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Autodesk Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (SketchBook - draw and paint ,Autodesk ForceEffect Motion ,SketchBook Mobile ,BIM 360 Layout ,Autodesk FormIt ,Design Review mobile), brings Pixlr Express with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pixlr Express apps has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Practically all the basic editing tools you need with fine control..
  • Just a big compliment to developer..
  • The filters are really nice and make my pictures look great..
  • This app has everything you need for photo manipulation..
  • It's a mind blowing app to edit the photos in a jiffy..

Overall Satisfactionc91
This is probably one of the best photo editing apps I've ever downloaded.
This is probably the best photo editing app for android.
excellent app its more effect than other editor app.
Needs more effects and fonts.
This is an app that is 10 times better than Picsart.
This is the best photo editor app with the amazing effects.
This is an unbelievable app with so many amazing features.
Better than Instagram and other photo editing apps.
Thanks Autodesk for giving this for free.
Fun & Engagingc93
The best photo edit app its superb.
excellent app its more effect than other editor app.
Needs more effects and fonts.
A very lightweight app with awesome picture editing capabilites.
fun to work with every kind of effects.
This gives you almost everything you need to edit photos on your mobile device.
Great app for doing pretty much everything you need to edit your pics.
I'm just impressed that everything is free.
And the best part : everything is free.
a bunch of extremely useful tools are available for photo enhancing.
So many useful tools to choose from makes editing photos fun.
The most useful photo editing app so far.
One of the most useful photo editing App.
Family Friendlyc97
Sexy app I loved it.
Sexy app I love it.
Social Aspectsc82
it helped me create awesome photos for social media app.
The social media presence is impressive as well.
Production Valuesc85
excellent app its more effect than other editor app.
Needs more effects and fonts.
Lots of options + easy interface.
Ease of Usec81
One simple photo was turned into an epic of epic awesomeness.
Lots of options + easy interface.
Simple and powerful editing.
Soo good its really very is easy and reliable.
this is sumthing easy and effective editing with lots of fun.
n easy to usr thgough it u can be satisfide you fonds.
the ability to save certain effect combinations for later use.
the ability to save original & save in different file sizes.
my having error saying failed to save file pls fix it.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Updates & Supportc86
good to find an android version of the same.
It's like a android version of photoshop.
but this android version dont show the pixel.

One Of The Best Photography App Available For Android. found in 39 reviews
The best picture editor ive found on google play. found in 213 reviews
one of the best photo editing app i have ever seen available in the market. found in 7 reviews
It is the best pic editing app I have ever seen. found in 184 reviews
Wow great job Autodesk. found in 19 reviews
One of The best Photo Editer i used so far. found in 765 reviews
Second best photo editor after Photo Studio Pro. found in 11 reviews
Nice app to make photo effects v user friendly. found in 33 reviews
The best image editor that I have seen in andoid. found in 83 reviews
Excellent best pic editor ive used yet top rated. found in 173 reviews
Loaded with awesome effects and user suitable settings. found in 36 reviews
Currently the best image editing app I had used. found in 101 reviews
Definitely one of the finest photo editing softwares available. found in 8 reviews
The best photo edit and enhancing app for mobile. found in 747 reviews
a bunch of extremely useful tools are available for photo enhancing. found in 9 reviews
Extremely cool effects and totally worth downloading. found in 61 reviews
Best app for editing photos on any user interface or OS. found in 423 reviews
Its an awesome Editor Thanks AUTODESK INC. found in 26 reviews
This is one of the best picture editing apps I have used. found in 240 reviews
Best mobile photo editing software I've ever used. found in 765 reviews
Good app but a bit problem may appear while downloading. found in 5 reviews
Auto fix destroys the pic instead of making it well. found in 45 reviews
Whenever I use auto contrast or auto sharpening it always crashes. found in 33 reviews
there is no resize function as indicated in the app description. found in 8 reviews
Just fix the issue of error downloading packs. found in 6 reviews
I wish I could save photos in the same resolution. found in 21 reviews
But there is not a option for to Resize images. found in 5 reviews
it says failed to save image with UNKNOWN REASON. found in 139 reviews
But there must requires internet connection to use this aap. found in 20 reviews
Red eye reduction not working perfectly. found in 63 reviews
Each one seems to have something missing. found in 6 reviews
What happened to the resize option when saving. found in 17 reviews
It wont let me change the font size. found in 4 reviews
Unable to save photos to ext sd card. found in 11 reviews
I cant save the downloaded overlay and frame effects. found in 27 reviews
and now pictures come out blurry and pixelated. found in 11 reviews
If we not have to install effects then that is good. found in 45 reviews
This doesn't save edited images on my i9001 running cm10. found in 14 reviews
The text comes out blurry and pixilated wasted data to down load. found in 11 reviews
Spend hrs editing then cant save results total crap. found in 27 reviews
& unable to save edited pictures or access picture files from Google Drive. found in 11 reviews
my having error saying failed to save file pls fix it. found in 139 reviews
How disappointing the "blend" option from double exposure is missing. found in 53 reviews
It shows that invalid package file on my xperia tipo. found in 9 reviews
Cannot resize photos when it clearly states you can. found in 9 reviews
Downloaded only to fix my puppies red eye in pics. found in 45 reviews
The app doesn't even offer the basic option to resize a photo. found in 52 reviews
Its showing an error saying no working Internet connection. found in 20 reviews
The app cannot read cam shots stored on SD card. found in 33 reviews
"This app sucks and it takes a long time to download". found in 9 reviews
Good features but red eye removal is very bad. found in 63 reviews
but almost all the old stickers disappeared :. found in 13 reviews
Does not allow to to save the picture. found in 14 reviews
Great app but can't save photos. found in 21 reviews

