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Fingersoft , the publisher behind many Android games (Thermal Vision Camera ,XRay Camera ,Night Vision Camera ,Fart Burst Camera ,Motion Camera ,XRay Camera Free), brings Hill Climb Racing with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hill Climb Racing games has been update to version 1.13.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Been playing this game for months and still enjoyable..
  • I like racing games and this is tops on my list..
  • Classic game with great upgrades and new cars and tracks..
  • its the only one game i played from one year..
  • You should add a multiplayer mode and add more vechicles..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Love this game need more levels and stages and vehicles.
Whoever made this game needs to make it more fun.
AMAZING game is a beautiful game 24000000 coins.
Add more cars and tracks great game though plaese.
Needs way better control and more cars /parts.
definitely one of the best games in the google play store.
Honestly one of my favorite games on the android market.
This was my favorite game but is now useless.
Fully entertainment app ant its a wonderful game.
Lovely game on play store it is my favourite game.
I Recommend this game its the best game in the world.
Its tge stupidesr game in the world i Hate it.
Fun & Engagingc88
It's a really fun game to play when you're bored.
Awesome game Highly recommended for younger kids and adults.
Screen freeze ruins awesome game.
very addictive game nd physics are maintained perfectly.
Love this game need more levels and stages and vehicles.
Whoever made this game needs to make it more fun.
Add more cars and tracks great game though plaese.
Needs way better control and more cars /parts.
Fun game to kill some time and allways updating for better experience for the user.
Super fun and u never get bored playing this.
Very fun game enjoying new vehiles and levels.
I have everything unlocked and fully upgraded.
i have 10 million coins and completely upgraded everything.
Family Friendlyc85
This is a perfect game for kids because the man is hillarious.
Its a great game for kids nd adults great time killer.
Great game super addicted great for kids and adults alike.
challenging and quite addictive game for kids and adults.
Am amazingly addictive game that's harmless fun for the whole family.
great little time consuming game that is okay for the whole family.
So addictive and sexy game.
Very nice gama sexy game.
Value for Moneyc91
I even spent real money.
Not real money.
Replay Valuec84
Love this game need more levels and stages and vehicles.
Whoever made this game needs to make it more fun.
Continually updating so always new levels and vehicles.
New levels and vehicles would be great.
Its a fun challenging game that people can enjoy.
Fun game very addictive easy to play very hard to master.
Really fun game gets pricey though when maxing out your vehicle.
This game gets boring at the first 20minutes of play.
Super smooth game play and plenty of replay value now.
Been playing this game for years and it never gets old.
Simple yet challenging levels make me want to keep playing.
Social Aspectsc93
You should add a multiplayer mode and add more vechicles.
you should also think about a multiplayer mode.
Production Valuesc88
Its very addictive and the sound effects are awesome.
very nice game with cool graphics and smooth controls.
Retardedly simple graphics and addicting as hell.
My phone overheats during game play.
Ads you have to acknowledge during game play.
Ease of Usec80
Very simple game yet extremely challenging and fun.
Great way to pass the time and pretty easy to get coins.
This game sucks it takes too long to get coins.
Fun game very addictive easy to play very hard to master.
I love it because it's easy to get money and stages and vehicles.
No checkpoints takes forever to get money for upgrades.
Simple yet addictive with many ways of playing.
Like earn to die better though.
Even though I did a factory reset and lost previous data.
My phone malfunctioned and I had to factory reset.
Ads not Intrusivec79
Updates & Supportc94
Was too good I loved it and looking for new updates.

