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CallApp Contacts , the publisher behind many Android apps (Dialer ,Call Log ,Favorites ,CallApp Contact Caller Dialer ,Reminders), brings CallApp Contact Caller Dialer with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CallApp Contact Caller Dialer apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • App fit..
  • Lots of detailed information at your finger tips..
  • had to restart my phone so the text messages would work..
  • Fantastic voice over Internet Protocol communication system..
  • Very useful information..

Overall Satisfactionc87
I love the birthday reminders and detailed information on unknown phone numbers.
Its the best caller ID /call blocker out there.
This is one of the best call as with the caller I'd features.
I just love being able to block people's phone calls.
Best dialer / caller ID/ phone book app out they.
It has a very wonderful feature.
It's lovely on Samsung galaxy note 3.
Love how it displays information of callers of multiple type.
Fun & Engagingc89
Awesome call screen.
It is very convenient and all-around awesome keep up the good work thanks Daniel.
Good to use And makes My phone fun.
Useful for identifying callers that u may not have in your immediate.
Absolutely helpful and it tells me everything I need.
Very useful information.
I love the app so much it's really helpful.
I love this app mainly because it helps me remember birthdays.
Saves time with unknown numbers.
Family Friendlyc99
It's simple and Interesting especially reminding me of my friends birthdays.
It's great it keeps me updated on all my family and friends birthdays.
It good to use this app and recommend to friends and family members.
good way to find long lost friends and family members.
Social Aspectsc51
Birthday reminders and social media interconnections plus more.
Pointless useless novelty feature for connecting social media.
It links all your social media accounts together.
Ease of Usec100
I love this makes my life easy.
Makes life easy.
Quick nd easy.
Gud nd easy.
Connection issues.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Cool feature really glad I downloaded it to my phone.
Great app gets people name FB straight to my phone.
Too many pop up ads to my phone.
Security & Privacyc16
Updates & Supportc81
Love the customer service.
Customer Service Office.
Take a time 2 respond.

I love the birthday reminders and detailed information on unknown phone numbers. found in 63 reviews
Useful for identifying callers that u may not have in your immediate. found in 6 reviews
It good to use this app and recommend to friends and family members. found in 3 reviews
Its the best caller ID /call blocker out there. found in 62 reviews
Love the customer service. found in 4 reviews
CallApp has been a great help identifying unwanted calls. found in 32 reviews
I loved this in lieu most other call apps. found in 415 reviews
Great app lets me know everything about whos calling me. found in 8 reviews
Best dialer / caller ID/ phone book app out they. found in 7 reviews
Block unwanted calls from people that are very annoying. found in 20 reviews
Callapp freezes and doesn't close after displaying missed calls. found in 15 reviews
It will not connect to do and google+ to complete registration. found in 43 reviews
Just upgraded to the Samsung S5 and it won't register. found in 14 reviews
but lately I am unable to post with the birthday app. found in 34 reviews
Please fix take a time for loading thank you. found in 1 reviews
Touching image opens setting to select facebook and google profile. found in 16 reviews
Cant sync with Facebook after first time installation. found in 3 reviews
Screen times out in no time at all during calls. found in 4 reviews
Can't post birthday wishers on the individual FB page anymore. found in 12 reviews
it says " post failed " when I try to post birthday messages. found in 10 reviews
hope it will not cause my phone to freeze. found in 7 reviews
Works nicely except for the Happy Birthday wishes. found in 36 reviews
out keeps telling me that it can't connect with fb or Google +. found in 6 reviews
but since installing my phone freezes or drops calls. found in 9 reviews
It was fun at first but it suddenly stopped posting to Facebook. found in 6 reviews
an error message keeps popping up with failure to register. found in 20 reviews
You can't post to Facebook for birthdays please fix the problem. found in 64 reviews
if their # is in my contacts & if we're also FB friends. found in 9 reviews
there always an error with Facebook or Google plus. found in 30 reviews
Cant erase call log why would I want to keep this. found in 18 reviews
Tried to re -install but it will not complete process. found in 20 reviews
Sends message to all my Facebook friends to install it. found in 20 reviews
The application has to connect to Facebook and my google plus account. found in 64 reviews
It always says failed to post try again later. found in 34 reviews
Then makes you connect your Facebook and Google + accounts. found in 16 reviews
Can't answer the phone but contacts are synced with pictures. found in 17 reviews
Slider on incoming call screen is regularly unresponsive. found in 43 reviews
The Birthday Greetings have stopped working over the past month. found in 43 reviews
This app wouldn't register in my phone with Facebook or Google plus. found in 30 reviews
Sometimes you can't send the birthday wishes. found in 36 reviews
It won't let you automatically connect to fb. found in 16 reviews
Won't let me complete registration had before on other phone. found in 43 reviews
Still getting pictures of people I don't know on my contacts. found in 22 reviews
BUYER BEWARE - App Trys Too Hard To Connect With Farcebook. found in 23 reviews
I suspect it's not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy note. found in 32 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download CallApp Contact Caller Dialer for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new CallApp Contact Caller Dialer app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up

Enhance calls with information & tools - making them more exciting & productive.CallApp is the best Dialer & Universal Caller ID.CallApp enhances each call withinformation & tools making communication more exciting & productive. TechCrunch: ...