The Pixlr Express is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Pixlr Express app version 2.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

More than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image, freePixlr Express is a fun and free photo editor that lets you quickly crop, re-size, and fix any picture, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth. ...

It worked perfectly fine really well actually at first I ve tried using it for the past two weeks and it won t even open I ve uninstalled and re downloaded it multiple times and it keeps giving me the same message Unfortunately Pixlr has stopped Without the app even opening I don t think it s a problem with my device but it could be Other then that it s a really good app upset that I can t really use it anymore but I ll find something else             Izzy-The-Idiotic-Artist
Liked it until today when it suddenly started throwing the app has stopped message every time I try to open it Uninstall reinstall no joy Reboot Uninstall reinstall no joy Nothing else has been installed or other changes side the last time it worked 2 days ago Now I have a sad BLU R1 Plus I m not the only one experiencing major issues The reviews have tanked within the last month or so Please roll back recent updates         Mellissa Wright
As far as photo editors go I am not the one to tell you if this one is good overall When I needed to shrink a photo to be a small enough size to use on a website for a profile picture I cropped off the edges and told the app to save file at the smallest setting the new image was almost double the original image size Fail             Cloudy Knight
Lacks key features this is basically just ANOTHER photo editor which is meant to slather bad selfies in filters Useful features would be any non full cropping selection and pasting tools eyedropper and fill tools anything like even the most basic Photoshop tools well PC the mobile PS is also trash and lacks these This app has none of those it simply gives the user the same editing options as say an Instagram story would allow Save yourself the data and don t bother         B
I would ve of put a 5 star rating I been using the app from the moment it came out and loved it I even advised it to people to download it But very recently the app kept crashing and now will not even open up On my S6 Samsung Which has left me feeling disappointed Speically I think it is way better than photoshop             Daniel A Smith
Update Redownlaoded about a week later and the app is all fixed Great job developers I love love love this app Ever since this last update Pixlr will not open I tired uninstalling and reinstalling Restarting my phone and everything an d it just keeps saying it crashes before it even opens I LOVED this app It s one of the best photo editors for mobile I ve ever seen I would use it many times a day You got even k ow how upset I am about not having this Ugh PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT SOON                     Jessica Cinderflame
I used to use this ALL the time for years but now is stops on me constantly I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but it does the same thing I will have to find another photo editor Update after reinstalling app again for 3rd time it is now working once more which is good It is the by far the best and easiest photo editing app I have ever used and I have used It for years So glad I will be able to continue to use it I happily change my rating                     Patricia McCoy
I ve been using this app for years but then it wont open I uninstalled the app and redownload it but it still wouldn t work But when it finally works All the fonts available to use at the app is now removed There used to be dozens of fonts you can use but now there is only 1 type of font     VOIZ CRACK
Pretty easy to control and handy but for some reason constantly leaves weird grey blobs in my eyeball in photos if I edit them It s a huge waste of time when the photo looks great in app but then when saved is flawed Also wish there were undo options within each editing task like if it s within brighten undoing each tap rather than an accumulation of all brighten moves you made Otherwise seems quite accurate with my fingers and good for blemish removal aside from those weird save smudges             Ashley D
App updated and now I can t open it on my tablet I use the app to edit photos and now it s crashing Been using it for almost 4 years now Uninstalled and reinstalled like 5 times already and still nothing Is it not tablet compatable anymore Very disappointed UPDATE The app is properly working now after the last update Thank you to all that worked tirelessly to help fix the bug I am very happy                     Jimmy Tovar
I m not sure if it s just android but it will crash anytime I try to open it no matter what I do before the newest update it was perfect for everything I needed to do but now it won t work at all so I m looking forward to a new update that fixes the bug meaning i can use it again                 Prylon
Used to be fantastic The latest update just rendered it completely crashed and useless Thanks for taking my money for upgrades and killing the app Update 9 9 19 still not working after countless uninstalling reinstalling Everything worked fine before this latest update     Eric Paulson
New update is not good all used to be a very good editor always used to use this but from last update the app gets crashed cannot use it also the double exposure quality is nt good gets blurred developer please do check with it had been using this from almost 4 years Thank you             Kaushik Rk
I keep trying photo editors on Android and there are more advanced ones than this but they lack in one way or the other Pixlr is a workhorse doing all I need with photos and graphics on my phone and I use of on my desktop also through the excellent browser based version Updates with big fixes all the time it s all good                     Christian Dysthe