It gets frustrating having to start over. found in 11 reviews
Needs more levels maybe diffrent trucks cars more leavels. found in 391 reviews
only problem is we cant save game data. found in 8 reviews
Are great way to waste time lots of fun and enjoyable. found in 87 reviews
The game gets boring after awhile and the maps never change. found in 6 reviews
Fun game but it can get boring fast. found in 8 reviews
Only problem is that the game sucks battery life. found in 62 reviews
its good but would like update ta better cars. found in 22 reviews
On the galaxy s3 the gas pedal is unresponsive sometimes. found in 42 reviews
I feel this game needs checkpoints or shorter courses. found in 27 reviews
Really enjoy this game wish the upgrades didnt cost so much. found in 13 reviews
Gets a little boring after you unlock moon level. found in 21 reviews
OK cars are good and there needs to be more trucks. found in 13 reviews
Get too many adds aoknd cant play plese see to it. found in 11 reviews
How about roll bar different cars different classes would be better. found in 19 reviews
Fun and addictive and nice to hear the broken neck. found in 10 reviews
Pretty cool way to waste some time. found in 87 reviews
Love the game but I wish vehicles and maps didn't cost so much. found in 17 reviews
Not a bad little game enjoyed it a lot. found in 7 reviews
Besides the annoying ads its a fun addictive game. found in 9 reviews
addition of popup ads during gameplay is terrible. found in 19 reviews
Please insert tilt control n back wheel braking. found in 15 reviews
bad game very boring. found in 79 reviews
Gas pedal fails to stay engaged when approaching a new level. found in 42 reviews
Juat over all a poor game you will quickly forget about. found in 12 reviews
making it very difficult to control the car. found in 14 reviews
Worst game I've ever played in my life. found in 61 reviews
This game sucks compared to extreme road trip 2. found in 62 reviews
the game needs checkpoints. found in 27 reviews
This game is really boring and the flips over too easily. found in 56 reviews
If u crash or get past a certain point. found in 13 reviews
I don't even know how to control the flipping. found in 76 reviews
I lost all my progress with an update nothing back from devs. found in 19 reviews
No away to save progress. found in 25 reviews
Has alot of potential but laggy with gas and brake button. found in 42 reviews

The Hill Climb Racing is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Hill Climb Racing app version 1.13.0 has been updated on 2014-11-10. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Well I love the game I ve spent money on the game but I m unhappy because all my years of progress are on my old Android Phone my progress never transferred to my new Android Device I have to start from scratch This is reason why I give this game a 1 star instead of 5 stars I can t find my data file on old device I m signed into my same account I ve had for years If someone could explain step by step how to actually transfer my saved data file I d change my rating to 5 stars     Hoosier Veteran
This game was awesome in the beginning beginning I loved it and so did my kid Unfortunately there is something with the last 2 updates that when the car is out of fuel my phone keeps freezing to the point of the game crashing and my phone does not respond Take note and fix the issue coz at this rate I am in the process of getting another app     Michael Ndung'u Wangari
I want a new update in the game the problem is the fuel tank gets over and the vehicle is still moving When that happens and the fuel canister is right in the front but the game just ends So the update for 1 42 4 is the game should not end while the vehicle is still moving             Ajay Amirtharajan
This is absolutely 1 of the best games out there The only problm is that the makers hav made it easier for it 2B accident prone It has a tendency 2 crash when it s unexpected or it will crash when u KNOW it shouldn t This game is truly 4 all ages I m 54 u0026 I still play it                     Neil Peters
A fabulous amazing best awesome nice good gorgeous intresting lovely no word to describe this time killer game This is my favourite game Best game ever that I played A best time killer We can play when we are bore One ploblem of adds If there were no adds so there will be no bad or critical rating                     Tasnim Trivedi
My experience has been unpleasant to say the least It takes way too long to upgrade any vehicles that you may have Millions of wasted coins due to having to constantly upgrade To top it off the owners are idiots and don t care how you feel The owners suck dog balls     Stephen Dzienis
I did purchase coins in game but they didn t come in my game account seems like this is clear case of Freud and sad thing is there is no option to complaint or report from game than contact us from Play Store Also Google do take mobey from our account but they dont have feature to complaint or report if in game purchase doesn t go properly and their reply is that sorry we don t have help us on complaint feature available in India Google is also Freud company     Jig Patel
I have been playing this game along time and since the update the game became better but the 3 daily map challenge is stuck cause I dont own the space buggy but all other cars and now its no more challenging cause I can t get the space mobile and it was a 5 star game     Jake Kevin Bowes
This is a very entertaining game to play I really like the variety of tracks and the vehicles And moreover its never ending and thrilling But I have one suggestion please remove the track Neon if possible Its very harmful to eyes and eyes begin to strain after playing it for long The concept is nice but anything that s harmful can t be nice                 Sayari Bhaumik
It is fantastic fabulous great best superb no word for describing this game This is world bestever game I liked it soooo much                 manoj periyath
Loving the game I have suggestions for new levels like all the planets sun jungle deep inside earth with lava and water Easter Hoping to get some                     John Kingston
I bought coins and diamonds Fine till then A day later while I was play some strange symbols came up and then my diamonds were gone they had a negative symbol I wanted to buy booster but then it said do you want to buy ur lost diamonds CHEATERS Waste of money Worst experience I want my diamonds back I don t care what u call them diamonds or gems but I want them back     Yadagiri Venumuddalla