Disappointed that the themes can t be used on normal keyboard within the app only dial pad Incoming voice recording very low can hardly hear the caller on play back Now not finding any numbers in search that are not in my contact list not even previously found numbers And where do we find the option for video upload Still would like this to have full SMS service as opposed to using a different application I know you can reply to SMS but it doesn t save the message you ve sent             Tezza Tucker
Seems to be working ok For some reason shows my wife as some young black guy when she calls or texts me My biggest issue is the UI is kind of a mess when between the ads and the size of everything Spacing seems to have been an afterthought I might have have to look elsewhere for something cleaner and smoother             south3rncomfrt
Dissatisfied and disappointed because I can only hear my voice in every recording and this is also showing a totally different picture of some contacts If someone knows how I can hear the other person s voice the help will be welcome             Rossy De La Cruz
It works well in terms of recording of incoming u0026 outgoing call but sometime the first incoming call was unable to be connected and became missed call The caller can only get through on the second call If this issue can be rectify then i would say it s perfect             CS Gark
Hi I cannot record voice call Android 10 How to fix         aye ekie
Caller ID on incoming calls popup needs to have more information including the number not just the name and where the name is from whether the name is from my contacts or another source State Country would also be helpful That or make it so I can tap the popup to see more information on the caller             Deidre Payne
DO NOT UPLOAD This app makes it worse Since leaving this review I got even more spam calls then I did after uploading it Telemarketers use a different every time so whats the point in blocking any 1 I ve had a call block app b4 but never had the increase in volume of spam calls like this I literally since leaving this review have received 6 spam calls yesterday alone ANOTHER 3 2DAY B4 NOON This app increases the calls DONT UPLOAD IT S A SCAM I have now reported you     Aaron Embacher
The call app give me almost everything I need in a dialer Draw backs are call screen looks more like a phonebook rather than a call screen The contact details cuts off parts of a number for a contract details with more than one entry of phone numbers Work on these to get your 5 star rating             Seno Afuga
One of the best APP I have it in all three of my phone It does what I want and makes life easy for my personal and business purposes The best of all part is Call Recorder If I misheard a conversation I can always revert back to the recorded call YOU THE BEST GUY S                     Tumelo Omphile Letswalo
I paid full price for this app thinking it had a great spam filter for robo calls not a great one blocked 3 in 3 weeks The developer responded there is a way to block numbers but that s after the spam call already went through I m going to keep it but very disappointing for 10 If i use this app for text messaging no messages pop up on my Galaxy watch super f g annoying please add this feature or fix it For 10 the spam feature should be so much better and more compatible                 RJ Phillips
Hi please assist and make necessary improvements on the below highlight how do i know which configuration is best for my device it s not helpful if i just selected one then after receive make call only i know if it works or not i can only hear my voice not the other party WHY only after i bought the premium you sent notification that the app may not work on my device due to android 9 this is totally absurd hope to see improvement and make it worth app to paid for thank you         Fauzan Sobri
This app gives me the option to register with my phone number or facebook account Even if you choose the option to register with your telephone number it will take you to a facebook log in page If I wanted to use my faceboook account to log in I would have chosen that option         Fanie Roux
It doesn t open problem internet connection at the last stage the problem still Oops try again later I don t know what is happening my internet connection is very fine i am still using it on other applications Stil on the last stage continues searching its not open Oooops try again     Adamu Shitu Bawa
This app was working just fine at first The later versions of it i find is all up in my face Have basically just took over my phone with enhancement i dont want It must remain discreet as it always have been Just a small pop up every time i receive and make calls is enough Nothing more My phone has everything u r shoving in my face i dont need it         Chris Ntlama
Does not work with my phone Note 10 Im being fair on stars as after the fact you give users warning that your app may not work on Android 9 but bought pro version will need refund Do not have installed anymore app doesn t record other party on phone unless u use speaker phone that s the prob             Michael Masters
I m really not pleased with this app not working well on andriod 9 phones I even went to the app settings to change configurations twice yet I can t record calls from the other side except from my end What s the point of recording a phone call when you cannot have both ends of the conversation I downloaded the app because of some of the good reviews I read here but now I may end up deleting it if I can t solve the problem     Benjamin Okoro
This is the one app that generates power usage alerts on my phone and has to be stopped physically by me until it is next needed frequent refreshes in the background is the warning Can this be addressed please         Lars Erlandsen
