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Lloyds Banking Group , the publisher behind many Android apps (Bank of Scotland SWM ,Halifax Mobile Banking App ,Bank of Scotland mobile bank ,Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking), brings Bank of Scotland mobile bank with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bank of Scotland mobile bank apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I MUCH prefer the app to the online banking desktop site..
  • Nice big numbers keys and easy to use..
  • Currently faster and much more user friendly than previous versions..
  • Super app for making payments..
  • Can transfer funds between accounts instantly on the go - brilliant..

Overall Satisfactionc64
Would like to be able to see details of pending transactions.
Much better than previous iterations.
Love the new app much more updated.
This is ten times better than the old app.
really simplifies day to day banking.
Seems to do everything I need and more.
This app really helps me keep control of my money.
really easy to use and very useful.
Great app use it every day for almost all my banking.
Simple and very useful.
Helps me alot.
Wonderful and helpful.
Ease of Usec41
Great for making quick transfers and to check your balance.
make transfers and payments to new or existing recipients.
Very helpful and makes banking so much quicker.
Very user friendly and so easy to transfer cash between accounts.
Great app simple and does what it should.
Brilliant easy and fast.
very fast and convenient.
5 stars when it runs on a rooted device.
Never had any problems with this app.
Security & Privacyc57
Easy to transfer money and very secure.
Good clean access to my accounts.
Ever since the update I can't even log in to my account.
logging in is also very quick and secure.
Used my online banking login details as requested.
Updates & Supportc51
make transfers and payments to new or existing recipients.
Works fine actually better than the previous version.

Perfect for keeping track of finances whenever and wherever. found in 2 reviews
Great user experience. found in 1 reviews
It's a god send so easy and fast to operate. found in 4 reviews
Back to 5 stars since update. found in 1 reviews
Easy access to accounts to pay bills and transfer money. found in 15 reviews
Does exactly as it says on the tin. found in 1 reviews
clear and simple. found in 3 reviews
Its so easy to use and so hamdy to keep track of my accounts. found in 2 reviews
Slick and responsive. found in 1 reviews
Checking balances on the go making transfers and payments. found in 7 reviews
Everything in the palm of your hand. found in 1 reviews
Really helps me keep track of everything. found in 2 reviews
This app really helps me keep control of my money. found in 2 reviews
Now it's useless because I've rooted my phone. found in 5 reviews
never had any security issues. found in 2 reviews
Now needs contacts access. found in 1 reviews
Be good if you could see pending transactions on the current account. found in 52 reviews
When out and about I have to login through the website. found in 68 reviews
Slow and wont always open. found in 1 reviews
Can't send contact money. found in 1 reviews
Very slow to load since the last update. found in 9 reviews
Halifax one let me deal with direct debits and standing orders. found in 49 reviews
But a link to the mobile banking page would be even better. found in 8 reviews
You have to un install and install again. found in 2 reviews
No ART support. found in 3 reviews
Easy to use but could show pending transactions and direct debit management. found in 48 reviews
Does not work with android 5. found in 3 reviews
Ux design needs work. found in 1 reviews
Can't see minimum payment due when paying credit card. found in 2 reviews
Not working nexus 7. found in 6 reviews
I can't use this because I rooted my phone. found in 5 reviews
Not working since updating to new version. found in 5 reviews
Can't use it now on my rooted device. found in 14 reviews
This app requires excessive permissions and will not run on rooted devices. found in 42 reviews
App launch failed no Internet connection. found in 9 reviews
Sorry you're not connected to the Internet. found in 12 reviews
Not letting me log in with my galaxy ace. found in 5 reviews
It's awful that this does not work on rooted phones. found in 46 reviews
Cant use it because my phone is rooted. found in 6 reviews
After the update the app fails to launch. found in 7 reviews
Can't update because you block rooted users. found in 9 reviews

The Bank of Scotland mobile bank is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Bank of Scotland mobile bank app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

With this updated version of the Bank of Scotland Mobile Banking app, it s even easier to manage your Bank of Scotland UK personal accounts on the move. Updates in Version 1.3 Removes minor installation ...

