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COMMUNITY FACTORY INC. , brings ペタットカレンダー -女の子の毎日をデコるカレンダー・手帳 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ペタットカレンダー -女の子の毎日をデコるカレンダー・手帳 app has been update to version 1.5.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me85
    Best calendar application.
    First off I love the stamps & ease of use of this app.
    I love the stickers and the widget for this app.
    It's cute and love the different culture icons it has :.
    Been looking for a cute calendar widget for decades.
    Thanks god.
    I am totally in love with this app.
    My friends love it and download it too.
    Fun & Engagingclick me92
    Finally an awesome calendar thats fun and functional.
    So cool and fun.
    It's Fun and practical.
    Super adorable and actually makes organizing fun for people like me.
    Scheduling stuff has never been so fun.
    Usefulnessclick me92
    Love this app so much with cute and useful icons.
    Recommended for you to organize your daily activities.
    Super cute and helpful.
    It helps me keep everything in order.
    This app is so cute and helps me keep track of everything.
    Cute & useful calendar.
    Ease of Useclick me83
    Recommended for you to organize your daily activities.
    so cute easy to use have told friends.
    It's so cute and convenient ~.
    Despite the language barrier it's still easy to follow.
    Cute and easy navigation.
    makes it easy to see at a glance plans made weeks in advance.
    Simple yet complete with functions that a calander should have.
    Updates & Supportclick me64
    but why you guyz did not make an english version.



    The ペタットカレンダー -女の子の毎日をデコるカレンダー・手帳 is now available as a free download on Google Play Store for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ペタットカレンダー -女の子の毎日をデコるカレンダー・手帳 app version 1.5.7 has been updated on 2014-01-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up








    esay to use. found in 1 reviews
    So nice to brighten up appointments with cute little icons. found in 3 reviews
    My friends love it and download it too. found in 2 reviews
    Excellent and kawaii app. found in 4 reviews
    just that a bit laggy when scrolling through e list of symbols. found in 1 reviews
    maybe highlight timeframes for project beginning and due dates. found in 2 reviews
    Great for everyday schedualing. found in 1 reviews
    And the stamps make me happy to decorate my schedule everyday. found in 3 reviews
    This calendar is uber cute. found in 2 reviews
    Despite the language barrier it's still easy to follow. found in 3 reviews
    they provide many free cUte icons and the Widgets helps alots. found in 13 reviews
    With alot of cute stickers. found in 2 reviews
    You can easily incorporate your Google Calendar and Facebook birthdays. found in 2 reviews
    Best calendar application. found in 21 reviews
    This is the cutest calender app. found in 6 reviews
    Thanks god. found in 2 reviews
    Great diary app. found in 2 reviews
    The only problem is that Google calendar sync function doesn't work =/. found in 2 reviews
    I can't put it onto homescreen. found in 1 reviews
    List calendar and widget problem. found in 2 reviews
    Many symbols will be unusable for English speakers. found in 2 reviews
    please include public holidays in the calendar. found in 5 reviews
    No Google sync. found in 1 reviews
    please make an english sticker for this. found in 7 reviews
    english language please but so far very cute. found in 2 reviews
    But please add English translations for the pop-up reminders. found in 8 reviews
    Cute but more stamps in English please. found in 26 reviews
    but without real time sync with external calendars. found in 3 reviews
    I just wish I understood what the other symbols were for lifestyle. found in 2 reviews
    but it's not useful if it can't sync with google calendar. found in 10 reviews
    best app ever but pleeeeease hv an english option. found in 5 reviews
    If there was an option to sync Google calendar. found in 13 reviews
    Doesn't look like it can sync with Google calendar. found in 11 reviews
    but no public holiday of taiwan. found in 5 reviews
    but I'll give u 5 stars if u have in English version. found in 2 reviews
    if you had also intended for English speakers too. found in 2 reviews
    but why you guyz did not make an english version. found in 7 reviews
    But unable to sync with google calender. found in 13 reviews
    Alarm function not good enough. found in 2 reviews
    But NO ENGLISH OPTION AVALIABLE. found in 5 reviews
    great if you can read Chinese. found in 4 reviews
    Looks good but can't understand / English please. found in 26 reviews
    its cute but it's not in English so can't understand it. found in 3 reviews
    PLEASE add English to the stickers. found in 8 reviews
    Date Ver./ Last Updated:
    2.1 and up

    Android App ペタットカレンダー -女の子の毎日をデコるカレンダー・手帳 1.5.7

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