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Electronic Arts Nederland BV , the publisher behind many Android games (Bejeweled® 2 ,The Sims™ 3 ,BOGGLE FREE ,Plants vs. Zombies ,POGO Games ,Dead Space™), brings Need for Speed™ Most Wanted with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted games has been update to version 1.0.50 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great HD graphics..
  • Yes it does suffer some slowdown/ frame rate drop..
  • Arguably the best NFS game on a mobile device..
  • Really removes the potential of your gaming experience of racing Virtually..
  • Graphics are excellent like a modern PC game..

Overall Satisfactionc84
One of the best racing games available on Android.
Best racing game on android in my opinion.
Amazing graphics and very easy to use controls.
How disappointing after reading about amazing graphics.
This is the best car game I have have played on Andriod.
more cars and car achievement fixed will give 5 stars.
The best driving game proper controls boss graphics plus great Ai action.
Awesome graphics and much better than Asphalt.
Better than Asphalt but that doesn't mean this is any good.
Fun & Engagingc86
Awesome game man Indeed better than ASPLALT 8 :p.
Really disappointing as this is an awesome game.
It has awesome graphics and the gameplay is cool too.
more cars and car achievement fixed will give 5 stars.
Very addictive excellent gaming.
Fast paced action with console quality graphics and sound.
adrenaline pumping race and police chases.
Value for Moneyc60
I wonder how can it be easy to use real money.
All cars only for your real money.
unless you buy points with real money.
Replay Valuec59
It's a bit too easy and at the same time slow.
Graphics are a bit repetitive and dull.
Bit repetitive.
Social Aspectsc60
Online Multiplayer Mode.
And no multiplayer mode.
I wish there's a multi player ^_^ support EA.
Production Valuesc86
Great graphics and game play on Samsung galaxy s3.
The frame are decreasing suddenly causing black screen during game play.
It has awesome graphics and the gameplay is cool too.
Amazing graphics and very easy to use controls.
How disappointing after reading about amazing graphics.
This app is a wonderful game with stunning graphics.
Ease of Usec35
Would rather simple touch left and right rather than the wheel.
A simple touch control to go left /right.
It's a bit too easy and at the same time slow.
Framerate issues on the HTC One X.
Frame rate issues.
Security & Privacyc69
Updates & Supportc35
It's just like the PS3 version and it's in HD.
not as good as ps3 version.
took the battery out and shook the phone.

Excellent graphics & Silky smooth performance on the xperia play. found in 5 reviews
Maybe the best racer on android out there. found in 5 reviews
The best driving game proper controls boss graphics plus great Ai action. found in 18 reviews
This is the best car game I have have played on Andriod. found in 31 reviews
Fast paced action with console quality graphics and sound. found in 8 reviews
I always considered Asphalt 7 the best car racing game on Google Play. found in 30 reviews
This game has awesome graphics and it runs smoothly on my galaxy note. found in 4 reviews
Best racing game on android in my opinion. found in 285 reviews
This is the best games ive ever seen on android. found in 4 reviews
Great game and runs like a dream on the new nexus. found in 4 reviews
awesome graphics and overall very good car racing game on the market. found in 3 reviews
There is no way to restore game progress after reinstalling Android. found in 8 reviews
Game crashes after every race and before returning to map. found in 9 reviews
Game crashes after every race and before returning to map. found in 47 reviews
The game does not work with my new nexus 7 2013 tablet. found in 16 reviews
Game keeps freezing on Android fix it EA please. found in 12 reviews
Good graphics and gameplay but bad game controls. found in 8 reviews
It was doing well but after upgrade I m unable to play. found in 17 reviews
Game keeps crashing on Xperia t downloaded 3 times still the same. found in 25 reviews
but unfortunately is let down by sub-par touch controls. found in 22 reviews
but can't play anymore. found in 11 reviews
Tried moving it to SD card - suddenly working. found in 87 reviews
but there is extreme lag on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. found in 6 reviews
I can't figure out how to install the live wallpaper. found in 46 reviews
so is almost impossible to play :. found in 9 reviews
Fix the lag issue & its a definite 5 star game. found in 5 reviews
Has no multiplayer Devs please add controller support and multiplayer. found in 38 reviews
Game cant download although I have sufficient memory :. found in 26 reviews
It doesn't quite work on Nexus 7. found in 17 reviews
Please optimize compilation for galaxy s3 international. found in 7 reviews
My new nexus 7 has a graphic issue please fix asap. found in 32 reviews
it says: "This application is not authorized for use on your Android device. found in 52 reviews
EA games pls fix the issue for nexus 7 compatibility. found in 31 reviews
it's displaying does not authorize on my phone samsung galaxy note 2. found in 149 reviews
Tryed to format my sd card doesnt help. found in 87 reviews
Can't load game - Unfortunately NFS Most Wanted stopped working. found in 29 reviews
