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TeamLava Games , the publisher behind many Android apps (Restaurant Story: Valentine’s ,Fashion Story: Earth Day ,Pet Shop Story: Easter ,Fashion Story: Halloween ,Restaurant Story: Carnivals ,Restaurant Story:Cinco de Mayo), brings Dragon Story™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dragon Story™ apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Overall a very cute and entertaining game though..
  • 5 star review for amazing game and customer service..
  • Awesome game I love it thank you so much fun..
  • Great for kids to play with..
  • A fun game to kill the time between children running rampant..

Overall Satisfactionc67
Love the game and TeamLava support is awesome.
Love the game but am crazy irritated to play on adroid.
5 star review for amazing game and customer service.
Been playing for over a year & this is still one of my favorite games :.
Other than that it is a wonderful game to play.
Please make these prices reasonable to us middle class dragon lovers.
I recommend this game to anyone who luvs to play games.
I don't recommend this game to anyone anymore.
Fun & Engagingc77
Awesome game I love it thank you so much fun.
Would be an awesome game if all the problems were fixed.
Hope you have fun playing this game like I am right now.
There's really no point in playing this game for Android.
Very addictive and progressive activity it reminds me of digimon.
very addictive but it freezes waaay 2 often 4 me now.
Good little game to mess around with in spare time.
This WAS a fun little game until you guys "made it better".
It's really super fun and a really great game.
It's an awesome game just wish it was easyer to get more gold.
The game is fun but slow.
everything cost so much you have to wait to buy stuff.
Everything takes forever and a day.
Me and my best friend play this game every day.
Family Friendlyc76
Great for kids to play with.
It's fun great for kids.
this would be great for kids.
Fun for the whole family and the dragons are so adorable.
Great game recommended for the whole family.
First I thought that this was a game for little kids.
awesome for little kids.
Value for Moneyc38
Though to get anywhere quickly it wants you to spend money.
You will find yourself spending real money though.
Replay Valuec49
It's too hard to get gold and is expensive to clear.
Social Aspectsc58
its a specially fun to play with friends.
Its super fun to play with friends.
don't mind the crashing or not being able to play with friends.
Production Valuesc60
And the graphics are great - I love how all the dragons look.
The graphics are great and the dragons are beautiful.
Beautiful graphics and music.
Beautiful Graphics.
Ease of Usec86
This game is simple fun for anyone at any age.
What simple fun.
It is a great game keep up the good work TeamLava.
Since last update the game keeps crashing and disab.
Updates & Supportc46
The Android version was a lot better before the update.
Thank you for finally upgrading the android version.
The new update unlocks all feature the apple version has.
Why is the apple version so different from android.
I'm enjoying it although it kills my battery.
Battery drainer.

its the most awesomest game I've eva played. found in 5 reviews
fun game slow at first to get money fun time waster. found in 35 reviews
Its a really amazing game to pass the time. found in 65 reviews
Dragonmaster49 Plz add daily player. found in 19 reviews
Very beautiful and never ending intresting game. found in 5 reviews
Gr8 game for my daughter and I. found in 5 reviews
Great time passer. found in 11 reviews
It is very interesting game i realy like it very much. found in 29 reviews
Very cute game easy to play and a good time killer. found in 30 reviews
I request everyone to download this app and play it everyday. found in 10 reviews
Best game in the world play now dragon story. found in 13 reviews
Good game better then tiny village. found in 3 reviews
Rather pleasent game were one can make friends and have fun. found in 9 reviews
Love this game very additive. found in 3 reviews
Clearly meant to be a long term game. found in 6 reviews
Please make these prices reasonable to us middle class dragon lovers. found in 18 reviews
I really live this game. found in 7 reviews
Omg this game is the best game ever. found in 4 reviews
Dis game is the greatest game ever. found in 12 reviews
Not having the force close issue reported by others. found in 9 reviews
Interesting game but it keeps freezing try for self to see. found in 31 reviews
Its a good game but need to fix the force close problem. found in 40 reviews
would be more fun if the game constantly didn't force close. found in 11 reviews
now I can't expand further cuz the tree is freaking expensive. found in 15 reviews
Way to many pop -ups and stupid cross promos. found in 17 reviews
Still waiting on spell shop and game freezes often. found in 30 reviews
will rate 5 stars after force close issues are fixed. found in 25 reviews
Once the breeding gets boring ill be putting the game down. found in 27 reviews
I cant send gifts to everyone in my friends list. found in 75 reviews
The Android version is very slow & crashes frequently. found in 108 reviews
The amount of money everything costs is ridiculous. found in 168 reviews
Game crashes CONSTANTLY with android devices. found in 46 reviews
I like this game but dragons and habitats cost way to much. found in 61 reviews
its annoying to have them every time I open the game. found in 33 reviews
It's been a long time waiting with zero improvements for android users. found in 486 reviews
Fun game but issues galore with Android devices. found in 25 reviews
Your basically forced 2 buy gold 2 speed things up. found in 114 reviews
Force closes alot I always have2 uninstall and reinstall. found in 15 reviews
All my dragons and buildings vanished when I added Bakery Story. found in 91 reviews
Lots of crashes no way to earn gold but to buy it. found in 163 reviews
I can't send gifts because I already did when I didn't. found in 75 reviews
:/ its a cool game but not for Android users. found in 486 reviews
Team lava is freezing android parity inquiries on their forum. found in 277 reviews
I have a Android phone and feel incredibly cheated. found in 58 reviews
Unlike the ios version in android there is no battle arena. found in 70 reviews
You can't very far w/out spending real money & friends. found in 180 reviews
expescially when people dont want to spend money on this app. found in 202 reviews
the fact that iOS users have more features is very irritating. found in 112 reviews
This game seems fun at first but everything costs way too much. found in 168 reviews
Wont allow me to gift any of my friends. found in 65 reviews
Much slower loading times compared to other Team Lava games. found in 281 reviews
but things cost way to much coins. found in 97 reviews
Pricing is ridiculous 14 pound for say 550 gold bars. found in 105 reviews
If I wanted too buy gold I would. found in 114 reviews

The Dragon Story™ is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-01-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

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