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androidslide , the publisher behind many Android apps (Camera ZOOM FX More Requests ,Camera ZOOM FX Movie Buddies ,Camera ZOOM FX Shutters ,Camera ZOOM FX More Buddies ,Camera ZOOM FX Extra Props ,Color Splash FX), brings Camera ZOOM FX with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Camera ZOOM FX apps has been update to version 5.0.5 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Even takes beautiful pictures from moving airplane..
  • Excellent range of features for composing and post processing photos..
  • the mechanical camera shutter button which allow taking high quality photos..
  • This is easily the best camera replacement app in the store..
  • The new UI update is awesome..

Overall Satisfactionc77
Galaxy Note 3 One of the best camera in the android market.
Since they added touch to focus they finally became complete.
no Favorites Efects category and lacks touch to focus.
Possibly the best photo app on the whole market.
Very poor for being "the best photo app ".
Much better than stock camera on play edition gs4.
even if pic quality isn't as good as the stock cam.
This could be the best photo app for android.
This is by far the best cam app for the android platform.
already paid for the cam app FU sale is BS.
this app improved my sony xperia picture quality a lot.
The image quality and touch focus accuracy are good.
Fun & Engagingc88
Awesome camera app with loads more options than stock camera.
Awesome camera app but crashes and not working anymore on latest 4.
Still my go to app though.
I move the phone just enough to mess the picture up.
great selection of feature modes and loads of fun too.
Such a great camera program with lots of fun options & features.
It has tons of fun effects and takereally good pictures.
with stacks of both fun and useful features.
Handy with useful options.
Lots of useful options.
Works better than everything else on the market.
Matches everything else on the market and more.
Production Valuesc54
This app lets me instantly add some really great effects.
Great app for adding all kinds of cool effects.
Cool effects but worse quality.
Lets me take stunning photos and share with my friends.
trying to 'undo' by clicking normal camera doesn't work.
Ads not Intrusivec20
Updates & Supportc46
Customer service is excellent.
Customer service is GREAT.
nice to see a camera app backed up by excellent customer support.
Excellent customer support for dealing with any problems.

nice to see a camera app backed up by excellent customer support. found in 4 reviews
Galaxy Note 3 One of the best camera in the android market. found in 760 reviews
Love having so many awesome effects to add to my photos. found in 4 reviews
Great photo app won't disappoint. found in 32 reviews
Great camera alternative to the touchwiz camera. found in 6 reviews
This is the best and fastest camera on the market. found in 10 reviews
Fastest camera on market by a country mile. found in 4 reviews
It still beats the stock camera app. found in 6 reviews
I move the phone just enough to mess the picture up. found in 8 reviews
Lots more shooting options including steady shot. found in 25 reviews
Stable cam meter and buddy mode are worth the price alone. found in 3 reviews
Use the clap to snap feature instead of timer for group shots. found in 7 reviews
Love the multitude of options and hardware customization. found in 4 reviews
great selection of feature modes and loads of fun too. found in 6 reviews
Excellent mix of effects and power tools for photographers. found in 3 reviews
Probably one of the best camera effects apps out there. found in 8 reviews
Such a great camera program with lots of fun options & features. found in 30 reviews
Changing hardware keys to camera functions is great. found in 3 reviews
CameraZOOMFX is the best photo application out there. found in 13 reviews
Love the new UI and all its features. found in 16 reviews
Wish i could disable shutter sound without rooting my phone though. found in 14 reviews
Can't disable shutter sound Milestone 2 Gingerbread. found in 196 reviews
The flash doesn't work on burst mode. found in 28 reviews
I have noticed two things though: the front camera doesn't work properly. found in 29 reviews
Awesome after new update but slow to launch. found in 20 reviews
Just wish the front camera photos weren't upside down. found in 148 reviews
Macro focus doesn't work on my Droid Razr Maxx. found in 19 reviews
Also no auto save feature for video like photos. found in 129 reviews
Now won't save save to sd card and has been crashing. found in 62 reviews
Try to switch to video mode and says not supported. found in 66 reviews
+ zoom doesn't work - and w/ Max zoom=1. found in 19 reviews
being unable to save to SD card is a MAJOR limitation. found in 134 reviews
auto focus is great feature but touch focus adds the value. found in 28 reviews
Can't save to external SD card after Android Kitkat update. found in 45 reviews
Problems with using external sd card to save pictures. found in 169 reviews
no manual focus mode "touch for focus and release for capture". found in 32 reviews
This app is still unable to save photos to 128gb micro sd card. found in 35 reviews
Slow to start and cannot save to external sdcard on lollipop. found in 44 reviews
Picture quality doesn't even come close to the stock camera app. found in 70 reviews
Cannot disbale shutter sound without workarounds rooted phone. found in 196 reviews
Upgrade to HTC one now I am missing filters. found in 74 reviews
This program doesn't works with Samsung galaxy S2 native camera functionality. found in 76 reviews
Even it's not good as stock camera app on Nexus 5. found in 772 reviews
This camera app is very slow compared to stock camera app on RAZR. found in 85 reviews
no Favorites Efects category and lacks touch to focus. found in 207 reviews
SD card save still not working after latest update. found in 169 reviews
There really needs to be a tap to focus. found in 207 reviews
If you were able to edit pictures already in the gallery. found in 64 reviews
Cannot use the front camera on my incredible s. found in 148 reviews
The application keeps crashing whenever I switch to video mode. found in 66 reviews
Autofocus works very very poorly in my Galaxy Nexus. found in 89 reviews
3 it crashes every time I take a attempt to take a picture. found in 376 reviews
keeps spamming me about bullshit while trying to take pictures. found in 81 reviews
Would be better i if could actually use my front facing camera. found in 88 reviews
Burst mode is really slow and constantly changes focus. found in 124 reviews

The Camera ZOOM FX is now available for 1,99 € for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Camera ZOOM FX app version 5.0.5 has been updated on 2014-01-6. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: full Internet access ,
Bottom Line: For more information about Camera ZOOM FX check developer androidslide `s website :

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