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Kiloo Games , the publisher behind many Android games (WHAC-A-MOLE FREE ,WHAC-A-MOLE ,Subway Surfers ,Frisbee(R) Forever), brings Subway Surfers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Subway Surfers games has been update to version 1.18.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I didn't got keys aftr watching video..
  • A good timepass game everyone should download..
  • mind blowing game good for tym pass..
  • fast paced with nice gesture based controls and nice art..
  • Subway surfers is the best endless running game I have ever played..


After some time it becomes boring boring and boring. found in 11 reviews
I love this game but lately the lagging makes it impossible to play. found in 39 reviews
It's great but sucks it lags to much and freezes. found in 175 reviews
Whenever I take a turn the game hangs and shuts down. found in 25 reviews
Very Good game but last update sucks. found in 31 reviews
Amazing just needs to stop ads popping up thats really annoying. found in 64 reviews
It freezes too much and ruins the flow of the game. found in 14 reviews
Fix the lagging and I'll give it five stars. found in 32 reviews
I cant play this game until next update. found in 62 reviews
great game but it lags alot sooooooooo bad. found in 55 reviews
Makes it almost impossible to play when you start running fast. found in 39 reviews
Nice game but lag problem in galaxy S GT-I9000. found in 14 reviews
lags and freezes alot on my phone. found in 20 reviews
The game lags which causes me to lose because it doesn't respond. found in 49 reviews
The game is really laggy and unresponsive at points. found in 34 reviews
I love this game but it freezes and lags way too much. found in 44 reviews
Games keeps sticking but nice game please fix this sticking issue. found in 45 reviews
please solve my problem and make this game featured. found in 19 reviews
Can't connect to Facebook and most of the Time its Logging. found in 19 reviews
I love this game but know its just so hard to play. found in 44 reviews
Everytime i play it always lags. found in 76 reviews
This game is good but it lags way too much. found in 44 reviews
Worst game ever it made my character invisable. found in 45 reviews
I can't collect power ups or complete daily challenges. found in 214 reviews
Don't want to lose all my characters n trophies. found in 49 reviews
After the latest update the game won't open at all. found in 88 reviews
Suddenly the Halloween update disappeared nd there is more lag. found in 67 reviews
My scores came back but my " double coins " purchase isn't working. found in 84 reviews
The lagging on Samsung galaxy makes it impossible to play. found in 39 reviews
I cant play the game beacause it always lags. found in 62 reviews
Not working on HTC Desire x with new update. found in 40 reviews
but it lags alot it would help it stops. found in 55 reviews
The game keeps freezing and it doesn't let me continue playing. found in 89 reviews
And that makes me lose the game please fix that. found in 45 reviews
"Couldn't install on usb storage or sd card " please fix this. found in 53 reviews
When I try to jump the app closes. found in 61 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Subway Surfers for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.18.0 has been released on 2014-01-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

JOIN the world famous chase.Help Jake escape from the grumpy InspectorDASH as fast as you can DODGE the oncoming trains Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull dog. Grind ...

