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Tecarta, Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Tecarta AMP Addon ,Tecarta NIV Addon ,The Story of Christmas ,The Story of Jonah ,Tecarta NIV Addon ,John Darby's Synopsis), brings Talking King James Bible with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Talking King James Bible apps has been update to version 6.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent bible reading and easy to find using the searches..
  • The search capabilities of this app is amazing..
  • It's my pocket Bible suitable for quick references and study..
  • There are many different translations to choose and toogle between..
  • Can sit and read God's word anywhere I am..

Overall Satisfactionc91
This is really one of the best bible apps I have seen yet.
The best KJV Bible app I've found for sharing via text or email.
love being able to highlight verses and tag notes to scriptures.
Can't get this to highlight.
easy to navigate and also love the ability to highlight Scriptures and take notes.
This is the best book in the world.
My thanks to the developers for creating such a amazing application.
Thank you Jesus for I am Saved By Grace.
Love the audio feature and layout for finding chapters.
Fun & Engagingc90
Awesome bible app just wish it could do more multiple function.
Excellent app to read and navigate God is good.
Easy to use and is a great study tool.
Makes it easy to read your bible everyday.
I try be best to read my Bible everyday.
Very nice ui and useful tools.
and offer some useful tools.
Social Aspectsc100
to post texts from Scripture directly to Social Media platforms.
Thanks for not complicating Gods word with social media.
Production Valuesc74
It works great with easy interface.
Easy interface and fluid movement.
I was okay with the old interface.
Ease of Usec83
I love the fact that I have the options to make notes.
Easy navigation and the ability to quickly bookmark passages without taking.
new testament to find verses containing the entered keyword.
so easy to find scriptures and use as a daily Bible study took.
This app is easy to use and very helpful for note taking.
It's accurate and it's easy to locate verses you are searching for.
As far as simple Bible readers go.
Awesome app last love it easy to read and navigate.
Updates & Supportc90
This is the best King James Version bible on the market.
This version is not a true king James version.
There's no unnecessary modification that was done to the New King James version.
They were the most helpful customer service I've ever dealt with.
Bibles unistalled - no response from customer service.

Easy navigation and the ability to quickly bookmark passages without taking. found in 28 reviews
It's God's word so the rating there is priceless. found in 124 reviews
It's the best bible app I've seen seen so far. found in 6 reviews
This is really one of the best bible apps I have seen yet. found in 1586 reviews
to post texts from Scripture directly to Social Media platforms. found in 13 reviews
Great commentaries and other supplements for bible study. found in 143 reviews
God bless you guys and princess this is ezy to use. found in 7 reviews
Has All the features that an electronic Bible should have. found in 13 reviews
A great way to study the Bible my opinion it's one of the Best. found in 69 reviews
This is amazing it helps you get closer to God. found in 58 reviews
This is the best app or book in the world and on point. found in 5 reviews
re looking for a great offline bible. found in 42 reviews
Amazing application to take notes during sermons and do bible readings. found in 12 reviews
Retired 83onFebruary8th I enjoy serving n worshipping THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. found in 24 reviews
To God Be The Glory Amen:. found in 18 reviews
By far the best bible app I've used to date. found in 10 reviews
The Holy Bible is part of my life from childhood. found in 238 reviews
For this app & Praise God who he is period. found in 35 reviews
I think this is a best Bible software for everyone. found in 15 reviews
Very convenient way to have my bible at my fingertips any time. found in 12 reviews
Great Bible though there are a few spelling errors. found in 3 reviews
Perfect Bible app except the voice is soooo robotic for American English. found in 5 reviews
Don't like color scheme after update. found in 7 reviews
But voice needs to be more clear and relaxing. found in 4 reviews
Tired of all those online bible that takes forever to load. found in 18 reviews
Sounds like a robot reading cant understand her. found in 6 reviews
Would have rated it 5 if it had more free versions. found in 5 reviews
but wish there were options for other voices. found in 2 reviews
It's a great App but i wish I can have the niv and other translations. found in 2 reviews
Luv the app but spell check needed on names. found in 2 reviews
Text to speech needs work or option for better with kjv. found in 2 reviews
And no recent search history. found in 4 reviews
I just wish that it wasn't a female voice. found in 14 reviews
it constantly says failed to initialize local bibles. found in 10 reviews
it regularly returns no results on searches. found in 5 reviews
I wish there was a way to edit an existing margin note. found in 2 reviews
But cannot search Chinese Bible. found in 2 reviews
Can't change font size in search. found in 3 reviews
Fails on downloading bible. found in 3 reviews
It fails to initialize local bibles. found in 10 reviews
Could not install the data base on Galaxy tab. found in 12 reviews
It worked for a while but now the app says it "Failed to Initialize". found in 3 reviews
Don't get this app it takes forever to load then says it can't respond. found in 18 reviews
Unable to search verses. found in 3 reviews
It always say NO RESULTS FOUND. found in 5 reviews
But in a computer voice. found in 9 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Talking King James Bible for from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Talking King James Bible app version 6.1 has been updated on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: full Internet access , view network state , view Wi-Fi state ,
Bottom Line: For more information about Talking King James Bible check developer Tecarta, Inc. `s website :

