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eVerbum , the publisher behind many Android apps (see Air Quality ,Blue Chattie ,Eat Informed - Food Additives ,Eat Informed - Glycemic Index ,Baby Lara’s Growth Milestones ,easySysInfo), brings Baby Lara’s Nursing Log with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Baby Lara’s Nursing Log apps has been update to version 1.33 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super useful and easy even when sleep deprived..
  • Very helpful for busy moms..
  • and everything I need to keep track of in one convenient app..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best baby app I have used yet.
Better than my old itzbeen timer.
I love how customizable it is.
best running app I've ever used.
Very helpful for busy moms.
Super helpful for forgetful fathers.
Easy to use and so useful x.
Super useful and easy even when sleep deprived.
Ease of Usec72
easy navigation between days.
Easy to see at a glance what you have done for the day.
Makes it easy to remember which side to start nursing on.

Good attention to detail. found in 1 reviews
Configuration is better than all other breast feeding trackers. found in 5 reviews
Best baby app I have used yet. found in 3 reviews
Breast pumping should allow both at the same time. found in 2 reviews
Tried all the other apps. found in 1 reviews
Very easy to use and great way to keep track of everything. found in 1 reviews
and force closes all the time. found in 1 reviews
Also I wish you could rotate the photos in the app. found in 1 reviews
It's lacking in two areas: no ability to sync between devices. found in 1 reviews
This app has been really good until today. found in 1 reviews
I rather pay for remove advertisement. found in 1 reviews
Pressed the sleep option & then the app froze. found in 1 reviews
Only used for a couple days but it's keeping me organized. found in 2 reviews
but if sync issues continue. found in 1 reviews
Totally Can't rotate my baby's picture. found in 1 reviews
Please make a generic app that does just the following: 1. found in 1 reviews
My husband and I can't sync our apps together which sucks. found in 1 reviews
In reply: "just reopening the app " doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
delete items logged in error 5. found in 1 reviews
Needs better statistics. found in 1 reviews
the timer blanks out to zero. found in 1 reviews
but asks for my Yahoo password. found in 1 reviews
Let's me keep up with everything. found in 1 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Baby Lara’s Nursing Log for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Baby Lara’s Nursing Log app version 1.33 has been updated on 2014-11-04. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

It was a great app I used it for well over a year but since the update the widget doesn t update at all Now I have to download a new program     Corinne Sims
This app keeps a very tired mommy organised the only thing I d change is making the length measurement in inches while being able to do the head circumference in centimeters thank you                     Victoria Scott
Very useful application helps me remember everything regarding my baby s health and meals                     Julio Solano
Easy to use and customize based on my baby s needs                     Kelly Bartmess
I love this app great way to communicate daily concerning the child                     Belinda Chandler
Easy to use and keep track of info for baby                     Leslie Klinger
app works perfectly does exactly what is advertised                     A Google user
fast and simple exactly what I need                     Josephine Nuncio
widget doesnt work since latest android update time doesnt update     A Google user
Everything I need to remember is right there from food diaper and sleep it is great                     Marion Curry
favourite baby tracking app                     Crystal Willsher
hi how do I get my info from one phone to a nother I do back up but can t get it downloaded on the new phone app             Monica Bester
really handy app                     Tamara Souhrada
I LOVE THIS APP I have a baby with feeding issues and it is really helpful show the daily report to healthcare providers I think they actually have recommended to other patients because they like it The only thing is I don t know how to transfer the data from my old phone to a new one without losing the info from both phones I ve been using the app since august last year in my old phone and switch phones on January 30 sync the account both I did not get the previous data Please help                     VILMA MIESES
I really love it It fits my needs perfectly I love that it has both formula and breast milk marks because I have low supply and I m supplementing with formula Also love the poopy diaper details and pumping sessions it s everything I need BUT it only has the option to go up to 100ml for feeds my daughter is 5 weeks and is eating 120 I could use the count in ounces but sometimes she doesn t finish everything and I could really use that type of information to estimate when her next feed is and know how much she is getting So because of this I can t use the app and I haven t found another app that fits my needs wants so perfectly                 Miranda Weiner
Only things lacking are a running tally for amount eaten in the run of the day though I do enjoy the last bottle display as well as a working timer for tummy time Great app                 L D
Just what I needed Medication feedings diapering and more Only issue is that the notes I put in are hidden even from mw Whenever I want to view them I have to hit edit Not convenient                     Melzz1 Melzz2
Great detailed app for tracking all things baby and also nursing mom The alert feature for reminders after a last event such as bottle feeding helps keep first time parents on track and helps build a routine Love the options under the dirty diaper loads of poop helps keep this whole thing in perspective 4 years later 2nd child still the best app                     A Google user
As new parents we have so much in our head and we forget to keep track of small details which are very impt This app has help greatly in reminding me on my last fed breast left or right and also to track my baby pee and poos                     A Google user
It s perfect for us My wife and I were forgetting to keep each other updated on when our newborn ate not to mention just forgetting what time all together With this we each have the app and since it syncs automatically we stay on top of everything Makes life alot easier with a newborn and a 2 year old                     Anthony Welshans
The app is very good It contains all the feature a mother needs Its the best I came across It would be even greater if the app could be shared with another user without exporting the data via an IM or email but another user that downloaded the app Also while the app is running in the background it would be nice if the user could access it from the phone toblar                     Maayan Golan
Love this app I use it daily to keep track but find the bubble font very hard to read                     Bernice Hillier
The only thing I think could make this app better would be the option for my spouse to also have it on their phone with the logs sync to one another so it can always be updated no matter who has our child                 Paula Davis
Great tracker especially to coordinate with other care takers A few very minor things could be improved                     Edward Zampella
Great app for keeping track of newborn feeds and diapers I wish that the widget would update on a schedule for the others signed on to that logon We share the logging but latest diaper or feed doesn t update until going into the app                 Dan Paul
Like the app but trying to sync 2 devices together so doesn t seem to work right I sucessfully added the 2nd device but the app on the other device is not pulling previous inputted data Please help                 A Google user
Ive tried 5 6 other baby tracking apps and this one is by far the best It has everything Love it                     Emily Royston
This app helps me keep track of my baby eats sleeps and poops All they do                     Wild Roses
I love the app although I have a suggestion for an addition to the app that would be most beneficial to myself and others who share the same need A way to record vital signs                     Teresa Meredith
Have a baby who is dealing with what we think is acid reflux my husband found this its useful to help her eat more frequently and small amounts thanks                     Samantha Lennon
Great app which can sync between phones been using it since day one it s great and easy to use Already recommend it to several friends                     Lee Shakespeare
Easy to use flexible supports multiple babies and multi device person synchronization Also units are configurable and everything is pretty intuitive Icon is kinda so abd it s awesome                     Erskin Cherry
I love this app it makes tracking my daughters feedings and diapers so easy and I can also track pumping and medicine all in one app I love it Best app I have found                     Zee Wolf
Tried to back up and transfer log to another phone and when I do it won t load back up I m going to lose all my data because of this     Starsia Rickards
Trying it again cuz my friend said I should to keep track of a lot more then I was b4             Rose Galliart
Love it However i will prefer the breastfeeding timing to be more specific as my girl switch sides a few times for one feed                 Ng Lay Teng
It has multiple features that allows me to keep track of my baby needs Easy to use I recommended                 A Google user
Amazing So helpful for keeping track of everything especially in the early days when everything is a blur                     Erika Jungwirth
Help me a lot Thank you                     A Google user

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