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Description - Candy Crush Saga , the publisher behind many Android apps (Farm Heroes Saga ,Papa Pear Saga ,Pet Rescue Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga ,King Challenge ,Candy Crush Kakao), brings Candy Crush Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Candy Crush Saga apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Love the sound effects and the competition with my friends..
  • It's very good strategy game that makes my head hurts ^^..
  • I love this app its fun and a good stress reliever..
  • I love the challenging levels and opportunities for power candies..
  • Love the game and is super fun and addicting..

Overall Satisfactionc84
I love candy crush one of the best game.
What a lovely game that require thinking.
Cannot open this lovely game on EXmobile S23.
Wonderful game all should download this game.
amazing game everybody should download this game.
Wow love dis game am already an addict to candy crush.
How can i block request of dis game.
Used to love this game long back.
Candy crush is one of the best games I've played so far.
Omg love it the best game I ever played since mincraft.
Worst game i ever played.
Fun & Engagingc85
This game is very addictive & I love it lot.
Very addictive but unfortunately it's not allowing me to access Facebook.
Awesome Awesome game nice candy jelly good music.
awesome game but refuse to pay to go further.
Had fun playing this game for a long time.
I really enjoyed playing this game until it kept shutting down.
Love the game and is super fun and addicting.
became totally addicted then started having major issues.
Very fun game to pass the time and very addictive love it.
Great game very hard to put down once u start playing.
it tries to force me to put money into it.
Great game loads of fun I'm best in world.
No wonder it's top grossing you have to pay for everything.
and you have to pay for everything.
Awesome game I love it alot I play everyday.
I play everyday and I enjoy the challenge.
sad i play everyday made it to level.
Family Friendlyc86
My entire family plays and is hooked on this game.
My entire family plays this game it is awesome.
Value for Moneyc35
Hate the part where u have to pay real money though.
all levels can be beaten in time and without spending money.
Love the game and you can complete every level without buying anything.
Replay Valuec70
Lol I need more levels im at the end of both lands.
I'm at level 620 and have no more levels to play.
Guys pls add more levels i already completed 950.
Boils the blood very challenging and extremely addictive.
This is a very addictive and challenging puzzle game.
Never gets old just more and more challenging.
A brain teaser and time consumer.
Social Aspectsc49
It's good to play with friends to compete with them.
Great game to play with friends and family.
Production Valuesc93
Love the sound effects and the competition with my friends.
Great quality and the sound effects are great.
Good game excellent graphics Time pass.
Lots of fun and excellent graphics.
Crazily addictive game keep up the good work.
Not happy the game keeps crashing & going back to the main screen.
The game keeps freezing up and I have to restart it.
Security & Privacyc42
not connecting to face book.
Updates & Supportc22
looks and feels better than the facebook version.
I'm already past 155 on facebook version.
Doesn't sync with facebook version properly.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth while having fun. found in 23 reviews
Awesome Awesome game nice candy jelly good music. found in 861 reviews
play with this game forever im promies. found in 19 reviews
Very nice game my mummy very like this game. found in 287 reviews
The game is very interesting and like a brain game. found in 15 reviews
Love the game very addictive time killer. found in 101 reviews
Amazing game stress buster and usage of mind peacefully. found in 12 reviews
My entire family plays and is hooked on this game. found in 18 reviews
This is very good fully timepass game. found in 93 reviews
Boils the blood very challenging and extremely addictive. found in 127 reviews
Adictive mind blowing game Stucking some times and Some way is irritating. found in 24 reviews
amazing game everybody should download this game. found in 141 reviews
Easy and a good time filler when I need it. found in 13 reviews
A nice look and a best timepass mind game. found in 59 reviews
Its too good and i never played intresting game like it. found in 16 reviews
Great time pass game every body should download this game. found in 55 reviews
Very interesting game where its so colourful and attractive. found in 169 reviews
combined with a joy of a funny game. found in 20 reviews
Other than that it isa relaxing game and fun to play. found in 17 reviews
Very entertaining game which can become quite habit forming. found in 46 reviews
Still no connection to facebook from Samsung galaxy s4. found in 67 reviews
Can't connect to Facebook when ever I try it automatically quit. found in 1420 reviews
LOVE my game but after the update I can't log in to Facebook. found in 73 reviews
Still unable to connect to Facebook from my device for almost a month now. found in 1713 reviews
D games vry addictiv but Its nt allowin me conect to Facebook :. found in 61 reviews
reach level 36 but can't play cut it won't connect to my Facebook account. found in 141 reviews
I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can't connect to face book. found in 50 reviews