Very sensitive if you dare to move your finger one na no metre and difficult to work with Does not like telling me what payments are coming up Page does not open However I am forced to use it as my tablet does not consider your website secure so I have to use app Hope you are all pleased with yourselves Would be happier if I thought your website programme was better written I hope you all realise that you are gradually being made redundant     Brenda Scott
Very very secure app it logged me out when all I went to do was check info on a pic I had so for me top notch security but don t like the fact they freeze u of app now and again for no reason                     Freddie Christie
Whilst being easily accessible and functional as a banking app there are occasional usability hiccups such as buttons moving around the screen as elements slowly load in Too often do I tap on a button as it appears and the app then moves said button to the bottom of the screen and instead puts a different button or no button where I tapped and registers that instead Aside from this issue the app fulfills the purpose of checking my bank account in a straightforward manner aside from ads             Jake
The app that can be a bit slow dodgy at times when starting opening it The flow of the app could do with some more work not entirely smooth You are unable to select multiple messages and delete them or mark them read Edit I can now log in with the app after a update to the app             Lee Cresswell
Brilliant app tells you all your transactions and ones that are pending right away great way to manage your money and super secure                     Mark Coulter
Loaded the App whilst on holiday down in England After numerous attempts to finish installation I ve given up and gone back to online banking Each time I was getting as far as the callback to input a 4 digit device recognition code which would be accepted but then system just stalled without completing device recognition Tried repeatedly over several days with same results Rubbish Just deleted and reinstalled app Same result Get a grip     Ian Boyd
It very easy to use I m more than happy to tell friend to use it as it makes things money easier to use                     Apple sized
Was fairly happy with the Bank of Scotland App until the last update as the App is no longer authenticating my device I m not sure why this has happened but at a time that I really can t deal with much and need access to my bank account to manage what little funds I do have at the moment     Chef Kenneth Anderson
App lacks quite a bit of features like generating a bank statement The transactions appear late and then again they are not in chronological order App seems ok only for very basic tasks like fund transfer but anything more it either doesn t do it all or redirects to a webpage         Jotinder Singh
Does Anyone Actually Read These Reviews Inbox Fail Still Can t Read My Messages NOT HAPPY I keep getting logged out of this App when I click download PDF and it takes me back to memorable information Also I don t see any button to send feedback I ve emailed the mobile App address and I ve never heard anything back NOT HAPPY     Deborah Reid
App is so easy to use and it makes life so much easier than having to go into branches to conduct any business                     Stuart Bermingham
When trying to make a payment from one account the from part reverts to the account at the top of my list NO Just NO If I m on an account and I click pay I want to pay from that account not the one on the top of my list     Daniel McBride
It s so easy to understand easy to navigate user friendly                     Peter Cameron
Its so easy to use and understanding and easy to go throw the app and find what u need                     louise Dublin
So easy to use When travelling your bank account details are at your finger tips I mean it Fingerprint security is amazing Also text updates on your account is so good they even tell you when you have low balance so useful                     Margaret Reid
every login it says my fingerprint has changed when it obviously hasn t i don t have any problems with other fingerprint logins with other apps really annoying other than that a really well made app                 marne cavin
Easy to use can see clearly all my transactions Save me time if I want transfer money or just looking my balance Dont need to go in a bank ow very often thanks for the app                     Gyorgy Vegh
I use the service everyday its a great channel that lets me do all my banking whenever wherever I want safely 24 7 I just found out I can even deposit cheques through it I had no ideaz I thought at the least I d have to go through the deposit machine                     David North
Awful app wont work used to work fine now it wont authenticate my account and keeps giving error code and to try again I ve TRIED AGAIN SEVERAL TIMES     Louise Healey
Can t live without this app so easy to check my account and transfer money You can also set up standing orders and apply for any loans or overdrafts                     Donna Reid
Easy to use works as described it s an app what else do you want 4 4 19 Further on down the road and I can tell you that I still have no problems with the app 4 6 19                     Robert J Irvine
Logs out or asks for pwd if i look at wrong way very frustrating             James Macdonald
This is so easy to use and so handy for on the go But alas IF one wants to just know a balance total there is no quick phone number access facility                 A Google user
Happy with app only down fall is i cant access my Stake Holders Pension can only view on my lap top would be good to include SHP in this mobile app                     Marc Hirst
Since last update i get an error when trying to add a new payee account Not able to do it at all as it keeps saying technical issue         jennifer m
Transactions are easy and simple to use                 John Hood
Easy to use quite intuitive Easy to shuffle between accounts New and effective way of controlling my resources                 Gordon Bonar
Brilliant app You can run your entire banking business on here Its so easy to use and has everything you need                     Colin Briggs
Extremely easy to use when transferring money between accounts it is instant brilliant app                     Catherine Mcgill
Great app I never have to worry about my account or funds as I can check whenever and wherever I am                     Pauline Campbell
never a problem with this app love it so easy to move things around and check up on things                     Maureen Lynn
Brilliant Quicker and easier to use than other banking apps and completely hassle free with setting Standing Orders sending to friends etc                     Caoimhe Mcknight
Very good app to keep you up to date on your finances in a very quick and easy way                     Angela Leary
It is a good app It s not as simple as the Clydesdale but it has other benefits I like it                     Nigel mclaren
I have always found this app easy to use and seems secure I have never had any problems                     Poli McCarthy
Very easy to use and always accessible                     James Corbett
great app makes it so easy to log in and check accounts easy money transfer and text alerts on payments in and out account                     Kirstin Jenkins
Super easy to use Keeps you aware of what you re doing Pay bills quickly Safe and secure Love it                     Kay Bartleman
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