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Magma Mobile , the publisher behind many Android apps (Connect'Em ,Bubble Blast Halloween ,DroidSense Lite - Adsense tool ,Tap And Furious (TAF) ,AndroLib Wallpapers ,Bubble Blast !), brings Burger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Burger apps has been update to version 1.0.10 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Haha nice background music and good graphics..
  • Makes working in a fast food environment seem like fun..
  • relaxing game it take my mind off of stress..
  • Its super fun and gives yoi just enough challenge..
  • Works decently for a quick game or a rank challenge..

Overall Satisfactionc83
Me knows that me favorite food is a Burger to be more.
Needs to be more time.
I am loving this amazing game its just simply perfect.
I recommend this game to anyone who has a lil time to play.
Thank you for making a impressive and wonderful game.
My daughter loves this game and she is only 4 years old.
One of the best games i downloaded really fun and challenging.
install this game its very good best games i ever play.
This game is one of my favorite games.
Love dis game so awesome and kul i love eatin burger.
Nothing interesting in dis game.
Fun & Engagingc80
Awesome game loved it jus so perfect addictive.
Very addictive game can keep you occupied fot hours.
Its super fun and gives yoi just enough challenge.
Very fun game so addicting best game ever I love it.
Love this game good game to kill time very hard to put down.
Nice fun simple fast paced game that keeps you wanting more.
Great game I play it for hours at a time.
A very fun game i play on it all night.
Family Friendlyc85
it is good for everyone to play even for kid.
Quick fun game to play and easy for kids to play.
It's a really great game something for the whole family to enjoy.
Replay Valuec69
Me knows that me favorite food is a Burger to be more.
Needs to be more time.
Graphics are awesome and it get more challenging as you advance.
It needs to advance quicker and be more challenging.
it gets very repetitive abducted I get bored fast.
Very repetitive and boring game.
Love this game need to add more levels and items.
Hope they add more levels and different food items :.
This game gets a little repetitive sometimes.
This game gets boring adter the first level.
but career moves slowley without much variation so gets repetitive.
Its okay but it gets very boring after awhile uninstalling.
Production Valuesc86
Fun game great for memories and follow intructions for kids.
its very clear in picture color and sound effects are excellent.
Cute graphics weird lunches EVERYTHING.
Cute graphics and no technical issues on Acer Iconia tablet.
Ease of Usec69
Nice fun simple fast paced game that keeps you wanting more.
It's a little too easy in the beginning.
Is simple and addictive.
easy medium hard.
A fun app which i havent had any problems with so far.
I enjoy it a lot and havent had any problems with it.
kills my battery though.

gets the brain working trying to beat the clock. found in 10 reviews
Nice fun simple fast paced game that keeps you wanting more. found in 41 reviews
Just the game of mindless fun I've been looking for. found in 13 reviews
My son loves this game because he like creating his own burgers. found in 32 reviews
Made me fell really ready for a burger and fries though. found in 7 reviews
Great game I play it for hours at a time. found in 38 reviews
fun casual game w nice clean graphics and animation. found in 5 reviews
OMG this game is so much fun & it is FREE. found in 12 reviews
This is a fun and entertaining game with cool challenges for all ages. found in 29 reviews
its a good hand and eye coordination challenge. found in 47 reviews
Cool and timepass game. found in 11 reviews
Highly addictive and helps a lot with hand eye cordination. found in 37 reviews
What a beautiful game. found in 6 reviews
Very nice game a little hard at times though but very addicting. found in 54 reviews
Like the game good boredom buster. found in 7 reviews
It's a fast-paced addictive game that keeps your mind sharp. found in 8 reviews
This game is a perfect time passer & brain exerciser in 1. found in 63 reviews
It gives me something to do and helps me with remembering stuff. found in 11 reviews
Cool I live this game so Michigan is rea. found in 8 reviews
it keeps you on your toes and sharpens visual acuity. found in 14 reviews
After a while it becomes very repetitive and rather boring. found in 42 reviews
Great fun but gets a little boring at the end. found in 41 reviews
The game is okay but it became boring after the first few levels. found in 6 reviews
I like the game but it gets boring fast. found in 14 reviews
Takes super long to add ingredients and earning money is pointless. found in 7 reviews
