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Ksmobile , the publisher behind many Android apps (Clean Master ,Battery Doctor ,CM Task Killer), brings Clean Master with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Clean Master apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's an awesome and superb cache cleaner and speed booster..
  • THE BEST app for cleaning your phone & saving space..
  • saves time and boosts phone functioning..
  • especially those who play games alot..

Overall Satisfactionc97
It's an awesome and superb cache cleaner and speed booster.
Does a great job cleaning and speeding up my new phone.
so helpfull to my phone thanks for this app.
The best optimizer available on play store.
Totally recommended this app.
The best in the world I seen.
Fun & Engagingc96
Its the awesome cleaner I recommend all to use it.
It's the most awesome cleaner.
Awesome thanks for the application.
This app cleans everything unneeded off my phone.
nice and excellent and very usefull apps.
saves time and boosts phone functioning.
It keeps everything running at top speed.
Really helpful application to optimize my device memory.
The moust helpfull app I have ever downloaded :.
Using since one year very nice & useful software.
Production Valuesc99
excellent all round and very clear and easy interface.
Quick and clean easy interface.
Ease of Usec93
Does the job perfectly and a very clean and simple app.
Good clean and simple app that works.
excellent all round and very clear and easy interface.
Quick and clean easy interface.
Fast simple optimises helps the phone actually like a Dr.
It Was Fast Simple And Great.
I did a factory reset.
before installing this app i faced a lot of problems with my phone.
Haven't gotten any problems with my phone when I got the app.
Ads not Intrusivec53
So much ads and spam.
Security & Privacyc63
I use this in conjunction with their CM Security app.
Terrific 1st security app for new device user.
Cleans your system great my battery lasts alot longer now.
battery lasts longer and music doesn't skip.
Downloaded this in conjunction with this company's other app - Battery Doctor.
Had to uninstall it and only keep battery doctor.

Makes a difference in performance. found in 8 reviews
This app helps me keep my phone running in tip top shape. found in 16 reviews
Time saver and battery saver at the same time. found in 6 reviews
The best optimizer available on play store. found in 8 reviews
The best in the world I seen. found in 7 reviews
Protect my phone by means dump files n application. found in 7 reviews
Worked wonders for lagginess in my mobile. found in 6 reviews
Awesome app ever seen before I use. found in 4 reviews
Super service and mind blowing app. found in 12 reviews
Smoothest and most efficient cleanup app ever. found in 8 reviews
Allows you to either deep clean or quick clean your phone. found in 6 reviews
This is the best tool for optimizing phone memory and overall. found in 7 reviews
A very good and handy app. found in 4 reviews
you guys should make this app the app of the year 2014-2015. found in 4 reviews
this works like magic. found in 7 reviews
Very good aplication and it does good things. found in 24 reviews
I got rid of SO many games with a push of a button. found in 8 reviews
The moust helpfull app I have ever downloaded :. found in 8 reviews
love CM Backup & Boost. found in 7 reviews
Get your device running smooth as silk with this app. found in 5 reviews
Delete junk data within a second. found in 14 reviews
It's nice cleans junk files but asks to update everyday. found in 650 reviews
New permissions allow camera to take photos without you knowing it. found in 5 reviews
Don't even need anti virus if u have this app. found in 68 reviews
Can't create shortcut for 1 tap boost when using Apex Launcher. found in 3 reviews
This app is helpful to clean junk data. found in 11 reviews
You can't clear the browser history like other apps allow. found in 5 reviews
Please let us decide if want root access in settings. found in 8 reviews
Great app for removing junk files n much more n optimization. found in 8 reviews
it doesnt clean properly and big disapontament is. found in 8 reviews
keep asking me for a root permission. found in 5 reviews
Excellent but contains too much ads. found in 7 reviews
But i need help on moving apps to SD card which it failed. found in 45 reviews
and not committing to closing running apps/ force stop. found in 6 reviews
Please reduce the app size and data. found in 6 reviews
actually seriously slowed my phone down. found in 6 reviews
Really works with cleaning up junk my phone tends to accumulate. found in 39 reviews
The app sucks right now. found in 6 reviews
It asks many permissions idont want to give that many permissions. found in 7 reviews
Just hate how i have constant notifications to clean my phone. found in 6 reviews
Y this app need permission to access my phone calls. found in 6 reviews
you go to app manager and nothing changes anywhere. found in 32 reviews
Clear search history is not working. found in 7 reviews
Kill tasks at screen turn off doesn't work in Lollipop. found in 7 reviews
Slowed my phone down like hell & deleted some of my very important files. found in 6 reviews
App lock is missing. found in 12 reviews
So much ads and spam. found in 7 reviews
But t notification toggle doesn't work in t latest update. found in 22 reviews
My external sd card is not working abd picture deleted. found in 9 reviews
It's annoying that it keep deleting my apk file. found in 12 reviews
This app sucks whenever i off notification toggle. found in 6 reviews
I would give five stars but ignore list is not working. found in 9 reviews
The latest update says invalid package file will not install. found in 6 reviews
Doesnt clean my internet history. found in 8 reviews
Recent updates lock screens and force ads onto home screen. found in 27 reviews
This app wiped my SD card and pictures and videos. found in 7 reviews
Too many permissions. found in 7 reviews
The autostart manager can't get root access. found in 8 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Clean Master for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-01-14. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 1.6 and up

What is Clean Master?Clean Master is a Must Have app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, unused files, privacy history and app packages on android phone.Why choose Clean Master?Clean Master ...

