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Cardinal Blue Software , the publisher behind many Android apps (PicCollage ,Pic Collage Beta), brings PicCollage with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PicCollage apps has been update to version 3.3.12 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Its good fun to edit pics Oh yeah BTW great app..
  • It's Good to share it with those social media sites great job..
  • Enjoy using this app for fun projects and family photos..
  • Currently I'm working on a mothers day collage shhhh..
  • The only thing is that whenever I post pics on instagram..

Overall Satisfactionc92
Arguably one of the best collage creator apps on Android.
Worst collage ap ever.
This is the best collage maker I've installed so far.
Might be the worlds worst collage maker.
This is literally the best photo editor and collage maker ever.
Please fix the photo editor and I'll give a higher rating.
more background to choce much better waiting for ur upgrade.
It needs more backgrounds to choose from.
Love it soooo cooool get noq sooo cooool xx.
More sticker options/better resolution on web images would be cool.
Awesome app cool I love making these landing things.
Got to love it every one has this app at school.
Fun & Engagingc92
Its simple to use and its really fun to make collages.
After updating U cant make collage n put stickers together.
more background to choce much better waiting for ur upgrade.
It needs more backgrounds to choose from.
the feature for clipping pictures is awesome to play around with pictures.
So much fun to create these awesome collages.
More sticker options/better resolution on web images would be cool.
Love the app so fun and creative I'm obsessed.
I've been having a lot of fun with this app.
Awesome u get to create awesome pictures I recommend.
I use it for everything from profile pics to posting about events.
I use it for everything fome fb post to just pictures.
an app that is very fun and useful.
Its awesome cool fun and useful.
Family Friendlyc94
Its cool i can put my family pics together.
Enjoy using this app for fun projects and family photos.
I'm having a great time putting all my kids pics together.
Goood for memories sexy app.
Repeat Valuec83
It gets boring.
It never gets old the possibilities are endless.
It is amazing and it never gets old.
Social Aspectsc100
It's Good to share it with those social media sites great job.
I can have fun and interact with new people everyday.
Twitter and all the other social networking sites.
but not the best for social networking or daily use.
You can make lots of different things to share with friends.
Production Valuesc83
More backgrounds & more effects and it will worth a FIVE STARTS.
Would like more effects for pics overall great app.
Easy and lots of cool effects.
It's nice cool effects.
Ease of Usec89
Very easy to use and share pics with family and friends.
Simple app that gets the job done quickly & beautifully.
Lots of options and easy to resize photos.
It's amazingly easy to use.
I find it so cool and simple to use.
Updates & Supportc78
is for the android version to be able to straighten pictures.
I have both the Android version and iOS version.
Enable to instal as my android version is 4.

Soo cool picture the best moments and share with friend's xx. found in 25 reviews
This is the best collage maker I've installed so far. found in 498 reviews
Pic Collage is an awesome photo editing app. found in 2245 reviews
This is great for me making my book covers for wattpad. found in 36 reviews
I love making collage and editing here keep it up. found in 45 reviews
I love making beautiful collages and cards this app is amazing. found in 40 reviews
Love the app so fun and creative I'm obsessed. found in 40 reviews
PLEASE fix it so it's like the Apple version. found in 9 reviews
but I just think it needs more stickers. found in 48 reviews
Says " package file is invalid ". found in 12 reviews
Please add more backgrounds and keep up the good work. found in 87 reviews
I can't save the collage to my gallery. found in 10 reviews
Its an OKAY app i only wish there was more backrounds :/. found in 23 reviews
But the new update sucks. found in 5 reviews
I think it needs more frames and backgrounds. found in 12 reviews
Its so annoying actually its awesome but we cant save pics. found in 9 reviews
15 picture limit ruins what is an OK app. found in 10 reviews
Photo quality after download is grainy and poor. found in 7 reviews
I just wish there where more backgrounds to choose from. found in 24 reviews
Nice app but I won't pay to remove the watermark. found in 6 reviews
I don't us it that often it needs more stuff frames. found in 7 reviews
Sometimes the pictures come out blurry. found in 6 reviews
Why is that "image can't be loaded" and "collage can't be previewed ". found in 7 reviews
Its an amazing app but it needs more backgrounds and designs. found in 225 reviews
Cool but might delete cause it cant save to sd card. found in 36 reviews
Though if u play it too often it gets boring. found in 9 reviews
If there were more background choices I would give it a 5. found in 73 reviews
Even If you set high resolution. found in 8 reviews
Until I got logged out. found in 7 reviews
Don't have much sticker options. found in 7 reviews
I've had to down load 3 piccollages already overall its OK. found in 20 reviews
they expect two dollars to remove an intrusive watermark. found in 26 reviews
It took a pretty long time to download :/ and it won't open. found in 14 reviews
but theres a limit of 15 photos. found in 16 reviews
Its good but i cannot save my collage without internet connection. found in 6 reviews
You can't choose a folder from your SD card. found in 36 reviews
Poor picture quality. found in 10 reviews
Tooo many updates time and again makes this app sucks. found in 11 reviews
No matter what happens it is always " Package file is invalid ". found in 12 reviews

