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ContextLogic Inc. , brings Wish with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wish apps has been update to version 3.4.5 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great time killer I love Window shopping whenever I want..
  • I couldn't believe the unique items and great prices..
  • I'm thinking about buying some things from this online store..
  • You can sell stuff from antiques to zebra printed shoes..
  • Always excites me with a wide variety of styles..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Hands down the best shopping app I've come across.
I would no recommend this shopping app.
Great app to find amazing deals on many different items.
Love this website glad they finally made an app for it.
Awesome way to get amazing clothes for a cheap affordable price.
Wish has made my shopping experience much better and easier.
This is the worst shopping experience I've ever had.
I love using this app way better than ebay.
I love the app almost as much as I love the site.
Omg i love this app the clothes are gorg and are sooooo cheap.
Fun & Engagingc97
Great fashion at awesome prices an they have everything.
It's so easy and makes shopping a fun experience.
So much fun to browse through such great stuff easily.
Great app and site awesome deals especially for Christmas.
Definitely my new addiction.
I'm totally addicted.
I love it and I'm obsessed.
I order from here all the time.
Only bad thing is I want to buy everything.
So far I really like most of the clothing everything is so cute.
Social Aspectsc100
Love that I can share with friends and others.
I love to share with friends.
Ease of Usec90
Wish is a easy way to shop and its a lot of fun.
It's such a cool and easy way to shop.
and not a fun or easy way to shop.
christmas is gonna be so easy and affordable this year.
Easy and affordable shopping I just love it.
Security & Privacyc13
Great for your waredrobe bad for your bank account.
Updates & Supportc34
Its affordable and customer service is easy to deal with.
Great style great app wonderful customer service.

It allows you to explore really awesome and cute outfits. found in 14 reviews
Hands down the best shopping app I've come across. found in 272 reviews
It gives really cute outfit ideas compaired to single pieces. found in 14 reviews
Great shopping app love the variety and easy use. found in 90 reviews
I love yall discountss this app is amazing. found in 9 reviews
Love this website glad they finally made an app for it. found in 41 reviews
You can find almost anything at amazing prizes. found in 7 reviews
Omg i love this app the clothes are gorg and are sooooo cheap. found in 13 reviews
It's so easy to use and find a lot of cool stuff. found in 25 reviews
there seems to be a lotta nice shoes & dresses for reasonable prices. found in 65 reviews
1: passes time 2: explore new trends and fashion ideas and. found in 12 reviews
Its great for gift ideas for friends and family. found in 27 reviews
It's like pinterest meets Amazon meets ebay. found in 12 reviews
fun little way to shop online for little accessories. found in 17 reviews
This is the best fashion app yet. found in 12 reviews
I love using this app way better than ebay. found in 17 reviews
Really nice clothes and accessories for a good price. found in 90 reviews
Lots of great bargains - just remember to check reviews before buying. found in 15 reviews
Keeps me updated with thr latest fashion trends and creative designers. found in 21 reviews
It was like a closet full of every girls dream. found in 17 reviews
Fun to waste time :p. found in 13 reviews
on Wish i wish. found in 4 reviews
Having problems ordering can't contact no one about problems. found in 3 reviews
But the lingerie is cheaply made. found in 18 reviews
sizing is very inconsistent and often to small. found in 17 reviews
I recommend it if you have a credit/ debit card. found in 15 reviews
I used to see contact lenses and stuff you can't really get. found in 4 reviews
I'm a fatty can't fit anything. found in 5 reviews
you should be able to connect to facebook on Wish. found in 10 reviews
It would be nice if they would better specify " plus size ". found in 33 reviews
The only thing i hate is some items you can't buy. found in 4 reviews
everything is made in China with poor stitching. found in 8 reviews
I wish I didn't get so many notifications. found in 13 reviews
Just wish the order history and package tracking worked better. found in 9 reviews
Last update sucks. found in 5 reviews
and there's no way to filter free shipping or anything like that. found in 13 reviews
It doesn't have a lot of size options for the curvy. found in 5 reviews
Sucks that everyone is leaving horrible service reviews. found in 5 reviews
the estimated delivery time they give you is bogus. found in 12 reviews
Won't connect to Facebook. found in 13 reviews
This app sucks. found in 12 reviews
To make matters worse customer service barely talks English. found in 70 reviews
"Est delivery date : 39 days" Uhhh no thank you. found in 24 reviews
I checked my bank account and it has charged me. found in 9 reviews
