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ownCloud, Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (ownCloud ,ownCloud Jelly Bean Workaround), brings ownCloud with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ownCloud apps has been update to version 1.5.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It was a phone memory picture and film storage..
  • I only want to upload videos when i am on wifi..

Overall Satisfactionc45
For me this is far far better than dropbox.
Thank you for all your hard work and have a fantastic day.
I recommend purchasing this app and support owncloud.
Fun & Engagingc46
Awesome Project.
Production Valuesc18
I'll give 5 stars once it's polished a little more.
I only want to upload videos when i am on wifi.
For Galaxy Note 3 User.
Security & Privacyc27
Updates & Supportc23
Seems the same as the free version.

Nexus 7 3g 32gb. found in 1 reviews
it's great for editing docs on the go :. found in 1 reviews
Works for me on the Nexus 7. found in 1 reviews
Working om. found in 1 reviews
Tripping over pebbles. found in 1 reviews
like in desktop sync client. found in 2 reviews
This has served as a great Ubuntu One replacement. found in 2 reviews
Awesome alternative to paid cloud services. found in 1 reviews
Rough around the edges. found in 1 reviews
This application is much good. found in 1 reviews
It's nice to be able to access the files in my ownCloud. found in 2 reviews
Hello guys. found in 1 reviews
Quick bug fixes. found in 1 reviews
watch video online. found in 1 reviews
delete everything off your phone and reinstall. found in 1 reviews
Seems the same as the free version. found in 1 reviews
Bought Hoping for Upgrades. found in 1 reviews
very useful and agile for lighter tasks. found in 1 reviews
File sync disabled by default. found in 1 reviews
Has definitely gotten better - but major issues with photo/ video sync. found in 2 reviews
Photo sync unusable as unreliable. found in 3 reviews
Keeps failing to upload files or create new directories. found in 36 reviews
but when trying to share I get unknown error while sharing. found in 8 reviews
Cannot sync folders at background. found in 4 reviews
Missing multi select and the ability to delete folders. found in 5 reviews
Can't select multiple files to upload from your device to the cloud. found in 21 reviews
Recently I have issues with instant upload not working though. found in 32 reviews
although "automatic camera upload " doesn't on my HTC One X. found in 10 reviews
Crashes on Nexus7 tablet running Android 4. found in 19 reviews
The app needs instant uploading of videos as well. found in 1 reviews
Instant upload doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy s3. found in 6 reviews
Missing calendar sync is a let down. found in 6 reviews
No way to specify the auto-upload location of photos. found in 6 reviews
external SD card rather than phone memory would be nice. found in 10 reviews
Unknown error occured message when I enter my server name. found in 8 reviews
I installed it number of times but does not connect to my server. found in 8 reviews
Won't let me connect to my local working owncloud server. found in 40 reviews
No actual file sync capability that I can find. found in 12 reviews
Cannot upload files and always seem to fail. found in 7 reviews
But the android app fails "The Server took too long to respond ". found in 8 reviews
It will attempt to upload the files. found in 25 reviews
The basic functionality is there: - very slow file sync - instant photo upload. found in 34 reviews
no SD card or location for choosing where to sync. found in 10 reviews
Application crashes at boot on android 4. found in 19 reviews
No way to select a folder for download. found in 8 reviews
For a paid app this is very buggy and photo upload. found in 35 reviews
Downloading multiple files crashes app/phone. found in 9 reviews
camera upload won't try again if it fails. found in 10 reviews
Unable to connect to my server and support is non-existant. found in 11 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download ownCloud for 0,79 € from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ownCloud app version 1.5.3 has been updated on 2014-01-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Add an ownCloud server now and get ... Your Cloud, Your Data, Your WayWelcome to the ownCloud Android App Add an ownCloud server, and have your private file sync and share cloud up and ...

