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Description - AliExpress HD Hong Kong Limited , the publisher behind many Android apps (AliExpress ,AliExpress HD), brings AliExpress HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AliExpress HD apps has been update to version 2.2.7 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've gotten several quality products that I am very pleased with..
  • And has most features from Web version..
  • Used many and have to say this one of best shopping apps..
  • to Save money in the long Run..
  • Lovd this app convient & amazing deals..

Overall Satisfactionc90
One of the best online shopping app I ever use.
Used many and have to say this one of best shopping apps.
very easy it use better than eBay and cheaper for most things.
i shop on here all the time my fav online store.
I Love this website it's great prices and very fast shipment.
I've gotten several quality products that I am very pleased with.
Lots of dishonest sellers and very low quality products.
Have brought alot of excellent quality items at super cheap prices.
Full of duplicated and poor quality items.
I love the site and the app is more organized looking.
Fun & Engagingc92
Pretty awesome app for a pretty awesome site.
order from here all the time they have great stuff.
Awesome shopping site with effective and efficient services.
Im addicted to everything they sell.
I am obsessed with this app.
Buy everything in one web site.
Nice and helpful application.
Very useful and convenient to use.
Everything is ok with this app for now.
It helps me manage my order and search for good product.
And the website was very helpful in keeping up.
Ease of Usec83
Easy to search and the categories help a lot.
Need ability to search in categories as desktop version.
App makes it easy to check on orders and contact sellers.
It's a really easy way to shop for whatever you need :.
aliexpress makes shopping easy and convenient all around the world.
Makes shopping impossible.
easy navigation and great product coverage.
It is easy and simple app to use.
Very useful and convenient to use.
Simple fast.
There Are a few bugs here and there which might cause problems.
New update fixed problems with my note 3 app.
Security & Privacyc49
fast response time and very secure.
its dangerous to my bank account.
Secure and Safe to Purchase.
Updates & Supportc61
Great app and good customer service.
Good customer service.
A good version.
Good version.

Great for shopping variety of products at good price. found in 7 reviews
One of the best online shopping app I ever use. found in 230 reviews
All unique items for all the category. found in 3 reviews
Love this app easy to find product and shopping experience. found in 68 reviews
from the other side of the world. found in 3 reviews
very easy it use better than eBay and cheaper for most things. found in 34 reviews
GUI is good and responsive. found in 1 reviews
Shopped from ALI EXPRESS things got delivered on time. found in 4 reviews
i shop on here all the time my fav online store. found in 24 reviews
This is my best place to shop online. found in 133 reviews
easy navigation and great product coverage. found in 5 reviews
I'm an online shopper so this app is well used. found in 31 reviews
They have great products for unbelievable prices. found in 3 reviews
I Love this website it's great prices and very fast shipment. found in 15 reviews
Great app and good customer service. found in 4 reviews
Bought alot of innovative items at affordable prices. found in 10 reviews
Awesome shopping site with effective and efficient services. found in 48 reviews
Very useful and convenient to use. found in 3 reviews
Very Fast & easy for shoping. found in 5 reviews
Wonderful better than amazon and ebay. found in 9 reviews
After last few updates the app does not remember login password. found in 2 reviews
I cant pay with different mode than credit card. found in 8 reviews
After the latest update there's no "Add to wish list " option. found in 5 reviews
After the latest update there's no " Add to wish list" option. found in 10 reviews
It would be nice if the app had the option to change currency. found in 74 reviews
After the latest update there's no " Add to wish list " option. found in 5 reviews
Having to login every time I close the app is annoying. found in 40 reviews
Lacking a fee things like the ability to change currency. found in 74 reviews
Would give 5stars if they would accept PayPal + shipping tracking. found in 10 reviews
Please make landscape view mode for convenient usage on tablets. found in 4 reviews
It would be good too have message center for example. found in 12 reviews
but should have the currency converter as in the website. found in 4 reviews
Constantly fails to add items to wish list. found in 8 reviews
But huge minus is no option to open and handle dispute. found in 26 reviews
guys please do something about ur payment options. found in 15 reviews
I cant leave feedback for products I recently bought & received :-. found in 24 reviews
Keep on loading and cant really upload pictures. found in 5 reviews
But then I just learned they don't accept paypal. found in 10 reviews
Unable to open dispute in app. found in 26 reviews
I have been having problem with payment method. found in 10 reviews
still haven't received my refund an I spent almost 200. found in 9 reviews
Missing the wish list and the ability to change currency. found in 74 reviews
Everytime open the program you have to login. found in 40 reviews
Every time I try to login to my account. found in 40 reviews
There is NO shopping cart. found in 10 reviews
Please get a safer way to pay. found in 36 reviews
Trying to go back to previous search results is impossible. found in 15 reviews
Can't change currency. found in 74 reviews
no time left&extend; time for item you order. found in 11 reviews
Directly deduct amount from ur debit card without any authentication. found in 16 reviews
Aliexpress not have any buyer protection in warranty issue. found in 20 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download AliExpress HD for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new AliExpress HD app version 2.2.7 has been updated on 2014-01-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up

Note: This version (AliExpress HD) is for Android 4.0 or above, both portrait phone and landscape tablets. The AliExpress App for Android 4.0+ allows you to access China s leading online wholesale marketplace wherever you ...