I can have my phone shutoff completely the min I turn it on there are 875mb of junk files no matter if I clean it before shutting down Constant ads to upgrade as many as three in 60 seconds and some you cannot close it s back out of the app or just keep looking at it while the app cools the CPU or deletes junk files Otherwise I guess it s ok             Kathy Wortham
I don t like that it locks me out so often When I try to sign on it fights with my login box by quickly returning to the locked screen before my keyboard even has time to open It can take 6 7 tries to simply type my password There are so many adds that by the time I have run through all the cleaning processes I need to clean junk all over again Why can t it just do it all at once         Phyllis Cunningham
It cleans effectively and has options like cleaning photos and protecting WiFi Also you don t need Internet to use it There are very few ads You can buy the Vip but if you don t it doesn t stop you from using the app I ve had it for over a year now and it hasn t failed me yet 100 recommend X                     Kalina P
Just installed this app so havent really had a chance to experience much but i will say it does EVERYTHING My phone recently started slowing up so i would have to constantly go back n clear running apps all the junk n the cache on each app Very time consuming One push of a button n this app does it ALL n more So far im satisfied n recommend this app                     Tracey Kampes
very good app but I think there should be a users guide to better understand everything in this app I can t use the vpn on everything like wanting to watch tv stations that I pay for and sometimes posting videos on Facebook or sending to friends that s why I have to cut it off maybe there should be a guide on how and when to use it and I did pay for it and dark net is cheaper and one other thing is you can write what you want still get no answer from the makers of this app                     Mychael Bowler
I use it all the time and it helps clean all the little unused things off my phone for me and I don t have to go searching and PLUS it s free AND it s not one of those apps to flash random notifications in your face about how you need to clean or that your device has a virus and we all know that feel 10 10                     Nathan Swinson
Age 45 I found out I was ADD which explained a lot of my inconsistencies Age 47 and still doing my best to deal with a hunter gatherer brain very impulsive at this age still This app seems like a great way to teach me follow through with what I want from life I like the goal reminders helps rewire old habits and keeps me consistent with healthier ones Great app for people with ADD ADHD thank you                     Mathew Conrad
You issued an update yesterday 9 17 19 I didnt receive it Its not showing up in the playstore for me to update Please reissue the update cause this app has said it crashed 2 times today And then it said unfortunally clean mastet stopped working I really like this app so please reissue the update Thank you                     Robin Ridens
Suppose it can clean your junk files but it does not When I installed it start with 700 Mb and every time I m running the app found more and more junk files every time Now it s up to 8 5 GB of bunk files and if I run it again after 1 hour it will find 8 7 GB of junk files Click on clean 8 5 Gb junk files starts from 2 GB and goes down and at the end shows that 7 9 GB has been cleaned but later on found more junk files again Where the hell found 8 5 GB junk files every hour     Thomas Georg
If i could give it a zero i would With each update this app gets worse Boost runs shows the that needs to be boosted but never boosts the phone just says Done Junk Clean doesnt clean anything it says it does Antivirus hasnt found viruses on my phone other apps have The devs just send a canned response asking for screenshots regardless of what ur telling them They shouldnt need screenshots for every issue they should know their app better than that     C B
It s simple and easy to use and it s not packed with forced ads Only one per free function They also don t try to trick you into pop up hell by disguising the X to get to next cleaning app function Clean Master is Awesome                     Ken Leggitt
This app use to work great now it doesn t do anything doesmt hibernate my apps like it says it doesn t doesn t slow down my battery usage at all the Speed thing doesn t seem to work either what happened It s now a joke         spn FAMILY
Tells that I have residual files that has to be cleaned on my notification after deleting a app Turns out it deleted everything important to me instead not even showing me nor telling me what files from the deleted app it got eliminated off And the other files that used to show up after checking out what it recommended me to clean up is not there anymore Great job guys         Navid Sultani
Is there any way it is possible to transfer Google Play store balance details from one gmail a c to another Because I am unable to break the continuous cycle of trying to reset my gmail password on my original gmail a c but cannot receive a reset link Problem is I am receiving ads on devices with the new gmail account forced to have to pay again for VIP Premium I have paid for on my Google Play store on my original gmail a c                     David Clapperton
This is the best App that I have used I had tried other apps that showed 5m or 10m users and I ended up uninstalling because too many Ads too many interruptions and slowed my phone down                     Kim Kelley
Pretty good overall cleans your phone and helps it run better it has ads but for a free app that has huge benifits Had a VIP but i dont know if it actually geys rid of ads i havent looked at it                     Raging Blast