can get alittle boring and repetitive without regularly getting new items. found in 12 reviews
Great game to pass the boring time. found in 5 reviews
Jus wish the icons for burgers cheese etc. found in 3 reviews
The game is great overall but it takes to long to get new items. found in 188 reviews
You should be able to use the money and needs to be more challenging. found in 111 reviews
Gets boring after the first few levels. found in 10 reviews
but gets boring quickly since its so repetitive with little variation. found in 18 reviews
Can get repitious but I still enjoy playing this. found in 4 reviews
It's okay for the first little bit but gets repetitive quickly. found in 27 reviews
wish you could earn more "toppings" and "sides" quicker. found in 5 reviews
Kind of fun at first but gets boring way too quick. found in 8 reviews
gets boring after awhile of doing the same thing over and over. found in 21 reviews
This is fun but it needs to give more ingredients more often. found in 33 reviews
Also don't appreciate the adds in my notification bar. found in 21 reviews
plays well but after a while can get pretty repetitive and boring. found in 14 reviews
This game sucks so bad I mean seriously this sucks. found in 14 reviews
Its okay but it gets very boring after awhile uninstalling. found in 21 reviews
its endlessly repetitive and boring. found in 14 reviews
It needs to advance quicker and be more challenging. found in 13 reviews
Very repetitive and boring game. found in 42 reviews
lacks any real challenge other than having to hit. found in 37 reviews
But can get a little boring. found in 41 reviews
And it gets boring fast. found in 14 reviews
As soon as it spammed my notification bar I uninstalled. found in 21 reviews
Worst game ever put into exsistence. found in 17 reviews
Nothing to work towards. found in 92 reviews
Its stupid and hard to play. found in 15 reviews
This game becomes boring quickly. found in 18 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Burger for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Burger app version 1.0.10 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 1.5 and up

Want to be a master-chief?A burger-serving game is coming now for your best enjoyment in a free version with the Magma Mobile s touch You are hired in a chain restaurant to serve clients as ...

Satisfying and fun but there should be less stages between unlocks because it gets boring after a while I think it should have a game mode called Endless where you have no time limit One problem is the suspense at the end of a level and the volume of the buzzer That gets me every time Otherwise it s a good game                 Anthony Guarino
Learnt to assemble quickly game isn t good enough because of huge amounts of ingredients for giant burgers with less amount of time for making it and others as well before time ends for both timers given for assembling Most important and annoying problems are if any food is placed wrong on making quickly due to shortness of time then automatically everything is vanished and I have to remake it again quickly and I didn t have enough fun due to shortness of time and disappearing immediately             Arafabrar Hossain
I hadbthis game for about 0 5 45 and this whole time I had this game it has been horribly boring I m not trying to be rude or offensive but this game has to be more entertaining and active P S The time has to be a little longer P S S You need to add more stuff P S S S Make this game allow upgrades to your kitchen P S S S S Add costomers Thank you for your time reading my experience from this game I give this app     Cintrix Manager
Really fun and challenging My only issue is with the position of the order I play using my right hand only on both my phone and tablet and my hand gets in the way Would prefer the order to be on the left side                 Carol Domingo
Very fun and lovely game I would like to add like a salad and chips or double orders with Coke and specifick coldrinks or coffee But very fun game                     Cherise Oosthuizen
In my opinion I think that is one of the best games out there There s good grafics if it is a spelling error im sorry im not a good speller I like the way you put in what day it is as the level one problem when you added a new thing to yoos sorry for the spelling error agein I m like finely its here I m in the 30s levels and last thing I got to yoos sorry again was on day 21 that s the only thing I want you to fix other then that this is my 3rd favorite game I ever played                     Manny Dyers
The controls are not very good I would try sliding the pieces and it d take to many try to get them to move If the wasn t an issue I d rate better but for now I am uninstalling and may reinstall later to see if this get fixed         Bridgett LaRive
