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Ksmobile , the publisher behind many Android apps (CM Task Killer ,Battery Doctor ,Clean Master), brings Battery Doctor with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Battery Doctor apps has been update to version 4.6.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Sooo many more features than my previous Task Manager /Battery Saver..
  • mind blowing app plz try it must once a time..
  • This is very useful and user friendly application..
  • It shows me & help monitor my battery life's span after charging it..
  • Guys I've tried almost all battery saving apps including the paid one's..

Overall Satisfactionc95
This app is one of the best battery managers I've used.
THANK YOU BATTERY DOCTOR for helping me enjoy my phone all the more.
Awesome product thanks to developers.
Superb app highly recommend lots of great features for a free app.
I'd love the new UI.
Awesome app I love cm family.
Best in the world helps a lot.
Fun & Engagingc97
Like this is d most awesome battery saver app.
Most awesome battery saver i ever had :.
Awesome battery saving technology software.
It saves time and has a nice GUI.
It is very usefull apps for the batterry long life.
This is a very useful battery manager for my devices.
I love it it is very helpfull app.
Repeat Valuec100
This app saves me hours of battery I absolutely love this app it's great.
Phone went from 8 hours of battery life to 20.
Production Valuesc65
Does everything it says and has an easy interface.
Easy interface and does what is expected.
I liked the old interface much better though.
Ease of Usec99
Does everything it says and has an easy interface.
Easy interface and does what is expected.
Rather useful and simple app.
Nice and simple app great.
Ads not Intrusivec68
Battery Doctor App on my S5 works beautifully.
when I unlock charging wallpaper battery doctor is unfortunately stopped.
This app is one of the best battery managers I've used.

Great app best free battery optomizer out there. found in 10 reviews
Battery Doctor App on my S5 works beautifully. found in 1985 reviews
It's good application which helps to save Battry life. found in 6 reviews
l only suggest u to use battery doc and feel yourself. found in 108 reviews
Work's great allways keeps me posted on unnecessary apps running. found in 12 reviews
I love this app-my battery lasts almost twice as long. found in 17 reviews
but this definitely exceeded my expectations when it TRIPLED my battery life. found in 5 reviews
This application works tremendously for my LG G2 on Verizon. found in 9 reviews
awesome app has saved alot of battery power. found in 26 reviews
Excellent battery management and program killer in one. found in 26 reviews
Best in the world helps a lot. found in 4 reviews
My mobile battery backup is good after installed this app. found in 30 reviews
the app saves me loads of battery life. found in 6 reviews
sometimes the battery doctor battery status is fade away. found in 68 reviews
I love it this app works wonders on my HTC sensation 4G. found in 5 reviews
Works a charm boost my battery life loads well happy. found in 9 reviews
This app is one of the best battery managers I've used. found in 771 reviews
Helps to maintain battery usage and life. found in 13 reviews
simple & nice widget allow for battery optimization in one click. found in 10 reviews
This battery optimizer actually does what it is supposed to. found in 12 reviews
Nothing happened battery still draining as usual. found in 12 reviews
I liked when it showed another app that delete junk files. found in 12 reviews
After installing Battery Doctor and using it for a few days. found in 14 reviews
Need to automatically close open apps that are not in use. found in 13 reviews
Ads ads ads. found in 3 reviews
my phone shuts off at 97% to prevent overcharging. found in 5 reviews
It really needs improvement my battery doesnt stay charged. found in 9 reviews
Its good but not the best. found in 4 reviews
generally conflicts with other apps and has far too many permissions. found in 6 reviews
The widget doesn't always show proper battery percentage. found in 5 reviews
Not as good as battery widget. found in 5 reviews
just wish the percentage and notification icon would work. found in 9 reviews
and it doesn't save as many minutes as it used to. found in 8 reviews
Please add tap switcher in notification bar like old versions. found in 43 reviews
Recent update doesn't allow me whitelist certain apps anymore. found in 8 reviews
Have I killed my battery or is it the App. found in 13 reviews
the Battery Doctor Lock Screen appeared suddenly. found in 32 reviews
Keeps turning off my Norton Anti Virus. found in 4 reviews
but the estimated time left for my battery is not correct. found in 10 reviews
Battery doctor automatically sets the screen timeout to 10mins everytime. found in 7 reviews
Force closes on Droid Razr MAXX HD. found in 20 reviews
dead phone after uninstall. found in 8 reviews
the aggravating charging screen. found in 16 reviews
Drained my battery faster than before I installed. found in 10 reviews
Apps are constantly 'stopped responding' even Home screen. found in 21 reviews
my battery still draining faster n crash my phone. found in 23 reviews
install d my phone still fast low bat. found in 11 reviews
But it only shows you the battery status bar. found in 20 reviews
Removed: serious power hog. found in 8 reviews
Causes an error in notification bar and close the system iu. found in 43 reviews
This app sucks I lose 5% battery in like 2 minutes. found in 11 reviews
Killed my battery very quickly everyday since I installed it. found in 13 reviews
The battrey screen saver not work properly on htc desire vc. found in 17 reviews

