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Muse of Water , brings Droid Tower with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Droid Tower apps has been update to version 2.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Any chance the next version could have online multiplayer..

Overall Satisfactionc90
My God I remember playing the board game as a kid.
I loved playing it as a kid.
Amazing free game.
Thank you for bringing back memories.
That was the best part of the game.
Fun & Engagingc85
Awesome game.
Awesome memories relived.
Some things are as much fun now as they were then.
Sheer fun.

Any way I can purchase an ad free version. found in 1 reviews
both options support 1 4 players and 3 levels of difficulty. found in 1 reviews
Just like the original board game with memorable sounds. found in 23 reviews
This is a terrific reproduction and looks great on Xoom tablet. found in 1 reviews
The art and sounds are spot on. found in 1 reviews
complete ones for Christmas this year. found in 1 reviews
You honor The Dark Tower game and all of GenXer's everywhere. found in 3 reviews
A faithful reproduction of the classic game. found in 4 reviews
A great walk down memory lane. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for bringing back some great memories. found in 2 reviews
I grew up playing Dark Tower with my parents. found in 1 reviews
when I play a single player game. found in 5 reviews
With The Spoony Experiment making a video for the original game. found in 1 reviews
Amazing free game. found in 1 reviews
I loved this game as a child. found in 1 reviews
This app crashed a few times in the middle of a game. found in 1 reviews
the screen doesn't scale for the screen size of the Asus Prime. found in 1 reviews
Button doesn't respond when tapped. found in 1 reviews
The standalone game resets back to the new game screen a lot. found in 1 reviews
If you like Dominion or Settlers of Catan. found in 1 reviews
The most evident issue I've seen is the "doubling up" of battles. found in 1 reviews
Blast from the past with lots of issues. found in 1 reviews
The game does not read board movement correctly. found in 1 reviews
These issues are keeping me from enjoying this game. found in 1 reviews
5 stars if u add move to SD card. found in 1 reviews
worst game ever. found in 1 reviews
But I don't remember dieing two seconds into the game. found in 1 reviews
you can't resume where you left off. found in 1 reviews
Took up too much memory had to unfortunately uninstall. found in 1 reviews
but the play does not work like the original. found in 1 reviews
The keypad/ image doesn't appear to work. found in 1 reviews

The Droid Tower is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.6 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Play the Dark Tower board game on your android device. This app can either function as the tower in the original game (requires the board and game pieces) or a game of Dark Tower can ...