The PicCollage is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.3.12 has been released on 2014-01-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

PicCollage lets you easily create fun collages from your mobile photos, Facebook photos and from the web -- it`s the canvas for your life. Use simple intuitive touch gestures to rotate, resize, edit, crop and ...

This app has so many pics fonts backgrounds and much more It is like ANYTHING is possible in this game it is also a great way to make a book cover You dont need to find one that suits it Just open Pic Collage and BAM You got a book cover I highly recommend this app 3                     nick McColl
Excellent App I use it for my MLM business and it s so easy to great lots of banners to use for marketing purposes Plenty of options for fonts backgrounds etc The only thing I don t like is the garbage can at the top right corner to delete items sure it s useful for a quick deletion but it s just as easy to select the text pic u0026 just click remove I ve tried to move things to the top u0026 end up putting them in the garbage by mistake multiple times so it s a little frustrating                     Lyndsie Grant-Mercer
This app is amazing Its so easy to use and can result in saving money Rather than buying a card just use pic collage It comes with amazing sticker packs at great prices and loads are free There are also great challenges which can let you experiment with different themes and also help your editing skills My only suggestion would be to move the delete bin when you want to add things after positioning after your background and grid off screen since you cant decorate the top right corner                     Velummailum Kirupakaran
I love this app Its perfect when you need to see what a collage would look like Im about to buy one and this really helped me to see what one would look like before i actually got it Its got a lot of patterns and grid choices Id definitely reccomend it to people                 Rebecca Annis
I would have given it five stars Because after 2 years of playing coming back after only a few months I was annoyed to find that if I tried to add more than 3 pictures into one collage it wouldn t let me and I was just taken to my gallery Please fix this Then I will give you 5 stars             Vivi
I love all the stickers and was even able to make a blog logo with them but where are all the free book stickers I want stacks books single books opened books really any kind of free book sticker would be great I doubt anyone will see this but one can hope Besides that I love the app and would recommend the app to other bloggers to make cute graphics for their posts After doing a serious search of all the stickers I found a couple book themed ones                 Chelsie Brouillette
Absolutely love this Pic Collage it s my go to app when editing photos This app has a wide variety of fun features it s so easy to use and there s none of those annoying adds you find in other apps I highly recommend Pic Collage to anyone looking for an photo editing app it s the best                     Heather Louise
Decent but I d like to be able to customize layout more and when I access my photos it won t let me access the photos in albums where I have them separated It s hard to pick the photos you want when your picking from small thumbnails         Clinton Clevenger
Love this app You don t really need to buy anything to use it really well But I ve bought a few packs and it just makes for even more amazing collages Just wish packs were like 1 cause there s soooo many options                     Claudia
Its amazing but doesn t have all the ways I would like my picture in the grids section but overall amazing and easy to load and fun to use with no adds but membership vip payment is overrated because access to materials should be free due to what they advertise vs Payment in the app                 Sheniza Chiragdin
It s an awesome app they just need to update their backgrounds Maybe give an option for a darker navy the one they have is more blue And maybe some more patterns Everything else is great and worth getting                 Katherine McCarthy
Worked absolutely fine until yesterday I use this for posters and most of the time i reuse and just change the date Now when i edit a poster all the images disappear so im gonna have to start all over again and hope they save             Nicola Haworth
Aleays loved this app using goofle pixel 3xl updated to android 10 can t view any photos in the hallery amd when you click to connect to google photos nothing happens Hopefully will be updated soon Edit developer responded straight away hopefully will be sorted soon very impressed with the developer for the prompt response     barry cooper
