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Magisto , brings Magisto - Magical Video Editor with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Magisto - Magical Video Editor apps has been update to version 3.0.3930 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I just made the awesomest music video of my cat..
  • The best movie maker for videos and pictures app yet..
  • clear video with awesome effects and music..
  • HTC evo 4glte using slow motion camera and boom..
  • You could choose from many more songs than u can now..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Beyond Excellence Thee Best Video Editor App Hands Down Galaxy SIII.
It's pretty useless as a video edit tool.
The best movie maker for videos and pictures app yet.
Search elsewhere for a movie maker that actually works.
Fantastic app makes amazing videos and really simple to use.
More themes especially around the holidays and more music.
I love the surprise movie video that pops up in my email.
Also more theme options for free version.
I wish there were more theme choices.
Super love this app.
I love it sooo much.
Fun & Engagingc90
Easy and makes awesome videos with out all that extra work.
If you want fo make awesome videos.
I can just make an awesome video in seconds it's amazing.
It's pretty useless as a video edit tool.
More themes especially around the holidays and more music.
Works great I have GS4 I I have fun with this app.
Also more theme options for free version.
I wish there were more theme choices.
I thought it was simple and fun and easy to use.
It is really good always have fun using this app.
Tons of fun I can make a story out of any avent.
Family Friendlyc98
Really professional looking movies from my little family videos.
Great for quick family videos with a random effect.
I made my own family moments movie and you can too.
it's a great way to share family moments.
Has allowed me to create some fabulous new videos of my kids.
I use Magisto to create videos of my kids.
Social Aspectsc62
Thanks for making currently popular social media video sharing available.
wish you could tag when posting to social media.
Maybe ok for uploading stupid cat videos to social media.
Share with friends & family and they'll think You are the Editor.
Great fun and happy memories to share with friends and family.
constant popup to get premium and share with friends to download.
theres a social network waiting to be born here guys.
Production Valuesc68
and more effects should be an option too.
Does all the cool effects for u so shocked its free.
but cool effects.
Ease of Usec57
Why spend forever cutting and passing for simple videos.
This App turns my simple videos into astonishing clips.
Very fun and easy to use.
It is very fun and easy.
I enjoy this app verry much & Its super simple to use.
This is super simple to use.
Security & Privacyc44
30 minute lenght after all I paid premium account.
I hope I get that premium account.
Updates & Supportc37
Excellent customer service.
Length of movie could be a little bit longer for free version.
for free version at least make the time longer say 2min.

Very interesting and nice to have a film making. found in 9 reviews
This app is a great way to make memories about family and friends. found in 18 reviews
Omg love it it is so wonderful. found in 11 reviews
I love the surprise movie video that pops up in my email. found in 15 reviews
Good fun and excellent quality a thumps up definitely. found in 9 reviews
Really professional looking movies from my little family videos. found in 11 reviews
My son loves making videos with this app. found in 8 reviews
This is really fun doing memorable moments with Magisto. found in 8 reviews
great way to express your idea with the help of this app. found in 15 reviews
It makes a professional video clip effortlessly. found in 20 reviews
Grandkids are having a blast with this app. found in 7 reviews
a beautiful way of sharing special moments with family and friends. found in 16 reviews
I make funny videos on here using the sentimental theme. found in 7 reviews
This app works great makes me look like a pro at making movies. found in 8 reviews
and it turned it into something really funny. found in 8 reviews
Fun editing tool to make quick exciting videos. found in 8 reviews
The automatic sync with background music us just mind blowing. found in 27 reviews
Very fun and easy to use. found in 6 reviews
It is so easy to use and the results blew my mind. found in 10 reviews
This is the best app I have downloaded ever really helps with school projects. found in 5 reviews
Unfortunately I need to pay to save it to my phone. found in 355 reviews
Just needs the ability to upload to Facebook and instagram. found in 83 reviews
And we cant save movie without premiunm account. found in 79 reviews
I Cant Upload Any Of These Videos To Instagram. found in 18 reviews
after that I keep getting video processing errors. found in 47 reviews
Always says video processing failed when I try to upload a video. found in 43 reviews
Goes to FB authorization page and just keeps circling. found in 25 reviews
it will become more better if internet connection dont require. found in 84 reviews
It needs to allow us to save to gallery without paying. found in 77 reviews
Cool effects but cant share vids on fb. found in 26 reviews
Wish it could share to Instagram and save on phone versus online. found in 112 reviews
Stupid you have to pay to download ur video please make it free. found in 9 reviews
But its become excellent if the video can be upload to instagram. found in 112 reviews
Movie is good but no options to save vidio to phone. found in 19 reviews
it says package file invalid plzz do something about it. found in 50 reviews
Can't save the videos either as far as I can see. found in 142 reviews
Let be download videos for free & don't share private videos wid others. found in 28 reviews
