors making it annoying as hell to make recolors of basically anything another star off             Damian Black
Strongly recommended I believed that many picture editors especially if you re just a beginner will surely appreciate this app It is very easy u0026 convenient to use I enjoyed the presets as well as the other features that will surely make your editing a terribly incredible one                     Renz Constantino
I really enjoy using this App and appreciate the tips However App continues to crash Sent crash reports as suggested 7 01 I would like to see a Save to device option I never know if my changes have been saved or when I go to exit the App and the message You haven t saved your changes and when I click to save exactly which changes have been saved The biggest crash seems to happen every time I have a picture in my phone s Gallery and I attempt to open it in Photoshop Express             Dawn E
I am a longtime fan and customer of Adobe Photoshop and this application definitely lives up to the Adobe standards Easy to navigate useful editing tools make cellphone photography fun If you need professional editing results in a cellphone app this is your best bet Don t waste time with preschool grade apps like picsart just go for the real deal with Photoshop Express it will not disappoint                     Angela Rose
Can t edit text accurately Can t add a drop shadow or bevel to text and the layout and available filters are very limited I miss the support for Aviary AVIARY was WAY better So was ps touch Plus I paid a lot for the aviary filters and now I m just supposed to be okay with the fact that it s not supported anymore wasting my money This pisses me off to the point that I m actually considering going with the competition s apps from this point on Shame on you Adobe One star is generous     stri striPlay
Everything looks good for the mobile app But the critical bug i always find is Photoshop CRASHES while trying to save a bit larger photo files like more than 6mb it doesn t respond to the Save feature in one instance Hence we need to re edit the photo to get the same look and keep trying until thr photo finally gets saved You really need to fix this bug             Raghavendra Keerthi
best app i have ever used tried hundreds of others and as always there seems something missing i want more of PSExpress has everything i need and more user of this app for a long time now and am still always suprised at the things I learn and create thanks                     Darrell Harnish
this app is amazing I ve always used the previous loaded software with whatever device I m using S10 at the moment which does come with great camera software but if you want some extra awesome features and no degradation in quality in your photos I take photographs of every day stuff like any other person with a phone camera but i also like to try and act like a pro sometimes lol and this app is awesome it s easy to use you can add more filters etc 10 stars Adobe is a great company                     Jacob Adkins-aguilar
So far I ve only played with the filters Lots of cool looking filters though I wish it was like the pc version of photoshop Even an older version of Photoshop would rock ballz Using layers and being able to create rather than just applying preset filters on top of each other Come on good people over at photoshopland Please make it happen                 Bill Janvier
Well it s Photoshop what am I am suppose to say lol Anywayz a great and really quick to use guess the only downside for me is that I cant start on a blank canvas and build on layers Also I can t create or crop an image to my own specific width and height in pixels but still good for something fast to use on my phone tho             Kolade Balogun
I can t deny that this is one of the best photo editing apps I ve ever used undoubtedly the best on the Google play store It is packed with various features and offers an easy user interface I m actually genuinely shocked by the quality and the fact that it s free surprised me even more an all round good app that I can easily recommend                     jeron davis
Pretty much unusable When I opened it an ad for the Amazon Photos app kept popping up and blocking the screen So after my fifth attempt I installed the Amazon photo app thinking maybe it was required in order for this app to work But as soon as I installed it an ad for yet another app kept popping up and doing the same thing so I gave up and uninstalled Adobe Photoshop     Nancy Zuniga
Its a really great app Its free photoshop pretty much I enjoy using it However it bums me out when it refuses to work on me when i want it to I reccomend it All i request is a fix on the image select so it wouldnt just bug out in the future Thx             K1000 Master
The app is good quite alright It has really nice interesting features and so far is the best editing app But it has become relatively and frustratingly slow It can take about 10mins to load the change made on a picture while editing it This is really frustrating please I m now forced to use another editing app because of how slow ig has become             Favour Edward
Amazing I ve been into photography for a while and I couldn t find a free app that works like it should until now I can turn photos that I just take for practice into masterpieces that my friends believe I take hours on I highly recommend this app                     Bray Digiacomo
stupendously magical app for editing on mobile phones pair this with adobe lightroom and if you re good at editing it is as good as using some paid PC editing software note it doesn t provide all the features that a paid PC editing software would but if you know how to use it you can produce some high quality edits I can already remake edits of Brandon woelful not exactly the same but very good at mobile level lightroom PS express u003d magic                     Saloni Burde

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