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WeQ4U , brings WeQ4U with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WeQ4U apps has been update to version 1.9c with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • And it saved me over £10 on premium rate phone calls..
  • Saves tons of money and the pain of waiting in line..
  • Great for students..

Overall Satisfactionc94
Perfectly working for me save a lot of money thanks.
will and have recommended this to friends and family.
I would recomended for everyone Excellent call quality save ur pocket.
Brilliant thank you.
Good app highly recommend it.
On of the best android and iphone app.
Fun & Engagingc100
It's totally awesome.
Awesome to make free call on 0845.
Saves time and money to make non inclusive call from my mobile.
By far the best app and most useful app I have on my phone.
Saves me money every day.
Ease of Usec100
simple to use and saves you a fortune.
Simple to use and saves me a fortune.
This app is so convenient and saves you time.
convenient and saves you money.
Fantastic simple money saving.
5 stars easy.
search for 'weq4u noads' to find the ad free version.
I would recomended for everyone Excellent call quality save ur pocket.
Ads not Intrusivec100
It's already cost us loads to re -furnish etc.
Stop asking me to review.

call waiting a god send. found in 5 reviews
BEST APP SINCE SLICE BREAD. found in 2 reviews
saved me a fortune -would recommend it to anyone that will listen x. found in 30 reviews
Used it for the first time today to Q and it worked very smoothly. found in 2 reviews
1 of the best apps available. found in 1 reviews
Was sceptical at first. found in 3 reviews
By far the best app and most useful app I have on my phone. found in 2 reviews
Best so to save money on calls to premium rate numbers. found in 14 reviews
What a money saver application. found in 3 reviews
will and have recommended this to friends and family. found in 5 reviews
Brilliant App saved my sanity today. found in 1 reviews
Already saved over £15 great app recommended. found in 20 reviews
God bless the developer /inventor of this extremely useful app. found in 1 reviews
Top drawer app. found in 3 reviews
This app is essential to save time and money. found in 4 reviews
It can't seem to find southwest water number. found in 8 reviews
Auto use feature no longer works. found in 1 reviews
seems a false positive to me. found in 1 reviews
And crucially no extra charges on my phone bill. found in 3 reviews
most but not all numbers work. found in 4 reviews
If your network provider is 3UK this app will work. found in 2 reviews
But creates too many contacts in the contact list. found in 2 reviews
Otherwise I can't fault it. found in 9 reviews
Unable to select contacts. found in 1 reviews
unfortunately it was my doctor trying to get through. found in 4 reviews
Please add more numbers. found in 8 reviews
Good but use with care. found in 1 reviews
No WQ message = no free call. found in 6 reviews
but doesn't have most of the numbers I need to call. found in 3 reviews
Excellent if you have inclusive minutes. found in 6 reviews
First number called and already a problem. found in 4 reviews
Occasionally the app is unable to complete a call. found in 1 reviews
if you get put on hold again. found in 5 reviews
and the going around in circles began - app removed. found in 1 reviews
1st number I tried and it said sorry cant help. found in 4 reviews
we can't route this call for you :. found in 1 reviews
Rubbish app. found in 2 reviews

The WeQ4U is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new WeQ4U app version 1.9c has been updated on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Puts u thru 2 Call Centres without the queue + FREE 0800 0845/4/3 0870/1 CallsFed up with queueing for UK call centres? The WeQ4U App gets you through without waiting PLUS FREE CALLS on ALL ...