What happened to the Super Off road in this Game Whenever I m trying to Play with Super Off road all the Graphics and sprites gets Glitched and the vehicle is not Driveble The Whole Game just gets Stuck in the same situation and is unable to Exit Conclusion Please Fix this Bug as soon as possible Have a Good Day Thank You                 Umesh Rajaram Kandekar
The game is wonderful and great vehicles and maps There are 29 maps so please add one map to make it 30 maps The new map should be like only a plain road There should not be any bumps or unplained road Same like highway but no bumps The reason is that to make new map is to drive the overspeed cars like rally car and race car which has a great speed That will be the great experience for us to drive the rally car in full speed without any bumps or jumps So please as soon as possible add new map                     Chicken Dinner with Sahil brothers
I love this game so much In this game the last lavle is so hard In this game we can by cars and also make cars in it In this game there are bike olso         RAJESH KUMAR
The game is very good but one thing I want to tell you is that when we get out the game should not start from the beginning but should start from the current level If this update came I guarantee that the game will become one of the most top rated and popular game in all over the world Please reply to this                 pulkit pargal
Enjoying with thi game so addictive if u upgrade motor bike which is in blue color then it is out standing but the daily challenges have too long distance please reduce it         Syed Wasiullah Wasi
I love this game There have so much vehicles and places to buy I took approximately 1 month to buy everything All I have to do now is tune the vehicles and the game is complete I would advise everyone I mean everyone to start playing this game I hope they add more interesting vehicles and places to this game in the future I don t see myself deleting this game anytime soon                     Justin ramsook
This game is an entertaining racer level game with simple but fun graphics accompanied by a unique design in menus and during play Now I do have fun with this game but my main concern is that it just seems so pointless to play and no end goal The sequel to this game is an all round better experience because it is so much newer and more refreshing than this one particularly the multilayer racing makes it so much more exhilarating than this one So I recommend that you bypass this for the new                 CakeBear
it seems good at first but then it seems like it just sets you up to fail It s a good game but the very first vehicle sucks and the gas is terrible If you make a game like this try to at least make it exciting make the gas last a little longer make the first vehicle more prone to recover faster on the levels That is what I look for in a game             James Webb
A very nice game to have a great time pass We aren t able to understand where the time goes off Loved the game Thanks to Fingersoft Studios for the lovely game once again thank you so much I also feel that there should be some improvements in the game play and user interface thank you for the game once again                     Kush Agarwal
mediocre It gets boring at times especially since there arent many good cars also there should be more ways to spend diamonds like on special maps and cars Today on the challenge it must have been randomly generated because you cannot get past the 100m mark due to being trapped in The garage needs working on because the car that is being upgraded is already very slow even when upgraded with good items             sunny sunny
I love it this is my favorite game in the world but plz add same more stages like city with traffic and waterpool with it new vehicle same new vehicle like drive on horse and cycle and last thing plz plz plz updates challenge give challenge with vehicle and gift also updates your old levels like highway like add highway police speed limit signal also updates your miter speed cameras and updates your alien planet add some aliens plz add Thanks alot and love this game soo much love                     Junaid Haider
Fun But it feels that you progress not by acquiring skill but upgrades                 M K
loving it needs stuff for the garage I think it would be really neat if you guys added tracks that can go on each wheel but you could also have a different wheel in the back I think it would be really cool in general if tracks for the garage are put in if you guys add this in on the new update I m gunna love the game even more because of new possibilities with the track                     Zander Boyd
My kids and I used to sit on the couch on rainy sundays and we would all play tbe same track with the same vehicles to race and see who got the farthest The record is 7000 meters on the highway That was three years ago it is good to see them grow up but I do miss our game nights                     Nick Snyders
Would be a fun game but it is cheaper to buy an actual car than upgrade one in the game     Adam Cooper
Please fix a glitch i encountered where if you buy a new car its updrades are around 800 million of something and makes the game crash when i try to start Please Fix Its an amazing game i played since i was a little kid But now i can t play because of this glitch             Shield 21
Its a decent game overall but im having a problem with the big finger where when i bought it my upgrades were in the negative billions and i can t drive it                 john valair
It not working it will open but stop responding and it has never done that before fix it cuz i am mad cuz its a Great game if it actually works         russell downey
Very nice game nice vehicles and stages wonderfull game enjoying and interesting game There should be online playing with friends                     Asha kothari
The game is good but amount has been deducted from bank but gems didnt get added in my game account     Khaja Hussain
The game was good But the problem is while keep on playing when we out At some point Again we have to start from starting it will become board from again starting onwards means So please try to make from we got stopped our game from there to start                 Mounika Goud
This game is ok but the brakes and gas do not work properly improve it         Kittu Arora
Its a very good game when i start playing for a while but this game is aditive and i continued to play for an hour                 #FUN WITH ABHISHEK#

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