I have reinstalled this game after almost 3 years A lot has changed the game has become easier when it comes to unlocking things Its raining keys everywhere Glad to see that game now gets saved on the cloud though I lost my entire progress Developers have also solved many bugs eventhough some still remain Still it is one of my favourite games of all time                 Kaustubh Aurangabadkar
I love Subway Surfers But personally I think it it needs more to it Like for an example each time there is an upgrade to the game it is the same thing over and over again and I think it needs something new that has never been there before but other than that it is a very good game                 Saige Alleyne
Im not gonna lie it does have it flaws Need to grind really hard to get the good stuff so youre pressured into buying coins but I always come back to the game cause its that good It can be played anywhere The lootbox is a drag as someone else mentioned in Critical Reviews but it does do its job I once got a really expensive hover board and another time a few dozen thousand coins Just pure rng I dont think its rigged                 Zain Haider
Personally my favorite way to play mobile games is with my pandora running in the background instead of any in game audio and I m actually able to do that wich is really uncommon in most apps because of the mind boggling amount of video advertising that just ruins the experience however in this case i can just relax destress with some nice calming music without a single interruption incredible would rate 6 stars if I could                     mara
The game is fun but it is completely obliterated by the amount of micro transactions in it which is sadly most mobile games nowadays 6 10 Graphically it s okay for a mobile game Graphics 7 10 Sound quality is completely fine Sound 7 10 Controls aren t out of place like games such as the Christian Whitehead remakes of sonic 1 and 2 which have out of place controls Controls 9 10 Overall the game is fine Overall 7 10             Hamed Al Shaqsy
I love love love the game but stopped playing it because when I get a new phone and continue subway surfers on my new device then my saved gameplay only pulls through my saved score but not my characters It is ridiculous because I have spent a lot of money and coins on characters and boards This happened to me several times So after playing subway surfers for years I have no interest to play it anymore due to the above issue     Charmorne Roux
This game is amazing It never gets boring like other apps I ve tried and trust me I ve tried a lot Nothing seems to entertain me more It is fun and all the querks make it a challenge When you play this all your stress just kind of fades into the background and you can just focus on what you are doing 100 5 star                     Sadie's Outlet
It s a good game but one time I bought this girl and she was 95000 Money s on the game then when the new Moscow update came It put me back to the starter Person and she was never there again then one time I was playing it then I got 3000 coins when I was running then I paused it then it put me back to 0 coins u003e I was angry and sad I rate this game 4 stars because it s fun but sometimes it glitches and I m a girl the reason it says Brian Savage this is my brothers old phone                 Brian Savage
It s good but if like I watch a vid and accidentally go to the app store it just deletes what I was doing Like just rn I did the word hunt tricky and star and I finished a mission so I looked at what the new ones are So the last one was like just watch a vid to skip this so I did and yeah I lost all that             Ultim alfun
Its a good game ive always came back to it But i always leave becayse it is so hard to get coins and come back to exactly the level you left Like you come back with the same high score same players you bought but its so hard to get back up to the level you were at to beat your high score             Payge Williams
My experience was good until yesterday My friend was playing this game and her score was 300 000 points But then we had to go for a little but we paused it When she went back to it it didnt save the progress and deleted everything which made us very frustrated         Maleyah Thoele
I was about to write a review on how much i love this game and im still going to do it as soon as you guys fix the bugs and glitches I had over 25 keys yesterday and i woke up this morning to find just one Its quite frustrating because i spent a lot of time and effort getting them And i would really appreciate a refund of my keys         Tamaremin jeffrey
Great game on the go and you can play with your friends This is a very wonderful game to play The Creaters did a great job Graphics are awsome and so is everthing else thanks for making it                     Lakindra Mccray
I love Subway Surfers so much is awesome and I love it so much because you get to get different characters and you also get to like making it difficult ready to go to Lowe s and get keys I love you guys so much and yeah you re just awesome I love you guys so much I hope you make more bodies of the characters and things like that I hope you give me like 50 kids zombie make my day I wish you would give me like 50 keys on mine and then I ll just make my day                     Abriella Tapia
It s a great game to pass time while being loaded and unloaded im a truck driver I just wish they would put more characters in to get with coins I got like 3 5 million coins and nothing to buy So I kinda lose a reason to keep playing But it really is an awesome app                     John Herrin
I like d game my issues with it are when i collect character tokens some times the numbers let to collect don t reduce Also i changed my phone and all the characters i unlocked where gone The only thing that was no erased was my high score because i logged in with my Facebook account             Richard Bruce
It s a really fun and exciting game It just started to get boring I think to keep the game interesting they should have you be able to get to new levels and then change the map but then it wouldn t be all subway surfing and that s what the games about                 Elijah Sattler
This is a awesome game I love how it challenges me and I get to pick my character well when you get there hat or something but my least favorite part is where we half to get stuff to unlock the characters i hate that part 3 stars oh and I been playing this game for 7 years now             Teagan Lang
It s interesting but why it is start stoping It s not good I enjoy when I am stress It relief my mind The complaint is that why it is stopping Please look after it It s my and my besties favourite game Thank you                     Rajbir Singh
Been a loyal fan for a long time about 7yrs The type of fan that kept their old obsolete phone just to keep playing and to retain all the players boards keys and coins But now that our progress can be saved you ve decided to screw my loyalty by having REAL CASH for new characters outfits and boards as the only options instead of allowing additional ones of using acquired game coins keys This is extremely disappointing u0026 discourages me from playing this game I loved CHANGE this back         Marie Tabuteau
I recently had to get a new tablet as the other broke There s no option to restore purchases so I have lost promotional characters and boards and my game cash EDIT There is a cloud save restore purchases option now                 nyrgle
This game is one of my favorite games but sometimes it doesn t respond and even my character also not works sometimes when I operate it Please find the solution for this If this problem will be solved I will surely give this game 5 star             Sunita Singh
Love the game i been playing it for ages Unfortunately this latest Moscow update won t open on my hudl My wife also has a hudl and it won t open on hers either looks like neither of us will be playing it again By open I mean it doesn t even get to the loading screen     Frank Carter
Like it but as a long time player you need to add new stuff for us long termers And don t make players use money or put in ccard info The ads could be G rated My grandchildren enjoy this too             Eva Myers
It is one of the best game but don t know whats the problem with latest version the game automatically freeze and gets pause while playing and my mobile also had detect that problem So Kiloo gaming please manage the problem                 Saurab Mani Rimal
Very cool game Great characters Beautiful scenery Easy to win prizes They are very generous which just helps to keep you playing My whole family plays and competes together                     Latedra Gladney
This is a very fun and entertaining game But I really hate it when it didn t followed my instructions I wanted to go left but it went right Try ro fix this problem                 Mikail Altair
I enjoy unlocking new characters and going to a dofferent place on the world every three weeks in the app One of my favorite game when I was little and I still love it                     Sydney Williams
Good game overall played this when it first came out but I dont remember the ads in there is there some way I can get them off or even pay to take them off it s making me kinda annoyed about it                 Sebastian Rodriguez
The Subway Surfer is a great and beautiful app I m never going to stop playing it but the season I like right now is the best season in the world whoever made Subway Surfer app accept you didn t amazing job I love you so much I ever made this you did the best job in this world like not kidding you did the best job not ever going to stop playing the Subway Surfers app only if they are bloodborne season 2 to it but I m never going to stop playing the for right now it s just the best play give it fi                     Robertoe 3squeda
It is really fun but it gets a bit tricky when it speeds up Sometimes ad does not come BUT it is a superb game OTHER games must learn from it                     Bandana Goswami
Subway Surfers Arcade & Action Grumpy InspectorSubway Surfers Arcade & Action Grumpy InspectorSubway Surfers Arcade & Action Grumpy InspectorSubway Surfers Arcade & Action Grumpy Inspector

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