Inability to progress past level 30 is stupid. found in 104 reviews
great game only fault cant connect to facebook since last update. found in 114 reviews
Since the last update whenever i try to connect to facebook the app crashes. found in 1713 reviews
Almost have to connect to fb unless you wanna pay. found in 491 reviews
Well since i updated and cannot connect to facebook anymore. found in 104 reviews
I also bought extra moves got charged never received. found in 268 reviews
Still cannot log into Facebook or spin wheel after recent update. found in 96 reviews
Unable to play game after the latest update. found in 35 reviews
Cant play beyond level 560 on phone but can online. found in 63 reviews
Love the game but can't connect to fb for nothing. found in 491 reviews
Though my first comment that I can't login to facebook. found in 74 reviews
Great fun to waste time picking up my kids. found in 64 reviews
I cant sync candy crush wid my fb account. found in 62 reviews
Stuck on level 351 and won't let me connect to FB. found in 142 reviews
I am unable to connect to Facebook to interact with my friends. found in 1713 reviews
It's about frustration now and selling gold bars. found in 200 reviews
it tries to send requests to everyone in my friends list. found in 152 reviews
Well now it doesn't crash but I can't connect to my Facebook account. found in 141 reviews
Can't connect to FB after doing every thing they said do. found in 491 reviews
Not happy the game keeps crashing & going back to the main screen. found in 145 reviews
Can't connect to Facebook still very disappointed also it keeps crashing. found in 1420 reviews
Level 33 impossible without power ups or ludicrously fantastic luck. found in 427 reviews
Have uninstall and reinstall still unable to connect to Fb. found in 491 reviews
it's gotten almost impossible to win in a reasonable amount of time. found in 134 reviews
Uninstalled and reinstalled and now I'm back to level 1. found in 405 reviews
Also requires more luck than skill to win. found in 134 reviews
having to bother friends or pay to keep playing is ridiculous. found in 215 reviews
Haven't been able to connect to Facebook for over two weeks. found in 1713 reviews
When you make a game so ridiculously impossible to beat. found in 158 reviews
now I can't proceed beyond level 35 unless via FB or $$. found in 193 reviews
Sending requests to unlock new levels doesn't work. found in 250 reviews

The Candy Crush Saga is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Candy Crush Saga app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-11-12. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Varies with device

A delicious and addictive puzzle adventure with hundreds of levels.The super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now in beta for Android Please share your feedback to and match your way through more than ...

Too fast I used to play this game to relax on a different device I haven t played for a couple of years and downloaded it on my phone It was so fast and too many auto combos It was like I wasn t even playing and just watching a terrible speeded up version of someone else playing Candy Crush I thought maybe it was just to get through the tutorial levels but I got to level 20 something and still practically giving me a seizure when I play Sadly I will be uninstalling immediately     Nicole Filloon
I love playing now when I try to open it on my phone it says unfortunately candy crush has stopped working Would somebody please tell me why It has been doing this for about a week I have reported it but have not heard back from anybody I have updated turned my phone off you name it i have done it Does anybody have any answers             Karen Brown
Its a very addictive game But some levels are unnecessarily so very n brutishly hard that they re almost impossible to cross Yes there should be challenges but not so difficult that people who play for some relief from daily stress are frustrated because of the level of difficulty                 Shamim Rege
Latest update is terrible I still like the game but I miss the daily challange and i don t appreciate that most of the bonuses now have a time limit They don t usually show up until I m out of lives Which basically makes them useless I m still going to play I just liked it better when it was a straight prize i could use when i chose to as opposed to whithin your time frame     Amy Cantini
So sick of levels that do not give enough moves to pass a level 12 moves for something that takes at least 30 moves and no boosters Been playing for years and the devs are useless All ads now pay to play cash grab They certainly have made a ton of money off their players so I guess they think they don t have to work anymore And to all the people who keep hitting 5 stars and don t mean to pay attention Not rocket science there The people who mean to hit 5 stars are spammers Report them     Mick's Mom
Update I m on level 1136 and soon as the games starts I get no matching shuffling message for the entire game I have played this level more then 20 times and I keep getting the message for each play After 3 shuffles I lose a life every single time ALSO please remove the scrolls bcuz when you win all the scrolls your reward is the option to purchase the rewards in a bundle when they should be given to the player Thinking of deleting game from 5 stars to 1 stars     Kathey Laster