Pretty poor experience Can t connect within home Wi Fi and I ve been searching all over the Internet for a solution and noticed there are plenty of users with similar problems Unfortunately I m wasting more time trying to make this work than actually using it They claim the issue might be the router but I ve been using Synology and others solutions without this issue Now I m thankfull for it as its a free alternative but an average user will not get this to work and its buggy Thanks         Lino Freire
Waste of time Use Folder Sync app instead This app can t sync photos from more than 1 folder Can t set up folder to folder sync operations It syncs photos from 1 folder as long as you don t lose network connection if you do it won t sync the pictures that are taken while the phone is off the network They have a long way to go to make this app useable However I did find the Folder Sync app will sync with ownCloud Much more flexibility and reliability     B. Leonard
Works as intended I made my own private server with a Raspberry Pi a week ago and so far I haven t had any issues The only two things missing are 1 Proper automatic background uploads I have to open the app for the photos to be uploaded automatically which misses the point a little 2 I want to automatically sync multiple folders not just one camera folder but that s not an option either                 Lucas Rohr
Difficult to share files but may find a way as i use it Dropbox is much simpler to use everything is obvious and based on well established conventions with owncloud it seems they have reinvented new ways to do everything         Emmery Rugge
Does what it is supposed to do for the most part but camera uploads are slow to start even when connected to wifi                 Christopher Lentz
Pretty solid app does what it needs to I wish it would look at external storage when as well Would rather use my SD card then my internal to save what I download                 Nathan Marrow
Love ownCloud but the login in the app just doesnt work for me Im unable to login with android                     Nord SEO
It works Very difficult to install server on Ubunto but worth the effort Look for installation instructions elsewhere                 Michael McCabe
Awesome app Just needs some more features integrated That s the only reason it s not 5 stars                 Carlos Thomas
Owncloud is awesome Seriously The only downside is you don t have Microsoft or Google s vast network but since you run the server your data is your own accessible anywhere with a LAMP stack server Love the service and the app is great too though I wish you could sync a folder from your phone to owncloud That would make things wonderful                     Xyler94
Works great for my use Just set it up as a fun project and turned on camera upload Which is slightly broken at least in Android 8 as it shuts the program down automatically like alot of things now Just pop it open one in awhile and it resolves it                     Nick Malinowski
The app works fine as far as connecting to my ownCloud is concerned however I particularly liked the option of automatically backing up my photos from my phone to my server I thought that I would set it up to back up over WiFi and when I connect to WiFi the app will automatically upload all new pics to the server It can t be further from the truth The app does not do anything automatically When I m not on the WiFi when the pic is taken it hangs in the queue and is not uploaded when I connect When I start the queue manually the app crashes randomly so some pics get uploaded others not It is extremely buggy and does not serve the purpose of fully automatic backup that I do not have to take care about Pitty         Jan Richter
love how easy it makes it to connect to my storage system only thing i d improve on is that Android throws a false app not responding error when uploading and occasionally closes out of the program because it thought it was frozen                 Kenneth Walters
auto upload stop working from time to time very annoying have to open the app and then pics start uploading but not always sometimes they stuck in waiting for wifi state even when there s already wifi connected             Stanislav Nilov
This app is so bad that I am finally giving up and removing both the app and the owncloud server I ve been running for years This app has one thing to do compare notes with the server and upload download the files accordingly Nobody knows what it does really it crashes all the time uploads don t complete unreliable and therefore useless Goodbye     Nikolaos Beglitis
Must have Has some minor issues here and there e g sometimes folders update under your fingers while you open them and you end up tapping on a different file or folder than the one you meant The search functionality needs some major rework however it s almost useless searches only current folder Apart from this works very well                 Davide Canali
Sometimes feels a bit wonky when syncing a large amount of files especially pulling them offline but otherwise a great app Does exactly what I needed of it                 Erwin Haasnoot
Always ask for app to choose not able to set default apps             Patrick Peter
Very basic in functionality No manual scheduling giving a certificate error while playing videos no way to upload full folder or exsiting photos to the server             Simerpreet Singh Jammu
Instant Upload doesn t work and that s the only feature I really wanted Bug has been reported for 2 years with no fix so I gave up waiting sorry         Tom P
File sync only happens if i open the app Syncing does not happen in background mode which makes it a bit inconvenient Should allow auto syncing every X minutes or automatically once a file has been changed             Dennis McFern
Pretty good app it seems the app would not backup the old photos from the camera folder when I turn on the backup option However it does backup the new photos since then                 Z Zhu
acceptable functionality but at times does not refresh file list in time between app and server For the level of functionality should be free             Alex S
app errors out on first screen collects only server url then fails on credentials that it never asks for     Christopher Horn
Mostly works well i have experienced some lags and app briefly stalling                 Ron J
Is a good app But I suggest that implementation a gallery                     Alex KH
When i try to connect i get this error Local copy could not be renamed try a different name Can anyone help me with this     gemakkelijkomtevinden
Works as expected Good alternative to dropbox if you want to self host your files                 William Johnson
Passcode makes no sense I put the passcode on the app and yes it prevents anyone from getting into the app without it but all you need to use is the file explorer on the device and you can see ALL files without the passcode why even have a passcode option         Michael Beran
Works great Sync my photos to my home server running OwnCloud                     Ronald Cronenwett
works as expected no issues that I have noticed                 Norman Alberding
Really helpful app if you have an ownCloud server                     Mortadelo Filomon
Keeps everything in sync no issues                     Michael Huckleberry
Always work as designed                     Steve Gelder
An excellent online storage solution                     Yannick Kirschhoffer
this app will crash and kept override old version which works regret has purchased this     Zhao Ximing
when i tried to log in this app always stop working     utihutabarat
great value if youre willing to put in the work on the local server although not to be confused with ease for the average user                 Tyler Brainerd
Generally useful but some bugs                 Peter Cook
Half baked sync Disappointed Only syncs the camera folder Doesn t sync pre existing files Choked when I selected a large number of files for upload Doesn t retry uploads you have to do it manually Doesn t let restrict sync to a specific wifi name or to avoid metered wifis The app project Syncthing fulfilled all my expectations so I migrated to it             Daniel d'Andrada
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