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eBay Mobile , the publisher behind many Android apps (eBay Now ,eBay Widgets ,RedLaser ,eBay ,Half.com ,eBay мода), brings eBay with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. eBay apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • First rate as good as pc version can now bid anywhere..
  • Perhaps a separate Ebay sellers app could fill this void..
  • I agree the search filters could have been a little better..
  • perfect for online shopping at amazingly low prices..
  • just what you need for ebayers on the go..

Overall Satisfactionc60
Best way to shop and easy access fast.
Thanks eBay very good shopping center way better than Amazon.
Thanks eBay for screwing up an amazing app.
Add best offer and completed listing search for all five.
Try to view best offers and app freezes and closes.
Best offer will never load even though I have an offer.
Sometimes I even tell myself this might be better than the website itself.
Always best match.
Fun & Engagingc62
EBay is awesome and now its double awesome on the android market.
Im addicted to ebay I always feel like im getting a bargain.
Because you can buy everything from korea.
its amazing and we will buy everything.
Its pretty darn easy to use and sure saves time.
Saves time and is extremely easy to use.
Production Valuesc70
makes shopping easier rush the Web interface.
I'll use the web interface until it works better.
Ease of Usec65
It's easy to buy and sell things on and it's very user friendly.
Very easy to list items and buy items at your fingertips.
Needs to list items from international sellers.
This makes it waaaaaaay to easy to spend all my money.
Makes life easy when using ebay on your phone.
Super simple app love seeing the similar items.
Great layout and very useful functions with easy navigation inside menus.
Love it so easy and quick to use.
I've never had any problems with this app works spot on for me.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Security & Privacyc29
Easy for selling stuff and keeping update with ebay account.
I'm unable to keep tabs on my Ebay account.
Its just a lot easier to already have the paypal account.
Updates & Supportc23
EBAY has always been great about the customer service overall.
I even make postings and respond to messages from prospective buyers.
When replying to messages keyboards auto correction and capitalization doesn't work.
they listened and went back to previous version which works fine.
Thank god for my android version.

Its pretty darn easy to use and sure saves time. found in 9 reviews
Time saver app from eBay. found in 10 reviews
Best way to shop and easy access fast. found in 246 reviews
Can almost anyways find what I need at much lower prices vs. found in 12 reviews
It's easy to buy and sell things on and it's very user friendly. found in 702 reviews
Also leaving feedback and keeping an eye on watched items is easy. found in 8 reviews
this is a very practical and user friendly application for any eBayer. found in 8 reviews
Great layout and very useful functions with easy navigation inside menus. found in 14 reviews
Annoying connection problem issue that everyones having needs sorting please. found in 149 reviews
App does not offer similar items link when shopping. found in 350 reviews
No distance / nearest first in refine search anymore. found in 52 reviews
Saved searches has been broken last 4 versions. found in 233 reviews
This app is good for all your eBay needs. found in 60 reviews
I constantly get an error message saying eBay has stopped. found in 108 reviews
Sellers other items cant view Find similar item also. found in 29 reviews
No longer crashes when going onto best offers. found in 81 reviews
I constantly get an error message saying eBay has stopped. found in 102 reviews
- Does not have " eBay Motors " as a sell category. found in 176 reviews
Cant view item being sold from other computer. found in 102 reviews
Still can't send invoices upon selling an item. found in 75 reviews
Sometimes does not show pictures and item descriptions well. found in 79 reviews
I can't leave feedback or track packages without it locking up. found in 50 reviews
After update can't see daily deals very disappointing. found in 68 reviews
No network found is all it says after signing me out. found in 128 reviews
Can't leave feedback for items I can't remove. found in 260 reviews
Good app but seriously needs a best offer option put on. found in 61 reviews
I keep having connection issues even though we have fibre WiFi. found in 143 reviews
Keeps saying no network connection even when standing next to Wifi box. found in 107 reviews
Having same issues and I have watched items ending soon. found in 132 reviews
Keeps saying session expired please sign in again. found in 219 reviews
Constant network connection issues since the last update. found in 143 reviews
Dont show you half the search results tht desktop does. found in 144 reviews
Keeps saying session expired every time I log in please fix. found in 580 reviews
Always crashes after I make a purchase new update sucks. found in 151 reviews
Doesn't have find similar items or view relisted-- sucks. found in 350 reviews
Watch list takes an eon to load poor connection issues. found in 202 reviews
Needs to list items from international sellers. found in 264 reviews
I get an error saying ebay has stopped. found in 108 reviews
Hard to bid in auctions with constant error connections. found in 197 reviews
Says no network found even though im connected to wifi. found in 128 reviews
Keeps logging me out and reverting to USA site as default. found in 154 reviews
I have to login through a browser for making payment. found in 378 reviews
No connection problem now continuous missing out on auctions. found in 149 reviews
Feel sorry for sellers whose items aren't being seen. found in 152 reviews
No more ebay motors or daily deals section. found in 176 reviews

The eBay is now available for for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new eBay app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: full Internet access , view network state ,
Bottom Line: For more information about eBay check developer eBay Mobile `s website : http://mobile.ebay.com

Official eBay Android App New For 1.1.3 - Additional bug fixes Help & Feedback: http://getsatisfaction.com/ebaymobile Features include voice search, alerts, advanced search, leaving feedback, PayPal payments, messages, deals, view seller`s other items, and more.

