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Rovio Mobile Ltd. , the publisher behind many Android games (Amazing Alex HD ,Angry Birds Space Premium ,Angry Birds Seasons ,Countdown to Angry Birds Go! ,Angry Birds Star Wars II Free ,Amazing Alex), brings Angry Birds Star Wars with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Angry Birds Star Wars games has been update to version 1.5.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Good game to play and nice power ups and creative ideas..
  • Love this game excellent sound effects and playability..
  • Following the same story line as original star wars was fantastic..
  • Its an awesome game and a superb experience..
  • very good for kids age 5 and up..


A perfect game for all ages. found in 3 reviews
My 6 year old boy loves this game. found in 21 reviews
A very good game must download and enjoy the game. found in 120 reviews
It is soooo nic game. found in 8 reviews
This is the best angry brids game of all. found in 5 reviews
Good addition to the angry bids library. found in 5 reviews
Thought it was a nice long game very challenging to play. found in 9 reviews
This game is totally cool you did a good job rovio entertainment. found in 28 reviews
One of my favorite angry birds definitely Worth the HD version. found in 17 reviews
This game is a good time waster. found in 12 reviews
Very interesting game and also very good game. found in 18 reviews
Ive completed all levels on death star 2 its easy. found in 3 reviews
Very very very very very beautiful game. found in 8 reviews
I love angrey birds its my favorite game. found in 6 reviews
Out standing grate game two thumbs up. found in 5 reviews
Very nice game and birds are very very nicr. found in 77 reviews
It's so fun and is a great time passer. found in 5 reviews
It is really fun and entertaining. found in 5 reviews
This game has renewed my interest in the Angry Birds Franchise. found in 7 reviews
it started crashing every time an ad popped up. found in 11 reviews
When I paid for no ads I included Rovio in that expectation. found in 21 reviews
Even getting video ads now makes it even worse. found in 43 reviews
This game freezes constantly on my Moto Xoom WiFi. found in 24 reviews
Waayyy to many ads that interfere with gameplay. found in 45 reviews
Good game but too many irritating and noisey ads. found in 6 reviews
99 to remove the ads and yet they are still there. found in 27 reviews
Game crashes constantly on my Samsung Galaxy S3. found in 21 reviews
I always got invalid package message after I downloaded the update. found in 54 reviews
I am very sad to see a great game ruined with overcommercialization. found in 16 reviews
Package file is invalid message for the last 4 download attempts. found in 50 reviews
Good game but those fricken ads suck. found in 13 reviews
When I open the game an ad force interrupts the loading. found in 21 reviews
but for some reason it doesnt open on my samsung galaxy mini. found in 14 reviews
Buy into the light saber stage and still cant play it. found in 24 reviews
I can't even play this anymore because of the annoying ads. found in 25 reviews
halfway through starting an ad pops up and restarts. found in 23 reviews
There are far too many adverts in the free version. found in 11 reviews
I refuse to pay for levels AND have to watch ads. found in 15 reviews
99 for the extra levels and nothing happened. found in 24 reviews
Too many ads make the free games unplayable. found in 49 reviews
Ads ads and more ads in the middle of game play. found in 25 reviews
Can you add an option to remove the ads by purchase. found in 27 reviews
please fix it i really wanna play this game sooo bad. found in 86 reviews
For Gal Y User dont Waste your time to download this game. found in 27 reviews
Does not work on Samsung galaxy ace. found in 51 reviews
They even use annoying video ads with sound. found in 43 reviews
Galaxy ace Keeps freezing then screen goes black. found in 50 reviews
Game freezes all the time and pop ads going to uninstall. found in 24 reviews
Every time I try to install the update I get a insufficient storage. found in 36 reviews
Bought the extra content and cant play it. found in 24 reviews
whenever I try to open the first level the screen freezes. found in 32 reviews
Keep getting package file invalid after downloading and won't install. found in 54 reviews
Rovio just refuses to unlock it for you. found in 27 reviews
On my galaxy s2 it says package file invalid. found in 27 reviews
Every time I try to install it says package file is corrupt. found in 36 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Angry Birds Star Wars for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Angry Birds Star Wars app version 1.5.0 has been updated on 2014-11-04. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Awesome game must play but l can t play the path of the Jedi even after 3 starring the 1st level don t know why l 3 starred the 1st level several times but l couldn t play the 2nd level                     Michael Myers
I would happily pay to play this game but there Isn t that option Every time I play more than 2 or 3 rounds I have to watch a 30 second ad to continue playing WAY TOO MUCH It s unfortunate As much as I used to love playing Angry Birds and I have played since they started with the original I have to call it quits It just isn t worth it anymore     Lynn Proenza
love the game been playing since I had my ipod but I m kinda sick and tired of having to watch a 30 second ad everytime I want to restart the level so I can 3 star it this is a bit ridiculous on your end hopefully this is fixed for more playability cause right now theres not a whole lot unless you wanna stare at videos almost everytime you restart or complete a level         Ben Menard
Non STOP ADS You cant be serious this is rediculous They make you watch an AD after every level you actually spend more time watching ads than playing the game The ads consume a large ammount of data The game wasnt like this before The game in its current state is unplayable I Uninstalled after the 2nd level Change it back to how it used to be before     Michael Tseitlin
This is a very fantastic game than I think This is best game forever I like this game as easily I get three stars and finish all levels This looks awesome                     Nisha Rafeek
I totally agree with Lynn way too many ads especially for Toon Blast I m so sick of the TV ads and now the ads between every level in this game It s really bad when I get kicked out and have to go back into this game to keep playing                     Karen Russell
Great fun I m a bit of a completionist and it felt great figuring out how to get three stars on some of the harder levels Was great for a trip when I had no WiFi It s not too pushy about in app purchases which is good Yeah just a fun game                     Joshua Ryan