This app is a definite must if you have to call chargeable numbers on your mobile phone I would be lost and poorer without it As well as money it can also save your valuable time by calling you back when your call reaches the front af an annoying queue Highly recommended                     Ian Murray
Very good saves money on all premium calls I ve had to make The queuing system is a bit hit and miss as companies at the end of the line can hang up before you are back on the phone again but I would still give it 5 stars because it has saved me money and tells me how much                     Olivia Dyke
I have 2 admit I m not a power user of my mobile so I ve probably not even scratched the surface of what this app is capable of but it has more than matched my expectations I don t know in terms of money saving but from the point of not having to sit with the phone at my ear on occasion 4 over 50 mins that alone is more than worth the download I give it 4 becoz I don t know how good it might actually be GO 4 IT What have u got to lose I ll tell you time and money if u don t                 IanO Neill
I love this app It has saved me loads of money Being a home owner hv got to make loads of call to different suppliers and wait in a long queue at times to get trough Txz to this app I would strongly recommend this app and I hv told all my family and friends to download this app They too are so happy with this app                     Reshma Cardozo
I set my mobile plan to not allow me to make calls that will incurr charges and with the help of this app I am able to call most business numbers 0845 0870 etc without any charges If I didn t have this app my phone bill would be ridiculously expensive this app is amazing                     Mariam Ajala
I love the concept of it However unfortunately when most call centres immediately hang up when the app takes over it actually just ends up meaning you take longer to speak to a real person as you have to start all over again by ringing them normally     R T
I used this app only once and noticed that it has deliberately lengthened my call to a 0333 number infect I have to cancel the call after more than 26 minutes whereas when I dialed the number directly I got through almost instantly I smelled the rat and uninstalled the app straight away Not a happy bunny I am     Mohammed Jahangir
AVOID THIS APP It interferes with EVERY CALL U MAKE I make a call it rings then an automated message says we q4u blah blah blah and it s 45p p m or something like that I deleted the app tried to call the same number and its still there Rebooting your phone won t help so I call Vodafone the nice lady said theyd had so many complaints about this and to get rid of it you have to email them and it can take up to 24hours Goes to show that somethings deleted it s not really AVOID                     Duncan Harris
Fantastic app Saved me loads of money in the last 3 years I ve been using it The queuing feature is also great                     Shuaib Khan
It is messing up my call log for some reason I don t understand why could you please fix this is very annoying I used to love this app but now is just not something I would advice anyone to download Response I do have the absolute latest update I was advised by Samsung to delete the app If you can t fix this it is going to be really sad and poor from you guys     Adam Nasraddin
messing up call log i v got Samsung and i v just tried using this for the first time tho the call seems not to go thru probably busy in the call centre i m trying to call but it has changed all my call logs frm now to as far back as 2018 to one mobile number i dnt recognised all of it dnt understand why pls contact samsung if its samsung or fix if the error can be fixed frm ur end             Taiwo Salawu
Used to rate this app highly until I encountered a serious bug which I put down to this app It appears to have taken control of my entire call history All it shows for every day is the same landline number I called recently with WeQ4U next to it making it look like the only number I ve ever called also with a number next to it like the amount of times called eg 23 on same day Samsung S8 Android 9 screenshot available     Rich Cartmell
Definitely the most useful app I have I ve saved so much money using weQ4U More people should know about this app                     A Google user
This is an amazing app which not only waits in queue for you but automatically diverts the number you have entered to the free number A fantastic app                     Roberto Cafora
Pretty good app almost certainly deserving full 5 star feedback One suggestion though can you make the number being keyed in to automatically be grouped into blocks with spaces in the number Otherwise if being presented as one lump number is not that easy to read I mistyped a number this way not realising this and got through to Sky instead of Jump Giants O                     Dominik B
This app has saved me time and money highly recommend Specially calling 08 or 03 numbers Had no issues with the app so far                     Nathan Wootton
Excellent App Helped me save so much money on call charges that would have cost me a fortune                     Nadia Wahid
This app is amazing and has saved me a lot of money It turns premium numbers into included in contract numbers if you type them into the app and hit call I ve used this app for a long time and will be using it for a long time until it stops working Thank you so much u003c3                     Yuuki Katsuko
Excellent saves so much money on expensive calls to premium lines have used for a few years now and has never let me down                     Terry Emmanuel
been using WeQ4U app for the last few years it s saved me a fortune it s so easy to use in fact it does it all for you I can t recommend it enough 5 star from me                     Jason Waller
Very useful We have made so many calls to 845 and 333 numbers using it i differ to think what my bill would be if not for WeQ4U                     Shijin Thomas
Great app Been using it for years First app I would want on my phone before installing anything else                     GolfRyder
wouldn t work as from 20 05 2019 I didn t update to PIE due to new restrictions about call recording from google and for some unknown reason weq4u kept crashing phone it just started and and this was the recent version from Sep 2018 did some hunting and downloaded to older versions and same thing until 2 6i and all good again                     kalvinder mondair
Been using this app since I saw it on dragons den years ago And it is brilliant Saved me tens of hours of call time over my use It does crash the system ui process of my galaxy s7 edge if I open the notification drawer while it s queuing though would be nice if that got patched                 Ashleigh Muir
Most of the 8 numbers are found on this app and this is really great way on save the money The app is definitely recommended                 Nilesh Giridhar
Wow cool app every time I phone them 08 and 03 numbers it gets me through them ques quick and easy I just phoned AA home insurance and just waited under 40 seconds and that s brilliant normally on a Friday you wait forever this is a cool app and have made loads of calls from this app                     PREM LAL
this used to be a great app however every time i open it it now wipes out my whole call log all the names show up as numbers and every time i try to call someone it calls this app number even when auto use is off please fix this as i use it for now though I m uninstalling it again     Jason Shiers
Brilliant app saves a fortune when having to call 0345 numbers been using it over 2 years now recommended to all family and friends                     Warren Bannister
Very good app Saved me loads of money on calls Already got all my family to install and some friends                     Maddison Hagland
Just saved myself a 56m wait Top marks for that Lose a star for not having a REALLY loud alert                 Cor Of Org
Been using the app and UK number for a couple of years now Amazing service                     Sam Matt
A brilliant app I use it all the time It saves so much frustration when using a mobile as they can charge extra for 08 etc numbers and it s free                     John Gavan
WeQ4U Communication 0844 0845 0871 NumbersWeQ4U Communication 0844 0845 0871 NumbersWeQ4U Communication 0844 0845 0871 NumbersWeQ4U Communication 0844 0845 0871 Numbers

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