Latest update takes me back to the top of the listing when I go back after looking at another item in the rows beneath the listing This is annoying and time consuming because I lose my place then have to scroll to the bottom to find it again Not the first time this for this error in previous versions That said the app is useful and easy to navigate when it works correctly Suggestion enlarge the watch list or allow multiple watch lists like Amazon             Charles Rogers
Of all the apps I have had the pleasure of using this one is by far my favorite one I have used many shopping apps and most are far from perfect and many are not very fun which ruins the experience but Ebay is in a class all by itself I have thoroughly enjoyed each time I have opened this up to go shopping Keep up the good work I will absolutely be back to shop                     Stephen Agypt
Preferred it before the update search resets itself back to the beginning after browsing an ebay item so annoying lossing track from where i was at no good if you have gone through so many pages starting all over again having a job trying to find a good deal also it will not let me add stuff to my basket error change quantity done this and still does not work and the seller has stock this app has gone useles sticking to web version and removing ebay app         Mark Manning
It doesn t work for the past month Uninstall and reinstall it still doesn t work It doesn t let me log in or do anything Update I did follow the instructions Uninstalled it restarted my phone reinstalled the app back It works now perfectly Thank you for the quick response to eBay Mobile support team                     Gina Loiseau
eBay has gone down hill Been selling for years and App kept improving until about 1 yr ago Now it gets continually worse Today I can t even list items It tells me the servers are really busy Well so am I When it works it automatically adds a Best Offer option that I don t want It frequently erases my shipping u0026 Return policies u0026 now ALL listings are renewed after 30 days u0026 I get charged 35 cents for each one Multiply that by 300 a month their 10 fee on each sale u003d RIPOFF     Melissa H
I am up to date on the app u0026 am on my latest OS on my Note 9 the app has been continuously signing me out for no reason I have to sign back into my account at least 3 times daily Now this app won t let me remove or add things to my watch list It says I need to restart the app which I ve done multiple times It will not work     Pastel hocuspocus
Can no longer save searches since last update Need to add functionality to do everything that can be done on the website its inconvenient to have to log into account online Otherwise it works ok Update I can now save searches and as a side note the app developer actually responded to my concern that is a first for me and I have to give credit where credit is due so I added a star                 R Q
Works when it wants Apart from having to mess about in and out of app and web browser jist for setup It then stalls when trying to upload images for listings if your creating an app make sure all sign up listing buying options are available otherwise whays the use of havong the app if youve xonstantly got to switch betweeen app and desktop page via browser Seriously iys not like your a new service Your one of the biggest             Jason Ryan
Privacy Everything is good except for your privacy I checked privacy and advertising opt outs and was shocked to see what information was being monitored and shared With your activities being shared with Facebook and tracking your other activities on your phone A lot of things that have nothing to do with using eBay I know you can opt out but most people may not even be aware let alone be sure if they have opted out correctly I don t intend to continue using eBay for this reason             CC Barnes
Your latest update rendered my shopping cart useless I get an error message every time I try to go into it Would love to buy something but can t I sometimes like to buy multiple things from one seller at one time to get discounts Fix it please Seriously no one else is having this issue I ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice already     Monica Medellin
Error messages claiming it cannot open page They should upgrade it so it is much more simpler to use Its funny how some times when I go into my saved searches I feel I am being restricted at times from finding the best deal on the search If I reword my search Sometimes the hidden deal shows up But I must admit I feel as though if you use saved searches ebay monitors you and knows your price range and then restricts you from buying cheaper         Jon Gallant
Love this app How I purchase my video games As long as you ask questions to sellers and request photos Youll be able to weed out the scammers They should not have any issues with your requests within reason Prices will vary So to collectors of anything Know the items worth Know about how low your willing to pay If your a serious collector like myself Know how high your willing to pay If your new to collecting Watch American Pickers You can apply their tips to collecting                     Santos Carrillo
eBay requires phone number verification and will ring your phone to enter a pin If you do not have a phone it doesn t allow you to progress Not everyone has a phone and not everyone can verify the phone number if you are travelling This verification is obviously triggered if you are using your account from overseas and eBay expects everyone to have international roaming and pay exorbitant amounts just to receive their phone call for a pin What s the app for then Big FAIL to eBay     Adeline