Everything seems ok but I wanted to use the app mainly for recording incoming and outgoing calls but I can only hear my end voice I am using Samsung A20 so if there is something with the configuration I would like to know so I can continue using this app Thank you Looking forward to hear back from you     Sandeep Rai Chamling
Two issues for me 1 some operations open a 2nd screen So I have to close two windows when I am done with the dialer 2 When I get the asterisk badge on the icon when I open the app there is nothing to let me know what needs attention             Stephen Lee
The app when doing a number search indicates that the number I am searching is not even in South Africa yet I do not have any foreign contacts The caller ID pics are at times completely bizzare I like the app but its accuracy needs improving             Thembuyise Majola
Annoyed that i am forced to use CallApp as my default phone app I prefer the original manufacturer phone app when making or recieving a call I used CallApp for other functions such as contact backgrounds and social feeds etc I am not happy at all with the fact that i now suddenly cannot use the app if i do not allow it to make and recieve calls with So as a result i am forced to go in search of another call app tha gathers info from social feeds like CallApp does whicgp i doubt there are         Tracey O'neil
Please in as much as I appreciate the teams effort on Callapp3 0 I wish to bring to you notice what I have noticed about callApp whenever a call comes to my phone it takes the app about 5 7 seconds before coming up while the phone will be ringing please address this issue as soon as possible Thanks         micah dozie
Does half what you want It does block all calls from telemarketers that call from a certain area code Hate the feature for text messaging and can not get rid of it Won t let you answer a phone call Touch the answer button then the option disappears but the phone is still ringing         bonnye spray
Would see messages received then sometimes they would disappear never to be seen again Do not download if you require access to messages you receive     David H
Two times I paid for the one time charge for a premium subscription and both times it still says I need to upgrade to premium I confirmed that both payments were accepted I ve asked for a refund and I m uninstalling this app     Hugo Costa
This app is a waste of time You can block a number and it will still ring and you will continue to get voicemails from these supposed blocked numbers Also caller ID is a joke This app doesn t tell you who is calling They put a question mark by the number What a joke     Amy Powell
I am always lazy to store phone number number two or three if my friends This has done the job Also great when it comes to blocking both calls and messages from that annoying person                     Motshabi Lenkoe
Used to love and now they have too many ads when I the hang up     Rhonda Williams
Hi great app My only issue is whenever I copy any kind of numbers to my clipboard a floating notification pops up There is no setting to disable this feature If this behaviour could be adjusted I could rate the app 5 stars Currently on MIUI 10 on Mi Mix 3 Xiaomi                 Michael Le
nothing but pop ups it interferes with everything text calls full page ads it seems to be hanging up on blocked calls now it wasnt at first not sure if i will keep it im going to uninstall this way too intrusive     phil h
I have a problem with not being able to record the other end of the call and only hear my side of the conversation and would like to receive assistance once solved I will change my review because otherwise the app is easy to use and no other problems         Sam L.
It works fine alright but it would be better if it can have a dial widget and phone book widget to enable users to add it to their home screen icons for quick access Thank you             Samuel Kwame Dordzie
At first it was great until i received a text that should have been my son but it wasn t i m so glad i checked it out before I replied who knows could been a scammer took this app of my phone was very disappointed It was not my settings i am trying but didallow sim messages that way i can use my phone message without the app taking over my phone the Id part works well but it was not my phone settings and your setting needs some improvement like make easier to find my phone is very user friendly i find all i need             sorreyya urkanli
Every update just makes a new system with is unnecessary This latest one puts to Favourites star on top of the contact icon Now my favourites are small and I have to swipe across instead of seeing them all clear ly No option to not update just suddenly changed Not impressed     Sj L
So far is great It should come as default app in all android devices I ll be rating it later on I mean after a couple of weeks of using it In the meantime I m enjoying it By the way it s expensive                 Jose A. Carmona
Great app With times it takes long to identify a number Maybe an upgrade to premium will have this sorted                     Neil Kritzinger
apologize not having updated review things somewhat better but lost map location so can find out where somebody is calling from was hoping possibly could update blocking so that if it comes from the area person is calling that s a Spam number maybe have Spam database and known spam numbers                 Janice Warkentin
good app have it on all my phone and my wife phone lets me know when works calling hahahaha i dont answer hahaha haha good job on a more serious note its an app i cannot do without i hate the ads but nothing is perfect so u still get a 5star rating just for getting me to not have to answer calls from work                     Xia Ryokugen
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