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Andrey Kovalev , brings Smart Voice Recorder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Smart Voice Recorder apps has been update to version 1.7 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The most used app mind blowing app..
  • this app is ideal for anyone searching for a sound recording app..
  • Loved the fact u can record radio station and calls..
  • great tool for students..
  • Good for making ring tones in conjunction with 'ring droid' app..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Definitely one of the best recording apps on the market place.
I find it easy & convenient to use with good quality recordings.
Has a very good sound quality to it i love this recorder.
Love being able to sing and have favorite song tracks.
Thanks developer and further generic compliments.
it's better than stock voice recorder on my Sony Xperia m.
Amazing sound clarity and is devoid of disturbances.
Catches all sound w/ amazing clarity.
Fun & Engagingc92
This is an awesome recorder.
So easy to use and awesome quality sound.
Allow the playing of recordings even when the screen is off.
The microphone is very sensitive and picks up everything.
This app is an excellent memory saver -- very useful for recording brainstorming sessions.
The sound quality is brilliant and you can hear everything clearly.
Saves time and gets the job done.
Its so useful and simple to use.
Production Valuesc100
Smooth and easy interface and keeps your recordings well organized.
Easy interface for recording quick notes or snatches.
Ease of Usec87
It's a simple app with a simple interface.
This is the best simple voice recorder you'll need.
It is also extremely easy to transfer my recordings to my desktop.
Smooth and easy interface and keeps your recordings well organized.
Simple to use simple to rename files simple to delete files.
Easy and effective.
Thanks for making a recording easy and efficient keep up good work.
Haven't had any problems thus far.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Annoying ads.
I have recorded 2 hours with very little battery consumption.
not very high battery consumption and good quality.
Very good app very clear uses little battery.

The audio was picked up loud and clear. found in 19 reviews
I find it easy & convenient to use with good quality recordings. found in 157 reviews
simple to use and has a clear and great sound output. found in 10 reviews
very clear recordings and im able to send to email etc. found in 149 reviews
use it for recording acoustic guitar work on my nexus 7. found in 17 reviews
Works very well and provides an excellent method for recording meetings. found in 33 reviews
This is great for recording my choir rehearsals. found in 10 reviews
Using it for interviews and it couldn't be clearer or easier. found in 21 reviews
Great for recording lectures and sound is really clear. found in 61 reviews
Has a very good sound quality to it i love this recorder. found in 137 reviews
This is the best voice recording app on the market. found in 4 reviews
Definitely one of the best recording apps on the market place. found in 518 reviews
Its a very handy tool during meetings. found in 9 reviews
Four stars because this is the first recording application I've downloaded. found in 24 reviews
Thanks for developing this software. found in 7 reviews
Perfect for Musicians and Comedians like myself who forgets everything@#&$. found in 14 reviews
This is the best recorder app you'll ever need. found in 130 reviews
I love this recorder because it helps me track musical ideas. found in 13 reviews
Records in very clear quality & available in different recording frequencies. found in 14 reviews
I can keep voice memos and record important meetings. found in 26 reviews
Audio format isn't compatible to send Bluetooth or as message. found in 7 reviews
Yeh its good but annoying ads and layout could be better. found in 6 reviews
The app doesn't have a capability to share to Facebook. found in 19 reviews
I sometimes get playback error. found in 5 reviews
Nice app but irritating not able to play recordings in background. found in 10 reviews
but occasionally skips instead of recording smoothly. found in 5 reviews
Please add a share option for social media. found in 6 reviews
Good quality and let's me record without stopping other audio. found in 10 reviews
Skips parts during recording even though skip silence box not ticked. found in 6 reviews
It automatically stop recording Sometimes pls fix this bug. found in 41 reviews
Very simple to install n easy to use. found in 23 reviews
there is a message " Error has occurred during recording process. found in 6 reviews
with awesome voice quality but it needs a widget. found in 6 reviews
there is a message "Error has occurred during recording process. found in 6 reviews
Just wish I could shorten/ edit recordings after making them. found in 7 reviews
but during playback I found the that the recording skips. found in 8 reviews
5 stars if it would record over a Bluetooth headset. found in 9 reviews
Occasionally skips during playback. found in 5 reviews
Good but needs playback when in background. found in 5 reviews
Annoying ads. found in 6 reviews
because I don't have enough internal memory to store audio files. found in 6 reviews
Doesn't allow external SD card as a storage device. found in 105 reviews
Your record voice will shrink if your memory card are full. found in 10 reviews
But now it says " Error has occurred during the recording process. found in 6 reviews
Error exporting on Nexus 5 running Kit Kat. found in 6 reviews
does not record in mp3. found in 10 reviews
Can't save recordings on external SD card. found in 10 reviews
But recording skips a lot. found in 8 reviews
it skips parts of the recording and the replay sounds horrible. found in 10 reviews
Will not set as ringtone alarm or notification like it says. found in 6 reviews
Tried saving to SD Card and kept giving me error message. found in 36 reviews
Doesn't allow me to use for ringtones. found in 7 reviews
But now it says "Error has occurred during the recording process. found in 8 reviews
Doesn't record using a Bluetooth headset. found in 9 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Smart Voice Recorder for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.7 has been released on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up

High quality sound recorder with skip silence. Record everything you hear.High quality sound recorder with Skip silence feature.Smart Voice Recorder designed especially for long-time sound recording with skipping relative silence on-the-fly. For example you can ...