The Battery Doctor is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Battery Doctor app version 4.6.3 has been updated on 2014-01-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Battery Doctor, professional battery saver charging your battery for free.Do you need an app that can help maintain the battery and maximize your battery life? Battery Doctor is the official, highly praised, and professional battery ...

I have been looking apps that can help my problem about charging and battery Intalling and unintalling But this app seems give me a satisfaction for now Thanks to the developer                 Jerson Simon
Pretty good but I miss the speed charging In addition my battery charges in half the time that the Battery Doctor says so if it takes my phone and hour and a 1 2 to charge Battery Doctor says 3 hours so there s a glitch in your matrix but it works                 Patricia Homan Davila
I m not seeing any progress with it plus it doesnt tell you what it did to optimise the battery like which apps did it close     Downeko
Best app It really cooled my battery in 60 seconds It has increased my phone s battery life a lot I recommend this app                     Aniketh Desai
It worked saving my Galaxy s8 battery However the notification cleaner is annoying asking multiple times if an app is providing junk notifications I turned this feature off because of that                 Carson Alberding
I am samsung note 9 user it really works Solve my battery drain issue thanks 5 stars                     Daniel Yan
it seems to do what it says it does yet it does NOT display app battery usage percentage like shown I m disappointed because that s the entire reason I downloaded the app             World Conquer
intergrade cooler saver and saving mode into 1 system that way processing will be faster then it is please try it if people like it they will post it             AJTactial 45acp
awesome had a Samsung S7 that needed to be charged every 12 hours now works all day or more with a single charge                     Cesar Duque
Great app just to many ad s that slow down what you are doing                     Will Turner
Its good at what it does but have room for improvement like this little lockscreen glitch im experiencing                 Karlon Mclean
tablet over heating went to cool down option and it cooled it down hand was over heated and now its not                     LT FreeBorn
this is the worst battery saving app i have ever seen it was such a disappointment when i realized that it made my battery worse than before     Sorlag
Ok it does work but very annoying pops up to much this is the kind of app you shouldn t even know it s there         Steven Sommers
Unable to close apps or close any background apps whatsoever     Dede Thompson
keeps my battery life long like its suposed to do good job keep up the good work                     MTH PH
Very useful and it protecting battery life                     Faola Folagboye
Very good app I always used this for my android                     aziz ahmed
usefulll very good excellent app for battery                     Md mudassirq
Good for battery optimization Long battery life as well phone runs smooth without lag Improves mobile performance too Loved it                     Avinash Mirajkar
I can only choose the mine mode and the rest of the modes I tried doesn t work and only keeps going back to mine so I can only activate the mine     Jerick Villanueva
Drains phone quicker Also it doesn t do what I installed it for which was to stop phone powering off when it reports having 30 charge left     Barry Graham
Works Great for me on my LG K8V but since i got my new phone it doesn t work for me and I am lowering my opinion will give higher grade when it works better on an Alcatel Avalon V     E.M. Schaefer
my phone is burning hot and this stupid app keeps saying battery temperature is 38 C haven t used this app for long tho will update the review         Muzahidur Rahman
Too many ads     Prem Arsh
for the previous version i will give u 5 star because that was very familiar to me but in this new version i can t understand anything worst ever         Sayeed Ibne Saif
It Realy Saves Battery Life My Battery Life Extended To 3 hours But their is a little problem sometimes this app crashes for no reason                 JustAwesome
fast charge for sumsung j7 and battery saver too my phone only full in 37 minutes straight                     Joshua Pilapil
It s good but I don t like the ads I m not sure there s a way to pay to get rid of them but I feel like it should be an option                 Zahira Arana
it doesnt really do anything except have an annoying popup and tries to push ads     Mark
It s a great app for Android Give us like this software                     Romjan Romjan
this is really great app it does fast charging plus makes battery last for long so i would totally reccomended this app                     drawing world with kids
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