This is pretty accurate to the original game there are some differences like the tomb ruin is empty more often and way more often than the original 1 brigand will wreck you and the scoring at the end really seems to be very high even when you do bad I like it I ll play it but hopefully it gets updated to be even more accurate so people like me can enjoy it as it is on table                 Kurtis Anderson
I thought this was buggy but it was my rotten nephew messing with the game Going to use it to replace the broken tower on my original Dark Tower board game Thanks                     Dethmeister
This reminds me of the real thing Sometimes it s vicious sometimes it s yielding but that s the nature of random outcome generation Then again so is life Wonderful game Thanks for creating this app for us Take care                     Shawn Yeisley
The app is not balanced compared to the original tower The Brigand fights seems rather brutal         Ghastova
Outstanding Brings me back to the days I used to play the Dark Tower Milton Bradley Electronic board game that I purchased back in the 1980s Well done and I hope there is an update that adds even more value to this awesome game Great gamer experience Sound effects are spot on and Graphics are solid Well done                     Mr Sarmoti
This app is awsome Thanks for making it It brings back so many wonderful memories                     Thomas Schreiner
Perfect for replacement for my tower which is no longer working                     Josh Prophet
Works well but Gingerbread called and wants its interface back I had to mod my copy to have it fit in with the Material Design aesthetic                 Steven Ege
i still have my working board game This travel version is well done                 Joe Dent Jr
great game love it                     Kayla Bartlett
After playing dark tower for a long time having the tower break and have to pay a lot of money to get fixed I was talking with my family about making an app where you could play dark tower on and luckily somebody already thought of it It works perfectly but I wonder if the randomization is a little off from the original but that might just be my imagination I would highly recommend this game to anybody who can t find an original working copy their dark tower breaks and you need a replacement or you just want a copy of dark tower to play on the go and with your friends without having to bring the huge box with you                     Awesome app to accompany and awesome board game Roman Battaglia
This app NAILS the Dark Tower to a T The reproduction is flawless and the added full board feature is almost perfect The only issue I have is there is no saved game feature If this feature was added it would be much more enjoyable on my phone I don t pften have a full 20 30 min to play a complete single player game and if you leave the game in the middle you can t resume where you left off For a game that doesn t require a ton of special permissions this throw back kicks some serious tail                 A few minor updates u003d 5 stars B Parker
This game has been a family favorite since the 80s We still have the original boardgame You ve done a fantastic job of replicating it Two suggestions First the token pieces are a little hard to see If you can make them stand out a bit more against the background would be perfect Second it would be great if I could play online somehow against my brothers who live out of state Regardless it is fantastic Thank you                     Fantastic Kat Bodine
I grew up with a Dark Tower and never really knew how to play it This companion app along with play alone aspect just absolutely rocks Finally feel like I got the DT experience So simple yet such a cool play mechanic I love it 1 thing holy hell I wish I could turn down the sound Still gets 5 stars from me anyway                     Eric Kinkead
Fantastic implementation My only wish is that when you are using the app in Tower only everything especially the button pad should be like twice as big It all looks so tiny and hard to read in the center of my Nexus 7 screen Other than that this is a great blast from the past and a boon to anyone who still has the game but the tower itself has long since died                 Awesome memories relived Mark Nicosia
This is a beautiful faithful recreation of the Dark Tower board game Like others I wish it had a save game feature so I can quest for the scepter in tiny time increments But seriously other than that top notch The sound and art took me right back to my childhood                     David Hayes
The graphics and sounds are great but the odds of winning against the brigade are wrong I have the actual game and you win most of the time against the brigands In this app you lose most of the time You spend all your time going to santuary to get more money and soldiers The dragon also shows up way too much in this app Not really much fun             Win loss ratio is wrong Abe Lincoln
The algorithms for the battles are wrong This is the most important part of the game I could have 10 warriors and they could have only one brigand I would still loose 2 to 3 warriors Or they could have 18 brigands and I only have 11 and I would cut them in half to 9 I don t remember my original ever doing that             Fix the battles please Mark Cooper
Those electronic towers do NOT hold up over time so this app is a lifesaver My family was so excited to finally play Dark Tower again after downloading this app our tower has been broken for several years and we just thought we had to deal with it Nope We still have all the other pieces so this is perfect                     YES Brent Papenfuss
I was excited to find this game on An app I ran I to it looking for the board game Muse of water did a great job of recreating the game If he can make some tweaks it could be perfect I played for about 30 40 minutes and didn t find a single key If key drops could be upped and the win ratio when out numbering the brigands by a huge margin were better it would be perfect The board moves are hit and miss but from what I remember from the game it was about the same Overall I m glad I have it now and look forward to giving it another go when I have more time                 Randy Bostick
This game is made very well up to the sounds the delays and the use of the original art is awesome I have a non functioning Dark Tower game in the closet and was able to show my kids I love the ability to use the tablet as the tower too This is an awesome app Well done                     This is great to play with my kids Druganicus Rex
Great app but when playing the game on a board using the app instead of a tower the leveling is way off base far too hard in level 1 We played the app against the tower and app was killing players off in first move As a nostalgia kick brilliant as a replacement poor             Matt Johnson