I love Ebay Great products great prices 30 day Ebay guarantee and best of all great customer service reps Most of the products that I purchase are right from the app so they re doing a great job also never had any problems with the app Keep up the great work guys and girls PayPal is horrible but it s not Ebay s fault that they can t get their act together                     Lando
Great app except for one glaring quality of life issue The inability to edit or even VIEW custom watch lists which is especially frustrating when you watch several items at once and need a convenient way to keep track of them all As it stands you can only access these lists from a desktop browswr It s disappointing that such a simple and useful feature has been absent for long and continues to be with no word from the developers about if or when this very basic feature will be implemented         Charles Woodkotch
What is going on with the eBay app Absolutely infuriating Upload photos from gallery no matter which way they are taken will be uploaded and then needs to be rotated 3 times Why does eBay guess what colour the item might be or the brand When I correct this I m told there s an error then when I go to delete the wrong brand or colour it does this for around 3 seconds then puts those incorrect details back into the boxes I then can t list as eBay states there are too many brands     Peter Pan
Since the update everytime I look at an item then return to the search results it takes you back to the top of the list instead of remembering where you last were So you have to scroll past them all over and over again to get back to where you were This gets boring after a while so you just give in Also not fair to sellers as potential buyers won t have the patience to keep starting from the top again             Wendy Thomas
Can t sell since the update says location isn t there when it is I m also now being charged for buy it now listings And saved drafts aren t in the desktop site Can no longer add more than one overseas postage option meaning I have to charge the same postage to the UK Europe and worldwide Absolutely wouldn t recommend Also the chat live option is no use they can t understand the issue and are directing me to the desktop site Like what s the point in the app then     Michelle Lawlor
Since the most recent update everytime i search for anything it slaps a custom price filter on for items from 25 to 4 99 Every time Then if i click over to completed it will put that filter back on Change my search it s back on It s pretty annoying     Jamie Waite
I have used eBay for about 2 years and hate this app They update Non Stop and have so many glitchy issues between PayPal and eBay The software used for eBay and PayPal to share information about your account back and forth is extremely glitchy and unpredictable Anytime I have ever had to talk to a representative for support I can never understand them The automated services are terrible and do not pertain to anything that fixes the problems I suggest not downloading this app it is junk     Charles Lee
5 35 5 15 Update still forcing portrait mode in messages c mon this is silly I have tried numerous devices and its the same regardless of android version feedback is just ignored so Stars from me plus 1 for reply many user complaints since being forced to update from older version pretty sure 2 9 was last decent working version app has been pretty messed up since several updates later and still not right but being forced to crane my head everytime I get a message is no joke         Alan White
I love the E Bay app Easy to use for buying or selling Been a member over 12 years E bay stands behind their site u0026 covers all purchases made They have always made sure we are 100 happy and we have been Only once have I come across a bad seller I try hard to watch who I am buying from and was fully reimbursed within 48 hours Have had no technology problems either 5 Stars Easy                     Teresa Walker
For the most part ebay is ok The prices are fair if you do enough searching The shipping is hit or miss For some reason the fastest shipped items came in an Amazon package The delivery dates are not real they give dates but if it takes longer oh well Better late than never If that is a problem for you I highly recommend Amazon So far every package has arrived on time or before And I ve never had to have Amazon assist with getting my money back on a deal gone wrong             Mike Jorgensen
Ebay forces U to update by making older ver very incompatible suddenly you lose features u0026 access to options Then U update to fix it and SUDDENLY THE UPDATE PLACES MORE ANNOYING ADS IN THE WAY Now I seem to have to update again cuz it tries to crash I CONSTANTLY AM PESTERED TO ALLOW IT TO GET MY POSITION It used to be that my Watched items showed up in Ending Soonest order in the Home Page now it just shows some chaotic order THAT DOESNT HELP WHATSOVER to remind me whats ending BOOO     Synthetech
Can rarely find my listings using Ebay app when on the desktop the same listings are easily found Messages rarely open on app again have to use desktop Unable to see account details using app again i have to log onto desktop to see fees and charges This is the year 2019 and it seems ebay finds new ways to increase fees but failing to invest in updating software     Heather Mcculloch