It was working nice but the updated one is not working properly It has three main problems 1 It shows inappropriate ads I tried to lock them but it was not possible 2 After sometimes it keeps open the apps though I select the option that after exiting any apps that should be locked instantly Sometimes it works but not always 3 Everytime showing the notifications that system needs to be cleaned which really disturb and waste the time beside making the system slow     Sahar Hassan
simple and easy to use lots of pop up ads but you can skip them instantly does seem to help and no problems si far                     Rafiq Dewshi
I love this app It actually cleans out all of you useless photos apk files and other junk It boosted my phone cleaned it out and made my games faster I highly suggest this app if your phone needs to be cleaned or boosted                     Fatrick Star
Doesn t kill ANY hardcore and even some basic viruses from the phone CPU cool down doesn t really do anything Junk file cleaning seems ineffective i should have 2 gigs by this apps cleaning power but only got about 7 mega bites Most of the stuff on here is pretty useless but better then absolutely nothing i suggest if you really want protection build you re own virus to hunt spyware and other virus in your phone             Spike Slice
Sorry but having to hit the back button 4 times for each choice because you have stuffed your app full of ads and NO its not free your app is history         Tim-Allan Holaday
A lot faster and intuitive that CCleaner I feel Clean Master is the best fit for my needs I only use it for cleaning up app junk and ram I recommend without a doubt                     barry romero
It does it s job really well but it does this thing now where it automatically opens whenever I open my phone It s been such an annoyance lately it s leading me to uninstall it         SS Tom
Loving it right out of the box so to speak Easy to use does it all Update 3 months of daily use no problems Still love it I have the paid version                     L. S. Whitney
ANDROID CRUSHED After installing this app my phone kept restarting repeatedly and showed Android Starting Initializing app 1 of 1 on booting This app demands too much It s activity is similar to a malware So I suggest to abandon this app     Samy OS1992
Simple easy to use and extremely affordable Always updating the antivirus and the cool down works great Must have especially for a modern phone Get the paid version its worth it                     Mat Harmon
Works as advertised I especially like the protected messages and junk notifications feature to harness an out of control flow of notifications especially from email and Facebook                     Randy B
Scam Glitches out my phone and for all I know tries to get in where it doesn t belong It doesn t help me at all and instead bothers me constantly with useless notifications Disappointing This app used to be amazing     Alex Lemmer
nice app and good and geouges app my suggestion is fo for everyone using touch phone s is that install this app for ur touch phone s for any kind of virius cleaning up as a antivirus cleaner in it to secure our phone s another suggestion is to lock the phone via help by clean master to be sure that virius can t harm the phone s thks                     Deepak Chand
Love the app also buy vip it makes the app more better No ads and scheduled cleaning is good that is featured in the vip The best cleaning app just cleaned 3 gb                     Andrew Cabantac
took away 2 stars because recently started taking 4 times as long to clean a certain of files and now we re back to not being able to cool phone from the cool phone option What s going on             Holly Lynne
It has everything you need Anti virus Check Junk file cleaner Check RAM and CPU booster Check Cools temperature Check Firewall for suspicious Wi Fi connections Check App locker Check Gives you notification privacy Check All this for free at the cost of ads But with VIP you get an UNLIMITED VPN and other benefits for less than what a single plate of food costs you which is 14 a month I love this app I suggest an extra layer of anti virus as a second opinion I use Kaspersky                     Josiah Thiessen
I ve used Clean Master for years and aside from the annoying ads this is a wonderful tool to keep my phone mini computer running lean clean and smooth                 Brandon imsdahl
Does everything you need cleans cools gets rid of junk and Frees up a lot of space So far I love it                     Tony Cunningham
Fast and Efficient Very good junk and virus cleaner Battery Saver u0026 CPU Cooler too                     Michael Almir
After using it for some months i am writing this First of all no matter how many times you clean it in a day It keeps showing we have 2 gb of waste Just to show that this app is working i know you people have created this But no one will like this Show really what is behind the scene I fed up with this irrelevant details and daily there will be one or other updates again which is of new use People just if you want some images showing everything is clean you can use this     Karthik M
FRAUD You pay for the VIP to get rid of the annoying apps I paid for it Nothing changes I emailed and asked for my money I said I didn t want advice or anything just my money Well of course they send me an email talking to me like I m stupid a d ignore what I had asked for I ve sent 4 emails and it s been over a week Now they won t reply and I still don t have my money back There are several apps that work as well as this one and won t commit fraud and ignore your emails     Jon Meharg
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