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Djinnworks e.U. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Wingsuit Stickman ,Stick Stunt Biker 2 ,Stickman Games : Summer Full ,Stickman Tennis ,Dwarven Hammer ,Line Runner 2), brings Stickman Cliff Diving (Free) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Stickman Cliff Diving (Free) apps has been update to version 2.7 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I find this the most challenging game by this developer..
  • Fast paced..
  • High score 12300 great game make a 2nd plz..
  • which to me is a formula for an awesome game..
  • It's super fun and there are not a Ton of adds..


Keeps me occupied during the day when I'm bored. found in 4 reviews
Now I'll never get to sleep. found in 6 reviews
I absolutely love stickman cliff diving. found in 145 reviews
So active better then any of the other cliff diving games. found in 184 reviews
Otherwise a real fun time passer. found in 15 reviews
a fantastic time waster that is hilarious to win or lose. found in 92 reviews
This will keep you entertained for hours a great app :D Exelent. found in 8 reviews
Better than the non stick man version in my opinion. found in 267 reviews
Stickman diving. found in 46 reviews
FINNNNEEE I RATED IT HAPPY NOW its a really fun game thx. found in 13 reviews
Great game sweet time killer easy controls. found in 47 reviews
I like stickman games but there is too much ads. found in 8 reviews
It's a good game but gets boring after a while. found in 22 reviews
This app is great but I can't get past level 6. found in 31 reviews
if it didn't start you over from the beginning EVERY time. found in 10 reviews
I wish you had more lives but over all its fun. found in 8 reviews
Too many annoying ads. found in 4 reviews
but it could be easyer to control. found in 7 reviews
It's a good game but it has WAY to many ads. found in 38 reviews
It would be a lot better without ads. found in 3 reviews
Good games but to many adds every time you fail. found in 20 reviews
but it sucks to restart from level 1 when you fail. found in 27 reviews
and it's frustrating having to start from the beginning each time. found in 105 reviews
Installed this game three times because it keeps crashing. found in 5 reviews
It was fun at first but now kinda boring. found in 6 reviews
It would be cooler if u didn't have to start over after 3 strikes. found in 105 reviews
The game itself is good but the ads are really annoying. found in 3 reviews
You'll probably uninstall after a day or two. found in 2 reviews
TURN OFF WIFI/DATA FOR NO ADS. found in 2 reviews
It was really fun but i couldnt get past level 1. found in 33 reviews
Really charging someone to remove ads y'all are retards. found in 17 reviews
Can't get past level two no matter what you do. found in 31 reviews
then the fact that its basically impossible to beat the second round. found in 17 reviews
The game sucks it gives me bad rates for perfect dives. found in 37 reviews
Way to many ads that are 15sec to 45sec. found in 38 reviews
Shouldn't be so difficult to beat the first level. found in 17 reviews
I know they need to make money but this is ridiculous. found in 33 reviews
Frustrating when you have to start all over again after failing a level. found in 15 reviews
Uninstalled immediately after having to restart from jump 1. found in 53 reviews
Won't count any front flips as complete please fix this. found in 26 reviews
Worst game I ever played SO BORING. found in 28 reviews
But to get past the first level its taken me forever. found in 31 reviews

The Stickman Cliff Diving (Free) is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.7 has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Get your kicks and jump down the highest and most dangerous cliffs all over the planet 5 million downloads for Stickman Cliff Diving on iOS 5 million people addicted to Stickman Cliff Diving can`t ...

Once you learn what to do this is a good timewaster game play the tutorial first and pass and play with friends             Ned Wilcox
difficult controls dont always respond doesnt react to the right tricks overall bad     Chicken Bap
purchased app got an immediate rating nag not cool can t even leave me alone for 5 minutes to enjoy my purchase ok then heres your rating     Seattle Rex
this game is amazing and it is easy                     A Google user
This game is very fun I used to play it 4 to 5 years ago                     A Google user
fun and easy                     Official Fia
this game has no downsides                 Harry Shilliam
my best No Internet Needed wait time game                     King Zosa
Good but simple                 EdDiE m
This game is rigged it says I didn t do a backflip or frontflip and I did it         Fernan Crack XD
this game keep resettinge to beginning so 2         A Google user
HELLO DEVELOPER PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER hey I paid for the upgrade of 5 chances u0026 no ads on an old phone how can I get that transferred                     M. A. Griesser
It s not bad but it just SOOOOWWWWW HARD         Monika Myszko
You suk haters People haters say you can t get past lvl1 well actually TRY                     Jessica Jones
I have not playd the game i just say op lop doop ugly scp tato                 Nicole Liggett
love this game                     Brandon Peifer
this game is gay     Kagen Larson
finger my poo holl     Damien Daysh
Fun I guess                     A Google user
Absolutely i trusive advertising Cant skip out and have to wait for 30 seconds before i can even return to my home screen I uninstalled it after a couple of days of dealing with this Just give me a paid version so i can buy it and not have any ads         A Google user
most of the people complain they cant pass the first level you just suck hahaha patience is the key dont play this if youre tooo dumb tsktsk                     Don Patrick Alcantara
You can t even get off the first level Rubbish game no one play     Finn Syder
NO DONT PLAYAH DIS F ING GAME IT S A NIGHTMARE Reason one if you fail a maximum of three times and you have gotten so far you start at the menu screen Reason two the controls are rancid Third and final reason there is over 1000 lvls and there all impossible SO SERIOUSLY RECONSIDER GET ING THIS GAME     Sans kirby
This game is to hard if you fail the maximum amount of times you restart to the beginning so please do not download this game     The_reeboi 420
I m a high diver myself and this game has similar feel of kicking early and lining up the entry as real 10m and 100 ft diving                     A Google user
Brilliant concept Some adds but not too many so its very playable                     KON FAYMAN
Graphics are really bad and I can t pass the first level     A Google user
I can t pass the first level I don t recommend     A Google user
I have never played it but I am nice                     couchpotatogaming
FATTTT FLOPPY BIF SQUISHY POOOO                     ItZArvind Gamer
Dumb just plain dumb     David Bunn
Love all stickman of course less ad s are always more better                 Greg Williams
This app is bad bad bad don t get it     Phillip Cotton
This game is cool because you do flips and rating people                     lilSwaggyT 3
ITS AMAZING I love it so simple Thanks guys                     Nellybenelly
Not cross any level bore game         A Google user
Stickman Cliff Diving (Free) Sports Games Stickman CliffStickman Cliff Diving (Free) Sports Games Stickman CliffStickman Cliff Diving (Free) Sports Games Stickman CliffStickman Cliff Diving (Free) Sports Games Stickman Cliff

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