Saying 0 mb avaialable on your device requires 2055 mb. found in 30 reviews
only to see an error- this application is not authorized for use on your Android device. found in 59 reviews
Graphics fail to load on Sony Xperia tablet. found in 65 reviews
Unable to install on my ASUS transformer TF300. found in 46 reviews
But extreme Lag on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10. found in 57 reviews
Cant play due to insufficient storage. found in 30 reviews
Not working on the Samsung galaxy s3 refund please. found in 93 reviews
Sadly no much needed multiplayer or controller support. found in 38 reviews
I paid for this game but doesn't load in my Samsung Galaxy. found in 44 reviews
The game crashes sometimes which restarts my phone. found in 47 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Need for Speed™ Most Wanted for $7.11 from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Need for Speed™ Most Wanted app version 1.0.50 has been updated on 2014-01-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

And this game is a complete package I hate mobile gaming due to the micro tractions I still prefer the old school way of I bought the game so I own all the Colors and the cars and I don t need to buy anything else to win the races and that too being EA SPORTS The micro traction loving company The graphics have aged well The controls are best on any other mobile racing game It is a hell Lotta fun                     Aakash Kale
Game is good But I think an open world feature would be even better I was expecting that before buying the game Rest all is awesome But if you could bring that feature just like in desktop version then that would be great EA Thanks                 karan kishore
I truly love this game great graphics and controls Honestly one of the best mobile racing games out there would definitely recommend you buy this I believe the only thing that could make this better is an open world feature please EA                     Taco Cino
Not working on new device upgraded my phone The game has control issues with my s7 the drift mechanism doesn t work well and there are no in game graphics options Others have downloaded apk s that run much higher quality and graphics Why not in the full purchased game As others have pointed out there are licensing issues with the game aswell     Zagham Karim
nice game graphics is good and it is tough too Love to play it It doesn t require any internet connection for playing Great one from EA sports                     Vikas Kumar
Downloaded this on mobile a few years back Have had two other phones since then u0026 i decided to download onto my newest Got to say it still looks fantastic By the way does anyone know if this game will work with an IPEGA gamepad Says MOGA in the game but i thought this was just a brand u0026 that all Bluetooth controllers were pretty much the same                 Kevin Elder
It can not keep the display on while game is going on You have to keep touching the screen in order to prevent phone lock and touching the screen Activates the controls like unnecessary breaking or NOS Moreover its not the game we used to play before Nothing is same or likely except the Name     Mitul Prajapati
this game is really and truly not what i expected the graphics are on point but there is no story line the races are repetitive and the cop cars lack variety i prefer real racing 3 over this game truly dissapointed at this and the controls stink it only has a tilt screen control like guys come on thus game is meant to be free     Ishmael Siwela
This game is the best game I ve ever played so I m recommending it to buy this application is very nice you can enjoy it with very nice very nice the reason why I give you five plus it s because the graphics are good and it s a nice game so I m tell you to download it now yeah                     steven shendrick
No response from developer Ap feedback u003du003e Entire game Gameplay Graphics controls all are very good but this game makes the Rotation Gyroscope Proximity sensor HANGED and car phone s gallery and entire phone gets tilted to right side until the next Restart         Mukul Jain
I like this game quite a lot bit where is the free roaming side of it it s one of the main reasons I ve bought the game but I don t seem to be able to find it s                 Steven O'Sullivan
ok so i ourchased the game right i think it was about 79 99 or something but then after that i imstalled it and then after that it didnt work so what i did is i pressed install after that it said error your transaction is being prcessed and will be ready in a min and after that like about a half and hour later i try again it says the same thing i need help please     Lee Raffie
this game I purchased in my old device but that phone is gone now when I tried to download in the new device with the same play store ID it does download but will not open just open for a flash and close I am a big fan of need for speed but I am not able to do anything with this one The developer of the app please fix this or return my money this is not a free app also         Rahul Vishwakarma
osum game true to ps game but please the graphics are too old please enhance the graphics and add a graphics option in the settings and also take into consideration adding new cars it will really make this game even more amazing please its 2019 not 2012 and it s not a free game so please update the game                 Filobater Essam