The best KJV Bible. It`s the KJV for study, fast navigation and taking notes. And this KJV talks - Free Bible - No connection required - Email/Copy/Paste - Night mode - Text search - Highlights - Notes/Bookmarks in folders - Cross references The KJV ...

It has been a life saver for me I have seen others use their tablets for their Bible now it this app I can I can here the reader to me I just Love it Thank You                 Mary Black
As a Christian finding a legitimate bible app seems really hard Through Gods will I have found this excwllemt bible app Do not be discouraged by the fact that there are in app purchases initially I was But I actually like that you can try before you buy Not a portion but the whole thing I found that the START study bible is AWESOME Give it a try and if this is where God wants you too be you will know VERY quickly                 I really really like this
Makes reading the word of God easy and pleasurable its a beauty The ability to use the online versions is very useful                 Great app
Very user friendly great features keep the features coming This is my Main Bible app I have tried alot and some are really good but this one for me is Awesome Ty                 One of if not the Best
Of all the Bible apps I have tried I love this one So impressed I purchased the New King James Version to go along with my free King James Version The first thing I liked was the option of selecting the black background with white type which is easier for me to use Also searching for verses is quick with highlighting and bookmarking also user friendly                 Awesome
Easy to use fully downloadable and the kjv is free The user interface is comprehensive and easy to use I have the kjv with strongs concordance and the amplified version which i purchased running in parallel I also have the kjv study bible which runs along with them If you get a word from the Lord it is easy to search it out with the inbuilt search engine and bookmark it for later reference Very well designed I have it in phone and tablet Would recommend to anyone wanting an online bible                 The Best Bible App
its really good this Tercata bible comes in King James version with options to download other versions at cost if you want to It has a really nice cozy user interface and just makes bible searching or reading simple I like it              its really good
When I downloaded this app my expectations were not high and so you can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of the best if not the best apps I have ever used It is easy to use and so useful I highly reccomend this to anyone who wants to learn of all the things that God has done for us                 The best Bible app around
I love this app Very cool with the white and dark background                 Cool
Dont know what I would do with out it I lost my Bible a few years ago and I have leaned very heavily on this app I was using the KJV Bible app more than Bible before I lost it anyway So while was use to bringing my Bible with me to church I soon realized that I could go full time with this app and not miss a beat I simply love it This app has so many features that I find handy and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Bible app                 Dont know what I would do with out it
I have installed this app on all my phones as it has proved to be very useful God bless you for the God job done                 Cyrilasa
This is the best Audio Bible Application I have down loaded and truly enjoyedIt is very user friendly It is fantastic for searching very blessed to have thisthank youGod Bless              The Holy Bible KJV
I love this app Best one out there just wish u could add to windows store so I can get it on my computer And why cant you change the voice that reads the bible I hate the English woman voice                 Awesome app
I came across this bible so I can have the text to speech feature it works great Dont like voice choice though                 Great Bible App
This is a great app for reading the Bible offline Its very user friendly and the in app purchases are also resourceful should you choose to do more in depth study of the Word Strongly recommend this app to all                 Awesome Bible App
I love how the creators of this app are constantly challenging themselves to come up with ideas stream lining and product offerings to make a great app even BETTER                 Depenable
I installed this app about a year ago and have used on a daily basis I love that I can search for verses by keywords and by Old or New Testament Very easy to use and never had any issues Thanks so much                 Awesome App Only One I Use
My son gave me an iPad with Tecarta Bible and it is the most amazing presentation of Gods Word Ive seen I am delighted that Tecarta has an Android version now also There are no ads just the Bible and lots of highlighting tag and note options and a real bonus is syncing between iPad and my Moto X2 Works flawlessly Thank you Tecarta                 Best App for the Greatest Book
The best and most accuratefor born again Christians anywhere in the world No errors or crashes The best ever I truly recommend this God bless you guys                 Bible app