Amazing App I ve had this app for several years and I absolutely love it I use it for voice overs and to practice YouTube video Scripts Highly recommend                     Christopher Kokoski, Writer
Good but it needs a default cloud backup I lost all of my recordings because my phone was lost This is devastating             Tamar Weinberg
Edit 24 hours later The app seems very well made intelligently made Everything seems to work everything seems to be thought of I just noticed that the files are saved as wav which is good because in theory they should be uncompressed There could some noise reduction that s trying to cut out the low level sounds which leads to uneven digitalized segments in the silent parts but this may be inherent to the phone All files are saved as mono recordings which is a shame                     Aleksandar Grozdanoski
Still not nearly as good as it once was 1 unnecessarily low limitation on number of characters in filename 2 stops recording randomly for no apparent reason and with no warnings or notifications 3 if you start the recording during an existing phone call it will record silence I ve been using this app for many years it didn t used to have these problems Frustrating         Jimmy Robertson
I ve used previous versions while working as a school journalist it worked reliably and clearly to get exact transcripts and quotes from long interviews Most often I ve used it to help me remember lyrics and melodies that I come up with on car drives The simplicity of the interface makes sure I can get the notes down before they morph to something more mundane To save space I do every few months move the files to my computer and for my uses convert them to mp3s in Audacity                     Alli T.
I was using my phone recorder to record a guitar cover and felt that the noise cancellation made the strumming unbearable So I tried this app without any hope of progress but to my surprise the quality of my recording has gone up to the clouds Each strum sounds clear like water I will be using this app for future recordings                     Pijush Dutta
Simple to use for ambient conversations But will only record your side of a phone call This is a big issue as I m dealing with a company and lying salespeople BUT I only have proof of one side if the conversation Word to wise I should have tested this before assuming it would work             TheBrewer3535
Good for making recordings hard find them later I like Smart Recorder for it s ability to quickly record ideas and the ease of practicing with a record playback evaluate cycle However there is no search mechanism which is what I really need especially if it supported tags Then I d easily be able to search hundred of recordings for slow blues openings             Yossie Teitz
I love the app but I wish there was a feature where the audio would play when the power button is hit i record music on this for roadtrips and its fantastic I dont mean it would keep playing if the phone was powered off but just when the button is hit when it goes sorta into sleep mode I dont really know how to explain it i wish the music would keep playing when the screen goes black It may require a notification panel sorta like Audio Recorder by Sony but its discontinuing                     AlphaWolf7878
Recordings are great Does what it s supposed to do and operates quietly in the background completely unnoticed So much so that sometimes I forget to stop recording Only downside is the user interface for the playback feature sucks No back x seconds rewind or fast forward buttons Just the red dot on a slider which makes navigating hour or longer recordings a complete pain Misshear a word or 2 good luck fiddling with the slider to get just where you want it             Steven Grandsoult
This is exactly what I need for my poetry audio recordings I do spoken word without music and use no DAW software so this is a very inexpensive voice recorder with great quality and simple To get rid of ads you only have to pay 1 49 tax and that s it If you are looking for a simple voice recorder with sound quality of phone fm radio and cd quality sound for your recordings go for the Smart Recorder You will not be disappointed                     Akeem Hobson
UPDATE Works fine and I m loving it again OLD REVIEW Can t copy to computer anymore If I make rename a recording it doesn t change the file name Also when I try to copy the file by dragging it onto my computer it fails When I rename it back to the original name then I can copy I had to downgrade to a previous version to get back this functionality unfortunately I will update the review as needed                     K. Droid
Very simple app with great features and good sound quality I ve used it for years now and just paid to lose the ads to give the developers some concrete money I found them VERY helpful and responsive when I had to report a bug problem and they fixed it very rapidly Impressed with the product impressed with their service hope it s very successful going forward and I look forward to what the developers do next                     Kevin Veale
Two BIG issues with this App 1 It silences your phone alarm so you can t use it in the night if you need to wake up on time 2 you can t select to save files on SD card so you end up with phone memory problems because of all the files saved on your phone internal memory Both these issues are so easy to fix I have no idea why the developer ignores it             cockroach 4 you
Great app I can press record play an instrumental with headphones in and spit what I wrote on my notepad app Most recorders don t let you play audio the same time your recording nevertheless go to another app Very versatile very impressive been using it over a year                     The D.O.C. and Snoop Dogg