I love the game but just wish it wasn t such a long time to get new menu items added I will uninstall it if it keeps being such a long time between Doesn t challenge me             Ronda Larimore
I have been playing this game since i was 6 and i am now 12 Also when i upgrade in my devices i always end uo redownloading this game So this game has always been the go to game that i play when i am bored or just on road trips chilling in the car                     Alana Mckinnon
this is a very nice and interesting game i am playing this game since I was 5 there is small issue that someone complete the goal of thay eralier than the time then next to be started so the time shouldn t waste                     Eeshal Nasir
Relaxing and fun I don t eat meat or dairy so the burgers I make I imagine are all meat and cheese substitutes and yes such things exist and are quite delish Also the game has the best burger builder game art This developer needs to hire this artist for more games He or she is very talented                     N D
Please read this review fully u0026 think of it This game literally improves my concentration u0026 multi tasking skills It s fun to create my own burger the time attack mode is a great game mode for developing our speed as well as the concentration                     Indu Indu
I remember playing this YEARS ago and it still holds up today Lots of fun and improves your concentration                     Diane Kohler
This was fun making the burgers but I wish you could actually give the ordar to the customers and that the time depended on the line of customers instead of just running out of time But this game does get boring after a while             Sylvanna Ashby
Wonderful Helps me with my hand and eye coordination                     Agnes Mark-Gomez
decent game that doesn t take up a whole lot of space hoping for some decent updates in the future that allow you to save the money you earn to buy upgrades or something                 Queen Skitz
This game is a lot of fun You have to be really quick to keep up Very challenging                     Mary Ryan
Its a fun experience an its actually good for your body and mind its helps with your reflex and your mind by remembering where the thing                     NyAirah Simpson-Artis
It is a very addictive game And it can really give u that extra push you need for the day Its a very good game to start ur day                     Azari Humphrey
you can even install it on laptop its good i love its even better on a phone than laptop thanks for this game keep up the good work u003d                     Lapis SweetSugar
It is the most boring game in the world go away and get of the internet bugface did you make this video for 5 years case my brother is thinks it s terrible     Saiba Salah
great game to release stress and kill time a light type of game awesome                     yaya kiut
Very nice game Helps us to get fast and good game I like it bcuz it forces a person to play it                     Afrah Tajammul
This game is one of my favourite games It is a time killer and very fun and addictive to play with But can you please add the feature to customize your own restaurant Also add some events to make the game fun Hope this game the best                     Heinz Ketchup
I already enjoyed this game since junior highschool but it s too simple I hope there s like more story into it and something to upgrade Or maybe some monthly events could make it more enjoyable                     Indira Nureva Prastika
really enjoy this game time flies when playing give it a try                     Diane Roberts
used to play it all the time untill it started glitching then it was horrible                     Flora Adkins
AMAZING This game is so addictive and fun at the same time whenever I m bored i go straight to this game if i didn t have this game i wouldn t know what I d do definately recommend                     A Google user
its fun you get topings but not every day and no ads                     Michaela Busuttil
Quite entertaining keeps me busy when I need it                     A Red Spark
wonderful game love it to death its very relaxing and then i love to cook i love all cooking games they are the best ones                     Vanessa Davis
it s fun it really helps to pass time quickly Also the graphics are good and it is a very amusing game to play                     morgan hemish
It so a good game it rushes you wich makes you rush                 Vanessa Johnson
i like this game Its good because it doesn t contain ads But the items unlock very late             A Google user
I think that the game is fun because there mission in the game and you can create different types of burgers                     A Google user
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