Awesome app but there is no download for SD card. found in 56 reviews
Too bad you can download the videos easy without upgrading. found in 112 reviews
Upgraded to premium and the same issue presents itself. found in 62 reviews
But then of course you can't even share to Instagram. found in 112 reviews
Refuses to process videos on the Motorola Triumph. found in 66 reviews
However when I attempt to upload to Facebook it gets stuck authenticating. found in 83 reviews
:/ 2 you have to pay to download your videos - stupid. found in 509 reviews
Also there is no option to save the video in the phone memory. found in 87 reviews
Now if I try to make a video it just processes the video. found in 148 reviews
just wish I could download the videos to my gallery. found in 112 reviews
If we cant save the video to memory device. found in 142 reviews
Why wont it let me save it on my SD card. found in 56 reviews
Can't upload to instagram and the movies are short. found in 112 reviews
Im using htc one and this app doesn't work at all. found in 58 reviews
The free version doesn't allow you to add more than 10 photos. found in 87 reviews
because its ridiculous that you have to pay to save your movies. found in 355 reviews
it requires internet connection to upload your files. found in 84 reviews
Cant edit videos from gallery unless less then 3seconds. found in 87 reviews
Can't even make one video it says video processing failed. found in 95 reviews

The Magisto - Magical Video Editor is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Magisto - Magical Video Editor app version 3.0.3930 has been updated on 2014-01-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

Best video editing app in the history of video editing Awesome Great Awesome app, it does all the work and the end result is great This app is like having your own little ...

The app is too expensive The video quality is poor It pixelated my video when I have a high quality video and it cut the dimension of the video The instruction stated to go to settings to cancel subscription but when I go to settings it s only a white blank page Everywhere else I go on the app works but the settings Ridiculous Now how do I cancel     aal business
There are a bunch of apps that provide far more and far better features for free The very limited and uninspired effects available to you for free DOES NOT draw me into paying an exorbitant amount of money for a subpar app I would peruse through the play store and scope out my competition first before devolping an app that delivers far less than what s reasonably acceptable in 2019 I hope this was detailed enough And no I m not interested in trying again I have other apps Thanks     Benny B 91
It seems pretty easy to use and you don t need to subscribe to make a good video which is always important for people who are interested in videography or photography I started making videos about a year and a half ago and have upgraded all the editing apps I ve used to the pro version If I have a good experience with this app I ll be sure to buy the pro version                 Bethany Garns
Too much time consuming BS before I could even see if the app still works I used it a couple years ago and it was ok so I just tried to try it again but it took so long to get the app started that I m deleting u0026 moving on to one that won t make me watch a long commercial for itself first     Carolyn Boyle
Gave it 3 start because it seems to work But Yet another video making app that is still 1000000000x harder than just doing it on a computer All i want to do is add audio to a video lol and make the video longer Yes it is 6 seconds of basically gif Yes i want YOU to make it so i can make it longer without the use of at least 8 photo editing apps already temp charged me 1 but im canceling since simple things are still much harder than need be Yours truly The youtuber with a phone Omg             Wesley Larson
Love the Magisto video editor app I have made great videos with this Will be upgrading to the pro version so I can use it for my business as well The free version is good as well the variety was decent for free and the price for making single videos to upload is really cheap if you don t want a monthly subscription                     Stacey reeves
I would describe it more as a Template Movie Maker I think Video Editor is misleading because you are pretty limited in how much you can actually manipulate video             Elijah Vazquez
Extremely bad app No features I deleted it yet it charged monthly subscription With few hours i canceled subscription yet it charged me for entire month Complete fraud Don t subscribe Cheat Fraud app     Richa Mongia
Omg horrible app I was promised a free trial for a week You would assume that means I wouldn t be charged until the end of the week yet I was charged 21 after agreeing to a one week free trial Now i m stuck with this thing that isn t even worth 21 for a month Don t download this app it s a scam     Candy Lover143
Won t let you edit the amount of time pictures take up won t let you customize where you want the music to start and unless you pay money let this sync in you can t upload more than 10 pictures per project     Queen Valencia
Wasted time IMHO It could be a good App but I ve not achieved the result I waited for and I have also lost a lot of time and internet traffic         Ruslan Usenko
Worst app ever Completely useless I did not even use the app and they charged me 27 00 When I asked them to refund my subscription fee they refused to refund the whole subscription fee and asked me to refer to refund policy and terms and conditions Disgrace     Rajendra Saha
It says in app purchases But its not true You can only have a trial but you still need to link your payment method to be able to access the trial Thereafter it is 260 a month Terrible     Jacqueline Henning