Did it want me to connect to facebook before i could use. found in 10 reviews
And the estimated delivery times are ridiculous. found in 35 reviews
Shipping takes forever and doesn't arrive when projected. found in 37 reviews
Don't buy from here ull be wasting ur time. found in 17 reviews
Just wish there were more plus size clothing :. found in 33 reviews
No cash on delivery optipn thats y did not purchase anything. found in 9 reviews
I like the app however the shipping cost Is ridiculous. found in 44 reviews
Not even gonna give myself a chance to waste money smh. found in 13 reviews
then boom I had to cancel my debit card. found in 15 reviews
Everything I ordered was cheaply made and nothing like pictured. found in 18 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Wish for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.4.5 has been released on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Get amazing offers on products you loveDiscover the products you`ll love, share your wishlists with friends and unlock rewards. Connect Wish with your Facebook profile to easily share recommendations with your friends and family. Add ...

Fun shopping app don t expect too much out of it but I ve found it good for small keychains and pins I ve won a ring and a few t shirts off the daily giveaway Placing an order gives you redeemable coupon points as well as weekly login coupons I was scammed once but the customer service was helpful and refunded me within a day of the complaint Unfortunately there isn t a way to turn off nsfw recommendations I wish the devs could make the app friendlier for younger shoppers Good app                     incendiary girl
Honestly I was hesitant but now I am convinced This is a damn good APP You can get all sorts of useful and cheap things on here Instead of paying a fair amount for trivial things like a car charger or Bluetooth speaker get them from wish you can get decent quality stuff and it is scarily cheap Good deals and discounts too make sure you read the description and check for similar items at a better price But once you look and make yourself a wishlist or three haha buy things as you can                     Yakinori shinnde
Prices are cheaper at my local gift store The ORIGINAL price is made up and is at least 400 retail price The free items they offer wil cost you money Only total idiots will think they have a good deal Don t even bother wasting your time downloading The app runs so slow that even th early 80s internet speed was faster You have been warned     sean davies
It s really a great app your purchases are guaranteed so if it doesn t arrive or it s not what you saw advertised then you get a refund Easy shopping from the palm of your hand See something you want for later add it to a wishlist Best thing I ever ordered was a beyblademetal fusion for my son Couldn t find that one in stores it wasn t cheap but it was the real deal and great quality                     Angela Urquhart
I use to give this app 5 stars However I was locked out of my account for a month I never recieved a confirmation email when I opted to change my password This went on for several weeks I contacted support multiple times and they were extremely unhelpful It seemed like an automated response asking me for the purchase number I was having an issue with when I clearly stated my issue I let it go was finally able to change the password and discovered I was hacked     Hannah Havok
I probably buy more from here than i should They are decent Would have given 5 stars but lately when i do a search the results window times out and i have to close and restart the app to try to see the rest of the results Big hassle they didnt used to have Also read everything carefully You might see a coat for 5 but the price is actually some belt and the coat is really 43 Or the free socks are only a certain color and the rest are 5 Or the shirt is 5 in a small but 30 in 4xl                 Carey Selko
Love this app I have a bit of a shopping addiction Using this app saves me a ton of money I d otherwise spend all of way too quickly if I shopped anywhere else It s also like christmas all year with suprise gifts I ve sent myself from wish that I forgot about I choose the longer shipping because I don t care when it gets here and I forget what I purchased and then it s perfect when I get it and it lights up my day I have problems but I m happy Thank you for the opportunity to review                     Jayy Perry
To be honest This can get addictive If you love shopping you are in for a love hate relationship App does make it easier to shop Happy that the team took my review into consideration If you are looking at a specific item and swipe to the left to the Related tab it shows similar items but different price It s good when you are trying to look for the lowest price                 Lee Sue Juin
Omg I love this app Everyone is is so cheap but good quality and I just love it The reason why I only gave it 4 stars is because its an American app and there s no English version its hard to tell what size I d be especially because I got a ring and at the checkout I didn t know why size I would be when purchasing a ring but eventually I found out what size I d be Maybe there could be an option for sizing in other countries Just a suggestion but overall it s an amazing app Recommended                 Marcia Randall