I like this app use it with my home business only down fall is when using the free style you can t share your photo from the photo app to the Pic app on the Freestyle option it will give you a error Probably needs a web update all in all great app                     Terry Veney
I love making really cute backgrounds with pic collage I just wish that you didnt have to make so many in app purchases But over all i think this is one of the best apps I have ever used                     Amy Dwyer
Great little app After using it fir a few days I decided to spend a little bit of spare cash and buy the full version to avoid the watermark and adverts Worth it                     Hannah Buckley
Loved it until I got Android 10 Now it doesn t see the photos in my gallery It s useless to me Hopefully PicCollage will update and I ll be better again     Alice Slusher
Seems to be working properly now I LOVE this app Easiest to use and the collages are neat and professional Best of the best of the free collage makers Thank you                     Ami Miles
This is exactly what I was looking for The app helps me create a collage that looks great and I can add a little whatever here and there on Insta before I upload                     Ruthie Jo Carpenter
This is an amazing app that is usefull for tuns of things but just one thing I wish that they would change is how fiddlely it is and also how long it takes to load                 Marie Walker
Very useful I m able to make birthdays greeting cards with ease Like and use it for every occasion Thanks                     Vicky Bezares
From the apps that I ve used this is one of my favourite it s easy to use there s no need to sign up and spend money Lots of little options                     Good vibes, Peace
Really good think it should have more stickers and backgrounds for free though Maybe a choice of adding music to your photos I think loads of people would like that                 Summer dunthorne
I think that pic collage is a very good app because it has features that help me with making background rounds and posters but I think that stickers should be free                 Abigail Rodrigues
Amazing I of course purchased this app because it s perfect for EVERYONE Not just those that mess with photos It caters to everyone Great job devs                     Mark Ryan
Great app for making collages edits You can create an account post your collages follow people and make frieeeends Suggestion A reply to comments feature would make this app even better                 Meh
I Freakin love it It helps me design stuff and get inspiration from what I should do I love this app so much and I hope it last forever I never want this app to go away it s everything who ever made it u are amazing                     Itzz_Ingrid
Love it I use this App for all of my personal invitations and for small sales promos New designs u0026 colours all the time fun u0026 easy to use                     Leanne Arnott
I have been using this for years It s simple yet presents enough options to be creative It fits my needs perfectly                     Maryann Brunner
Great App I d buy it again I can buy as much or as little as I want There are plenty of free options too                     Patrice Wilson
So far so good Wish there were more graphic designed backgrounds and more relatable stickers But overall love the app                     Jessica Schmitt
One of the best editing apps out there can be mixed with programs like background editor and photo director to create any image you want woth ease                     Aaron Burkham
The new update made it impossible to access my camera roll on it as Google pics is not available on my phone it breaks alot so now I can t use it this only started last week     procrafter 5000
I love this app Dressing up pictures is awesome And i love how easy it is to use                     Shelly Lebron
All I want to do is put one picture on top of another have the entirety of both pictures in the picture and that s it This thing will always crop the image no matter what and it is useless to me         Scott Jensen
I love Pic Collage Its soo cool I like because you can create stuff and put pictures together I gave it a 5 star rate                     poke zilla
This app is amazing Its so easy to navigate and your creativity is boundless                     Randi Lovett
Has been an awesome tool especially for sharing multiple photos that tell a story or sell a product                     Corina Houk
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