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gelakinetic , the publisher behind many Android apps (Cyvasse ,Selfr ,Mini Scoreboard ,MTG Familiar), brings MTG Familiar with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MTG Familiar apps has been update to version 2.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • complete and has an awesome card search function..
  • This app is wonderful for anything from keeping track of life..
  • Would gladly pay for additional functions such as deck building..
  • Having a quick reference to any card..
  • This is by far the most comprehensive app for magic out there..

Overall Satisfactionc97
Best MTG app out there you could possibly use.
best magic app I ever found use it all the time.
Thanks for the app that every magic player should have.
and is one of the best mtg apps I've used on android.
gatherer quality card search.
5 for amazing features.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome MTG companion for my Android.
I love this app and use it all the time.
Absolutley awesome app.
Use it all the time at work.
is the ability to play test against other users.
Everything you expect to see in a M: TG app.
Amazing all in one app great for everything magic related.
Very excellent resources and useful tools.
essential tools for most serious Magic players.
Good for keeping up to date on cards.
Ease of Usec94
Very efficient and easy to use.
efficient and easy.
An amazingly simple and powerful MTG tool.
Simple and powerful.

mtg familiar is a powerful utility app for magic the gathering. found in 4 reviews
Best MTG app out there you could possibly use. found in 249 reviews
Fantastic app for looking up cards and card prices on the fly. found in 1 reviews
This app is by far the best mtg app on the market. found in 13 reviews
The best and most beautiful MTG app I've tried. found in 1 reviews
Blows everything else I've tried out of the water. found in 1 reviews
com p mtg familiar this app is ad free and always will be. found in 1 reviews
I'm still new to magic and this app helps so much. found in 2 reviews
I was only hoping you would add a seperate wishlist feature. found in 4 reviews
Everything you expect to see in a M: TG app. found in 8 reviews
Best search app on any mobile ive found. found in 1 reviews
smooth with everything you could want and a good search engine. found in 9 reviews
This is seriously a MTG Swiss Army Knife app. found in 2 reviews
Good for keeping up to date on cards. found in 1 reviews
thank you for returning to the Good that is User Experience. found in 2 reviews
A handy tool for pros and novices alike. found in 3 reviews
This is the best FREE mtg app that I've ever used. found in 23 reviews
This app is a Mox Diamond in the rough. found in 1 reviews
I love having the offline card search and comprehensive rules handy. found in 5 reviews
My go- to app for everything. found in 5 reviews
broken notification. found in 1 reviews
Wtf happened to the card search. found in 2 reviews
Awesome app would be The best but NO DECK BUILDER option. found in 59 reviews
I used to use this app constantly. found in 3 reviews
Great if alittle slow. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't even have the newest set theros. found in 4 reviews
but a little dissapointed. found in 1 reviews
The one problem is the search bar widget. found in 2 reviews
but if this app added player profiles and stat tracking. found in 1 reviews
Love it but commander is still glitchy. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't add new sets. found in 1 reviews
Needs Wishlist. found in 2 reviews
Needs updating for ICS. found in 1 reviews
Adding support for EDH and 2HG would be nice. found in 4 reviews
Needs a couple tweaks. found in 1 reviews
When trying to change set for sylvan library the app crashes. found in 3 reviews
Unfortunatly a must have feature is missing. found in 1 reviews
Brilliant but runs in background. found in 1 reviews
App crashing after update. found in 1 reviews
Installation Error - 27 happening on my MI3. found in 1 reviews
Under card search I don't see change set or card rulings. found in 3 reviews
Non stop crashes on galaxy s3. found in 5 reviews
but now it opens and crashes. found in 1 reviews
This new update is very broken. found in 2 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download MTG Familiar for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.6 and up

The Player`s Best FriendNote: If you are experiencing repeated crashes or trouble viewing images, please email us at These issues seem to only be happening on a small number of Android devices, and we ...