Great app and easy to use However if something seems too good to be true It usually is Great packaging but your packaging payment is a scam Sent loads of items in 1 package but paid seperately for them A lot of the stuff is either too small or doesnt work Costs more to return than the item costs Dont be fooled I will be uninstalling when all items are recieved Only WISH is i hadnt ordered WISH lol 5 for easy app 0 for products         Michaela Garlick
Pro the app is fun Cons most orders take longer than usual to process dispatch and arrive seemingly simple client side features are non existent OR impossible to find without help and said help does not understand simple English and or blatantly refuses to perform help tasks Summary Don t bother I wouldn t wish my worst enemy to through this     Ryan Peleks
App working without any problem as far as I m using it Wish as a online shop well if you like a cheap and not always good quailty stuff it s ok But sometimes you have to rethink before places the order It s up to you In general wish it s an online shop with a lot of stuff cheap and only looking like genuine                     ANNA DANILOWSKA
I really enjoy shopping with this app it makes searching simple and I found what I was searching for right away Images were and descriptions were translated in English so easy to understand The layout of the information within each item you have all the pertinent information necessary regarding the specific details i might ever need to know I personally would like to see the measurements for all Wish products also traslated in the applicable measurements used or rather an option to use                     VICTORIA LINDEMAN
So far I have no complaints with the items I have gotten from Wish The prices are very fair and the stuff I get for free is awesome I am a happy camper There are sale alerts when I have checked something out in case I decide to buy the items and I had to ground myself off the site cause I was getting crazy with all the stuff                     Suzie Carroll
Don t kid yourself the app is questionable at best and you re only going to get something adjacent to what you paid for usually but you will end up getting something and i ll be honest it s pretty fun For 3 you can get something totally ridiculously amusing pretty fast and so while i wouldnt do any serious shopping on here i do have a fun time thumbing through the app With regard to the wish response item issues are false advertising on listings tho still fun to try your luck                     Reverie Wisp
Account got hacked Got everything sorted but can t buy anything because now I need to supply a bank statement showing purchases I made as proof but don t have any Tried to explain but nobody listens App is therefore useless Followed all steps in app Contacted customer services 11 times and still not sorted Each time exact same reply must provide bank statement Only ever paid through PayPal so can t provide what they want     Charles Ellis
Awesome app Just make sure you read the item descriptions properly before purchasing 95 of things I ve bought have been amazing things that weren t so great was my fault for not fully reading They are great with refunds and are super helpful when things go wrong shipping wrong item item not arriving                     Katrina windle
Wish app support requested I reach out to the support within the app itself Which is a busted bot telling me to contact support in the past if I need assistance So once I get the time machine working the first thing I will do is contact support Zero stars is not an option but that would still be to nice of a rating for this app retailer     Dave Jones
It s cheap and what you get is what it s worth While buying my items in this app a few of my items haven t reached my place even though I paid for it Its good but please make sure the items you sell goes straight to the place it was supposed to go         Percy Jessica PJ Trail
Pretty good Wish the sellers would update tracking I also wish they would show shirts in and out on different sizes in their pix Easy to get a refund if necessary but sometimes id just rather to actually speak to someone and get different help as its all automated Sellers say to contact them first if theres a problem but i havent figured out how to do that Some items are fabulous some are not Always good to check the review pictures Watch those shipping costs                 Dee lynn
I used to buy lots of stuff from the app with little to no problems Then something happened to my account and i got a message saying i would need to start a new account I did that but now the items won t load and i cant shop anymore I ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it just isn t loading items Just sits and spins I want my wish back         Teresa Baker