The overall app experience seems good but sometimes when we are seeing any product and then click on back button and then again open that product it takes lot of time to load the proper page and the page does not get load despite of app restarting and when we close the app from task manager and again open it then it works fine This is the bug i am experiencing from the past few weeks Hope the team will get it fixed soon                 tech navdeep
I love this app I enjoy the low prices the variety of goods the ease of the user interface Most items have been of as high or higher quality than expected Shipping times are very long but I do not mind It is a pleasant surprise when items arrive                     Rachelle Ditzian
So far it s been amazing Everything I ordered has came earlier than predicted The user interface is without flaw I definitely like this app It s way easier to navigate than Wish Coupons and Promo codes went thru without conflict I definitely recommend to all my fellow online shoppers u0026 window shoppers                     Vannessa Ferguson
I have purchased a lot of items from this app Everything I have purchased I love An you cant beat there prices I can buy 5 things from this app where as if I purchased it from a store one item would be the price of 5 from theirs It has saved me a lot of money The only down side to it is it can become very addicting Overall I love the app and love there products and clothes They have pretty much anything u would ever want Huge variety                     Lucky Green
Great app There is nothing that is not easy to use or intuitive to work out simply It provides easy access to sellers which we could not normally access so easily Sellers are getting better with communications and the delivery is reasonable considering how cheap it is There is no other app that gets as much good use or good value Thank you Jack                     Bevan Young
very good and cheap Don t expect much because they re all from China But from my purchases they all seem to be very accurate to the photo and extremely cheap too I ve only bought phone cases hair accessories stationary lol depending on the seller it can take up to a couple of months or a couple of weeks                     June DV
The new version clearly has a bug when it comes to shipping costs items that are free shipping when you select 2 or more will have a shipping cost added then if you go back to one item it doesn t get back to free shipping it keeps the shipping cost despite advertising free shipping Then if you delete the item from your cart and add it again you can buy 1 or 2 with free shipping Doesn t make too much sense really The website has the same problem             MsS K
1 Too small fonts at many places way too small some bug causes it or the programmers dont care to correct it 2 When someone types password there is no option of seeing it fully 3 Too cluttered home page way too colored and jazzy which makes it hard to focus 4 After sending feedback and review the app does not recognizes it and on going back to the order section even after a week it prompts to send feedback n review strange             Gopal Chakraborty
There are good deals on here from very good sellers and I have been using the app regularly for years But the buyer protection does not work well not the way it does on eBay or Amazon I advise you to be wary of bad reviews of sellers and only spend small amounts of money that you are comfortable to loose         F L
It has many good things but it needs to give more visibility about extra charges Am agree with prices but it doesn t specified how much will be to receive your orders at home Besides that what an amazing app I already purchased a lot of items and receive them as I requested From El Salvador                 Carlos Bran
This is the worst app for shopping you can ever use I have ordered a bluetooth speaker and when i received it the speaker was not working I raised a dispute but my dispute was rejected showing that you have not proper evidence How can i show the sound of a speaker when it is not at all playing What will be the proper evidence i am not able to understand at all they are Just taking your money and giving false items and not returning them any body who wants proof can msg me i will show you     sumit singh
Messages doesn t work most of the time There is no specific setting to turn on or off the messages so you are forced to turn on all promotional order tracking status and other notifications in order to receive notifications of messages from the sellers And even with that most of the times I don t receive notifications when sellers message me Super frustrating         Alfonso
This app has slowly been getting worse and worse Items have a price range now and very few items are available on the low end of the price range in any color size or no matter what country you order from After buying an item the price instantly goes up Nothing on your wishlist ever goes on sale They use to almost once a week or month Use to be my favorite app and now I rarely use it u0026 when I do it s to buy something for someone without a credit card Truly sad Once a great app     ShawnDre Maximus
I totally love this app I have gotten great things from it however careful of being kind hearted like me and willing to reach out to seller without any reviews You ll be disappointed I m unhappy with how long one seller went without informing me they couldn t get me the product THEY listed It s a shame But I do love their tracking system its so much better than many other sites             Fr0sty F0r3v3r
Items worth the price Only 2 bad things which 1 of those can be improve 1 hidden cost When filter price from low to high e g there put 2 when you click the range will be from 2 to shoot up high I guess this can be improve Second to receive the item is way too long as i understand i only take the free or cheapest shipping Thats fine Only the first ia the main concern Btw after all its still a very good platform shopping online                 Abdul Hakim Anuar
So far WAY better than the wish app I love how most shipping is free in comparison to the wish app that charges more for shipping than the actual product sometimes I get more for my money now I also love that the distributors MUST ship out your order within 5 days or else they are required to refund your money or however that process goes By far so far it s my new favorite treat yo self app                 LooneyLoba
I DON T like a last few updates I prefer the features of desktop computer you can view all info of order in one page I couldn t find a easy way to use extend protection with android version         Chan K