This app is very easy to use with many side features that make studying much more productive Its all good stuff And the newest updates make it even better Its the best Bible app out there Thank you for your GoOD work as unto the Lord Be Blessed                 Excellent Quality in all aspects
This is the best bible and is real easy to read and everytime I read it it inspires me with the word of jesus Is the best bible app ever I recommend it                 Scott
Great app simple no bloat and just love it Definitely the best bible app ever Just add proper audio reading would be more awesome              Best bible app ever Needs proper audio reading
Its awesome but the fact that every bonus content is pay to have really bums itll be nice to add little free content U guys deserve the money its a great app but once in a while some free content would make a lot of sense Oh and a more concise help for controls in this app woulb be great Dont get me wrong prospective downloaders the app is amazing                 Sweet
I have used a few of these but the Tecarta App is the most user friendly Quick access to notes Strong s concordance with references make it an excellent tool Keep up the goof work              Best Bible App so far
This Bible app has a nice clean layout where others feel cluttered While very basic it has everything that one would need for basic everyday use                 Love this app
Quick and easy lookups thanks to a great user interface and snappy responsiveness Not the best way to mark individual words as you study but definitely the best app for most of my uses                 My favorite Bible app for most uses
Its very useful when i dont have my bible with me i can pull the app and BOMB there it is i love this app The word for all its splendor great app                 Super easy love it
Works great on my nexus 5 Excellent app without annoying requirements for signing up or social stuff                 Fast search and navigation
9iz 1 u guyz shud kip it up              Gud let me stil kip 1 star to myself even doh u deserve d whole
This is simply the best bible i have come across on the internet I purchased two versions without hesitation and i am very pleased with it The interface is interactive and the functions are great making reading engaging I love this                 Great Bible
PROS Its search engine is fast has great tools and reasonably priced addon books The greatest feature is that its interface and runtime environment is far better than other comparable apps CONS This app does not have fullscreen option It also does not offer older Catholic DouayRheims or Protestant Geneva versions However the KJV with Strongs Concordance was a nice addition along with the return of UK Android speech                 Good App
1 it has multiple bible downloads 2 it has a nice presentation 3 it is easy to navigate and the most important it doesnt have bugs which cause it to randomly crashclose All of these attributes make this an excellent app Still using this app on my Samsung Tab7 Samsung S3 phone Its an awesome program I love that its usable offline for those times when theres no wifi airplanes camping dead zones                 Excellent Bible app
Very handy and convenient Great way to always have your Bible with you                 Great Bible App
I love this application for its ease of use and features No other Bible application Ive used compares You dont have the usual glitches you see with other apps like this Additionally the add on concordance is amazing for the persons who mine for more using word studies I tell as many as I can to download it Developers Please consider adding more colors for highlighting                 Magnificent Application
Love using this It is easy to navigate and the notes are nice to use You can even email them to yourself or others                 Easy
I love the stability of this app I have used other Bibles that crash to often when in use I love having the cross reference and word definitions I also like the ability to change the size of the text using a scroll bar So far it is the best EBible I have ever used                 Very good EBible
Nice clean interface Rarely has issues and can be relied on to do its job Would totally recommend this app                 Good simple app
This app is a blessing to me and my church Sunday school department to have this Bible on my phone It is easy to maneuver and I love the notes I am able to write and retrieve It allows me to be more mobile without lugging the cumbersome study guides and Bible versions around Most everything I need to prepare Sundays lesson is enclosed in this app Thank You                 A Blessing
This application is easy to read for eyesight and is helpful when studying Gods word              Very User Friendly and Resourceful
It is the best Bible application I have ever usedThe notes highlights and the other features are marvellously good It is fantastic I am well pleased with this application God bless the producers of this application I love it                 MARVELLOUS

Talking King James Bible Reference James Bible King JamesTalking King James Bible Reference James Bible King JamesTalking King James Bible Reference James Bible King James

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