Im reviewing the app itself not the game It freezes in the same spot more times than not Its the moment you finish a round and it shows you the ticket standings When you close the ticket standings it freezes in that spot I have to close the app and restart it for me to continue             C Newt
higher levels almost impossible to win starts to seem a waste of time playing start to lose interest in playing when passing levels takes so many tries have considered deleting this app in favor of something less frustrating Terrible app Upper levels way too hard Have to play soooooo many times to get thru one level Lose interest when is so hard to pass thru         A Google user
This game is getting ridiculous The fun is taken out of it due to it getting extremely more difficult with less moves and at times spending days to get to next level Ready to delete They have gotten enough of my money threw the years To many other games that are just as much fun then this one used to be And you never hit the jackpot spin             Constant Constantine
Its a very satisfing game Mainly because there are no ads It has also updated so much from when i started to play I am 10 years old now i started playing it from when i was 6 Its almost been 4 years since i started to play this game and its very addictive I have played plenty of games that are addictive but they are all filled with ads Its the only game which is addictive and also ad free I recommend everybody who have electronic gadgets such as phone or tablets or ipads to play this game                     Divya Nair
This game can be fun and all but when you get a few hundred levels in the difficulty volume is turned up to 11 This is most likely to encourage players to buy boosters and ingame currency which I find distasteful I ve tried buying the piggy bank tosh and buying boosters from these collected gold bars which should be earned free from playing the game is not worth it So avoid the piggy bank malarkey It s worth playing the game however besides all the microtransactions             Joshua R. M
What s going on with the timed boosters News flash NOONE wants them timed I m on level 5376 and it s beginning to get annoying Go back to the way the game was What with all the millions of people that play you re still going to attempt to milk MONEY for boosters from them SHAMEFUL and I m about to take a break from the game     Angela B
This game is very good I have a lot of stress every now and then so I go on this game and 10 minutes later stress has gone The reason why I rated it 4 5 stars is because it won t let me connect to Facebook with this game Usually it should but now it doesn t Let me know whether this is part of the game now or whether it s just a glitch or something Overall I love this game its never ending fun                 Xx Chez xX
It is so nice but it is so stress me when i ll fail the level Please anybody can say me which is a last level I m gooooooooo gooooooooo till 5614th level but it can t end How dare is this But the levels was interesting I cant say about the game It was fabulous I m only angry with levels I am a addict of this game I will play 96 levels in a single day I will play this game in school also bye                     Joshva arumugam
Addicting game but marketing is transparent they wont let you win extra moves on the wheel until u have to spend more I was in bed sick recently and played alot to make the time go by and Noticed the pattern Play for free it s fun game and passes time when need be but do NOT pay money they pick up on your pattern and the game wont let you win until you spend more and more dont spend on this nonsense I was stupid to do so     J H
You used to have 5 stars from me until the latest update I literally feel fobbed off No internet connection half the time when I can connect to everything else When it does work I have to walk away from the ridiculous levels that takes my well earned gifts from and they dont even last Just grrrrrrrrrrrrr Put it back how it was     A Google user
I am on level 923 So yes I spent a great deal of time I want to call fraud on this game Never has anyone won the jackpot on daily spin We all do better offline than when we have to spend money to clear a level My friends and I play yes Facebook friends but non of us log you inand irl together We never log in as Facebook You all will never see this review because they shut down anyone with this many levels Good day cash sucking site     Karylle Silva
Disappointing It used to be fun Now levels are unbeatable ads are everywhere some cant be skipped to earn a booster lives dropping faster than winning I can see why many are uninstalling the app It was once addictive now it just isn t as sweet as it used to be Swiping more stress to the day So sad     Nicoco Works
Its an exciting game but how I win sometimes seems the games modifications made it so Kind of fake Its not like I really put the puzzle together an won But I went to college for computer programming and in this game I see a lot of the games prrogramming working towards me winning or losing Its ok hell we all gotta get paid nicely or else                 Nymph Kutta
Well 4th day in a row on the same level and because you have it fixed there looks like no hope of passing this level Even my bonus yesterday never showed up to use When there is no chance of even making moves to clear ice because of the way it is programmed Thanks for 4 days and counting of frustration     Susan Mitchell