Quick and easy to use completely customizable and the purchased version is even more incredible                     Logan Ecclestone
It is an amazing app But I cant download my own videos I shared with a friend who joined and we didn t get free downloads             Abby Chamberlain
I cant confirm my email even though the email has been sent to me twice and i opened the email and pressed confirm multiple times App keeps prompting me to confirm my email and its annoying             genine s
Very minimal editing Can t even edit music or theme after selecting You have to start over everytime         Sam Ile
Bad really bad I hope it dont charge anything from me as I spend 2 hours trying to cancel my subscription after 5 minutes I downloaded it     Ademar Goncalves
Beware of the loophole in free trial terms They give you a date tell you it s free until then BUT in the fine print it says can charge 72 hours BEFORE free trial expires That s NOT a free trial That s just dishonest and dodgy It s a shame because I really liked the ap Easy to use Makes good vids Just dodgy fine print     Christy J
Great app But sometimes unbearably slow in creating videos I ve been doing one for 4 hours straight Madness There s also no way of stopping it once it has started so I hope it doesn t start using my mobile data once I disconnect from wifi Why is it taking so long this time             Simphz Lwiz
Annoying crashes So you spend half an hour choosing the pictures and videos to upload recently it s been taking longer as it constantly shifts you to the top of your media list and you have to scroll down dozens of times to get back to the week you were choosing from and then it takes ages to upload and eventually it sometimes just shows you an error and you have to start all over again And all this mess for your money Won t even let you change the sequence of media in your video             Anastasia Nutrikhina
This platform has been an amazing resource to use for dynamic and engaging presentations I recommend Magisto without hesitation                     Pro-Teks Power Washing and Wood Care LLC
Had a bit of trouble downloading the video kept failing but cleared the cache and tried again and it worked fine Video came out awesome                     jaffar hamandi
Underpowered and overpriced the professional tools provided by this app are garbage advertises itself as a video editing app but really it just combines your selections to a slide show are we at the office with next to no esiting options 20 is a ridiculous price to pay for these features you could easily accommplish with a free editor on a pc save your money Buyer beware     Dave RambleOn
I liked this at first and i didnt care that you couldnt change the photos around but seriously there was no way for me to do my own editing WITHOUT BUYING SOMETHING it looked nice but i just hate it please fix this Editor recently kids have been getting into editing their photos into videos if you dont want them on your app simply say its for buisness only like seriously more kids get editing apps than adults     Mrs. Meowsers
I m not sure what the point of having a free version is if you can t do anything with it I completely understand why some features wouldn t be available in the free version but I ve yet to find a single thing you can do with the free version All I wanted to do was take a minute long section out of a longer video and that s not an option in the free version so I got curious what was and the answer I ve come to is nothing     Kayla Esmond
Why am I paying so much money for an app that doesn t function properly half the time Also it would be awesome if we had more video options to choose from seeing as how we are paying for this monthly I am tired of seeing the same thing over and over again It s a great app but if the bug isn t fixed and updates aren t made I m taking my money to another app         Mami Unforgettable
I love this app its so helpful and I haven t had any issues with it so far                     Meeko Ej
It s not a good app as I expected You have to pay to download or save your video But its effects are good         Siddharth Giri
It s just straight forward I mean the down part of it is it just takes a few minutes to create but other than that it s great                 Thrives for Revenge
Magisto you made a great app But there is one problem When I try to share the video to YouTube it cannot pick up my YouTube account It sits on loading forever Please either fix or let me download it I would just download it but I do not have a dollar to pay for a 30 second video             ewan egan
I am trying to find a good video maker but this seems to be one of the worst I hate how you can t design your own video or choose your edits It forgot a few photos of some of my edits I also don t like how you can only put 15 sec 30 secs and so on I wanted to have 25 secs once but I could only choose between 30 and 15 Would not recommend     Victoria Gann
I never leave reviews but this app is seriously awful Little to no actual customization ability and they charge enough that at LEAST you could let us do something besides just selecting pictures and music No control over length no actual control at all This is seriously the worst app Ive ever had the misfortune of thinking was worth the 4 99 for premium You should be ashamed for charging so much for essentially nothing Gross     Hannah Adel
App said I had a free 7 day trial but charges me 19 99 that same day I noticed 4 days after so I canceled the subscription and instead of getting my money back they extended my subscription for the rest of the month since apparently it has been paid for already 7 day free trail what a lie DON T DOWNLOAD THIS APP     Mru0026Mrs Silva
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