I will gladly kick this 3 star review up to a 5 once Pixlr fixes a recent regression in saving a collage in anything but a square box format Apparently now you can only save in 640x 2048x or 5000x even though your collage is actually three photos whose final dimensions are an Instagram or Facebook friendly 2592x1944 Yes when you share directly it works but no longer in saving Not sure how this got by sanity tests as it means distorting a collage on a save but there you have it Otherwise a very good but no longer as useful an app             Dean Peters
I know you guys are working on fixing it I ll rate better then but my app somehow deleted itself Then when I installed it again it won t let me download anything Plenty of space and pretty new phone I use it often so I hope it s fixed         Vertuben Flugen
This is one of my favourite app One thing i would like you to update in this which is shadow option when we drag a logo in the app there must have a shadow option where we could give a black shadow on the logo I think this one you should add in the app Otherwise the app is wonderful                 vishesh hans
Great for editing photos and all that but sometimes when you put text on a picture some of the bottom of the screen goes black You can still interact with what was there but its super annoying Please fix this                 Phillip Zirkle
Normally I would rate this app with 5 stars Best of all apps for photo editing But after the latest update it crashes every time I try to load it I have a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 UPDATE Okay the fresh update worked 5 stars                     Alan Morrison
Love the features and filters Especially for collages it s perfect However lately I m getting a bug upon saving my pictures Randomly these saving progress gets stuck upon 25 and it won t continue The only option is the close the app and all progress is lost Please fix this issue             Hell Furry
I used to like this app every much untill recently Because now i cannot use it The app crashes everytime i open it As soon as you open the app it crashes within a second I cannot use it anymore Please fix this     Pranjal Sharma
I have used this app for years and loved it Until the update my app did 2 days ago Now I cannot even open it it crashes over and over again My desk top app will not even open Very unhappy         Gabrielle Pope
The update has certainly fixed the app which I am sincerely thankful for But now I ve noticed that a lot of the fonts that were on Pixlr are now missing and there s no way I can get them back                 Locklan Murrell
I used to use this app a lot for photo editing but now I don t know what has happened to it There used to be a lot of options of texts overlays colorings and stickers but they re all gone I hope you can fix this app as soon as you can because it used to be great     Lauren Hamato
I d been using this app to edit my pics It was working great But recently it stopped working I reinstall this app two times It s now running but it shows only default filters frames and text How can I fix this problem I really don t want to uninstall this app                     Hadeed Malik
I used to love this app until I updated What happened to all the filters Now I ve only got one set of filters which is a waste of my time I suppose you took all of the other stuff away in the free app and now you want us to pay to enjoy the features we once had Sorry not buying it         Dusty Gotchakid
Hey this is an amazing editing app and I ve used it for a long time But since the last update it s not working well I can t download any frames nor filters Please fix this error     Ruqiya S
I ve used it for a while and like the features and how they work with my photos It s a matter of spending time and learing the features Just hope it changes to HTML before Chrome stops supporting                 Stephen Jones
Great app been using for years Sadly newest update makes it crash on launch every time Unfortunate that I have to uninstall Would rate 5 stars if app could be opened Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro on Android 6 0 1     I Hate Dubstep
Used this app for years Loved it The recent updates have bogged operation down Then yesterday s update killed the app Uninstall and attempt to reinstall Message says Can t Install Well bye     Bryon McCool
I use this app for photo editing But currently it s not working Every time I reinstall it doesn t work Plzz resolve the problem as soon as possible pixlr express developer team                 Sumit Sarkar
I have used this and it was my favorite until today They updated and now my android device is not compatible Thanks Pixar for making it so people with less funding that do not have expensive up to date devises cannot use UNLESS THEY GET A NEW DEVISE     Amanda Hines
After last update can t open at all It immediately crashes I ll be looking for another editing app until this is fixed Better hope I don t enjoy that one more     Lisa Maynard
Very useful app I have been using it for a number of years For very basic editing and watermarking Against lacks features for higher end editing                     Zhaier Fareed
jack of all trades master of none there s still some weird jank here and there also really wish theyd add some more text options like boarders and maybe some more usable fonts                     Alec Schon
Great app I love using it and it s really fun and easy But lately it doesn t open It just crashes Please fix this because I want to keep using the app                 Albert Grunnion
App updated and now unable to open it force quit app power cycled phone still not working about to uninstall reinstalled now seems to be working but really i shouldn t have to unu0026re install an app to get it to work             TheGood ByeGirl
Pixlr Express Photography Pixlr Express Whiten TeethPixlr Express Photography Pixlr Express Whiten TeethPixlr Express Photography Pixlr Express Whiten TeethPixlr Express Photography Pixlr Express Whiten Teeth

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