When I bought this game i was thinking that will be the same game for most wanted on pc or PlayStation 2 included new cars and best graphics and performance This game is booooooooring The car speed by it self no option to play with cops only nothing like most wanted Do not buy if you think that will be the same most wanted     Rami Salim
App hangs a lot repeatedly even on my S10 Plus with top specs and 8 GB RAM super high speed Internet speed If this app can t run smoothly with a flagship phone like this with high speed internet then there is no point having this app         Paul Mukherjee
Problem Sony xz2 android 9 I open the game and after show ckecking license she close without error I try open the game without internet and told me This application is not authorized for use on your android device Please fix this issue     Alexandru SONY
i purchased the game but can t download i could not find a problem when the downloading is near 90 its automatically start downloading again still facing problem since 2 day please make sure i want to play or refund my money back to me     shahbaz hussain
Was great recently purchased new phone Android 8 Oreo no longer works Loads but apart from tilt steering no other touch controls working Please fix     Kevin Andrews
its a good game as it brings back the childhood memory but i dont fancy the tilt control nor the thumb control i would like you add the control where i use both sides of the screen to control and perfrom other functions in the next undate and add more locations and less of police attack on players car better still let the attack be on all the cars like is was in the other nfs                 yclick click
Game crashes everytime is loads up Use to work great now doesn t Not great for a paid for game     Craig Hannan
It seems there is a licence problem with this game I purchased this game from play store and worked fine I did a factory data reset on my phone and I m trying to installed it back After opening the game it says Checking licence then suddenly goes off This is the problem with this game     Srinu Pilla
Excellent game addictive and statisfying looking cars the only problem with Me is I can t figure out how to play online             Gaming Gamer
I would have rate it 5 but it needs new update new cars and levels In front of other racing games like asphalt this game seems outdated                 A.R. ALVE
Purchased this game and pretty much loving it I have got to a stage where I have bought the fastest car in the group but can t quite go quick enough and its very exciting trying but frustrating as well Would give it 5 but the controls aren t perfect when I try to brake then I usually get a boost of nitro                 Martin Redding
Facing problem with the game after my J7 Pro was updated to Android 9 The game initiates loading and then crashes Not sure what is the issue Can you please release a fix             Arghya Chatterjee
great fun game I wish the campaign was a bit longer if only there were more good games like this rather than those freemium games                     Vineet Yadav
It s a good game but you need to bring back Origin in this game I completed this game once and then I uninstalled it and now I have to play it all from the start Please bring back Origin in this It would be fun to challenge our friends and beat their score I hope you people would do something about this         Cyber-Wolf Cassie
The game keeps force closing It opens for a second or two where it shows please wait checking license then closes I have tried re installing Please fix this     Warda Tahir
The app is good but if you guys can provide us with online racing with other players it will be value for money worth playing more because right now its limited to only offline racing events only             Imran pasha
Most Wanted on mobile is insane Didn t really know this was gonna turn out well this is more than impressive Age Review 8 Vehicular violence                     Gamersnews32
Dear support team i have purchased this game but i cannot even play it it says error please try again later     Fila Fuad
everything looks and works great the only reason i m giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because i can t log into the game anymore it says unknown error please try again i would be thankful if you ll help me with the issue                 Saba Elizbarashvili
i love the graphics of this game the car designed are all real looking and smashing the car busting the cars i love all these i feel proud while playing this game i request all those who are downloading from websites from which we get free game please stop doing thank u for the development of the game                     BGAMER People
A must buy i dont regret buying this since its release like seriously its the beta game evar and ita worth the money even tho u need to work hard to get new cars its cool because i got 20 cars after 2months playing the game and ywah worth it i also have it on pc its wayyy better so please buy it if u like racing games                     AROCKYA VIMAL RAJ
it s not authorized on redmi note 7 pro it should be done till now I have paid for the game solve the issue ASAP     kavin raval

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