this app is on my opinion the best one out there for databasing pricing and general accuracy of cards the one thing i do not like about it is that the app doesnt seem to have a selection for foil versions of cards i may be wrong about this though i hope the creators update for it or respond with directions for how to get this applied                     Chris Tolliver
It does more than you expect it to and by that almost everything you want short of letting you play If the theory crafting and complicated interactions of cards from all across all the sets tickle your fancy as it does mine wishlist tradelist deck list card search has everything including logic operators just found those color type subtype text cmc rarity text box and all of that has additional search options select different sets for your deck or for pricing reasons 8 yearsu003c3                     Ciege Tehgeek
this one is good service it has the cards seeable offline this is a good app thank you                     Ron Michel
I can t seem to download the card image when i long press the image is gives me the massage unable to create directory to store image please try again I have the storage permission granted please help                 Scott Parker
excellent for listing decks however still missing many promo cards in the listings DCI FNM release buy a box etc                 Jonathan McKee
This is by far the best MtG app It s not as pretty as others but it is remarkably functional and ad free Any chance we could get a search filter for legality format                     Chris Curtis
Amazing a must have for every mtg competitive player but the app states that every card is Pauper legal Please fix                 Kevin Rivera
The ideal companion app for any MTG player regardless of the format Handy for brewers easy to search card database                     James Octoquatro
My go to for hunting cards Basically gatherer without any load times                     William Lingg
its a great app for trades and card search but for some reason it will never let me change my trade to descending intead of ascending please fix                 Tyler Crompton
Would be cool if you could share your decks with other users for comparison and collaboration reasons Its veey helpful otherwise though             Justin Russell
Everything MTG related I need in one easy to use app                     Nick Rodriguez
This app allows players to search through all know mtg cards with in depth search characteristics you want to build a goblin deck It will tell you all goblins available You need a specific colour identity it can do that too To become better I wpuld recommend that the developers add a price range feature for those who are on a budget Overall a great app                 Adam F.
Great app Use it almost daily                     Bill Jenkins
The best MTG app I ve used Never found an app anywhere close                     Nick Fuentes
Does everything I need prices trades pictures and links to tcg player My only critique is that it just needs more options for different versions of cards for example it won t have judge promos or prerelease promos but other than that it s amazing                     Leonard Concepcion
great search engine even offline decent navigation i tend to be a visual person so the lack of pictures slows me down but that would expand it too much overall just what i was looking for                 Thomas Barylski
The latest update 3 29 has bricked the price trade feature Each card displays error fetching price API keys where the price of the card should be I will try to uninstall reinstall and see if it fixes it Normally a 5 star app but will remain as 1 star until fixed EDIT UNINSTALL REINSTALL DID NOT FIX WILL REMAIN ONE STAR UNTIL CORRECTED                 Tyler Rogers
Powerful search easy to read and reference lots of features                     Brian M Penn
Best app for any magic player casual or competitive                     Eric Williams
very effective application good for searching cards and double checking rules pretty goos life tracker and the dice rolling is surprisingly useful it is also wonderful that they have a widget                     Jarek Wall
Fantastic app Easy to use tons of ways to search love being able to see pricing and rulings and built in life tracker                     Brian McArthur
This app is great for looking up cards Fast no ads no notifications I don t use any of the other features though                     Eli Bell
Database totally out of date and missing lots of cards I recommend ManaBox instead         Morian Itzinger
If you re a MTG player this is the app to pick Tried many loved few this one is best                     Robby Burney
This app would get 5 stars if it offered Star City Game prices instead of TCGPlayer Everywhere I go SCG is preferred so the pricings on this app are useless to me                 Ryan Dunlop
helps me keep track of everything including value and helps me learn new play rules etc                 Lissa Wyland
I love to use this app to look up cards but I wish there was a way in settings to exclude planechase archenemey vanguard and un sets                     Austin Albaugh
I love this app it s awesome Though recently I haven t been able to check card price on it Did that feature get removed                     xCobrastrikerx
When in the app on Google Pixel 3 screen gets so dim it may as well be off Makes app unusable It doesn t appear to be my settings as I ve changed everything     Emily Jespersen
extremely reliable easy queries and a simple low data use interface love it                     MATT R
very good wish it had export import features for deck building                 Liam Carroll
Was great Now it s just an app crashing simulator     Sabastian Devoti
Good pocket companion that has everything a Magic players needs                     William Kilque
one of the better apps for card prices                     Zack Hanney
I absolutely hate that this app hijacks my browser whenever I click a like to the official mtg gatherer online makes it way harder to look things up online when I am NOT trying to use the app Massive annoyance couldn t figure out how to turn it off so buhbye     Robert Conlin
1 game play usable app very good                     Money Period
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