It s unbalanced as hell I ve owned a copy of the actual game for 34 years I ve never had this much difficulty finishing the game let alone losing on the first encounter The game play isn t balanced in the slightest when you have 8 warriors kill brigade until they only have 2 remaining and you still lose the battle Awful         Mike Golczynski
Dusted off the old tower only to find that it had finally bit the dust My kids 8 u0026 5 were devastated as we made a special trip to the store for D batteries and had already set up the board Actually found this app by accident trying to look up information online about the game Like that it has the option to use the app as the tower assuming you have the board or playing it entirely on the app assuming you don t Nicely done You should link the app from the Wikipedia page                     Saved the Day Ethan Enspace
Improve the odds please I just tried a 4 player game and went 30 rounds without any of them getting a key Lost count on how many times plague hit And hit dragon a whopping 12 times This was my all time favorite games as a kid And I guarantee you the odds of getting a key were better than this Also need to fix the gold problem I won a fight and had 42 gold when done Then got hit with another fight next turn and won that one also but gold dropped to 36     Wish I could like it more but Brad Hartman
Fantastic recreation of the classic board game of my youth With the cost of a complete Dark Tower game going for upwards of 300 these days this app allows those of us without that kind of disposable income to recapture the feeling of playing this amazing game                     Brian Kidd
Wow Someone brought this to a new years party but it wouldn t come on Much sadness ensued then I thought to look for an app and behold It was like a new years mirical I started up the app and everyone thought the tower came on because the app has all the original sounds The controls are the same The graffics appear It s fantastic Thank you                     Yoo Hoo
I had a fantastic time re living my youth playing Dark Tower on my phone I loved this game Thank you so much for re creating it The graphics and sound were accurate to the original what a pleasure it was to play Can t wait to share with loved ones                     A Google user
Am I the only one experiencing certain balance issues Like when I play a single player game I LITERALLY get attacked plagued every other move Is that just because of the one player selection or am I doing something wrong                     Awesome but kyle hardy
This is an incredibly faithful reproduction and I appreciate the work that went into it That said I have to agree with many of the other reviewers the diffciulty level is incredibly unbalanced Withe the original board game there was little point in playing with one player because the game was easy enough that there was maybe a 1 5 chance you would lose That seems totally reversed here It s almost impossible to beat For game that you really just want to pick up for a quick hit of nostalgia it s far far too hard THe four and five star ratings must be from people who haven t played the game all the way through The insane difficulty level really diminishes an otherwise great effort             Matthew House
I was lucky enough to have played the actual board game when I was younger and had a wave of nostalgia hit me when I was attacked by the first set of brigands while playing this app The warriors brigands u0026 lost tiles etc light up just like I remembered them Kudos to the developers who have put together this picture perfect rendition of this game right down to the punishing difficulty                     A superb rendition of a very expensive board game Michael Taylor
Having played the original a lot in my youth I know how this game is played The negative effects such as plague Dragon and lost occur with increased frequency just about every move Additionally fights are geared towards losing though the original was geared towards winning         Craig Skorupski
After winning a fight it tells me an amount of gold presumably the amount won The last game I played I won a fight and it said I had 41 gold Awesome I needed to get some warriors Heading to the bazaar I got attacked again Won again got 6 gold Problem I HAD 41 gold and suddenly after winning a battle I now had 6 TOTAL I couldn t even buy 1 warrior When you award gold the amount you win should be added to the amount you already have         Steals my gold Rhonda Brundrett
Haven t been able to get past first area after about 12 games played Don t recall it being so difficult or the amount of times plague or lost comes up Gameplay and sounds are spot on Still fun but hopefully the battle algorithm gets tweaked Thanks for bringing this back                 Buildg Forty
I am way too happy to play this again And my daughters enjoy it too Upon entering the Dark Tower the battle sequence sped up and seemed to glitch but finished properly Other than that it played perfectly on my Alcatel One Touch Pop Thank you many times over for making and releasing this game app                     Just like the original Craig Padilla
Great work with a few glitches that can be ignored The odds of events happening don t quite feel the same as the original tower I play with the original tower actively and the problem is the manual doesn t give users the exact odds of things happening except for haggling the trader which is 50 50 So it s almost impossible to have the same exact experience unless someone reversebengineers the tower program                 Great old game Murat Kadir Aksoy
Thanks for helping us relive the memory of this amazing game Unfortunately the odds are too tough I took 1 step and got into battle that killed 6 of my guys Can t get past the second key at best Very very difficult not quite what I remember             A Google user
I love this app Making my own tower and board to go with it and yes it sounds and plays like the original game My only issue is that it seems like the brigands are a bit tougher The other thing is that in the original game once the Brigands were reduced to 1 they would always lose at that point While playing this I ve had 1 brigand hold off like 8 of my warriors It does make for a tougher game though All in all a great app                 captcorajus
The original tower is nearly lost to the world but at least the digital version lives on in this app Gotta be honest though What would really be nice is an update to this game with new graphics and visuals and while we re there a much better interface                 Aaron Johnson

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