Just started a new level in the 1300 s and these spinning wheels that cover candies with ice are the dumbest thing you could have done You can play the levels now as everything gets covered so fast I ve played this game religiously for some time now and are in the top 15 ranked in Canada and this will be the end of my playing Fix it and remove these ice wheels or you will continue to lose religious players and money from your stupid ads I would give 0 stats now if I could Thanks for the time     James Knox
It s lovely but the game doesn t offer boosters like before I got many boosters by watching online advertisements and by matching candies The game also used to give us quizzes to get booster which would end in time But now a days it gives us a booster every day which often bounds in time It s painful as I love to get more booster and play with that So please make a update where remains more u0026 more booster                     Shahin Akter
I like the new games and the new setup It will sure help to know how to get access to all the gold in my full piggy bank What is the advantage of fully full piggy bank When I run out of moves can I use my gold from my piggy bank without useing cash since I earn this gold to use my gold to continue and win the game If that is already part of the rules in the games then their should be notes guiding the player in a clearer way Please explan the double arrows                     Joyce Royster
Haven t been able to play Candy Crush Saga for almost a week now Every time I attempt to open the app I get Unfortunately Candy Crush has stopped I ve uninstalled reinstalled rebooted several times Today is 9 11 19 I will never forget and I will keep updating this review every week until it finally works again     Kimberly Shaffer
Getting increasingly frustrated that the game is clearly different for different users which makes the competitions not fair My husband also gets opportunities for free lives and free spins and loads of opportunities to win candy by watching adverts but I dont get any of this How is it one person has such a different experience with the same app             Natalie Mawer
Horrid vile little game Spent less time playing than closing pop ups for boosters deals updates on supposed current rank vs other players which I suspect is bs and other nonsense eg cant start a new level until you click Ok Awesome on the banner telling you for the 100th time Complete this level the 1st time you get an awesome sticker Then gameplay is about 40 actual play and 60 waiting for the stupid finale to end where everything explodes for 2min Got real old real fast     David Downey
Whoever came up with the school of swedish fish is awesome I think its so cute And the music when they come out tops it off Gameplay is fun and adorable as well Kind of a challenge when you dont have boosters that has been awarded and timed Graphics is okay when it comes to this game                 Inice Kolar
I used to play this and recently downloaded it again and it s less fun You guys are giving out too much free boosters It s not challenging plus the round is over in one easy move One time i didn t even touch the screen and i ended with 3 stars It s boring Less boosters             Michelle van O
It s hard to say I have been playing cc on two different devices Device one I made it to 4274 on the second device I m at 4157 I need king to transfer my cc from device number one to device number 2 Device number two is more than 100 stops away device number one has a broken screen and I can t unlock it to send my hi rank to my low rank phone             Sharon Inman
Raising the prices is only going to help me stop buying and most likely stop playing You ve gotten the last cent from me NO MORE Update Sep 2019 Game will no longer connect to Internet Downloaded and reinstalled and still no Internet detected     USN_Ret 84-05
Its nice too be capaple of winning a gsme now and then Most of the time there are not enought moves and too many of the things you call bombs to get With only a few seconds to do it Frankly i think it is just set up to stop you No fun like that at all                 Cathy Stamper
wow when you pass level 20 gold bars are 50 I passed that level and won 5 gold bars Currently only 5 gold bars for passing 30th level game it s no longer appealing MONEY GRUBBERS BANDITS Another chance and monitoring developers updated version MONITORING GOLD BARS AND PLAYING ONLY ONCE DAILY still to slow to fully load and open     Mrs Styrkii
It s a lot of fun it s good for when I get bored It doesn t take a lot of focus or brain power so it makes for a pretty good game to play when you just want a distraction I enjoy it quite a bit I do wish I could turn off suggested moves though I had this before and was able to but I can t figure it out now and it s just a big annoying                 Bailey Ashbay
Fun but obvious money grab and tons of micro transactions They make you work for a prize then when you get the prize they tell you to pay money to unlock it They do the same with giving you gold They tell that you have 50 gold but you have to pay for the piggy bank to get it             Raineswilliam NICHOIAS
Has anyone ever won the jackpot on spin the wheel Damn thing is rigged Then what s the point of the scrolls if I win them through different stages and still have to pay to get a reward So useless Don t even get me started on the timed rewards 1hr of boosters with only 1 life left very smart The weekly race is also a sham on levels above 1500 you simply can t move 200 levels up in two three days not possible Work on those for now will be back         peter njoroge
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