Nice but has some limitations and needs some intro when you first start I m still learning how to do things on here months later Ei I had no idea you could see the color choices bigger by clicking on the top picture until recently             Misty Nosset
Sellers advertise multiple items under the same ad putting the more expensive item with the price of a completely different lower priced item That coupled with no ability to rerate unreliable items makes this a platform that usually sells junk and makes price comparison almost impossible It is still very good for hard to find low priced items but will never be much more than an online flea market And in built support echoes that flea market feel with poor ux and over the top platitudes         Rafael A
The new update of AliExpress is not good at all The 2018 AliExpress app was much better than this one It was more user friendly Missing the older app of AliExpress of 2018 I request AliExpress to get the 2018 AliExpress app back I have been a regular customer at AliExpress So please do the needful by getting the previous update back of 2018             Ankur Sharma
Horrible shopping app Yes they are cheap but they have horrible customer service Didn t receive an item and they wouldn t refund me because I didn t have evidence of it even tho the seller said it was lost in transit You jump through hoops and wait forever for an answer Do not reccomend this is a greedy company they take your money without receiving what you bought DO NOT RECOMMEND     Bethanie Newton
App is amazing Works just like the website No complains Just customer service is awful Agents keeps on repeating nonsense pleasing phrases but are very unhelpful and waste of time I only recommend buying anything if it is not available anywhere else Many times have to deal with lost packages and non cooperating sellers Ali express dosent do any thing about it         TK theTech
Super happy I found this u0026 now get the same stuff I ordered on Wish from same stores but usually free shipping u0026never ridiculous high shipping like on Wish to compensate for the fake free items 95 of time sellers are honest u0026 shipping takes 12 23 days They need to fix the messaging Won t let me login to fb messenger u0026 there is an old message system u0026 new one so there are messages from sellers we never see they use old one unless replying There s more but I m gonna run out characters                 Susanna White
Definitely the best APP for shopping variety online Vest fast ahipping best rates very good sellers and awesome products APP works fast and has never brought me any problems Online chat is perfect on this APP and I use it 24 7 Super high tech APP with latest technology offerings and detailed product specifications Works wonders on an Android phone I have a One Plus Smartphone and I have never encountered any problems Highly recommended The best shopping APP online Super                     Rowena Farrugia
Nicely designed app with multiple currency support Its really easy when you can see with your local currency Sometimes the navigation becomes a bit difficult If you guys can add a sorting category most sales would be really helpful                     Nadisha Dissanayake
After updating this app I have not been able to purchase anything because it keeps showing me some technical issues occurred try again later Please I ll be glad if this can be resolved as soon as possible             Wada Celestine
They replaced the user interface with a more confusing one Shopping no longer feels like fun aanymore I prefer the previous version i also suspect there are hidden charges on this one version             Usman Kaka
I can t make payment with this new update And if attempt to check out using the browers my coupons won t work I m really annoyed This issue need to be fixed asp such a lovely app otherwise         Jushane Henry
The app is very good The only problem I have is the prices are always wrong Almost always you should expect to be asked for the largest sum of money shown because the smallest one represent either a small accessory or an out of stock product I think they should be honest and fix that issue                 Marius Geani
After this new update I m unable to make purchases as during payment while entering the details of my card the section where I m supposed to write the card expiry date doesn t accept more than one digit where normally it should accept 4 two for month two for year Please fix this bug ASAP     Samik Chaudhury
Does not stay logged in anymore making it extremely annoying to use I have to log in every time I tap a notification just to respond to a message for example     revenant567
I love the app but when someone buy something you need to wait too much I used another app after I bought from here and I received it before and this one is still not here and I m afraid to buy something for winter because the winter will be over when I received the items but they look nice and original that s why I give 4 stars                 Gatt Kylie
Very convenient app Now we no longer have to dread no having access to Amazon or other retail online stores Sellers merchants at Aliexpress at particularly good at keeping their item descriptions accurate Juz make sure to read and select carefully when checking out                     Aung Khant
NEVER AGAIN I have never been so disappointed in a shopping site as I am with this one They do NOT respect refunds for things you NEVER GOT I am waiting for 3 more things then this app will be deleted for good Honestly any other shopping app is better dont be fooled by prices for stuff will not get to you They show amazing priced but lots are a no show Plus when you ask for a refund it s like I m asking for their first born You go through a huge process and they think you are the liar     Marlene Vicente
I do love this App My only one issue is that a price will be listed but almost every single time once I click on the item the price is more than advertised Its actually pretty frustrating And the coupons are confusing Ok so 2 issues             Anola Peterbox
Doesn t work at all I was going to but earrings but it kept on saying error and I thought it was the card that wasn t working but it worked for other websites So in conclusion this app should fix this problem     ranpo cafe
Great app for purchase of wide variety of products Ideal if you do not need the purchased item immediately because it take 2 3 weeks to arrive depending on your location Recommended for the great diversity of products and value of money offered                     Jenish George
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