When on the way from written to oral note taking this app is always at the ready to help me express and organize any random thoughts and ideas or fleeting insights that otherwise will evaporate forever if not recorded in the spur of the moment                     Ernesto Ramos-Franco
A great app one of my very favorites It is so intuitive so easy to use and it has never failed to work perfectly Its simplicity is a great asset There is hardly any learning curve Believe the great ratings                     cml513
i primarily downloaded smart recorder because unlike the voice recorder that came with my phone doesn t have the capability to record while doing other things with your phone or while the screen is off this app does Further praise i even like the name of it it s cool                 Joe Sylvester
I love this application I have a hard time remembering important things sometimes i e doctors instructions class lectures etc u0026 good note taking is not my forte With this app I just record it u0026 play it back later as I need to This has saved me a lot of time u0026 saved a grade or 2 Thank you                     Susan Struck
Thank you very much It s so minimal application Easy to use I really loved it Just one thing I would like you to add to the application is the order of my recordings if you add it it will be a good feature for me                     Abdelazez H.
Great app so far I m using it for additional audio for some of my videos Recordings are easily found by all of my video editing apps No issues PAUSE feature is very useful                     R. L. Seiber
I record Jazz and other favorites for istening with or without internet I also record my travel notes and directions verbally I tell my friends all it s the best app I use and most frequently used Thank you much Jon                     Jon mudrak
Good app but occasionally stops recording for no reason even if my battery is over 50 Also one suggestion would to have a feature that records at a certain time every night this can be achieved by a chron job or some other scheduler I randomly have night terrors and this would help me listen to them if I forget to set it                 bob dylan
I like how simple this app is to use for a non technical person I was able to find out fairly easily how to name my recordings and the app allowed a longer title than I expected                     Mary Guillermin
Nice app easy to use no disturbing ads But the files are so big that it takes me forever to send them by What s App And I already have the sample rate on 14 I need something that condenses the files enough so that I can share them             I Believe
This is hands down The Best No hassle Long recording app that I have come across Ive used for Years Now and have had NO issues Knock on Wood LoL I use it in Business too Y not They ALWAYS record YOU Food 4 thought Peace u0026 Blessings 2 The Developers and Kudos                     Rza Law
From across the room it picks up someone talking clear talking about this that about myself think they re talking quietly and it picks up in dropping from across the room two rooms across beautiful who needs a hearing aid This keep up the great work                     Edwin Stendzis
This app works perfectly every time No glitches ever Have it a long time now u0026 it never lets me down It s easy to record something u0026 then name it u0026 file it away to the library quickly Also simple to forward on a recording in an email or text message etc Nice u0026 simple reliable Would highly recommend it                     Mark Farley
The app is straightforward and easy to use I am not very technical so I appreciate that I can record calls audio etc Perhaps the best feature is to be able to listen offline I have recorded meditations I can listen to in my car without internet or data charges                     Tawny Beal
Sweet Jesus I love you it used to be so difficult when I was high to try and capture an idea To try and craft it into a message in hopes that words on a screen would resonate with someone anyone But now one button press and I have hours of pure streaming conciousness 5 stars                     Adam Rice
Avoid Hides recorded files from you forcing you to use it s built in player This player is useless as it doesn t have background play function You can only listen while the app is active     Frank Dvorak
As a quick way to prepare for voice overs I can use this to hear what a couple of different reads sound like before I go into a full studio Labelling different versions is quick and the sound quality is solid                 Graham Croft
Smart recorder is great It s simple and it does what it s supposed to do it s definitely better than the recorder that comes built into the Android phone                     John Rodgers
Best audio recorder I ve used so far and I ve tried the top 5 in the playstore LOVE this app wish I would ve switched to this one a year ago                     Braden Beach
good quality sound and works as expected would give 5 stars if there was some way to restart a recording at the end of an existing one often need to take a break and record across several days and would like to reopen where I left off to continue                 Steve Stackman
You can only hear your voice on the recording and not the other person speaking It has to be on speakerphone for it to record both voices         sandy strange
I really like the app One problem I ve had was with the silence pause feature Apparently you must keep the device pretty close to the conversation to avoid false pauses                 Nancy Timmons
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