My experience with this app and company is mixed but like a lot of reviewers here I have to give it a low score if you notice their responses to our issues are generated with the same canned responses as their so called customer service computer They have fake products I love though and why i got most of my orders except two i didnt have problems with the products but two of my debit gift cards from Mastercard got rejected now they want proof of ID and bank statements why         Nate Vega
this app is so amazing I have found most of the things that are very expensive on other website s and apps that are not VERY high priced I really do recommend this app if you would enjoy shopping with deals and low prices I have only downloaded this app today and wow I am astonished KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK                     Blue NisoNi
Nice application sometimes near impossible to get the on sale items for example the ones discounted down to a dollar but they re are ridiculously priced and if you were able to get them essentially would be a steal but good value all round Large variety of different items and browsr list tailors itself based on what you look for Also if you delve deeper you sometimes find some surprises                 Felix Charre
At first I was skeptical about using this app But after one of my friend started using it and it worked I gave it a try too Since then I ve been using it and getting my stuffs Items are cheap but the only drawback is sizings are incorrect And buy from this app only if you are in no rush coz it gets delivered after 2 3 weeks Once one of my stuff didn t get delivered and they refunded Items appear to be in good condition when you get them                     Disuja Shakya
Love it so far just have to watch the pricing It might say that it s one price when looking at it but then when you add the item to the chart and go to check out it could be a different price depending on color size etc Remember we pay shipping as well Overall LOVE it so far                 Harley Boyden
I purchased good share of items around ending of month 7 u0026 beginning 8 month i only recieved 3 items out of roughly 10 For some reason I can not get logged in from google account and tried to log in regular but keeps telling me to log in google which i have tried numurous times still nothing I used to be able to track now nothing Last time it told me that i should be getting the majority on the 27th 8th month still nothing still waiting for rest of orders no place to get help to find out whats happening Need help Which Who to turn How to get logged in now that will accept GOOGLE sign in                 Steve kling
Hacked account I received an email from wish asking me to confirm that I had change email address to which I replied that I didn t I was too late and my account couldn t even be found I just hope the new account holder can t just quick buy with my credit card that was on file After trying to troubleshoot with customer service I was just abandoned and left out to dry with no answers They just dropped the communications as if nothing ever happened because they couldn t find my account     Carles Sanschagrin
Fantastic app Everything you could want at a much reduced price why not take the time to download today and start your savings Just about anything you could imagine on this app Outdoor equipment home supplies men s and women s clothing children s clothing and much much much more You are really missing out if you don t get this app Save time money and energy shopping in the convenience of your home If you haven t ready downloaded this app you need to right now Don t wait                     Tommy Vise
Very good There s a lot of really cheap and good stuff You only need to dig into the app to find the best prices sometimes there s a huge difference for the same product Me and some friends bought a lot of products and we didn t had any problems Use my code wktlddk to get up to 50 off your first order                     Fabio Sola
It s a great app The only thing I don t like about it is if you have a recommendation that you dont want to be on your recommendations you cant change it For an example I was looking for halloween masks and now I have s3x toys on my recommendations and I ve tried to block it but it doesnt let me Otherwise it s a great app especially since everything is so cheap                     Sadye Tvinnereim
Amazing what you can find on here Just like any online retailer especially one that sells stuff at an incredible discount you do have to be cautious and look carefully for what you want i e reviews pictures product info etc but in most cases the blue verified by Wish check mark doe make shopping easier I have bought way too many phone cases cables chargers and even a cool gaming mouse that were pretty decent quality and were REALLY cheap It s also fun to shop around                     Rj Achacoso
Honestly its a pretty handy app Just pay attention to item reviews and how many people have bought it Have gotten some excellent quality items off of here but also some that are meh But the support is really great about refunds for defective poor quality too small big items                 Dayna Bengert
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