This game is good but the bad thing about it is that there are massive amounts of ads in the game The worst thing about that is most of these ads are fake or in other words doesnt show real gameplay of the game they advertise Please fix this and i will change my rating             XxTanksRulexX
A superb game ruined by Ads but not just annoying ones inappropriate ones I do not need my 4 year old being bombarded with ads for games about killing zombies and dealing with people having affairs Very disappointed There should be an option to pay to remove them if nothing else I m a very very sad Dad     Daniel Piggott-Genge
If you want to spend more time watching adds than playing the game download it absolutely unplayable it was not like this before and you cannot even buy the game to remove the adds     Electric Hec
Cool game I didn t have any major issues But why isn t the PC version free                     Ianops Legos
All I have to say is that this game is the best I mean the birds and star wars in one that s some cool shot right there                     61k 61k
Bought the game to avoid ads was taken away then brought back with ads glad I spent the money just to be ripped off Ads are too annoying so I don t play it     Rock Witzhammer
OMG THERE ARE SO MANY FREAKING ADS Who is the brain dead moron who thought it was a good idea to ruin such a fun game I don t even want to play it anymore     Seele Schneider
I love this game when it frist came out and so real to the star wars theme made my gaming exspraince better One complant though can you guys put a ballance when you try and blow up the Death pig please cuz kept getting stuck on it So only that its a realy fun game                     Nelson Brothers
L29CYQ9JJ the best way for the latest version of your choice of seats are not logged in and a few weeks I am looking for an experienced team you will find out how you are not responsible or something I m sure the other side 30th iron I think I am not going to have the same 44 I was a great deal with this it has been scanned for the latest couple weeks and a bit of the most of the day of Christmas a few days ago save I 8th the other side I think I am looking to get the most of your own                     pritam dawale
This is not a best game but we have to do time past we can this game only and graphics are nice             Ronak Prajapati Kirti Bhai
One of the best crossovers ever not only there is double the fun but double the experience definitely a 5 star                     Siraj Z
One word awesome except for the stupid ads that ads that last 30 seconds it s a cool game             Chuma Mbiko
this game has become even worse and more insidious since I last accidentally installed it Almost unplayable due to ads and sneaky download opportunities it used to be good but that was not yesterday         Jolly. Roger.
I gave this game 3 star cuz of the audio Rovio do more of a better job with the sounds u0026 music             Paige Mckendrick
AB and Star Wars combine this is insanely great all the combined characters fit so well like Chuck and Han both are very cocky I haven t been playing it much cause of AB2 but I get time to play this                     Angelo montero
I can t play more than one episode before I m bombarded with ads that you have to constantly touch the screen to see when you can skip it literally deleted it because it was so bad awesome game all the ads ruined it and it s even worse because most of the ads are about angry birds like I didn t already know you made a plethora of others     A Google user
I m sorry to say about this I think that this email in text graphics card is not available for download it from there is anything else I think that this email in text graphics card is not available for download it from there is anything else I think that this email in text graphics card is not available for download it from there is anything                     Susmita Dey
I have spent quite a few months working away on the levels and had managed to finally get to level 60 only for the game to stop working every time I tried to open it would shut back down in seconds I tried everything I was then advised to try to uninstall and reinstall I did this and now I m back to the beginning not impressed seriously thinking of just deleting now gutted     wildlife rescuer
star wars and angry birds when u need something first time you see it this is the perfect example                     Chris Watkins
Loved this game enough to pay to get rid of the ads Then it updated the other day and the ads are back It s not like it forgot I bought it because the option isn t there anymore to pay to remove the ads Now I spent money and it s still unplayable because there are so many of them Please fix     Daniel V Hart
best game ever it s pretty hard and super fun and has so many levels and requires a lot of skill So this game is awesome                     Evan Kimball
can t disable audio in some ads forced ads between every level just too annoying to tolerate         Jason Pascucci
Moon Of Endor levels are always in a hurry to close themselves even when more points can still be scored         Desmond John
very funny game It was a little hard to clear the some level of the game                 vaishali. aundhelar
Ads ads ads I experienced ads lots of them     Pavan Ks
it s a good game with too many commercials that make me want to smash my phone but I don t so I can continue playing Angry Birds                 Henri Ellis
It s a good game but they make you watch a 30 second video ad after every Single Level It s aggravating I understand that ads are how they make money but after every level is really annoying and honestly a bit much I wound up just uninstalling the app             Terry Conklin
Way too many ads no ad free version The game regularly tricks you so you click on ads I d happily pay few euros for an ad free version but it doesn t seem to exist Rovio this is very bad and unethical business practice especially for a game played by young kids     Frederic Abrard
Way too many ads seems like there is some dumb video after each level         Sam spoto
I like this game very much but please don t make activation keys Playing on the phone means you cannot have the key so remove it and make it a full game which can be installed all in once                     Mahuya De
I used to love this game and the series generally So what a disappointment it was to discover after years away that it has been ruined by far too many adverts I m uninstalling it and looking elsewhere for my entertainment     Peter Sheaf
For ad free gaming disable Wifi and mobile data So much more enjoyable             John Schuch

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