It s in it demise They tried to make it better but instead failed miserably Now the only purpose it has is tracking or keeping an eye on your purshases The rest doesn t work properly and not worth it in my opinion Will uninstall after review Will still with the browser version from now on     Lizzy M
I like how you can reach so many other people and get things that you need for a reasonable price but you should be able to pull your bid within an alotted time frame before the sale ends If you only need 1 of something and you bid on multiple items to ensure you at least get 1 and then you win them all WTH do you do with all the extra Maybe it s cuz I m new to ebaying but you should be able to pull your bid in the same screen that you have the saved bids in     Andie Delgado
Im an ebay seller When listing multiple issues I set postage and it resets to what it thinks is best I re select postage options edit description and postage has been reset Ive lost money because i didnt realise it happened at first Item specifics allows multiple selection wont allow de select and wont allow listing with multiple selections Camera app crashes my phone Oh and this is not an app issue but there was that one time that ebay allowed a buyer to keep the gold opal earrings     Hana Adams
I ve been using eBay for years now weather I m buying a lot of name bramd clothes for my son or a gently used Louis Vuitton bag for myself The app itself is great You can save any searches you want to keep an eye on u0026 get notifications when new items you might like have been added I also like that you can track packages directly from the app u0026 don t have to go to USPS or whomever s website to track it The notifications are convenient u0026 make bidding super easy It s a great app                     Chuck and Rachel
Selling is a bit confusing at first Wish they would make it sort and simple like Mercari does Another thing I HATE the most is that bidders dont have to put any card info in when bidding I ve had three times this month where a bidder did not pay Therefore wasting my time         Chelssy Cole
Account still blocked its been a year i think i messed up password last time and accidentally account blocked but im unable to contact customer support as it shows only usa as country so tried without phone number and it says the line is busy everytime no point having a customer service and i had to open a new account But why is the delivery charge from usa to india over 6k rupees even for less weight items     kingsley patric
The app dispears from the recent screen menu where I can switch back an forth between apps It stays running in the background but I can t access it unless I open the drawer and click on the icon which opens the app back exactly where I left off If I want it to reappear in the recent screen menu I have to constantly manually erase the apps cache and stored data in order which logs me out This app is pretty useless Might as well login through my browser Very inconvenient     pika pr
App does not load any pics on my Google Pixel I have cleared the cache several times and restarted my phone to no avail Why have an app if it does not function as it should Will delete and just access from my laptop I love eBay but your app is not ready for prime time         Johnny George
Nice app can do with a option for html editing and a camera with higher brightness refer to open camera app by mike harman The page editor should have option to change fonts bold underline font size pt etc etc i can go on with a list of demands also eBay members listing ads using eBay app should have lower fees and higher priority viewability when you fo these things than more eBayers shsll be inclined to utilise this app                     Rajan Mudliar
Pretty tough reviewing Ebay as it is prerry obvious what it is all about buying and selling Simple interface and app Anything you can think of can just about be found and purchased saved me many a trip into town and very good at getting refunds on items that didn t show up or sellers that had other motives Love you Ebay                     Andrew Parker
I love eBay Its an honestly good auction and outright purchasing site and app it never claims to be a 100 petcent fool proof with it s large group of foreign and even local auctions and salespersons that mind their shops inside if the item seems to great for the price risk isn t worth the loss or description is too shady then go to a more honest price to start your bidding and stick with honest seasoned salespeople and outright companies that s their business eBay They won t fail                     Nate Vega
Great app Only wish there was a dark theme as well as the ability to have tracking numbers linked to the appropriate site to check shipping status directly from the given carrier Great stuff otherwise Not buggy streamlined Nicely done dev team                 Anthony Davalos
It s alright but the checkout needs work Ebay purchased everything while I was trying to figure out where and how to use a gift card And that tiny window to review a seller in needs extending I don t want to review something a month before I get it if I end up getting it at all         Brooke Boland
Why does the app keep changing my listings to accept offers when I don t want to I REPEATEDLY have to go in and revise my listings and then apologise to people that make me offers It s really irritating I always click No I m firm on price but somewhere in the background you go and change it         Jennifer Taylor
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